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Massage Ch. 4 & Ch. 5

Two erotic writers continue "massage"

The addition to this story was a wonderful surprise, so I had to follow suit and continue where she left me. Thank you my darling Simone! (From part 3) The waves continue and your eyes open wide, looking deep into mine as you reach down and draw me inside. I enter slowly and it's as if we become one person, losing ourselves in each other as we draw closer together. You kiss me again...

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Yard Dog's Fantasy

Lester gets an eyeful of happy slave.

WARNING: This story is a work of fiction and not to be read by person(s) under the age of 21. Continuing on, assumes you are over 21, and will not present/show this to any minors. This work having been posted to the newsgroups is considered copyrighted from the author. Please do not republish, copy, or post without prior consent of the author. * * * Gwen waved good-bye to her...

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XXX Trip to Mars Ch. 1

Maggie watches couple in zero gravity.

Holly leaned over here latest lover her naked body glisten from the sweet she had built up. Her mind filled with fantastic adventures she would enjoy with this man, over the next several minutes. She moved down the body below her until her mouth found his rock hard cock. She tasted his cum and her juices on his dick and loved the way the two tasted when mingled together. He was starting to soften...

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A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 2

You enjoy a dance with her.

How can I ever thank you but to continue the story in part 3? kiss my darling Amanda "May I have this dance?" I ask. Your eyes smile as you reach up and take my hand. The electricity of our fingers touching causes jolts to run up my arm. Oh how much I love this man. I hear the music you've picked, a salsa, and my hips begin to sway seductively. I see your expression change to one of...

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A Hot Sultry Night

Georgia gal enjoys a warm bath.

It's hot here in Georgia...air is sultry, being that sticky humidity. Makes me constantly want to shower to cool off. My guy, Stephen, was due in any minute as he'd just left from work. I'd already fixed him a great meal and it was set aside, so I headed for some relaxation. Prowling in the dresser drawers, I found some aromatic candles and laid them here and there in the bathroom, lit them...

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Kitchen Fun

D's punished by loving Master armed with tape & tacks.

ADULTS ONLY: The following story contains sexual content and descriptions. If you are under 18, or if you live in a community where the reading of such material is illegal, please do not continue. Permission is given to show this story only on free non-commercial web-sites if kept in original form with credit going to MastrKink. * * * She knew she should be angry. It was a cruel...

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A Thousand Kisses

He gives her those and more...

I stand in the doorway of my room.. light shining from the window and candles lit to illuminate the shadows. I feel you come up behind me. Your breath caresses my neck and I close my eyes. Softly, I feel your lips touch my skin. My breath catches in my throat. I tilt my head to one side and you kiss my neck softly. Your tongue lingers slightly. You place your hands on my hips and pull me back...

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Window Stranger

Lonely woman puts on a show.

Her breath came heavy as she undid the top three buttons of her white silk blouse. All she could see in the huge picture window was her own reflection, but she knew he was there, watching. He was always there. When she turned off the lights, she could see him, a silhouette in the window across the street. Just dark and indistinct enough to be almost anyone she wanted. She did this for him nearly...

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Massage Ch. 1

He rubs her the right way.

Close your eyes, listen to the wind blowing in through the windows, the sound of chimes ringing somewhere outside, the smell of tropical flowers in the air. You are in your bedroom on your bed, the top of which is many feet off the floor. A soft cotton towel covers your body as you lay on top of the covers. You hear my footsteps as I enter the room, I say hello and sit next to you on the edge....

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A Letter to My Lover

She loves him passionately.

Another lonely night. I lay in my bed and think about you. I hold my pillow close pretending that I am holding you. I lay there dreaming of the next time we will be together. Holding, touching. Kissing. This is how I spend the time waiting for your return. Finally the day has come that I will see you again. I am so happy. This day has taken its time getting here. I can't wait to see you...

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Massage Ch. 2 & Ch. 3

Two erotic writers "massage" each other.

_Massage Part I was a single story never intended to be anything more. A dear friend sent me this in response to reading the story (I call it Part II). Since then I have continued with what I call Part III. If you wish to add a fourth part please feel free to e-mail it to me. I would love to see it and you will know where to start from. _ ... as you turned to leave the room, you hear me call...

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A Stolen Orgasm

Husband pleasures wife in a cabin.

Once, in a quiet cabin on a private lake, I stole my wife's orgasm. It all started with our planned, weekend get away. The two of us were spending a couple of days alone in a friend's cabin, away from the grime of the city. We had hiked through the woods, then canoed playfully around the lake, enjoying the scenery and finally swimming naked in the cool water. Stretching out on the private beach, I...

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A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 1

Couple enjoys passionate getaway.

The snow began falling an hour ago and it looks like there are at least 3 inches on the ground as we drive up to the side of the cabin. A single lamp on a side table lights our way as we enter. You stand there, in the doorway, looking around at what can be seen. It is just as I described it last night when you just couldn't wait to know where we were going this weekend. A large fireplace sits on...

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A Lasting Touch

His touch brings back a flood of memories.

A reminiscent whisper tickles my ear as I roll over to see his sharp eyes gazing heavily on my body. His hand brushes the hair hanging over my eyes away. I close my eyes & imagine where I would rather have his warm embracing hands. * His hand brought so many memories to my mind. I still can recall how I loved the way his hands would sweetly inspect my hips. He would tell me why he...

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On The Road

He yearns to see Michelle with another man.

We were halfway through a two-day drive when we had our excellent adventure. It was all Michelle's doing, really. I had expressed to her my general interest in voyeurism, and my specific desire to see her in action with another man. And she knew from previous discussions how much it excited me to watch her flirt with others. But she had never shown any inclination to act on this knowledge before....

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Thru the Window

She watches sexy neighbor get off.

I wanted to relay this incident which happened to me when I was 19, (I'm 26 now) which totally changed my life and my attitudes toward sex. Until this happened, I had never even thought about being with another girl sexually, it just never occurred to me. After though, I found it difficult to get the idea out of my mind. I remember it was late May or early June and I had cut my classes that...

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We're Doing What?! Ch. 1

Girlfriend ropes him into wild night.

When I looked out my window and saw the street sign for Meadow Lane go whizzing by, I lowered my head, putting my hand to my forehead, and chuckled quietly. I looked over at Lana, and asked, "Lan, how many drinks did you have tonight?" "Just a few...why?" came her answer, her tone perfectly even and her speech unslurred. "Well, you seem to have missed your own street. That blur on the...

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Hooker on Ecstasy takes cab ride.

The call came in to Big Jim's Escort Service a few minutes after 7 p.m. last Saturday. My boss, Big Jim Nelson, put his cigar in the ashtray and picked up the phone. As he listened, he stared at me and smiled wryly. Light reflected off of his gold tooth. He was thinking about money so hard, I could see dollar signs forming in his eyes. "Yes sir, we could send over a girl right away," Big...

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Good Things Come...Ch. 1

Naive college girl falls for online seductor.

Part I: Prologue It had been 7 months since I had met him, 6 months 3 weeks since I had known him, and 6 months in which I had loved him. His name was James. He had unruly hair, fashionably cut and the most intriguing shade of brown, like dark chocolate; when looking in his eyes, one wondered if they contained all the answers to the mysteries of life and love, or if they were just-opaque....

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She's spying on the nympho next door.

Nearly every night you'll find me in my kitchen with the lights off. I'll sit on the counter on a pillow, wearing only my panties, staring out the window with high-powered binoculars. Sound odd - the act of a crazy woman? Believe me, if you saw what I saw, you'd be up on the counter with me... My next door neighbor is an absolute raving nymphomaniac. She brings home a different man almost...

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Cleanliness is Next To...

Businessman rushes home to lovely Jen.

God how I hated these annual meetings in Chicago. An entire week of seminars and workshops just to tell us that if we increased production we could increase profits. What a waste of resources, to drag me halfway across the country with Jen back in Connecticut, God I missed her. I looked at my watch, 2 o'clock, I was never going to make my flight I thought, and my attitude worsened as I...

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The Pinhole

Brother peeps on sister's friends.

When I was quite young, my parents had our house remodeled, enlarging two rooms and adding a bath. This was desperately needed, as our family had grown to seven. I had a younger brother, a twin sister, an older sister and a younger sister, all of us close in age, except for the younger, "accidental" brother, who came much later. My sisters had lots of friends, who often slept over. As I...

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Mrs. Martin Ch. 08

The girls get ice cream.

Ch. VIII: Going Out For Ice Cream After Tom had gone to the store and cut the grass he came in the house. Both women were still naked, and in the three hours Tom had been working they had cleaned the house and were now sitting at the kitchen table. Tom said, "What are we having for dinner?" "How about hamburgers on the grill?" replied Judy. "Sounds good to me, I'll start the...

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The Strip Club

Stripper & soldier get it on for an audience.

Call me Starr. I work in a strip bar in a small Midwestern town. Most girls dance for the money, but I do it because it turns me on. To me, there's nothing better than slipping into a skin-tight bodysuit and prancing around stage in front of horny men. Their hoots and howls make my pussy drool. My favorite part of the job is taking a man into a private booth and sandwiching his face between...

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The Window

Visiting girl discovers she has an audience.

When I was 19 and in college, I was dating a guy named Scott. We had gotten along really well initially, but for the last few months during spring and early summer seemed to be drifting apart. I really didn't want to break up with him, so suggested we go visit his dad for the long 4th of July weekend. His dad was a really sweet man and had always made me feel welcome on past visits and I knew...

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Good Things Come...Ch. 2

She takes James back to her dorm.

I drove James back to my dorm room, and we talked idly; I nearly wrecked more than once because I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He was a dream incarnate, sitting next to me making funny, caustic remarks about this town I was only now beginning to think of as home. "This reminds me a lot of Germany." I glanced over at him, grateful for an excuse to do so. "Germany?" "Yeah.. I went to...

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An Angel For Christmas

Wife gives him a special present.

Our sex life had gone downhill with our income Cathy and I had been married for just a couple of years. I had lost the good job that I landed out of college the summer before. I finally found work two weeks before Christmas. It didn't pay nearly as much as my old one and I had the graveyard shift as well Its Christmas morning and I'm coming home tired, sweaty, and feeling a little inadequate...

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The Dream

Man stranded on island finds intriguing companionship.

I had the most erotic dream last night... I woke up with the taste of salt and sand in my mouth, and the sun bearing down on my back. Picking up my head, I saw palm trees and jungle. How I got here I haven't a clue. I was here on an island with nothing more than a pair of tattered shorts. In the days following my arrival on the island, I found it offered most of my survival needs, fruit...

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The Court

Couple on the rocks share sex in public.

My girlfriend and I were on the rocks. It doesn't really matter why, but we were. At the time of this tale we had two more months together and neither of them were very happy. I had just laid the news on her that we were moving out of the apartment that we had shared for two years. Heidi, my girlfriend, was desperate to stay. She loved the place even if she didn't love me and I think at the time...

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The Song

She discovers love in a good friend.

When I went off to college, I was ready for a fresh start, a new beginning. I wanted to explore my options and settle on someone as close to my ideal as possible. Little did I know where that ideal was. I got to college, and after a few months, I wasn't necessarily feeling homesick; it was my friends I missed, namely, one of my closest friends, Chris. I went to Santa Clare college in...

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