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Woodland Nymph

Photo recalls a summer day.

I am sitting here in front of my computer screen staring at this picture of me that has been e-mailed to me. The smell of the turkey roasting fills the house and as I look beyond the computer out the window the cold drab landscape sends a shiver through my body. The leaves have fallen from the trees, the garden has been plowed under, and the only color is the few white flakes of a passing flurry....

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Porno Theater Adventure

Couple enjoys movie crowd.

My wife and I once visited a porno theatre on a lark, but the movie was so lame we actually ended up watching other patrons masturbate, which turned out to be more interesting than watching the movie itself. I was both surprised and delighted, and more than a little curious, about the wife's obvious preoccupation with watching guys jack off. It seemed that some long suppressed voyeuristic urges...

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The 9:13

Foxy friend gives him a ride after ball game.

Author's Note: This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached, as long as no charge is made for it and it isn't changed in any way. If it is archived, it is done so on the basis that the author will have unrestricted access to the archive. _This story is a work fiction. None...

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We're Doing What?! Ch. 2

She finally exorcises her demons.

As I lay there on my back, eyes staring numbly at the early morning summer sky, the enormity of what Lana had just spoken gave me an instant replay of my life flashing before my eyes...but this time it was Brad who slapped my bottom in the delivery room, Brad who bullied me in third grade and Brad who's tire-sized paw was ushering me into the hereafter. My brain was mush, and I could swear I saw...

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Naughty Ch. 6

Courtney sets out to get laid.

Courtney was upset. She didn't know what to do. Half of her wanted to feel Denise's face in her crotch, and the other half of her didn't want anything to do with fucking another girl. She was no lesbian, dammit! She decided to get laid. Really laid. Nailed, fucked, banged, screwed... she didn't care what anyone called it, she wanted cock in her. She put on her tight little Daisy Dukes, and...

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The Show

Man give wife and friends their money's worth.

My wife Chris and I have been married for two years now. Unlike most of the marriages you hear about - we like to communicate between each other. I am 32 and she is 27. Our sex life is outstanding. She is never one to turn down something new (within reason). She also realizes that she has married a man with a very strong sex drive. So on those rare occasions when she is not in the mood, she never...

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Subway Ride

He can't wait till they get home to enjoy her.

She stood before me on the subway, wearing a long, black skirt that touched her ankles with a long slit up the side with a white blouse. Ironically, she looked even better from the back side, with pleasant reddish-brown hair that ran down to her cute ass. She held onto the large pole in the center of the train, gently feeling the rocking on the tracks. She looked absolutely amazing. Not being...

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On The Bus

Voyeur finds a friend on the ride home.

I sat on the back seat of the double decker bus. It was late at night, I was getting home from a tiring day at the office. My female colleagues did not provide any pleasure to help me past my time. None of them had the horniness that I have. I was even beginning to think that they might be lesbians. The upper deck of the bus was empty. The reason I sat on the back seat was so that I could rub...

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The Apartment Complex Ch. 1

Lactating landlady sells complex.

It had been a bizarre six months. It all started when my roommate Todd and I were approached by a fellow student of mine in my community college Psych class. She was a beautiful, brown-haired busty bombshell. What followed was hours of wild, unbelievable consensual sex, sucking, fucking, bondage, lesbian sex, and anal rape. It had been a wild night, and a roomful of orgasms. In the months...

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My Very First Adventure

Japanese girl in first public appearance.

Hello, my name is Keiko, I am from Tokyo and have only been in the USA since last August. I will soon be 19 years of age, I have long black hair and am approximately 5 feet tall. I am enjoying living in Honolulu very much. I have found American men to be very nice and polite .... unlike Japanese men in Japan who are very rude. Yes, I enjoy to have American men to look at me. I have discovered...

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Tennis Lust

The score's love-love.

After filling our first fantasy, Ann and I were eager to go on to the next one. Sex in a public place. We knew we had to be very careful with this one, since we were risking jail time if we were caught. There were tennis courts at the park in town, and at night there were very few people playing, if at all. We picked a weekday night for our adventure. It was early September, and all the kids were...

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Good Things Come...Ch. 3

She and James share lust on stormy night.

Part III: All Hallow's Eve It was one of those nights when we were invincible; youth was immortal and anyone over the age of twenty-one could go fuck themselves. It was, in a word, everything that one's eighteenth Halloween should be. The power went off about 8:30, plunging the entire campus of my small college into darkness. The wind bucked and howled and thrashed the trees like...

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Minnie: Portrait #1

Man watches sexy slut in action.

I was in a bad mood all day and wasn't feeling particularly tender towards women. Minnie, the girl who lived across the floor from me in the apartment house I stayed in, had once again turned me down for a date. Her old professor was in town, she said, and would be spending the evening with him. I knew all about him, Mr Vilsen, the letch. He had a wife and four kids up in Montana somewhere, but...

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When Irises Bloom

Neighbor brings flower cuttings to Mary.

Seven years ago we moved into our new house in a new development. Mary and Jay lived across the street and had moved in a couple of months before us. They didn't have any kids, so they didn't fall into the same social ring we did, PTA, little league, and all those other things the world comes up for parents to participate in to support their children. Mary was in her late twenties and Jay had...

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Couples videotape each other's lovemaking.

Connie had the TV on when Diane stopped by for a visit. Another Tuesday night with her husband at the lodge. Cliff spent too much time at the lodge, but Connie didn't mind. She had Diane to keep her company. And she and Diane had a bit of business they took care of. The two lovers kept a video camera running when they made love. They knew a ready buyer of the tapes. Connie also sold tapes she...

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Union 76

Sultry petite girlfriend loves to put on a show.

Roni and I had just gotten into the car. Fresh from our usual Friday night at Cisco's, we were feeling pretty buzzed. Our Friday ritual starts at our favorite Mexican restaurant where we have chips, salsa and more than a few Margaritas, (add to that a shot or two of dear Jose Cuervo). Though we plan on only a few drinks to loosen up and ease the weeks stress we sometimes loose track, this was one...

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The Contest

Sorority vs. Frat in the ultimate game of Truth or Dare.

Me and the other guys in the frat had been having a particularly lucky couple of weeks. An old alumnus of ours had died and left our house a couple hundred thousand dollars and had been making the most of it. Of course half of it immediately went into savings in case we were ever sued (a growing concern for fraternities across this country) but the other half we decided to use for renovations. We...

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The Subway Ride

Jennifer enjoys a crowded NYC train.

I think this will be a fairly short story. It's about something that happened to me in New York City. I travel there probably 3 or 4 times a year. On one of my trips I ended up taking the Subway during rush hour. I hadn't done that before and was impressed with how many people pack onto a train at the same time. You truly do feel like a sardine in a tin. Well while on the train, packed in...

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My Balcony Adventure

Asian girl puts on balcony show.

It has been over a year now since first coming to Hawaii. During the early months I lived in Waikiki across the famous beach. This is where I learned of my passion to reveal myself to men I have not yet met. I now have my own apartment in the suburbs, but I occasionally enjoy to return to the same hotel for a weekend and have an adventure. This is only one of these times. It is always...

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Subway Sisters

Buddies meet exquisite Jamaican twins.

Sam had lived in Northern New York State his whole life. Right on the Canadian border. It was a forty- minute drive to Montreal from his front door. He had the best of both worlds he lived in a quiet rural farming community, but the big city was only minutes away. Sam had met his friend Dan while in college. They had been roommates for four years, and got to be the best of friends. They...

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The Apartment Complex Ch. 2

Todd brings in lovely stranger.

Several hours later, I woke up feeling refreshed, but depressed. I knew Mrs. Bellker was gone, and I knew that Candace had split, taking a sizeable portion of my CD collection with her. Faced with no future and just enough rent money to pay for my place for two, maybe three months at the most, I was panicked. I rolled over in my bed, and saw that Mrs. Bellker had left me a package. I opened...

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The Research Project

Coed is seduced in library by literate hunk.

He was staring at me again. Of course, I wouldn't have noticed it if I weren't staring myself, but that's wholly beside the point. How on earth was I supposed to keep my mind on my Literature project when, 2 tables away, some Adonis kept sneaking glances at me from behind a thick book? I had to concentrate. This project on the work of Thomas Hardy was 3/4 of my grade in my lit class, and...

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The Movies

He shares theater with sexy couple.

"God, how I hate going to the movies alone." I thought as I handed the girl behind the window a twenty dollar bill, and took the ticket and change. It had been 3 weeks since Melissa and I had broken up, and I just couldn't make myself feel comfortable with another woman. I had tried dating the girl from customer service Carla, but she was shallow, and I didn't have much fun, besides all I...

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The Paperboy

Sexy Asian exhibitionist meets horny voyeur paperboy.

I often house-sit for my uncle while he is in California or Japan. Usually one weekend a month. I am always a early riser and this Sunday was not different. I enjoy to sleep with no clothes on, unless it is cold, which is unusual in Hawaii. I put on a short terry robe and went to kitchen to make coffee. A few minutes later, I hear the newspaper boy ride up on his bicycle and he throws the paper...

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A Good Day

He hears neighbor's sexy girlfriend in action.

I am 25 years old. I live with another single roommate in a two bedroom upstairs apartment. Our complex has been designed as such that the floor plan of the unit below mine is identical. As a result, our balcony is directly overhead of our downstairs neighbors porch, our bedrooms are mirrored by the rooms below us. Our downstairs neighbors were (before they recently moved) two young male...

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Lisa Exposed

He watches while she seduces hotel employee.

Lisa, being a natural exhibitionist, was 100% into my new "adventure." I wanted the world to experience the beauty that her body possesses. We needed to make this experience memorable. Our first encounter happened in a hotel in L.A We rented a suite for the night and got "ripped" drinking champagne. Our first skit involved room service. We ordered a couple of sandwiches and bottles of soda. I...

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Julie Loves An Audience Ch. 1

Girlfriend loves to flaunt it.

Julie was always a lot of fun. She lived with me for several months after my divorce so she could save enough money to go back to college. Like most 22 year old girls she had a flat stomach and a tight butt. She was brunette, 5'4" with long legs, a 23 inch waist and 34B tits. Julie would usually serve drinks and snacks when my buddies came over for poker on Thursday nights. She normally...

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Baby Steps Ch. 4

Budding exhibitionist enjoys Vegas.

I would love to tell you that our adventures in Las Vegas got even better as the night wore on, that we fucked on top of a blackjack table, or I blew a guy while he was shooting craps, or I masturbated in the keno lounge while everyone applauded, but nothing that dramatic happened and I don't think you'd believe it anyway. I did manage to give the Valet at Caesar's Palace a good long look at my...

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My First

He shares first experience with sexy student.

I had always had a crush on Jessica. I remember the first time I saw her, she sat across from me in our Spanish class, in her cutoff blue jean shorts and pink spaghetti strap top. She had long, straight brown hair, perfect skin, beautiful, perky breasts, and these long gorgeous legs that always seemed to draw the attention of every male in the room. We took an immediate liking to each other, as we...

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Debt Payment

Wife offers goods to help settle debt.

Illness had hit me hard, I hadn't been able to work for some three months now, my business and my bank balance were both suffering. The bills were mounting up and court dates seemed to pour through the letterbox every day. My wife, Lin, in between looking after me and the children worked part-time to try and make ends meet but her wages rarely did much more than put food on the table. One...

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