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Jenny Wants to be a Millionaire Ch. 3

Jenny's the star of the show.

Jenny quickly yanked the back of her skirt down, and dropped into her seat. This in turn caused her breasts to bounce free of her dress. She didn't notice this however, because her attention was riveted to the clammy feeling of cum starting to soak into her beautiful dress. Her husband certainly noticed, and after enjoying her situation for a bit, leaned over and whispered in her ear to look up by...

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The Wedding Reception

His cousin is hot, and so is her daughter!

Rodney never quite knew what to expect from his mother's side of the family. He had been to 2 or 3 wedding receptions earlier that year, and a couple of them were total disasters. The worst one, his cousin Krystal's reception, was more of a drunken brawl. His uncle, her Dad, had learned that the groom hit his daughter recently. So, once the drinks flowed and everyone became a bit tipsy, he...

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The African Safari

Guy and two girls are taken by natives.

Matthew, Jennifer and Katie were all going to Africa for a safari. They had rented a jeep and brought along all of the video equipment they could haul. Matthew was a photographer for an amateur photography magazine and excitedly accepted the job. Jennifer was his finance. They had been together for 2 years, and were getting married next month. Katie was her younger sister, she was very good with...

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The Broken Furnace

Grandson helps grandma, and she helps him.

I was taking heating and air conditioning in trade school. That's why Grandma called me when her furnace quit working. I knew quite a bit about fixing them already. It was a bitter cold winter's day when she called. She lived about 70 miles away, so I loaded up my tools and headed towards her house. Mom suggested that I spend the night at Grandma's instead of trying to drive the icy roads at...

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The Gym Ch. 3

John's blind date is out of the ordinary.

The day after they shared his wife, Carl ran into John at the gym. "well, did you enjoy yourself last night?" Carl asked. "My wife sure had a good time, and is asking when you will be back again" he said. "Yes I had a wonderful time, your wife is very hot" John told him. "I'm going to go do my workout, maybe I will see you after while" Carl told John. "Sure, I have to do a few...

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Blind Faith

Tyann learns the true meaning of trust.

Tyann woke up from what seemed like a very long, hard sleep. You know the kind where if feels like you slept for days. Not knowing what time it was or where she was, she began to panic. Then footsteps started coming down the hall very slowly. Slow enough to make her anticipation grow stronger and stronger. Tyann was straining her ears to hear every move the person made hoping this would give away...

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Kate Ch. 02

Mom talks to Meg, and Mike stays over.

This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement, hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism welcomed. This is the second part of three. It will make more sense if you read Chapter 1 first. Click on my author name above to see my list of stories. * * * We lay clasped in each other's arms for what seemed ages, until I realised I was having...

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Kate Ch. 01

Mother has eyes for daughter's cute boyfriend.

This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement, hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism welcomed. * * * It started on a Friday night. Friday was my evening to go bowling. A small ladies' league, all fun and gossip, no serious bowling intentions. That doesn't mean we couldn't play. We could, and very well too, but like I said, Friday night...

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A Night Through The Looking Glass

Lonely New Yorker spies quite a sight.

New York is a big town. A town where you don't know anybody, a town where you are always on the run and a town that never sleeps. The streets are lined with buildings, all crammed in to small lots, leaving the city no room to breath. Robert Davis, a twenty-five year old stockbroker, lives in New York. He has only been here a year and still is not used to how things are run. He leaves his...

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It Could Resemble Porn

Virgin asks boyfriend to take her.

Bridgette lay on her bed clothed in deep blue velvet underwear and a black tank top. Lips slightly parted and breathing heavily, she flipped through the porn magazine, longingly reading the dirty, dirty captions and eyeing the beautiful women tied up at the hands of sexy men. She longed to be tied up, a sex slave to her loving boyfriend, Patrick. Closing her eyes, picturing herself chained to her...

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The Party

He's invited to hot sex bash by secret admirer.

When I drove to the party I felt nervous. I was attending a party at the invitation of a secret admirer. The invitation came by mail three weeks prior. The party was described as a "sexy night". I was told to dress in a relaxed manner. Further, I was told to expect to see and experience the outrageous. Finally, the invitation told me that I was invited because my secret admirer intended to suck my...

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Sweet Revenge

Son discovers mom's secret, and uses it to his advantage.

Jimmy drove quietly lost in memories of his initial introduction to what is popularly referred to as glory holes. He just turned 18 and wanted to do the things that were denied to him till now. He couldn't drink yet, however, what he really wanted to do was go to one of those adult bookstores, the ones with the video booths in the back. He had traveled just out of town so he wouldn't be...

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The Return

Man comes home to the Projects in search of true love.

TYREE As Tyree got off the plane, old memories came rushing back to him. He remembered living in the dirty, run-down project tenements of his youth. He remembered how hard the mean streets had been to him and his friends. Most of his friends had not gotten the opportunity to live life as he had. They were either dead or in jail as a result of living the fast life. He clearly remembered the...

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The Story and The Editor

Erotic tale inspires volunteer editor.

I've read a number of erotic stories online and have been very surprised at how much I enjoy them. I find myself going back to the story site frequently. Sometimes I read one story and other times I have read many while I fondled my cock. The occasional story hits me just right and I actually pull my cock out and stroke myself to orgasm. Due to my new found enjoyment, I decided to try writing one...

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Erotic Education For...Ch. 2

Older woman shows him ecstasy.

Erotic Education For An Eager Student Ch. 2 She rolled onto the bed, smiled and held out her arms toward me. I needed no urging and was instantly next to her. As that night wore on I experienced the talents of a woman well versed in the arts of love. As the ensuing weeks and months went by she carefully coached me and taught me how to drive a woman to the heights of ecstasy. But that...

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A Master's Pet

His precious slave is punished, then pampered.

Her thoughts frolicked against the backdrop of her mind. Scenes replayed and the mystery of surprises yet to come and made her driving as thoughtless as breathing. She squirmed against the seat and fought off a temptation to touch herself. But no, last time her essence had betrayed her, and she was severely punished. Leaving the interstate, she made her way through the city turning at last onto...

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Sorry, She is Tied Up...

Sherri discovers she likes being bound.

Sherry was very nervous about her big date with Ron. The two had only met yesterday, but he looked so good she couldn't say no when he asked her out. She put on her tightest black skirt and tightest sweater. Her ass looked incredible, and the tight sweater accented her 36D's wonderfully. She put on black fishnet stockings and a a garter belt. Beneath this outfit she wore a black lace teddy. She...

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Erotic Education For...Ch. 1

He falls for roommate's older ex.

Erotic Education For An Eager Student Chapter 1 The phone rang. My roommate wasn't around so I grabbed it. Just as I had hoped, it was his ex-wife again. Susan had been calling for Hal for some weeks now, but Hal wouldn't take calls from her so I ended up talking to her regularly and had grown to enjoy the talks. She sounded very sexy over the phone but I know better than to put any...

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Thank God for Older Women

Motel clerk meets aging stripper.

When I was a lot younger, I moved to Texas with a friend. We made the long haul one night. I stayed there at his place and worked with him at the factory where he worked for a while. Later, I decided to try the big city life. So I made the venture to Dallas, TX. I found a job at a motel as a desk clerk. It was a pretty seedy run down motel, and at night it was rather scary. I did meet some...

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Roger that, Scotsquatch

Beauties roger the beast

I first became fascinated with crypto-zoology when I took several graduate courses at a major university in Ohio. Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, the common Native American terminology, was my peculiar fetish. The erotic dreams woke me every night. I fantasized I was seduced by a Sasquatch. Were the tabloid headlines like "Beautiful Women Help to Lure Bigfoot" and "Sasquatch Likes to Study the...

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Outdoor Adventure Ch. 2

Two girls get busy with Bigfoot.

Jeanna and Amber watched as the massive creature moved towards them. "What is it?" Amber asked with fear. "I think it's a bigfoot" Jeanna replied. The creature picked up Jeanna's panties from the ground and began to sniff them. The creature made loud sniffing noises as he held the silky panties beneath his large nose. Jeanna watched as his cock began to slide from a sheath between his legs. It...

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Mark's Surprise Ch. 1

Mark catches Diana in 'the act'.

Mark had just broken up with his steady girl, Diana 2 weeks before. He was finding it really hard to get over her. They had been dating for almost 2 years, and he was devastated when he caught her in "The Act" with 2 guys from the football team. He saw her car at the hotel, and pulled in to see what she was doing. He stood outside the motel room door, and could hear her moaning loudly. He turned...

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Sister's Divorce Ch. 1

Lawyer brother comforts hot sister.

Todd and his sister Christina had been very close when they grew up. She was now 34 and he was 30, and lived very far apart. One event always stood out in Todd's mind. When they were younger, she had caught him jacking off and to his amazement and surprise, she casually strolled into the room, undid her top, and took his throbbing member between her 38 D breasts, and rubbed him to orgasm. After he...

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Outdoor Adventure Ch. 1

Camping girls meet Sasquatch.

Jeanna and Amber were best friends. They decided to pack up their things and go camping for the weekend. They arrived at the secluded spot they had chosen, and pitched their tent. After setting up camp, they decided to go for a swim in the stream beside their campsite. Amber watched as Jeanna began to remove her clothing. Her breasts were 36D and very firm. They stood proudly as she removed...

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Sister's Divorce Ch. 2

Todd & Christina enjoy time alone.

Todd and Christina entered his large home, and she looked around at all of his nice things. "Ooh, this is so nice," she said with a smile. "You have such pretty things." "Oh, now I have something much prettier," Todd said, grabbing Christina's firm ass. He quickly spun her around, and pressed his mouth over hers. Their tongues met in a passionate kiss. As they hungrily sucked on each other's...

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Geri's Night Out Ch. 2

Crossdresser enjoys Tommy and Pam.

Tommy and Pam led Geri into their large estate, and they sat her on the sofa. Tommy sat down beside Geri, and Pam left to make them some drinks. Tommy placed his hand upon Geri's knee. Geri felt his cock stir beneath his short skirt. Tommy lightly rubbed up the fishnet stockings, caressing Geri's thighs so tenderly. Geri softly moaned as Tommy's hand slid beneath his skirt. Geri began wondering...

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Geri's Night Out Ch. 1

Jerry becomes Geri and meets swingers.

Jerry had lived for this day. He had slowly purchased each item one at a time until he had his entire ensemble complete. Being a make-up artist at the community theater helped him tremendously with his quest. Jerry nervously applied the hair remover to his chest, as the hot water of the shower ran down his back. He watched with amazement as his dark body hair began to come off. He almost felt...

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Prey For Me Ch. 16

Biker babes do oral lessons.

Kim and Caitlin sat in the kitchen drinking coffee and munching on bagels and reading. Sal strolled in from just showering. "What written word are you girls so engrossed in this morning?" Sal inquired pleasantly. "Look at my bum, Caitlin, it's still red! You are a brute." "What the hell did you two do to each other last night after I fell asleep?" Kim snapped, a tinge of jealousy in her...

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Teaching Patti Ch. 5

Teacher gives young high school lover a spanking.

It was chaos backstage as everyone prepared for dress rehearsal; the on stage band was warming up, the lights were flicking on and off, the actors were rushing around, setting their props, and nobody noticed that both Patti and I were missing, that we were, in fact, behind the lumber rack, doing some major fondling against the muslin flats. She had her "Godspell" costume on, a very carnival...

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Teaching Patti Ch. 4

Sexy high school girl gives oral for the first time.

Rehearsals were going well, and we were two weeks from opening "Godspell". Patti and I had shared a few tiny kisses and squeezes in dark corners, but nothing more since that amazing night on my parent's couch. It was hard to find a place to be alone with her. Her house was out, and so was my parent's - too many opportunities to get caught. I thought of pulling her into the dressing room, where I...

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