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Adopted Sister's Anal Adventure

Bro explores new frontier.

It had been a few days since I heard from Sally. Our initial sexcapades had been intense. I was getting hard just thinking about them. My wife had to head out of town to finish a contract with a customer, so it left me alone. The pool was nice, nude swimming was a favorite on mine. The phone woke me out of my daydreaming. "Hello." I said. "Hey! What's up?" Mark said on the other end....

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Carol's Lactating Breasts

Sis-in-law helps relieve pregnant Carol.

Heather's older brother Tony was in the army. He had just been sent overseas for some training. His very pregnant wife Carol reluctantly moved in with Heather and her parents. Carol missed Tony very much. One night, Heather heard her crying. Heather entered Tony's old bedroom, where Carol was sleeping. "What's wrong?" Heather asked her. "Oh, I just miss Tony, I am so lonely" Carol told her....

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Jazzy Girl Ch. 6

Freddy discovers his own exhibitionist tendencies.

A gaggle of white swans honked noisily in the pond, which was actually a plastic children's pool ringed by an assortment of foliage and rocks for an "authentic" look, though where in the wild swans swim in plastic Power Rangers pools I have no idea. Homely girls in horrid orange and white taffeta gowns that threatened to eat them were escorted around by pimply faced ushers in powder blue tuxedos....

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Teaching Patti Ch. 7

High school Patti loses her virginity.

I would have to say goodbye to beautiful little Patti pretty soon. There was only one week left to the run of the show, and after that I would no longer have an excuse for staying in Connecticut. But before saying goodbye I wanted to give Patti one more shot at letting me de-flower her. Christ, I wanted that bad. But time was running out, and I couldn't seem to get her alone. We had no rehearsals,...

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Teaching Patti Ch. 2

Young girl is watched while undressing in closet.

We had been rehearsing "Godspell" at Carter High School now for one week, every day after school for three hours. Patti was doing fine, and she was very sweet to me and learned quickly. I cast her in the "Day By Day" role, and her scenes with Jesus were touching. She had such an unaware quality; unaware of her budding beauty, and desirability. I couldn't believe that the boys in the cast didn't...

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Jazzy Girl Ch. 3

Freddy helps Bonnie build up courage.

I honestly thought it was Over-City with Bonnie. After her dramatic little revelation last night ("Are you married?" "Engaged.") I thought for sure my number would get way tossed. But here she was, on the phone, giving me her address and asking me to come over. I'm halfway out the door when the phone rings and the machine picks up. "Freddy Blue!" says a smoky voice. "It's Julie. Last...

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Teaching Patti Ch. 3

He finally gets close to sexy high school girl.

So, how's Patti doing?" asked my little sister, as she shoveled a spoonful of cereal past her braces. "Who?" I asked, startled. "Patti! Patti Cielo. She's in your show. She's a friend of mine." she explained, dribbling a little milk. Holy shit! Patti and my little sister were friends! Well, that was going to put a damper on my fantasy life. I'd been jerking off to Patti's smell,...

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Teaching Patti Ch. 6

High school girl tries phone sex for first time.

Patti's bedroom was definitely a messy teenage girl's room, with lots of "Boy Band" pop star photos tacked onto the walls, a pink telephone and frilly bedsheets. But there were also still a few little girl remnants like stuffed animals and Barbies scattered across the floor with dirty laundry and school books. She hurriedly scooped up the loose homework papers and soiled panties and chucked them...

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Teaching Patti Ch. 1

High school play director falls for young actress.

I'd escaped high school ten years earlier, and was living in Manhattan, doing the acting thing; a few showcases here and there, a Broadway production of "Godspell", and living well off some commercial residuals. Then, suddenly, the show closed, the friggin' commercial went off the air, my agent started using word like "unmarketable" to describe me, and my roommate decided to move to back to Rhode...

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She gets to know her stepfather, and herself...

I guess I was just over 16 when mom remarried. Jeff, her new husband, was considerably younger than mom, probably no more than 33, and quite handsome, so I didn't really resent having him around. For the first 12 months everything was fine, and the only time voices were raised was late at night when they were in their bedroom. Mom was very vocal when they were making love, and that used to annoy...

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Jazzy Girl Ch. 2

Bonnie involves Freddy in her exhibitionism.

It was a keen night, the kind New York is famous for, all breezy and city-crisp with that distinctive fall-festival feel of Yankees baseball, Lincoln Center opera and Village jazz. Autumn in New York is a wake up call for the mind which has hibernated the sweaty summer away and emerges refreshed and invigorated and ready to contemplate its urban treasures in the Fall. New Yorkers love when the...

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Jazzy Girl Ch. 7

Freddy and Julie go to meet Bonnie.

"Your moon is in Taurus. Expect a day like no other." said Julie. "What?" I asked, looking up from the crossword, pencil poised. Julie lay on the floor, wearing her standard Sunday afternoon kick-around panties and tank top, her voluptuous body pushing out and filling the raggedy underclothing like cantaloupes under sack cloth, curving and rising, with occasional sharp clefts dipping down...

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Jazzy Girl Ch. 1

Greenwich Village jazz man falls for sultry songstress.

She stood at the microphone, waiting for her cue, worrying a cigarette and gripping the mike stand like a spear. The girl was a study in opposites with blood red lips set against a pale, white face, and smart, sharp features buried under a sweep of messy brown hair. Her sensual arms and neck hinted at a curvy figure beneath a frumpy black t-shirt and jeans. She was instinctually sexual, but her...

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Jazzy Girl Ch. 4

Freddy joins the band, and gets close to Julie.

"How'd you like to be in a band?" said the smoky voice on the receiver. I was still dribbling out the last bit semen from an intense orgasm brought about by Julie's smoldering voice, when I picked up form the machine. "Sure." I said, wiping myself off with Bonnie's panties, and forgetting that I'd been working solo for over a year now, and was way out of touch with the whole "band...

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Jazzy Girl Ch. 5

Freddy encounters Julie's roommate.

A sunbeam struck my eye, and nudged me awake. I checked my watch. It was 10:36am. Next to me Julie snored peacefully. Her pale cheek was smeared with ruby lipstick. Her eyes were covered by a jungle growth of brown hair. Her round shoulders looked soft and smooth. I stared at the deep valley of her cleavage as her naked bosom heaved up and down under the covers. She was an old world beauty, soft...

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Fun With Rope Ch. 2

Mike brings others for Julie to enjoy.

Julie was so exhausted from her first bondage experience. Mike made her cum so many times that night. She was really hoping that Mike would do this to her again, soon. She had loved the feeling of being tied up, and feeling totally helpless. Her body seemed much more sensitive as she had laid there. Being tied up and blindfolded was the hottest experience she had ever had. The following weekend,...

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Creature of the Night Ch. 5

Catherine visits a women's college.

Catherine awoke, and her hunger was greater than normal. She took a quick shower, and dressed. She looked in the mirror, and was shocked at how pale she had become. She did look very sexy in a gothic sort of way, and she sat and painted her long fingernails black. Catherine adjusted her tight dress, pulling the V of her neckline downward, revealing a generous portion of her large white breasts....

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Creature of the Night Ch. 2

She needs to feed.

Catherine couldn't believe what was happening to her. First off, she had been totally fucked silly, and had her blood sucked by a horny good looking muscular vampire. Not once, not twice, but many times last night. Now as she looked into the mirror, she noticed that her eye teeth were noticably longer and pointed. She was craving ...... blood. She knew that she had to go out and find someone...

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Creature of the Night Ch. 1

Busty woman is visited while sleeping.

Catherine awoke trembling. Her body was broke out into a cold sweat, God that nightmare seemed so real. She was almost too frightened to go back to sleep. She climbed out of her large bed and turned on her bedroom light. She examined herself closely in the mirror. There wasn't any blood or claw marks any where. She felt relieved that this was only a dream. She glanced down at her fabulous 38D's....

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Creature of the Night Ch. 3

Catherine's first kill.

Catherine was totally transforming now. Her fangs were very long, and her skin was quite pale. She couldn't go out in the daylight anymore. She stood and looked at herself in the mirror. Her image was almost transparent. Yet, from what she could see, she looked very erotic, and sensual. Her master visited her nightly. He had now revealed himself to her. His name was Victor. He told her that he was...

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Fun With Rope Ch. 1

Hubby fulfills wife's bondage fantasy.

Julie had been asking Mike to tie her up for a long time. Mike wasn't against the idea, but was unsure of it. He pondered the idea for a long time, and finally decided to surprise his spunky little wife. He purchased some velvet rope that was quite soft, and bought a blindfold. He also purchased a few assorted toys that might just come in handy. It was the day before their 5th anniversary, and he...

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From Arabia w/ Love Ch. 2

Two guys enjoy Arabian sisters.

Ahnna's finger slid along her sister's wet pussy slit. Ahnna carefully studied her sister's beautiful dark pussy lips. She slowly slid the dark lips apart, and marveled at the pretty bright pinkness of her luscious pussy. Ahnna's finger rubbed against her sister's swollen clit, and Salima moaned loudly. Ahnna could feel her sister's pussy juices as they gushed from her horny pussy. Ahnna slid...

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From Arabia w/ Love Ch. 1

Shy Arab sisters meet American men.

Salima, and Ahnna were both born in Saudi Arabia. Their father had prospered in oil and moved his family to the U.S. when the sisters were very young. Salima was now 18, and Ahnna was 19, and they were very close. Their parents had raised them very strictly, following the muslem faith. Ahnna had just gotten her own apartment, and to her parents disapproval, moved Salima in with her. As the girls...

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Creature of the Night Ch. 4

Her victim isn't what he appears.

Catherine was a full fledged vampire now. She quickly overcame the guilt from her first kill. She still thought about it every so often, but knew that it was just a part of her new life. Victor and her were lovers every night. Victor was taking her with him to feed tonight. Catherine's body quivered with excitement. It was a cold, dark gloomy night. Catherine saw the mist like fog begin to cover...

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Unique Tattooing

Ann gets inked in an intimate area.

"Unique tattooing, can I help you?" David answered the ringing phone. "Hi David, this is Ann. Do you have any time to squeeze me in today?" she asked, cheerfully. A huge smile flashed across David's already darkly handsome face when he heard her voice. Ann.... Her golden hair, long legs and chubby body just made his senses soar, not to mention his heart race every time she smiled at him. She...

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