Erotic Stories Published On Sun, Oct 24, 2004

Ticklish Cindy & The Firefighters

Tickled and teased by firemen.

Cindy smiled to herself as she admired her long legs in the mirror. She particularly enjoyed the feel and the look of sheer nylon. It was this pleasure that she took right now as she glanced back over her shoulder to check that her seams were absolutely straight. It was unusual for Cindy to have to perform this task alone. Normally there were more than enough men who would be willing to drop...

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Throbbing Under My Thong Ch. 03

Exposing it all for anyone

My husband asked me to accompany him on a business trip and, as I felt I needed a break from my own business, I decided to accept his offer. It was only for a few days in Eastbourne but I hoped this would give me the opportunity to somehow show myself off a little - or even a lot! It had been ages since I last had a ‘naughty' experience and I sure needed some sexual stimulation in my life again. I...

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His Slut

She worships a very fine cock.

I am, shamelessly, a cock slut, a cum slut, a whore. Whatever you wish to call me. I know no pleasure greater than the bruising of my throat by a large cock, the almost pain of large hands buried in my hair, pulling me tighter, owning me, controlling me. It makes my boder quiver and ache just to think about remember the man who makes me feel this way... I met him online, chatting on...

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Shaving Rupert

Coed teaches grown-up friend to shave, and fuck.

Rupert intrigued me. Unlike most boys of his age, he seemed more comfortable in the company of girls than the company of his male contemporaries. I and the other girl's didn't mind, he was every girl's older and wiser brother. We could rely upon him for an honest opinion of our clothes, our makeup, and hairstyles. He never criticised, just made positive suggestions about changing this or that, a...

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Miranda the Witch

He falls in love with a witch.

Copyright Oggbashan October 2004. The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. This is a long fantasy with mild female domination. ** **Chapter 1: The...

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Sydian: The Grad Dresser

Grad student in trouble finds Sydd & Avia.

He was a grad student. Some thought brilliant; he simply worked hard. In undergraduate school, in spite of his slight stature, he had been a ferocious athlete. Now in between the mustiness of archives and the lugging of tomes back and forth across campus, he still found time to keep the body toned—nothing spectacular; simply hard and defined… He was almost at the end of his studies—one paper,...

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Liza is visited by a mysterious Inec.

Liza walked in her front door, snow following her in and coming to rest on the hard wood floor in front of the stairs. She closed the door and locked it. Shivering, she took off her scarf and coat, appreciating the warmth of the house. Shaking her short red hair with her hands the snow fell to the floor and disappeared. It was late. Liza was hungry, cold, and sleepy. Entering the kitchen she...

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Sir Peter Longfellow & the Case of the Prude

PBS meets the World of Porn.

"Sir Peter, I'm so glad you could make it," Chancellor Prude, Peter's old school chum quipped. Welcoming Sir Peter into his expansive foyer, Prude continued, "I am extremely concerned about Penelope. She didn't return home from school on Thursday evening and no one has heard from her since." Sir Peter was in town for his alma mater's big game on Saturday afternoon, the same school over which...

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Cupid's Kiss Ch. 06

Cybil confesses her sexual needs to Kev.

Harold flipped an omelet on the pan. He knew that Cybil had arrived with her husband. He wasn't going to give her a grand reception but then again, for Psyche's sake he would try to be nice. Sighing, he turned off the gas and went to greet his second daughter. Just as he reached the living room, a lithe female body collided against him and hugged his tight. Love and anger made...

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God Bless You, Marianne Duquesne

Witch eases long misery.

Jack was staring at the TV, but not seeing anything, when the doorbell rang. He glanced at the clock. Eight-thirty. Late for the 'Trick or Treat' youngsters, and the local teens didn't usually bother off-duty PD lieutenants. The bell rang again. He opened the door and blinked. "Trick or treat." The voice was sultry, almost familiar, the face invisible behind a black silk mask, the hair...

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The Visitor

It's Grim for Jon.

It was a warm summer evening as Jon Emerald meandered along the gravel track to his home. Something made him divert from his usual route and he took the path passing through his orchard. Usually, he arrived at the front but today, it seemed, he fancied a change. Emerging from the trees he heard the leaves rustle in the breeze and felt an icy shiver pass through him. It wasn't cold, so why the...

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Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 11

Up a creek without a paddle, Never fear Numchucks is here.

Numchucks, the Legend Chapter 11 Marshall, Texas~ I pulled up in front of Sandra's house with my truck pulling a sixteen foot flat bed trailer. Numchucks was in the bed of truck wagging his tail for he knew where Shinkers lived. It was March and the weather was nice, spring was in the air. "What's the trailer for?" Sandra asked as she came out to greet Chucks and I. "This...

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Wana'be Model

An ordinary housewife is tricked into making a porn video.

"Excuse me, I see you have a baby. Can I ask you how old he or she is?" "She's just three months." "She looks a beauty; I'll bet she'll grow-up to be a stunner like her mom. I assume you are her mom?" "Yes she's mine. Sorry, you'll have to excuse me; I have to get on with my shopping now." "No please don't go yet, I'm sure we have something that will interest you. Wouldn't you...

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The Price Tag Of An Addict

An addicts desires go too far.

I don't remember when it all began. My addictions had become as natural as breathing, and the blackouts that followed, while at first frightening, became part of my thrill. I would often start an evening amongst friends hoping for a quick high, some hard sex and then greasy food before a deep sleep. That was actually how it went for a while. Then it mutated into dancing to loud music, and the next...

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She Never Saw Him Coming

A story of twists & pleasure.

This story has a bit of everything in it, some D/s, a bit of incest, a bit of fetish, and a bit of anal....So you have been warned. Now please read and enjoy. MV Nearly three months had passed since their blow up and James wasn't quite sure what to do about his ex-submissive Cricket. Of course that was his pet name for her but that's all he'd called her for so long that to think of her in...

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