Erotic Stories Published On Sun, Nov 28, 2004

Neighbors Across the Park Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Ripples This will be more enjoyable if read in sequence from the beginning: Neighbors Across the Park. The story involves the spreading ripples from my encounter with Randy. Just before tripping through the gate I whispered to Randy, "Your cock is still my favorite. Goodnight now." I looked into Randy's eyes and winked. My eyes were suddenly drawn to the sight of a...

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My Sexual Autobiography

He loses his virginity, then explores.

Author's note: To start out, this isn't a very good story for a sophisticated jerk-off. It's an honest of my account of my sexual experiences and if it's remarkable, it's only remarkable for honesty. For understandable reasons, lit wouldn't allow me to include my account my pre-18 youth, so we start here where I'm a virgin but have some sexual experience. It was in my second year of college...

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Kitty's First Time

Kitty celebrates her 18th Birthday with a family friend.

Carbon Flint's name had enchanted Kitty from the first time her dad invited the handsome young executive to their home for dinner. It sounded like the name of a hero from one of the romances she read; books she stole from her mother's bedroom and read in secret under the covers at night. The stories of buxom females and lusty men fuelled her fantasies and were responsible for many a night of...

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Love Play

Janet gets put on display at a lecture.

Janet took her seat in the lecture hall calmly, pulling out her notepad and pen. The lecture today was on the newly discovered phenomenon of hysteria in women. The lecturer, Dr. John Hall, argued that any woman, no matter how sober and logical normally, could be driven to hysteria by simple manipulation of biological attributes. This had intrigued her, so she had taken time from her classes that...

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A mature woman gives him a birthday gift.

It was because of Angela that my predilection for mature women was formed. Perhaps it was also due in part to the significance of the date, 18th of February 1982, my eighteenth birthday. After all losing your virginity to a woman twenty three years your senior is bound to have a profound and ever lasting affect. I was living in a fairly remote coastal town in Western Australia at that time;...

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David & 'Lyssa Ch. 03

David's new family go on separate quests again.

David and the others stared at 'Lyssa as she lay there out cold. "Damn." Said David. "Is she all right?" asked Bitsy. David knelt next to 'Lyssa and patted her cheek gently. "Wake up Honey." 'Lyssa stirred and opened her eyes. She threw her arms around David's neck and hugged him desperately. "I thought I had lost you Beloved!" She sobbed against his shoulder. David...

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The Call

An unexpected call is the first of many.

She felt a twinge in her panties as she took a deep breath and dropped them to the floor. She climbed up on the bed, picked up the phone, and began to dial. She dialed slowly, first the area code, then the next three digits, then the last four, pausing between each number. She was surprised by her nervousness and excitement. After all, she had spoken to him hundreds of times before. But, this was...

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A Turkish Delight Ch. 03

A young Lieutenant takes Christine.

The vice regal party continued and I was now trapped at continued well into the night as the guests continued to consume more free alcohol. I don't know which disturbed me the most as I walked from room to room. Was it the glares of the women or perhaps the glances and touches of the men? The women whilst looking friendly didn't appreciate the attention I was getting from their men as they looked...

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Another Springtime Ch. 04

The uniqueness of a beautiful girl.

Chapter 4: The Uniqueness of a Beautiful Girl The approaching holidays were both blessing and challenge. Europeans are much more tradition conscious than many Americans, and from my own time in Europe this could be a real time of wonderful experiences and family togetherness and spiritual uplift. The backside was that she could hardly overlook the fact that her family experience had...

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Another Springtime Ch. 03

A pioneering effort together.

Chapter 3: A Pioneering Experience Together Under the circumstances, keeping up with my mail and other correspondence was a serious challenge. Besides that, there were events in my own life that did not seem to fit in with the constant running of total mobility – being my daughter's father for one; continuing with my studies for another; just a couple of minor points, ha, ha, ha! Then...

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After Work

You return home after a bad work day.

You returned from work exhausted. I'd been relaxing here at home waiting for you, and as you walked in the door, threw your purse on the table and snuggled next to me on the couch; I could see written on your face the length and hardships of the day. You started to tell me about all that went wrong today, but I put a finger to your lips quickly and silenced you with a gentle kiss. I pushed...

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Hunters Ch. 05

Max tries to save himself.

If this is your first brush with this series, please go back and read the first 4 chapters. Enjoy, and don't forget to vote! Max sat alone in the darkness. The only light coming into the tiny room was dimmed by cloth over a finely cut panel; the odd mixture casting eerie shadows on Max's face. Max heard a noise next to the small room he was in and a small panel next to his head slid...

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Son of a Bitch

Lexi picked the wrong day to tease.

It started with a day off. Thanks to all the veterans who fought for this great country, I get a Thursday in November off from work. I celebrate their blood by going off to my local bar and seeing how many beers I can knock back (and how many skirts I can chase) before someone takes a swing. I'm not saying I'm the toughest guy in the world. Lord knows I've taking my share of lumps for my carefree...

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Good Old Salem

Accused witch exchanges sex for life.

She had been put on trial because of those evil kids. They had declared her witch and there was nothing that she could to prove the claim false. Those nasty little children had pointed at her and cried out "Witch, Witch!" in between their twitching and moans. And those idiotic adults had believed them! They had believed them over her! Now she sat in a filthy jail cell, a single bed and a pail...

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Fiona at Camp Ch. 09

She is given pleasure though blindfolded.

This is one of a series best read in order. When I arrived at Crocket's Lodge, I found Fiona naked and sitting on the couch, her hands folded in her lap. She decided she had better obey her instructions so as to avoid what had happened to her last night and this afternoon. Her arms framed her magnificent breasts as she sat nervously. I smiled at her as I reached down and held out my hands....

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Election Night Tension

Wife pays with her body for voting Democrat.

My husband Chris has a strong personality. More like dominant. He's always the boss. To spice up our sex, he often gets me to take bets or enter little contests that he ALWAYS wins. The penalty is usually an evening as his sexual servant, sometimes a weekend. I don't mind losing a bet, but I do mind never winning! It didn't start out that way. Early on, we would bet five dollars, or we'd say...

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Acting on Impulse

The result of acting on impulse.

This is a story that shows the result of acting on impulse. By acting in anger and desperation; what seemed like good ideas at the time, resulted in a simple housewife leaving herself vulnerable to the depraved desires of two manipulating men. * My heart is still thumping in my chest, and my stomach is still all churned-up. What a morning this has been, and all because my husband has a...

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Ms. Jackson

Yardwork pays off for a horny younger man.

I have always thought my sex drive was going to get me into trouble. Last week it was the other way around. I normally masturbate twice a day, sometimes three if I am bored. Last week when I was studying for finals in High School I could not find the time to finish myself off. At 19 I could not wait to get to college. After the forth day it became almost unbearable for me. It was Friday and...

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The Wrong Movie Ch. 03

Danny and Rachael see a therapist.

Author's Note: Yeah, I can't resist making my stories serials, so here are the continuing adventures of Rachael and Danny. There will be more, obviously, though I'm not sure when. Please try to leave a comment at the end, and, at the very least, cast a vote. I'm extremely grateful to everyone who does. So I hope you enjoy this third instalment and I'll submit the next as soon as it's done....

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Ted Does His Niece

Her pilot light keeps going out.

Ted got a phone call. It was from his cousin Freda. She needed help. The furnace was on the blink, Ted felt sorry for her. Her husband was in the Navy and she was all alone. "Who was that?" ask his wife. "My cousin Freda, she needs help. Ted drove to his cousin's apartment and she let him in. "I didn't mean to bother you Ted but I didn't know who else to call" she sighed....

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