Erotic Stories Published On Fri, Jul 22, 2005

The Violet Guard Spanks Ch. 02

In a medieval setting, her punishment continues.

Suddenly Samuel was standing next to her, her blouse and skirt and undergarments in his hand. Seona remember her state, and grabbed the clothes off him, trying to cover her nakedness. It was too late, of course. Samuel had seen everything his big sister had to offer, and more importantly, had seen the flaming red of her bottom. 'What's going on?' questioned Samuel 'Nothing' blushed...

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The Cowgirl

The girls on the farm are kinky.

The cage it's a wooden "box" with polished soft walls, just like the ones we kept calves in when I was a kid. It is sized for a human and it has fresh hay on the floor and blankets for us to sleep on and in if needed, mostly to avoid scratches from the hay. I'm naked and I have a collar around my neck with a little cow bell on it My every move can be heard. There is a bell by the gate that I can...

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Panty Games Ch. 05

Bob & Lynn share another night of fun.

The Following weeks were very interesting. Nikki was acting like my best friend at work. Which I suppose was a good thing since we did technically have sex with each other. It's always nice that people you lay remain your friends. It was just strange since I still really didn't like her much. Sure I liked how she looked and I can not say the idea of doing something else with her did not...

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Sentry on the Fifth Floor

She watches him, & he watches her.

She could see into to his apartment from hers, both on the fifth floor opposite each other separated only by the courtyard. She knew him quite well, watched him often. She knew his routine, what he ate, drank. How he fucked. He liked to be in charge. He was aggressive, arrogant. Just once she wished that someone would put him in his place, shatter his precious control. She stood, like a...

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The Place of Remembering

Rcollections of her first thrill.

Smallness. It wasn't that he found smallness particularly attractive but to an interested third party it might look that way and he had to admit he did always seem to end up dating small women. Dancer types with petite figures, toned, firm bodies, small breasts. There it was again - smallness. He had a theory to explain it. Smallness simply concentrated a woman's sex appeal. Terese was very...

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History 231 Ch. 03

Diane knows that fate wants her to be with Adam.

I opened the glass door to the science center and paused in the entryway to look over my schedule. I needed to find room 437 to go to biology 243. I found the room sooner than I thought and sighed as I sat down in the hallway to wait for the class in there to let out. I was glad to be back at school. The week between my interim class and today was a depressing one. When anyone asked me how...

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Davy Ate Her

Going down in the cockpit of the Spruce Goose.

Author's note: These are characters from my previous story, "Mach-2 Club". Here I've given them names but have not repeated their detailed descriptions. That said, this story is complete and stands alone. *** Over a year had passed since David and Penelope had met on a flight from Heathrow to JFK. Sadly, the site of their first tryst, the sleek, fast Concorde, was now history. They...

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Ashley's Pussy Pumping Club

A spin off from 'One Inch Stacey'.

"WOW... suck that baby out there!! Way to go, GIRL!! Feel the burn... just watch those juices flow!! Looks SO good... NOW H... O... L... D... it... don't lose your suction!!" Hearing all this, Stacey was almost hesitant to knock on the door, but she had promised herself that she needed to at least offer something of an apology to Ashley. She had been rather curt and cutting to her at work,...

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An Anal Reunion

Dave gets to assfuck girl who rejected him in school.

I didn't want to go to the reunion, but Jane insisted. Me, I'd left all those High School days way behind, they were history to me, and it wasn't a history I wanted to revisit. But Jane had loved High School. She still kept in contact with her old gang, seeing them regularly, even though we'd moved to another town soon after we married. Then I thought I'd gotten lucky. Jane caught a cold, a...

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The Queen of Sambia

On men's island prison, she is the only woman.

The gray granite cliffs towered above the skiff, the waves threatening to dash the small craft against the rocks as the thirteen passengers, ten of them dressed in simple prison tunics of red wool, fought to stay upright. One by one, the prisoners were forced to the front to the skiff and made to catch the rope ladder hanging down from somewhere far above. Looking like a string of holly...

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Siren from the Sea

Tsunami throw mermaid out into the world.

The mermaid was thrown out of her watery bower by the tsunami and ended up high and dry on the beach. Good God, what a nightmare for her. But the mob she drew was engrossed by her beauty and seeming fragility. They didn't know she had the strength of the sea at her beckoning. When she awoke from her dazed dreaming she was sore afraid. There she was set ashore by the tide with nothing but her...

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Red Riding Hood Grows Up

What happens after the Happily Ever After.

Red Riding Hood wasn't very little anymore. She had grown into a voluptuous woman thanks to years of sneaking treats from Grandmother. She was also very tall with long legs. Long mahogany hair flowed down to the small of her back. She was quick with a smile and it always seemed to radiate up to her chocolate colored eyes. She was well loved by all her neighbor's in the small glade not far from the...

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To Spend the Night

After a breakup.

"Hey, it's me. I wanted to see if I could come over." There is silence on the other end of the line. I can hear him breathing. "I'm not going to jump you or anything. I'm just lonely." I am sitting on the folded-out futon couch in the drafting studio of my friend Nora's apartment, where I have been living for the past eight days. I am wearing a pair of black men's boxers and nothing...

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He enjoys machines that bounce.

I would like to say that I like coming to the site often and read other experiences and even used some ideas on myself. When I was 18 years old, I was living with a friend of mine which we could talk about anything. One day, I broke up with my girlfriend because she said that she wanted to try other options. It kind of broke my heart and wrecked my sole. I went home and told my friend about...

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Ryan trusts his girlfriend and his roommate.

"Okay, I'll be back in about half an hour." "Awesome...hey, get some more ice while you're out." "Yeah, right, as if there'll be any left." Ryan closed the door to the apartment behind him. Lana stood up and crossed the room to adjust one of the large fans that sat beneath the window. Satisfied with the new angle, she flopped back onto the couch, opposite Jack, her boyfriend's...

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Alone at Home

Lonely housewife misses her husband.

It was pouring with rain. Not exactly the type of weather one would normally expect for mid-June, but this was England and one never knew quite what to expect there, and not only that it was cold. How Cathy missed the nice warm days that she was used to. True, it used to rain hard in Kenya but it was soon over and the sun usually soon dried everything up, but over here? Less said the better. She...

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Betrayed Ch. 10

Everything that has a beginning...

Chapter Ten: Everything That Has A Beginning... I would have loved to be waiting at the gate at O'Hare when Dianna de-planed from L.A. that Sunday night. I had to settle for the Baggage Claim Area. Those people working for the Transportation Security Administration have no sense of humor. I guess at eight dollars an hour, they can't afford one. Then again, the other passengers were...

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Her hair moved unnaturally; that was just the beginning.

_Breathe in atmosphere, tinted stark with asphalt, gravel, dust, and dreams. Then tell me not. Dance with the beat of footsteps, to streetlight stroboscopes. Then tell me not. Tune to the city, hear her sing. Then tell me you can not feel, can not taste life on the tip of your horizon. Tell me, you can not taste the tears, the shiver down her spine. That...

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Six Times a Day Pt. 31

Teen has sex with girlfriend and her mother.

Part 31: The Real Me _At well over a million words, this is one of a handful of the longest erotic stories ever written. The first couple of parts are mostly build up and teasing, but there's lots of sex later on. The story also has love, humor, plot, character, and a lot of popular acclaim, so you should give it a try if you haven't already. It has incestuous themes as well, so beware if...

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In the Vineyard Ch. 04

Ana pursues Miles - will she succeed?

Ana woke early Tuesday morning. Last night was a little fuzzy - had she really called that radio program? And, she remembered the invitation to Miles. She wasn't certain now that was such a good idea. Maybe Veronica forgot to mail it. She'd call her after she had some coffee. Before she could call, the phone was ringing. "Hello," she said, hoping it was Veronica. "Hey, I hadn't heard...

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Evil Benni Ch. 02

Family touches Benni's heart, but is it enough?

_With one woman left in his wake yet not forgotten, Benni makes a determined effort to make his mom like him, at least a little more. It's time to try to set himself up to make some real money so he examines what are his main interests and concludes there are only two – women and vehicles. He shrugs, thinking that's not much to go on but it's his own fault that he allowed his eager penis to get in...

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Evil Benni Ch. 01

His mom thinks he's evil; moms usually know best.

_This is story of an erratic journey from college disaster to eventual 'coming of age' of a very unusual and troubled young man. Benni is not really liked by his mom, whereas a very limited number of other women are prepared to shoulder his undesirable attributes to get a piece of him. Be warned, he's not a graduate from Sunday school nor the model family, and he doesn't think and act like you may...

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Chesterbury Tales Pt. 03

Snowed in! Emma joins in the fun.

It is Winter 1966. When five couples find themselves stranded at a remote high class inn by extreme weather conditions, they amuse each other by relating stories of an erotic nature, as well as taking part in all kinds of private and group sexual activities. Chapter Three : The Partners Arrive By the time the evening came at the 'Travellers' Rest', only four couples were there,...

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Abducted Ch. 04

Emma has more questions - and a plan.

Chapter 4 – More Questions Back in her room, Emma looked at the clock. 12 noon. She had been in the 'interview room' for less than two hours! It was hard to believe. So much had happened. She went to the bathroom, started to run the water for a bath, and slipped off her robe. She stared in the mirror at her soft, white body, the whiteness of her skin marred by angry red marks on her...

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Staying Put

Rescuing a friend leads to romance.

"Mark?" The voice in my phone was so soft I could hardly hear it. "Yes," I said. "Who's calling?" "It's Chris," the voice said, a little louder now, but still not much above a whisper. I knew I recognized it, but I was still at a loss. "Uh, hi Chris," I replied, still groping for a face to go with the voice. "From swimming," she said. Then I knew who it was. She sounded...

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Remedy for a Stumbler

Fragments of memories, lost soul, & angel in blue.

Who, what, where, when, why? Have I lost the trail again? Have I lost myself in the moment and forgotten how to breathe? How to think? How to remember? This is all I know in those panicked minutes. That they come, moments when I lose my grip and tumble, and that I have to focus, focus, focus. When I find myself in a car, in a bed, in a room, and I find nothing else to connect with. Not in the...

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Love at First Sight

Wade & Kara must have each other the first day.

Kara and her friend Nina went over to her boyfriend Brad's work to take him some lunch. He framed houses on a crew with about six other hot and sweaty guys. When they pulled up they saw Brad coming from around the house with a work buddy of his. Kara had to take her sunglasses off so she could get a better look. All Kara could think was "OH MY GOD!" She was totally blessed when she laid her eyes...

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From Obsession to Redemption Ch. 03

Kelly has a secret.

Callie was dreaming, she was lying on a sun drenched beach, dozing in a chaise lounge, attended by a muscular bronzed cabana boy. The waiter from the pool bar had brought her a lovely daiquiri and was calling her name, waking her. "How the hell does the waiter know my name?" she thought. "Callie... Callie.. Time to wake up, sleepyhead." Slowly, as if rising up through deep water, she...

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Craving Cassie Ch. 02

Love can make a man do irrational things.

After one of the most exhausting weekends of her life and all the fuss with Andi, Cassie was relieved to get back to work. Yet again Cassie had spent longer at the hospital the day before than she'd planned, simply because Andrea's parents needed a break to head back to their hotel and get some sleep. Cassie stayed by her best friend's bedside all day, doing her best not to bring up...

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Just standing in the gallery, till you came.

In an empty side hall of the gallery, I stand, observing some of your work. You are such an excellent photographer. You manage to capture the sensuality of things so well. I feel the heat radiate from each picture. Everything from the women to the embraces has something to give the senses. I hear you walk up behind me. You say so quietly, "All I ever see is you, nothing else." A smile comes...

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