Erotic Stories Published On Thu, Sep 21, 2006


He discovers she hasn't shaved in days.

He walks up behind me in the bar and licks my right earlobe. I lean my head into his hot breath and he wraps an arm around my waist holding me close to him. A little nibble as his hand sneaks up to my almost fully exposed right breast. His fingers sweep over it and he gives it a hard squeeze before walking away to the men's room. My friend smiles at me and shakes her head and I'm half tempted to...

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Show and Tell Ch. 02

Schoolgirls practice putting on rubber.

Show And Tell 2: Gone Bananas There were a couple of bananas on the table when I got home from school. Everything seemed quiet in the house so I thought my step-sister Maryanne was still in school. Rummaging through the ref, I couldn't seem to find anything I liked. So I went back to the table, grabbed the bananas and headed for the TV. There really wasn't anything good on as I finished...

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Late night security guard gets to watch her masturbate.

He looked up at his monitors. As usual nothing to report. The gym was open twenty four seven but very few people ever came to work out at two thirty in the morning. He knew being open all hours was merely an excuse public relations cooked up to explain grossly inflated fees. He certainly didn't mind. He was, by nature, a night owl and one that didn't drink so he had always felt out of sorts....

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Hired Help

Greedy boy gets unbirthed.

Patrick stood at the top of the old carpeted stairs. His stubby fingers were wrapped around the white painted wooden posts. On his knees even, watching as his mother passed back and forth busily below. As usual, five or six times a week, going out to do whatever she does. 'Business' was always her response. Plopping him with different babysitters every time, toppling back into the house at 3 in...

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Interrogation Room

Cop has his girlfriend in the stationhouse.

I walked into the squad room and found her sitting there. She was wearing that skirt and those shoes. What was she thinking? Where did that thought go, the one I was attempting to conceive? Where is my time? Her thought was easy to comprehend, we had talked about her shoes before. We has decided to take it slow. We had wanted to make life easier. But here she was. The color of her skirt was teal,...

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Neighbors meet after reciprocating exhibitionism..

Fiona I wrote the words in black ink on the white cardboard and slipped the sign behind the curtain onto the windowsill facing her apartment. It read: 9-21-05 5:00pm Apt. No 1630---> The arrow pointed to the bottle of champagne placed next to the message. I knew she would see it well in advance of the date. I did not ask for an RSVP, intending to wait until the appointed...

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A Tale to Tell

Greg tells friend of wife exposing herself to contractors.

"I can't believe it happened myself!" I said to Jack in self-amazement. "If it really is true, aren't you worried that you're out here on the road and your wife's back home with perhaps even more opportunity to do it again?" Jack was another computer techie like me, out on the road getting shit done for people who didn't have time or inclination to read the manuals. "Sure, it...

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Sex in Sci-Fi Ch. 06

Not with a bang, but a whimper.

CHAPTER 6: NEITHER WITH A BANG, NOR A WHIMPER As is always the case, various sections of the community clearly saw the danger early and did their best to warn the authorities and the people long before any official attempt was made to tackle the problem. And, as had always been true, by the time the governing bodies did stir, it was already too late. Media researchers, in the course...

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Seven Days: Day 01

Shannon's honeymoon takes a turn for the worse.

DAY ZERO : PROLOGUE Shannon was in heaven. She was rocking back and forth, screaming, "Oh, oh, Aaron, yes, yes, YES!" He just kept on pounding into her tight pussy, his balls slapping against her ass with each thrust. They had been fucking for nearly 20 minutes, and Aaron had still managed to keep himself from cumming. Shannon was cumming constantly, Aaron's rock-hard cock setting her off...

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36+1 Ep. 32

In the lab for maintainence, Tammy decides to get ahead.

Tammy followed the naked technician down into the basement lab. She got an uneasy feeling, but at the same time got a little aroused from watching Laurie walk. This was beginning to drive Tammy nuts too. She didn't have the limitations a real woman had, and could spend all her operating time in one big digital orgasm if she wanted to. So not going without one for more than half a day was very...

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My Autoerotica

A couple of his personal experiences, almost exhibitionist.

It's kind of funny sometimes to hear that some people don't like the idea of being without clothing while outdoors. Many more seem to shrink perceptibly whenever the idea of outdoor sex or masturbation is brought forward. I guess I've enjoyed being nude in the outdoors for a long time. Or even just nude somewhere where there is a chance I can be seen walking without clothing, sometimes even...

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Hardship Brings New Beginnings

Old girlfriend brings new fun.

All right, here's the story. My name is Dave; I'm nineteen, 5'9, 160lbs, short brown hair and greenish eyes. I have a very attractive girlfriend, in my opinion anyways; she's 5'3, 98lbs on a 'good day', brown eyes, brown hair that stops just above her shoulders, B sometimes C cup tits, and an ass just big enough for each hand. She goes to a catholic school and is extremely intelligent, even though...

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The Sweetest Sin Ch. 07-08

The plot thickens.

Chapter 7 "So what's your brother's deal?" Eowyn asked Tucker "His deal? What do you mean?" "Well he seems like he really tries to be a 'do the right thing' kind of guy, but yet he can't make himself leave." Tucker looked at her with questioning eyes "So you're saying all of this is wrong?" "No, I'm just saying I think that Jeremy thinks it's wrong, but he can't make...

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The Fool's Errand

Some adventure at sea.

_(I'd like to thank the people who read this story and offered their time and talent in editing, particularly snooper and Intriguess. This story is very carefully told from the point of view of only one person. If you are wondering what the other characters are thinking or feeling then I invite you to use your imagination. If you are so inclined, please feel free to tell this story from the...

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Control Ch. 04

The Box: Save Anne if you can.

Chapter Four: "The Box" You can't know what nothingness is. You can't comprehend it because your world is thick with sensation. But Anne can understand it. Anne doesn't know where she is. She doesn't know how she came here. She doesn't know what "here" is. There's no texture, no figure, no light, no sound, nothing to break the nothingness. Black. Silent. She was somewhere and now she's not...

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Old Friends

Two friends get together.

Knock Knock He answered the door. The first thing he saw was a pair of deep brown eyes surrounded by locks of alternatively purple hair. He gazed at her. She reached in and hugged him. "Hey babe long time no see, how you been?" He backed up and let her through the doorway his eyes caught the size of her bountiful breasts. They must have at least been a C if not a D. His eyes slid...

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Dinner Out

A romantic evening.

It was that magical time of year that my wife and I loved so. The leaves were changing, and there was crispness to the air. Yet it was still warm enough to enjoy being outdoors. Meeting her at the van, when she pulled into the drive, I greeted the beautiful women, "Hey honey. How was your day?" "Busy," she replied, as we embraced and smiled at one another. I took her hand I mine, as...

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The Hardest Answer: Morning After

The next morning, Lauren & Julia look at each other.

Julia stretched and slowly opened her eyes and inhaled. She smiled seeing Lauren asleep next to her. Julia kissed Lauren's forehead and reached for her robe. Lauren only turned on her side. 'She wasn't lying. She's not going to wake up for anything until she's good and ready.' Julia smiled to herself and went to go make coffee. Wrapped in her robe, Julia felt a little giddy. Never once...

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The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies Ch. 05

Isabelle pays a penance for her escape.

Thomas stepped forward, flanked by at least six other men – local justice men she recognised and had seen many times. He walked with a swagger – looking younger and more confident than she had ever seen him, and she wondered momentarily if the thrill of the chase had excited something in him. The campfire was deserted, but behind the newcomers lay the young boy who usually tended the fire. He...

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The House Ch. 02

Brianne's story continues.

Thanks to everyone who read the first part of my story, The House. Special thanks to everyone who voted or commented. It was very much appreciated. Please enjoy the fantasy. ~~~ I woke up slowly. I hate mornings anyway, but I'm usually jolted awake by my alarm clock. That thought actually woke me up faster than usual. One glance around me brought all the memories from the day before...

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The Joint

Marijuana smoking neighbor is punished.

This story is a fiction. The Joint I live in small town America – my wife and I moved into a nice neighborhood. Great for kids, folks don't lock their doors. Our neighbor was a single mom, widowed with two kids.. . Ours and their played together and all was good. Our neighbor, Heather, was late 30s, early 40s with dark brown hair and wet, dewy brown eyes. Heather's skin was very tan, it...

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Paying the Price

You learn how to pay the price.

The pain running through your shoulders are the first thing you notice as you start to regain consciousness. They ache and it isn't hard to discern why. Your arms, bound by metallic wrist restraints, are held high above your head by a glimmering chain on the ceiling. Scanning the room, you see a pulley-like contraption nearby. A wheel and lever control the length at which the chain is dispensed or...

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Legs Wide Open

Nonconsensual sex remembered fondly.

(Author's note: 'creative' writing has never been one of my strenghts, so I have written about my life. This story is not fictional, keep that in mind while you read and you may enjoy it that much more) The line between surreal and real can be very thin, especially when drugs, alcohol and sex are involved. This is a true story, although some of the names have been changed. I think about it...

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For Every Action

A violent act begets a violent response.

_Author's note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. Let me warn the reader that this story contains violence and acts of revenge; if you do not like such stories, please go read something else. The author wishes to express his gratitude to the very lovely and gracious Copperbutterfly for her editing to make this a...

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The Laundry Room

College boy finds a surprise in his dryer.

John got up from the couch and headed down to the apartment complex laundry room. He wished that they would get washing machines and dryers right in the apartments like management had promised but he had to do what he had to do. John was in his first year of college and his folks had helped him get this off campus place. He was an accounting major of all things and a bit of a recluse. He...

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Little Asian's Homestay Experience

She enjoys an older western man in secret.

People don't realize how difficult it is at times to be living away from your family and friends in order to study abroad. There were many exciting things about being in a new place, learning about a new culture. Thought it was also very lonely and confusing at times surrounded by different language, customs, and ideas. Reiko Ishii had come to Canada only 3 months ago and found it quite nice,...

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Kate's Bravery

Platonic summer affair leads to night of passion.

I had met her in my favorite local pub, she being behind it and serving me my favorite libation. She was just back from graduate school for the summer. Kate poured a strong drink and melted me with her beautiful eyes and outgoing personality. It seemed that when things got slow, she would gravitate to me for conversation. Why I did not know, but I graciously accepted her company. As time went...

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Alexis and the Peeping Tom

When repair man peeps on Alexis, he gets a surprise.

Alexis opened the door in little more than a sheer, silk robe, her full breasts peeking out of the loosely tied bodice. The rotund maintenance man seemed not to notice the tight cleavage peeking up at him, milky skin sneaking out from behind the pale silk. Alexis pouted to herself as she turned, leaving him in the open door. "Shut the door behind you. The man alarm console is by the back...

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Twins in College Ch. 44

The twins engage in their first threesome.

At last, it was time. After several weeks of occasional meetings at various restaurants, after several weeks of chatting briefly with her on Saturday nights at the video store, it was time. Fortunately, I was able to swap my Saturday closing shift for a Friday closing shift, which allowed Regina to come to the house for an evening of play on Saturday. Throughout the day, I was torn between...

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