Erotic Stories Published On Wed, Nov 19, 2008

The Pack Ch. 02

The urge to feed her fetish for dirty sex is strong.

One of the difficulties of living in the countryside is that being forced to use the facilities of the local village means that it becomes impossible to keep out of the way of people you wish to avoid. Certain folk learn your routines and habits. The housewives who have strayed or like to misbehave from time to time need to have a thick skin and no shame as, almost on a daily basis they come face...

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Morning Ritual

A couple share special time together and with others.

***Although this story stands on its own, readers might enjoy this story more by reading my first story Nothing More Gratifying, which describes our loving female led relationship. I suppose every happily married couple has their rituals. Little things that one partner does for the other to reinforce their relationship and show their love for one another. I'm not talking about the basics,...

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Sex with Paula Ch. 02

Talking dirty.

Sex with Paula, (before and on the way to the store) Paula looked more and more mischievous the longer Mary was gone. The sex we had shared was not completely unexpected but the addition of a strange woman had made all that much more daring. Mary was an unknown, and Paula seemed to be thinking something along the lines of "what's next?" My cock was exposed still. Her hand, though maybe...

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Out of the Closet

Watching the woman he dreams of makes a voyeur bold.

Peering through the slatted closet door, he scarcely breathed, as he watched the woman pull her blouse over her head, exposing medium sized tits with soft pink nipples, which she idly teased for a moment before reaching for the zipper on the side of her slacks. He felt himself thicken and swell just a bit, the sight of this woman unknowingly disrobing in front of him. His breath thickened as...

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Lisa and the Stranger

Lisa gets watched and used at a party.

So this is my first time writing, so please be gentle with the criticism. If you are going to comment, keep them constructive please as if I decide to write about any more experiences or fantasies I want them to be better and enjoyed by all. ----- So I got invited to this party by my girlfriend Nancy, on the 32nd floor of a newly built office block. I think it was going to be some...

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Claire's First Time Penetration Ch. 02

Principal and student once again but with a new twist.

Here is the 2nd part of Claire's submissive adventure. Sorry for the lateness of this but I am a terribly busy guy!! This is not my day job obviously. Recall that Claire is a 19 year old high school student so there is no underage content in my stories. * Claire awakened at 7am from a blissful sleep after being fucked so well by her principal. She still could not believe how good it...

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Exposing My Body Online Ch. 03

Rachel finds herself a photographer.

I greeted the new day feeling a sense of invigouration as the dream replayed through my mind. I thought about what lay ahead for the new day. I was feeling adventurous. I decided to try an experiment. For some reason those construction worker guys bothered me. What bothered me was that they weren't bothered to look at me, to wolf whistle or stare – I mean, when you're a girl, that's what...

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Error in Judgement

She surprised him.

Prim and proper, that's the best description of the woman I married. Pretty, dark hair and eyes, and tiny, just the way I like them. Perfect for me. We met on a blind date of all things, Bobby Smith, my buddy from high school had the hots for a gal named Becky. Becky's mom took one look at Bobby and knew how his mind worked so no way in hell was Becky going to go anywhere alone with him. So...

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My New ASSistant

Her ass was a thing of wonder; no wonder he wanted it.

Harper stood up abruptly, causing the papers that lay in his lap to fall to the ground. He wanted to throttle her. His anger was rising up inside him like a flood and needed to be put somewhere. Ever since she had arrived, it seemed as if one thing after another went wrong. Not that he could completely blame her. She wasn't deliberately sabotaging him or his work. It was more like she was a...

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Masturbate on Freeway

Horny interlude in car on freeway leads to self pleasure.

My boyfriend Mark and I had been driving across the USA East coast to West coast for 3 days. It was midday and we had been on the road since 5am. It was hot, very hot and the air conditioning in the car was broken. It was cold and dark when we left this morning so I had put on a long shirt and jeans. "You are sweating like a pig," Mark commented to me as I wiped the sweat from my brow....

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Highway Pleasure

Jason was pissed off as he drove home, pissed off and horny.

Jason was pissed off as he drove home, pissed off and horny. Just four hours earlier he was heading in the opposite direction on the freeway, happily traveling the forty-five mile drive to his girlfriend's apartment. With plans for a hot afternoon he maintained a raging erection for nearly the entire drive as he let his imagination visit the naked flesh of his girlfriend. Jessica was hot and...

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How I Met My Husband Ch. 04

Jessica meets Tim's sister, Taylor.

For any blushing bride-to-be, weddings are quite undeniably the most stressful thing in the known universe. Luckily, I had finally undergone my final surgery 6 months ago, the one that would really make me a woman. That was one less complication I'd have to worry about, now that I was going to meet my Tim's family for the first time...I mean, the first time since I became Jessica. I had met...

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Two Blinding Dates

Two men surprise Sammy on a writing trip.

Writers note: Sammy is, it's true, partly based on me. But that is solely because of the inspiration for this, which was actually written on one of my own nightly trips downtown to write, and some emails I sent before that trip. The gentlemen in this story are not based on anyone in particularly though. As Peter lightly ran his tongue along her upper spine, Sammy again wondered how she had...

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Bring Him Back Ch. 01

first chapter about living life after loss of a love.

She could feel his hands creeping up under her baggy t-shirt they way he did when he was trying to be sneaky. His weight shifted above her, the mattress shifting noticeably, telling the truth to his intents. She sighed in her sleep; reveling in the immaculate had felt like forever ago that she had felt this way. Her sigh quickly turned into a giggle as his fingers deliciously tickled...

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The Package Ch. 01

Suzanne meets Mr Right.

Suzanne studied herself in the mirror. Staring back at her was a moderately pretty 30-something (although men would say she was stunning). Suzanne was critical, but she had to agree that her hair was superb -- thick shoulder-length auburn hair with such a shine and bounce. Her face? Oval, clear-featured with a dusting of freckles and piercing green eyes. She wore no makeup, or very little, and her...

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The Professor

He has her as as student but he wants her for more.

This story is based loosely on a true story. It was freezing when she went outside for a cigarette. Her body shivered under her heavy purple coat. She had no idea why she had decided to wear a dress that day. She thought to herself lightly about how glad she was to have worn a double layer of tights when her teacher approached her usual sitting spot. "Hey! Hope I'm not...

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Bad Karma Ch. 01

How much bad luck can one person have?

Well this is my first go at posting my stuff :) so reviews, constructive criticism or any comments are welcome. This story will probably take a few chapters to get into the sex - so for those looking for a gradual build up with some romance, you came to the right place Rye is in Yr 12 and so is 18 - Enjoy --- Shit! Fuck! Shit! I'm late again. Why do I have to be late again?!!...

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Rathbone Alley Ch. 01

A dark crime with the possibility of redemption.

The stranger woke at dawn with the thrill of the hunt already upon him, fierce and untamed; imposing on his newborn consciousness a wild hunger. Uncoiling from the sheets with lithe, serpentine precision, the man rose solemnly, to dress in the wan half-light of early morning. As the sun ascended, slow and steady in the clouded sky, he dressed and preened before the dusty glass of an old...

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Joseki's Journey's SOLD!

A slave is sold to the Tavern.

It was the middle of the afternoon as I scurried to my new life. Mistress had told me I had been sold to Lady Imanja,of The Pink Sleen. I had been given directions on how to find it and a firm swat on the rump to get me started. My old home was breaking up and I was a little nervous about my new home. It took a strong man to name his place the Pink anything and I had already heard some...

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Choices Ch. 04

Foursome to a Threesome, not the way you think.

{This is the last chapter, it ends at now. I have no idea if there will be more, only time can answer that. This isn't erotic, I tell you that up front so as to not disappoint. I do say thank you to some of you, the kind emails help. Yet as always, I am only writing this all down for me. A therapy of some kind I don't completely understand, but it helps.}...

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College Daze

Flashback explains how Professor became a cocksman.

by ProfessorR © by Prof. Richard W. (formerly of the University of ______) COLLEGE DAZE Sophia sighed and tumbled off of me. My dear friend was on vacation from her administrative job at the School for Social Expression -- well, that's the cover name for the Marin County based establishment known within select circles by its real name -- the School for Sexual Expression....

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America's Playboy Ch. 06

Anthony discovers the identity of HH, America's playboy.

"What? Seriously? What's his secret with the ladies? That's what this is all about? That's the information you want me to get?" Anthony looked at Boss Russo. "Yeah, that's it. That's all you have to do, Tony," said Julio. "But, how am I supposed to find that out? That's really personal information to find out from a stranger, especially when I'm there on the pretense of repairing his...

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The Camera Never Blinks

He did when he saw what was happening.

Surveillance cameras are very popular these days, and they serve a valuable function in helping to reduce theft. Sometimes they manage to capture other events, and what was filmed in the back of Cook's Service Station wasn't exactly a Hallmark moment, but was certainly worth watching. .... Chapter One: That's Entertainment! It was quitting time last Saturday evening, and I had...

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Levels of Control Ch. 04

Two women fatally drugged make a choice.

Heather leaned one shoulder against the nearest metal wall. She could feel the ship's engine trembling through it...or was it her own? She should be worrying about where these Saudis were taking her, what they planned to do with her, and how she could escape; not whether she could work up the nerve to have sex with another woman, a total stranger who, she knew, ached for it as much as she did....

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Evolution of Laurie Ch. 01

Sexual evolution of Laurie Mays.

This is the first in a series of exerts detailing the sexual evolution of Laurie Mays. It begins with her early dating and college days and progresses through her sexual maturity and descent into quite a kinky lifestyle... Chapter 1 – First Experiences Laurie, like many young women, lost her virginity to a slightly older boy in high school. While it felt like love at the time,...

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Family Planning

Mom conspires to impregnate proud daughter.

Carol I come from a large family and from early childhood, my dream was to have a large family of my own. Well, some dreams come true but in a different way than you expect. My name is Carol and I have always considered myself to be a resourceful woman. If the first plan doesn't work, improvise and try something else. That idea has served me well all my life and I have tried to teach...

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Changes Ch. 03

Abducted family subjected to medical transformations.

With that said, he motioned, and the assistants removed Amy from the table, replacing and securing her to her chair, replacing her with April, who fought them even more, to no avail. She was quickly secured to the table, just as her sister Amy had been earlier. Once again Dr. Campbell brought out the lighted camera speculum and inserted it into April's exposed pussy. "Well April, I see that you...

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The Best Day Ever

The new gal on the job gets a great welcoming

I licked, I sniffed, i kissed, and I caressed. In all intent and purposes I conquered the new gals ass today. Let me start from the beginning. My name is Joe, I'm 25, I work retail, and I'm a professional voyeur. I love taking pics of women asses and cameltoes in tight pants on my camera phone. Then I'm off to home to spend some alone time with myself while I review my photos on my phone. But...

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Mrs. Crowley's Magnificent Ass

Co-worker lusts after the mature older woman's backside.

When I saw Mrs. Crowley at the supermarket I had to smile. The woman who worked down the hall from me looked as good in her recreation clothing as she did in her business attire. That was quite a compliment, because she was always impeccable with her work clothing. Prim and proper, nothing out of place, everything put together quite nicely. She was in the produce aisle when I spotted...

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Indian Girl and the Landlord

She tries to gain a psychological edge over the landlord.

This story is divided into three sections to maintain the flow of ideas: Chapter 1: House Hunting Chapter 2: Life in the new house Chapter 3: Radhika’s web Enjoy! Chapter 1: House Hunting Radhika was new in town. She had landed a great job in Geographic Information Systems industry. The pay was good to start off her career with and that is what brought her down to a...

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