Erotic Stories Published On Wed, Aug 3, 2016

The Ultimate Challenge Ep. 01

A girl must identify her best friend by tasting pussy.

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are over the age of 18 and consenting. All the characters in this story are fictional, any resemblance to real life is merely coincidence. ~~~~~~~ "Hello ladies, how would you..." Jess asked two girls, stepping forward as they walked past her on the promenade of sunny Miami. One of the girls held her hand out to indicate that they were...

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The Trophy Wives Club Pt. 03

The Oceans and Lotions pool party.

The night of our pool party had finally arrived. This was going to be the most sexually exciting night of Tom's and my life. We had RSVP's from 7 couples in our exclusive neighborhood, 9 couples that were friends of Teresa's or mine, Chantal and a few of her sexy ladies as well as two men from Tom's office and a couple ladies from nearby. Chantal had hired 4 very pretty, young, Latina maids...

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Jumping Melons Bus Co. Ch. 02

The bus offers plenty of breasts for entertainment.

Gus rose from his seat and examined today's personal pair closely once again. Nice, big, pale white tits; flawless skin; small, bright pink nipples; probably 20 years old at most. A definite 4 star model. He grinned. Maybe he should try to make those little nubs a bit larger. He moved the nozzle of the new air-conditioning a bit so it blew straight on the soft, dangling twins. Gus slapped...

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Tents, Trailers, Tits, Condos, Cunts Ch. 34

Mikey Time.

Wednesday evening Mikey Time. Condo #10 Game 24 Dollie had complained much of the day about her titties hurting and a sore pussy. Hank and I hadn't helped matters since we played with her more that afternoon. By the time young Mikey got there Dollie was sort of fresh fucked. Okay fresh finger fucked but that's close and her pussy felt fresh fucked. I don't remember neighbor Jerry...

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Final Round

Nina Williams vs. Christie Montero.

Paul was sitting in his gym when suddenly Christie arrived. She had a letter for him and tried to leave. Paul knew Eddie had just died and he had been her closest training partner so he invited Christie in. Before the tournament, started every participant was asked to cut off any ties with any fellow participant. Paul and Christie knew they had broken the rules so Paul emailed the details of...

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Dwarf Son Enjoys My Wife's Feet

Boss's dwarf son plays with my wife's feet under the table.

We were invited to my new boss's house. We had just moved and I had just started with the company so it was an important first meeting. He was of course very rich and had a few children; a girl 8 or 10 years old, a toddler, and a grown son who had dwarfism, likely around 21 years of age. Well this particular incident occurred without anyone knowing except for Michelle my wife, and the...

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Donna's Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 11

As instructed Donna and Ken dress for the cocktail party.

_Author's Note 'Donna's Ultra-High Heels, Book 2' is a continuation of Book 1 and can be read without reading the first book, although it is highly recommend that Book 1 be read first since it would be helpful in understanding the character development of the main players. I tried to make the transition to Book 2 as seamless as possible by briefly summarizing some specific events of Book 1...

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The Lorian Paradox

She could be as filthy as she wanted, b/c she had no choice.

I gave myself the challenge of coming up with a reason for two people who do not like each other to choose to have sex with each other. What I ended up with was an unusual sci-fi story. No one is making them do it so it's not actually forced, but it definitely starts out as reluctant sex, so be aware. As always, I'd love any feedback you have after you have read it... *...

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Special Ring Ch. 08

Mission Continues.

I decided to start writing the story more like a screenplay. So now when someone is talking you will see. Name: And if its an action in the dialogue. Name (action): Fumée (smiled): May I put us back in our clothes from earlier? Emmy smiled and nodded her head yes. I told her to go ahead. Fumée instantly flashed our clothes back onto us and said where to now? I told...

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Otherworldly Pt. 03

I start to see Holly for who she is.

Sorry it took so long for the third installment. MY PC crashed and I forgot I had actually backed things up. Imagine that. * I wandered into the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for work immediately after putting on coffee. I was confused and spent. I felt so tired, as if I had worked hard all night. Or as if I had fucked all night, but that was impossible. The whole...

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Mind Fuck

What really goes on upstairs at Jack's Place?

Be careful going upstairs at Jack's Place. You may not be able to handle "the real stuff." And no one will believe you afterwards. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = _WARNING! This warning is possibly not needed for this particular story, but I am including it because it is needed for most of my stories. **If you decide to read other of my stories make sure that you...

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Inferno 7012

Greg rises from the deeps.

The infinite sands of the Infernal Desert spread from horizon to horizon, undulating so slightly that only a trained eye could sense their formations. Above, six suns burned with deathly radiance, filling a yellowed sky with heat that could slough flesh from bone. Below, a thin trail snaked its way across the sands. Heavy dire camels, their tufts of heavy fur immune to the heat, dragged carts...

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Chandri's Revenge Pt. 01

A succubus' journey for revenge.

As the sun rose Chandri landed on the roof of her home in Cherryfield. The morning sun would bring the village workers out. Fishermen, hunters, and artisans would be starting their day. She surrounded herself with her large, leathery wings like a cloak as she dropped into her backyard. Her long blond hair darkened coal black as she entered her back door, locking it behind her. Frantically Chandri...

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Tranny Tales Ch. 08: Driving Miss Daisy

Driving into Miss Daisy -- PreOp Tranny Sub Gets Gang Banged.

Please note-- this story contains graphic sex descriptions between participants who are over the age of 18. All sex scenes described are consensual. * Tranny Tales #8--PreOp Tranny Sub Gets Gang Banged I wasn't always gay, or a Tranny for that matter, although it's turned out that way for the moment. I dated in college, even pinned a girl named Roberta Dikeman, who as a...

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The Roommate Pt. 09 - Miranda


The summer's heat accompanied Miranda's heat. Her and Lori's apartment didn't have air conditioning, so fans were usually on, and the roommates wore shorts, cami tops, short skirts, sandals and clogs, and shorter hair. Lori was kept so unbalanced by Miranda that she didn't eat as much as she used to, pre-Miranda, and remained quite slim. Miranda finally decided Lori's natural hair was...

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Becoming a Sissy Maid & Slut Vol. 09

More becoming a sissy maid & slut, vol. 9, Ch. 15 & 16.

_Prefix: I will be fast forwarding a few days in my sissy maid, sissy slut lifestyle story here. From the last chapter ending on a Tuesday night going into my second week as Master George's full time sissy maid and slut to that of me getting ready for the following Saturday night of slut service. I feel the story's journey no longer has to follow a linear day format. I have some real exciting...

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Competing Against a T-Girl

Silly bets between two friends can end up not so friendly.

Audrey stood over Kyle like a conqueror. Her penis jutted out from the hole in her jeans. It filled with blood and emanated heat right over Kyle's face. The young man didn't delay in wrapping his lips around the very end of her cock and giving it a suck. He drew her long shaft into his mouth. His cheeks caved in around the thick member. He pleasured her deep in his mouth toward his throat....

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Queen Slime's Slave

Slime monster is brought a surprise by her minions.

Author's note: This is my first submission. Want another chapter? Tell me in the comments!! * 'I can't let it catch me,' Aisa thought to herself. She ducked behind the thickest tree she saw, catching her breathe as she listened for the creature chasing her. Deciding going up the tree would be the best thing for her. It is true she is the strongest cat demon in her town but,...

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Anime Robot Romance Ch. 04

Yoko and Sonico come together to please their master.

Sonico adjusted her head over Jon's chest and peered into Yoko's eyes. The morning light seeped through the shades and made them shine. "Is he still sleeping?" she whispered. "He is." Yoko answered, and pressed her contours deeper into their sandwich of flesh. "You saw how peacefully he went last night. Poor guy was exhausted." "He hasn't let go of my butt since we went to sleep." Sonico...

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A Chance Encounter Ch. 04

Cassie takes some time to herself.

Eric met Cassie in the parking lot after his classes were over. She seemed in a good mood, carrying a handful of paperwork with her. "So, have a good day?" Eric asked. "All in all yes. Did you know a bunch of people are under the impression I'm your girlfriend?" Cassie laughed. Eric blushed, having done nothing to stop the rumors himself. He hadn't actually confirmed them, but he didn't...

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A Gift in Disguise Ch. 09

An Asian explanation of my gift.

Who in his right mind calls me on the phone at 7 a.m. on Sunday unless it's an emergency? "Hello." My greeting to whomever was calling was not exactly warm and fuzzy, but neither was it in-your-face hostile. After all, it could have been my mother. "Tom, hi. It's Kim. I'm at the airport. Did I wake you up?" I wanted to sound more civilized. Really, I did, but it was still 7 a.m....

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Mary's Guardian Angel Ch. 01

An innocent woman is betrayed by her husband and arrested.

Author's notes; the sex in this Romance may be minimal for some and it's a long first Chapter as I'm establishing a brief history of Mary and Aaron and how they met. Some might not like it and lose interest it for its lack of vicarious luridness. * Her name is Mary...Mary Susan Brown to be exact. Mary is a good and charitable woman. She was born and grew up in a small coal mining...

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The Appropriated Armor Pt. 02

Zahava's fate is still uncertain.

Each bump the carriage went over sent a sharp sensation along Zahava's spine. She had no idea of the destination. The day began with such promise and now her fate was in limbo. She desperately tried to undo the ropes on her hands to no avail. She was warned against yelling for help as she was dumped into the back of the carriage. "Why me," she whispered, "why me?" She slept...

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The Crash and The Contract Ch. 09

A step too far?

Day 9 - Saturday 25th May James opened the door into Lucy's room without knocking, pushing confidently, but not forcefully. The blond girl working at the desk looked back over her shoulder, startled. "James, what are you doing here?" she asked. He laughed and paused for a few moments before speaking with a measured voice, almost hiding the aggression of the words he was speaking....

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Shocked in Captivity

Bound & forced to become shemale.

It was dark, the pitch black of a coal mine three miles down and my head hurt. Instinctively, I tried to touch the pain, my hands hardly moved, the effort caused pressure on my ankles, I was lying on a cold floor and bound with what felt like rope. I panicked, chest heaving, breath louder than usual, there seemed to be a thick hood over my head. I tried to move, rope was around my arms, waist and...

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Light and Dark Ch. 04

Ash makes Iris feel good, then finds out who she really is.

Ash Her lips are soft and pliant against mine, and I pull her against me to deepen the kiss. She tastes so sweet and pure, it reminds me of fresh honey. She tastes like innocence. And fear. The flavor intoxicates me. She trembles against my body, her sleek muscles tense with anxiety and arousal. She's smart to be afraid of me- it means she has good instincts. She is so powerless the...

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Living the Fantasy

A woman arranges to experience her darkest fantasy.

"I'm looking for a man who is willing to help me live out a dark fantasy. Must be a genuine, healthy, good looking guy who will agree to specific conditions. I want to act out a forced sex fantasy. If you can't handle it, don't bother reading any further. I would like to be taking a walk through the woods and then you would approach me, grab me and force me to have sex with you. Totally legit, it...

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An encounter with bikers has consequences for Veronica.

The winter sun was setting as Veronica Lyons made her way to her car. She was well wrapped up against the bitter cold. There would definitely be a heavy frost before morning and Veronica was keen to get home and enjoy a hot bath before dinner. The fifty year old widow ran her own beauty salon in Southfield Devon. Her late husband, Dan, died in a tragic accident on the farm. Subsequently...

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Shore to Be Pleased

Cyber friends meet at the shore.

I felt like a kid on his first date waiting in the limo at the airport. I had stared at her naked photos hundreds of times wondering how her pussy smelled, tasted and would feel wrapped around my cock. She finally agreed to meet and she flew into Philly. I told her to only wear the clothes on her back and I would take care of the rest. The driver emerged from the arrival gate with a stunning woman...

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The Seduction of Mrs Walsh

A young man and his older landlady keep each other company.

"So, why don't you just come and live at my place?" she asked. "Well I don't know, wouldn't people talk?" "Who the hell cares? At this point, I'm 60 years old and could give a darn less what anyone thinks," she exclaimed. "Well, ok, I'm in," I said and with that, we shook hands and laughed. Mary was a 60 year old widow who I had met when I first moved to this small Cape Cod...

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