Erotic Stories Published On Tue, Sep 25, 2018

A Business Trip

Attending a conference and brings his wife!

I work in IT and look forward to going to Las Vegas for some of their large conventions. Recently, my boss came to me and told me that I was going to go again this year. I was to be paired with one of the new interns that I had worked with on several projects. Rick and I had gotten on well and I found him very capable and good to get along with. We were going to drive up Sunday and come back on...

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Watching Neighbours Wife in a Wood Ch. 02

Follow up to Watching a Neighbours Wife in a Wood.

I hadn't been able to think of much else since I'd watched my neighbour Jane with two old guys the previous week. I'd taken the dog out most days to the same wood, but unfortunately they hadn't been there. After a couple of weeks I put it down to a one off and buried myself in work. It must have been a Tuesday about 3 weeks later when the doorbell rang just before lunch. When I...

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My Chastity Story Pt. 01

My wife punishes me by putting me in cock cage.

[Massive re-write of this story. Good feedback. I flushed out the character's motivations.] * It all started because I jerk off too much. Every night, I would retreat to the basement after my wife, Kate, would go to bed early. Both of us are in our mid-forties. I often asked for sex, but my wife complained that I was never any good at it. She always said that we only do what I wanted,...

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My Cuckold Life Ch. 06

Kate rides Gavin's big dick and gives me his cum.

I watched intently through the mirror as Kate straddled Gavin again, her beautiful pert arse looked amazing as she was clearly rubbing her smooth pussy over his cock, getting herself wet enough for him to enter her. Although I could only see the back of her I could tell she had her tongue down his throat again, I could see the slight movement of his arm as he rubbed her pussy. I...

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My Big Nipples Pt. 01

This is a story about big milky udders and fat tasty nipples.

I have always had big nipples. As long as I can remember they have always been humongous and have stuck out through every shirt I have ever worn. I always attract stares from men and I know all they want is to have their way with my big milk jugs. I am kind of scared of what might happen, though in a way it's a turn on getting to feed big men. I have been lactating for about two years now....

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Betrayed Pt. 03

Junior in college, and some new plans for mother fucking.

When Lucas was a Junior, he became a leader of his fraternity. His support among the brotherhood was strong, not just because of his funny jokes and raging ability to throw a party, but because of the stories. Everyone knew Lucas was swimming in MILF pussy, and that he had the special ability to make an older woman's panties slide down her legs and open up for him to enjoy. And you know what...

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Alene Raven's New Life Ch. 24

Alene's 3rd Year Starts.

Angie was so full, she couldn't believe so much cum was in her womb. feeling her skin stretch and push against the surrounding buildings as more cum was pumped into her, she was as big as a house herself. As the sun was setting and night started taking its place, Angie wondered how much time passed since things became the way they are. She heard Nicky groan as another orgasm overtook her and she...

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The Reunion

Old colleagues finally hit it off.

The three of us hadn't been together in almost thirty years. We had been co-workers in a youth project back in the day, working mainly with teenagers who were unemployed. Here we were, 30 years later, meeting for lunch in Dundrum. It was my idea to get the old crew together again after I'd learned that Triona had recently been widowed and had been through a really tough patch. I'd always stayed in...

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The Two Dads Turn Me Out

When teasing goes too far.

It was 9:00 in the morning and already it was scorching hot outside so I called my girlfriend Rachel to see if she wanted to hang out at her pool today. She lives in a house that overlooks Mission Bay here in San Diego and it's got an amazing pool in the backyard. "What do you mean you're not home?" I asked as I popped a coffee pod into my Starbucks Versimo machine and pushed the brew button....

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Summer Sexploits

Young man is educated by a worldly former classmate.

_My wife and I have enjoyed an active and exciting sex life for many years, and I recently began sharing stories detailing some of our sexual exploits, or sexploits, with Literotica readers. By the way, I don't think sexploits is considered to be a real word, since it is not in my Webster's Dictionary, and the spell-checker on my computer does not recognize it, but portmanteau words, created...

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No Rescue from a Tumor Ch. 01

A chemo patient turns an unwanted visit into something better.

I groaned and rolled over. I didn't know what had woken me up, and I really didn't care. Still on the floor in the hall of my college apartment where I had plopped myself after my last bout in the bathroom after returning home from yet another round of chemotherapy, every part of me was worn out. I hadn't even had the energy to change clothes or walk the additional 15 steps to my bed....

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Molly Ch. 22: Hot Tropic

Captain Molly on the High Seas. Her crew is going down.

"Rise and shine Neighbors." The cheerful exuberance of Dayna Houser exploded upon the scene of her unlocked guest house. Being the owner she was a bit too open for most people. Without any warning whatsoever she barges into the house and pushes a cart full of wonderful breakfast foods of freshly baked muffins, scrambled eggs, and diced fruit. Looking at her guests the lovely Indrabooty couple...

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It's Not a Disability

Amanda has a somewhat embarrassing disability.

This story is absurd, and the leading lady featured in it is dense. No woman, thankfully, is really this dense. Before reading, I'd like to extend my deepest apologies to all mental healthcare professionals, as there's loads of junk science in here. It's just a silly story. :) * Phillip Hammond, the clerk at the unemployment office, wasn't making Amanda Adams feel good about...

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Damion's Corporate Journey Pt. 02

Alexa surprised Damion with her bold actions.

This is a continuation of the original story "Damion's Corporate Journey". Damion and Alexa, his protege and ex-girlfriend, are at a corporate training. A mix-up has put them in the same hotel room. Past emotions overwhelmed Damion and led to an erotic coupling over night. * Damion wished he had a freeze frame picture of her sun kissed breasts and flat stomach, resting on the bed...

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Catching Mom

Son comes home to huge surprise.

(All characters are 18 years old or over) (This story is pure fiction. This story includes incest, interracial sex, group sex, sex between those with a large age gap, sex with a male character with a well above average penis size and though not described does reference sex between bi men. If any of those topics aren't for you stop reading here.) *** "Damn it this fucking sucks," Tim...

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Accidental Voyeur

Zoe spies on two guys together.

For Sophie one of the pleasures of holidaying in Cornwall was the opportunity to take early morning walks along the cliff tops before everywhere became too busy. This morning she was out even earlier than normal after a restless night's sleep in the unusually high temperatures. As she set out at 6.30 a.m. the thermometer was showing 24 degrees. Deciding it was certainly not going to get any colder...

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Mick and Belle

That's Amore.

MICK O'NEIL – 45-year-old – executive chauffeur with a dubious past BELINDA LIM – 37-year-old – Singaporean nurse and part time masseuse I'm exhausted! Another 10-hour shift at the aged care centre, no point going home as I need to start at the massage parlour in half an hour. Sitting staring out at the water I find myself dozing off. Wondering how I ended up in this situation....

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Trapped in his Favorite World Ch. 02

He fights a god and summons strong creatures to fight!!

_Author's Note: This chapter is going to be filled with fighting, and I won't give any spoilers, but there is a big fight at the end. No sex in this chapter because it didn't make sense. Please comment if you are enjoying my story. First time writing a story, and comments would be great. Something as simple as, "I liked it," would be nice. Please tell me if this is a good length too! Literotica is...

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The Dark Chronicles Ch. 01

The Stone Circles.

Part One - The Stone Circles. For five years Nymue lived in the Isle of Glas and was taught by the sisterhood there. They taught her mysteries of the Goddess and her long lines of song down through the ages, the lines and curves of her country, the sacred places, her holy wells. Nymue, who was blooded in water risen wrong and foul, grasped immediately the cleansing power of tumbling waters...

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Slave Woman's Grave Keeper Pt. 09

Evanescent combines sex and magic. Aife kicks ass.

Dear readers, a cast of characters for this episodic may be found in my bio. Please feel free to ask questions if my descriptions are confusing. Your comments, questions, and reviews would help me improve my storytelling craft. That is something that the FBI should check in to. Previously: Evanescent made her first change to Pet's drawings - a ring for her clitoris. Morgana demonstrated...

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Nature or Nurture? Pt. 02

Sarah gathers the cum she needs to see the future.

DISCLAIMER: All characters mentioned in this story are over the age of 18 and are consenting adults. * I was sat in the hallway to my apartment looking at one of the holes I had made in my front door which had a particularly fine looking penis sticking through it. It was long and thick and it pulsed gently in time with the man's heartbeat. It's most distinctive feature, however,...

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Medusa: Fate's Game Ch. 15

At the end of the world.

~~Otrera~~ Well, shit. "Darian, wait!" she said. Damn man was going to wreck the world if she wasn't careful. "Why should I?" "You don't know what'll happen if you kill them. You could start what Charon was talking about, or who knows what." Darian snarled, and a rasp that sounded less like him, more like the first time she'd heard the mask came through. The tall, robed...

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Adventurer and Familiar Ch. 01

A simple courier forms a bond with a demon.

Chapter 1: The Bond A kingdom with no hero is not a kingdom at all. At least, that's what a lot of places say. With the news of rising gangs, thieves, ne'er-do-wells, and overall evil in general, many kingdoms around the land built up armies, scouting for more to add on. It was also common knowledge that any army would employ magic users as well, since their versatility in the arts could...

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A Fairy's Tail - A Cock in the Woods Ch. 05

Kayla is joined by two, he is tied to a tree.

Kayla had tied me to a tree. She had looped cordage of some kind of dark rope that I had never seen before loosely around my wrists and pulled me over to a large maple tree, maybe 3 feet wide, with furrowed silver bark that glowed softly in the moonlight. She reached far overhead, her pendulous bosoms pressed together tightly in between the frame of her slim but muscular biceps, and wrapped...

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The Man Who would be Queen Ch. 08-09

Emotional feelings are developing and a guess at what is up.

Chapter Eight "Degrees of Evil" Written by Rikki: It was early the next morning and there was much to be done today. It would require a lot of initial exposure in public for Dexter in some sort of female attire and he wasn't ready for this. "Dexter please put the dress on honey. You know you have to do this," his mother said handing him the simple light blue sun dress....

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Quenching Thirst Ch. 04

Bbc on sissy - in jail.

This chapter includes semi-forced sexual situations and will be very graphic. If you are not into the idea of interracial gay sex turn back now. *** As I sat in the back of the police car, I thought about the situation I had gotten myself into that night. Generally, I would have been a scared little bitch of being raped in jail, but now that I had been fucked by black men all night, I...

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Life and Time of Lady Vargos Ch. 01

Martin begins his life as Lady Vargos.

I am in the process of reposting my stories. *** "The Life and Times of Lady Vargos" is the second book of the Martin Hastings adventures into a life of forced feminization. This story follows the feminization and marriage of a reluctant young man as he is forced to accept his fate as a male/bride, in a same sex marriage, arranged by his family. This story may have elements of explicit...

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Golden Daze

A first experience of watersports.

I met Matt in a basement bar below a cheap hotel in Kensington. My first impression of him was that he was rather fat, my second was that he was a cheapskate. He asked if I was hungry, and when I said yes, he bought me a bag of crisps! Still, he also bought me three large Proseccos, and as it was a quiet Wednesday evening, I agreed to go back to his room with him. Not as easy as it sounds;...

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Cockatoo Pt. 42

Scarlett goes to meet Aki again.

At least I didn't have to answer Shane's question until I had contacted Aki. I was nervous about calling him, but I had backed myself into a corner and now had to do something. Maybe he had left Bangkok, or perhaps he wouldn't want to meet me. Worst of all, he would want to meet me again. I left the others and found a quiet spot to make the call. Aki's number was already on my phone, so it...

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A Couple Pt. 04

A Holiday Birth and More Surprises.

Dear faithful readers - My apologies for the dreadful delay in returning to this tale of love and high finance. So many stories, so little time... Sierra. * A Couple - Part 4 - A Holiday Birth and More Surprises It was the third week of December and we were having a cold spell, with frost. The early morning swim club was in full swing, supervised by Suzanne and Wilma. Keeping...

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