Erotic Stories Published On Sun, Dec 16, 2018

A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 06

Wimp husband develops a taste for servitude.

Learning to share and be shared. I was sat obediently waiting on the rug at the feet of my wife, in my pretty new black and white bra, sheer black hold-up stockings and black leather dog collar. My wife Jenny had removed my panties so she could see my little cock trapped in its cage. My erection was still waxing and waning. Each time my cock expanded it quickly reached the limits imposed by...

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The Neighbor Ch. 04

Will Brodie finally fuck Addie?

The street lights cast a seductive glow on the neighborhood. Despite fucking Lisa two more times after their performance for Addie, Brodie was still unsatisfied. Every time he slipped into Lisa's loose hole he loathed the woman even more. He'd lost control the last time and didn't stop when she'd said her safe word. He'd stuffed his cock in her mouth and came in the back of her throat as sobs...

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Innocent Divya's Degeneration Ch. 02

Webcam play goes wrong and blackmail ensues.

When Divya went to the counter to pay, it was empty. She looked around. That's when a door behind the counter opened and Mehra came out with a wide smile on his face. He was holding a folded sheet of paper in his hand. "How much do I owe you?" she asked. "The question is, what do you owe me?" Mehra shamelessly leered at her and said. "Excuse me?" "Come into my office for a...

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Bewitching Spells Ch. 03

A Bondage Spell.

Chapter 3: A Bondage Spell Welcome back pet. It's so good to see you here in my words again. This time I want to try a binding spell. One that will coil around your curves and tangle your body from the top of your head all the way down to the tips of your toes. This spell works best if your mind is already attuned to my magic from the spell I cast in chapter one, and it will be even more...

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Mistress Chloe and Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot finds her mistress in Chloe Bennet.

Gal Gadot was at some big Hollywood party. She didn't really care who was throwing it she had to be there for one reason or another but she didn't have to like it. She walked around and met several people but she didn't really listen to any of them. That is until she saw a woman that she had seen on television for the past few years. She saw Chloe Bennet who plays Agent Daisy Johnson on Agents of...

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Busting in Kats' Mouth

Kats gets dumped, so she lets me dump a load in her mouth.

Kats: Long time friend, 25 years old, petite, cute, freckled and overall nice person. What people don't know however, is that she can suck a mean dick. With passion. That's right, this lassy gave me a blowjob. And not your average brains. This was a blowjob for the ages. It all started at her house out in this little town in the countryside. She had just bought that house several...

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Daisy's Retraining Pt. 03

Daisy is punished for breaking the rules.

Daisy gulped as a supervisor told her to mount the stairs onto the stage and take her place in front of the audience for her strapping. Already the tears clouded her eyes and she had not yet even been through the broadcasting of her sentence let alone her hair cut, undressing or beating. Mr. Hamilton began, "Offences. Failure of uniform inspection - two occurrences, speaking without being...

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All Sales are Final

Shopper ends up being 'purchased' himself.

"Lick my boots you pathetic little worm!" "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" My face was burning as I fumbled with the remote. Why the hell did I think it was a good idea to watch porn on my living room TV -- in an apartment with thin walls! How the fucking hell did the volume get so high?! Better question: why don't these new smart TVs have buttons on the side? The remote was clearly not...

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Helping Aunt Min Jee Move Ch. 02

We both knew what we were getting into...

Make sure to read Helping Aunt Min Jee Move Ch. 01 before reading this one. Thank you. * The situation with my Aunt Min Jee was getting worse by the second, I couldn't come because if I did it would fly towards the front of the car where my parents were, completely blowing our cover, not to mention sealing my fate. Of course my aunt didn't seem to notice the dilemma I was in,...

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Return to Paradise Ch. 06

A mother and Son come closer.

There is so much happening on the island now. It's hard to keep track of who is who even for me. I'm going to be switching viewpoints as I did above and try to keep things on track for you my loyal reader. I hope I don't confuse you too much with the story line. What I like it that we now have different family dynamics, and kind of a group goal of thriving and not judging. *...

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I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Watching the magical gift of giving.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * When I was about eight, my mother passed away just before Christmas. Even as a young as I was, I understood the devastation my father tried to hide from me. It was tradition that Dad would dress up as Santa and placed gifts under the well decorated tree while my mother and I hid behind a couch. We would watch...

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What If? Pt. 13

One couple's alternative to vanilla sex.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * Chapter 39 - Fuck Buddies The children were brought back on Monday afternoon. Their grandparents stayed overnight in the guest bedroom before returning home on Tuesday. Tuesday evening after putting the children to bed, Carol approached Ted with the question, "How do we move forward on this 'Fuck Buddy'...

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Handjob Club Pt. 02

A husband is pleased to help his wife's friend.

If I say so myself, I am a pretty sexy guy. OK, I was never an athlete, and I might have put on a few pounds and I am a bit thin on top, but I am pretty good in the dick department, and at least three women think so. Not pornstar ridiculous, but definitely above average. And as to being attractive to women, that comes down to the Girls' Club. My wonderful wife Fiona started meeting up with...

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All I Need (Anna's Story) Ch. 04

The epic conclusion.

I bought a gun small enough to hide under the skirt of my sundress- and a lot of ammo for practice since I'd never actually fired a gun before. I had tried to go back to school after the attempt on my life, only to find that my "uncle" had been looking for me. Somehow Demetri knew I was still alive. So I took what little money I had and made plans to stay in a cheap roadside motel. But...

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Mistress Sylvia Pt. 02

A Fag-slave Fantasy.

Having gotten a good look at what would be his future living quarters, Debbie followed Mistress Sylvia through a doorway and down a second corridor of bedrooms. She explained that the rooms were where the fags did their whoring, and the door at the far end of the hallway was the client's entrance. Just before the end of the hall was a set of double doors on the left that opened into the playroom....

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The Witch's Apprentice Ch. 01

Our young protagonist wakes up to a big surprise.

Three pumpkin seeds, half a bar of dark chocolate, a lock of red hair, a prick of her blood of course, and what was that last one? Phoebe picked up the dusty book next to her cauldron, careful to keep her fingers from its hot black sides. She flipped to the bookmarked recipe and scanned the ingredients list. Oh yes, orangutan tongue. That had been a hard one to get ahold of. Luckily, she had the...

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Seed Ch. 04

Suzette gets the lost gym whistle back.

After another rainy day spent almost exclusively in solitude, Suzette Plum began to settle into the routine of life at Periwinkle Place as smoothly as anyone could expect from an insecure high school senior who was otherwise unused to living in such fairytale luxury and privilege. Suzette quickly grew to appreciate the soothing quiet interrupted by a soft, silvery peal of chimes compelling her to...

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Worthy Prey

As Humanity reaches to the stars, the Isiri push back.

Dickgirl Aliens X Human Females | Non-Con | Domination | Size Difference * Lysera let out a low grunt as she arched her broad back, feeling the sore and stiff muscles throughout her powerfully built Isiri frame stretch and then relax some, helping to work a bit of life back into her uncomfortable form as her Lessers went about her orders, clearing away the human dead and providing...

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My First Time with Ryan

Camping with your secretly homo friend.

It was 2013 on a hot summers night. Me and Ryan decided to go camping and make the most of the beautiful weather! We were both 18 and fresh out of school both deciding what we were going to do with ourselves now we're "grown up". Ryan and I would often talk about what girls we would love to hook up with or see naked! These chats got us through our high school years. But it was this one night,...

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A Shower after Work Pt. 02

I take a chance with the quiet, innocent girl in the office.

_I want to thank all who commented on my last piece, I am sorry it has taken so long to follow it up! This is the second part of my shower room escapades with Bethan, who plays the part of herself in this story. I recommend you go back and read the first part before starting here. This story is really an exploration of my own cum fetish, so be warned: there's a heck of a lot of it!...

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Brown Sugar Ravaging Ch. 01

My young friend, Sherri, comes to town and meets Marcus.

As much as I love going to bed with black guys, I also liked a few women, both white and black. One of them, Sherri, and I met when she was eighteen and I was dating her mother. She and I hit it off immediately, as she tested her flirting technique on me. I had told her mother about it, and assured her that I wouldn't let it get out of hand. Shortly after we had met, Sherri's mom was hit by...

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Jehovah's Key Witness

Courtney is bored and horny ...

Courtney opened the patio door and stepped out onto the deck. Already, it was a steamy eighty five degrees, a great day to work on her tan. School was over and she finished the last of her finals only a couple of days ago. There was no time to waste to get a good tan before she started college in the fall. She was wearing her green bikini, the one she bought at the end of school last year....

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The Companion Pt. 03

Mistress Sylvia pushes Frank's buttons.

I felt out of sorts wondering if I should start preparing us dinner as lunch had come and Saturday night couldn't arrive any faster. Mistress Sylvia went to nap and after doing the kitchen I dressed and did yard work. It wouldn't be long I thought before I'd be raking leaves. Mistress was right; the days were getting cooler. I enjoyed yard work and gardening, but liked the break winter offered...

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Rex's Horny Halloween Pt. 03

Sexy Mature Rex opens his ass up for the crowd to enjoy!

Rex smiled warmly and began to obey his apron-clad Nordic bear master. Stripping for this hungry appreciative group was becoming so easy, almost second nature! The host devil had made sure the drinks of the guests were not going unfilled. A Spiderman costumed waiter seemed to be eagerly topping all the strong drinks up. The party was ramping higher and Rex could sense it with every passing...

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Sixes and Sevens Pt. 09

Julie with Aidan? Lawrence with Sam? An email stirs things.

Chapter 20 November Aidan and Vicky returned from their London trip feeling a mixture of triumph and fear. They agreed the outing had been a resounding success, and now it was a question of how to manage a much wider extension of the business. Fortunately the commissions were to begin with the new financial year in April, though there would have to be more meetings before that....

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Meanwhile, in a Parallel Universe...

A chance meeting in CVS - then this!

This comes from a story I reworked, writing a different plotline under a different title. For those who believe in parallel universes, it could have gone this way also. A few years after we last did business, I cross paths with Melissa Hofstadter in the greeting card aisle of CVS Pharmacy in Lutherville, a suburb just north of Baltimore City. Melissa was a mess of contradictions. At...

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The Devil and Danielle Webster

The devil is where you look for him.

I am Canadian. Canadian spelling differs from American spelling. Canadian colloquial expressions may also be used here. * Prologue It's January so the cold weather has thinned out the vagrants from around the doors to my office building, only the pale waif with the dead green eyes and the crazy ginger Santa remain. I should probably have more empathy for them since it's likely...

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Edge of Lust: Myrna, Ophelia, Fred

Conclusion of Part 1: Edgeran will never be the same.

Myrna Myrna guided her lady back to her chambers. Genevieve did not speak to Myrna, and she wondered if the gushing would happen once they reached the room, or if tonight Genevieve would grieve in silence. She couldn't blame her friend for being so distressed, but neither could she fully empathize. Myrna was used to the man she fancied showing attention to other women. He was, after...

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The Jogger

He's seen her around; when he bumps into her, sparks fly.

Walking down the aisle in a drug store on a Saturday morning, he thought he saw an illusion, the girl he always saw jogging while he drove home from work. She breezed past the aisle he was in and kept going. She was tall, slender and usually wore spandex leggings that made her legs and ass look fantastic as she jogged. That sweet, naive face was framed with long brown hair that was usually...

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Slime Monster Knight's Harem

Slime Knight Richard and his harem of many women.

The day that changed the existence of a certain slime started like any other, to it at least. It had moved along the bushes of a forest full of weak monsters driven by its basic need to absorb moisture but then it detected something new. The slime might not have proper colour sight but it did see humanoid creatures pressed against each other and connected. Something in this made the slime only...

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