Erotic Stories Published On Mon, Dec 17, 2018

What If? Pt. 14

One couple's alternative to vanilla sex.

Chapter 41 - Mix and Match In a society where the primary purpose of sex is to have children, it seems that monogamy rules. This may be necessary when one considers that right now in our society children are often home for 18 or more years before flying the coop. Monogamy seems to provide stability for this long-term task of rearing children to adulthood in a continuous nurturing...

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A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 07

Sissyfied wimp husband begins to warm to his new role.

Puppy gets laid at last Having finished cleaning up my wife and brother-in-law after their first ever fuck, I knelt on the rug watching as my wife and Laura cuddled up to him, gently stroking his chest and thighs. He lay back looking like a Maharajah surveying his fiefdom, lapping up the attention of these two sisters. I was in awe of this man with his casual confidence and monstrous dick....

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A Hospitable Gesture Ch. 01

A housewife is convinced to lend a helping hand to a guest.

As I got out of the hot tub, Josh asked if it would be ok if he could stay in a little longer. I told him to enjoy as long as he wanted and gave some quick instructions on how to shut the jets off and put the lid down. My wife had climbed out ahead of me and was starting to dry her body with a towel when I looked back to remind him how to turn off the decorative lights hanging nearby. I did a...

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Return to Paradise Ch. 07

Carol finds Love.

Keep up the comments. I know this is not for everyone. If its not for you please move along. *** Chapter 7 James, Sylvia and Carol and Marshia Told by Carol - Sam Sr, ad Susie Met Carol and James on a Cruise, James is the father of Carol. Sylvia was hired on as A nanny for young Sam and Sara and just happened to be James's Sister. Marsha was picked up by Terri and Michael on...

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Handjob Club Pt. 03

A new member for the club and things get out of hand!

(As I have previously told, I was in a group of wives who met each week, and had started giving handjobs to each other's husbands, with each man thinking he was the only one.) *** We occasionally brought other girls along to our evenings, such as a visiting relation or someone temporary at work. The only problem was that we had to guard what we said. I suspect they guessed this and...

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Innocent Divya's Degeneration Ch. 03

Wedding and a strange honeymoon.

Divya's sexual growth was progressing in leaps and bounds with Mayank online and Mehra in real life. Who knows how much further Divya would've gone with Mehra if not for the fact that events suddenly took a major turn. Her grandmother had a heart attack. She was admitted to the hospital and survived after intense treatment. But Divya had to be with the family in the hospital taking care of...

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Emma Watson, Secret Voyeur Ch. 03

Peeping Emma gets her comeuppance.

Note- Not real, just my imagination running wild. xxx It is a little known fact that Emma Watson, celebrated English actress, is now a qualified yoga instructor. Having shot to fame as part of the Harry Potter movie franchise the jet setting twenty eight year old had somehow managed to squeeze in her accomplishment, her specialty being ashanta yoga. While she was in New York City...

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