Erotic Stories Published On Tue, Dec 18, 2018

After the Reunion, Ch 16-a

The week after homecoming

Monday evening, September 25, 2028 I drove home from the airport with one hand on the steering wheel. Addie had a death grip on my right hand with both of hers. I didn’t complain. I couldn’t stop glancing over at my wife, just thankful that she was home. To put it bluntly, God, I was relieved! After we got home, Addie read a couple of stories to Katie and Kevin: Winnie the Pooh and Brer Rabbit...

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The Beachfront Bar

Sometimes it takes a little push to help someone become what they always wished they had the guts to be. In this Gay fantasy, Tracey gets that push.

Tracey stopped just in front of the entrance to the bar. His hand was almost touching the door. His mouth was dry. His legs were trembling slightly. This was the closest he had ever come to actually entering The Beachfront Bar. A few months ago he first drove through the parking lot. That time he hadn’t even slowed down. It was only on his sixth time that he had actually stopped– just for a...

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Showing my wife off part 2

Samantha returns wearing no panties

Samantha emerged from the ladies toilet and walked slowly across the room towards Steve and I, all the other guys in the bar also watched her as she moved . When she got to the middle of the room she stopped and started to dance very seductively not taking her eyes of me and steve. You could see people were loving the view and were all staring and talking about Samantha and probably all either...

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A Fortunate Rescue 3 - Samantha's Story

If you have read the first two episodes you will be familiar with the story of Daniel, his wife Catherine and their two new friends and lovers Peter and Samantha.  You will also remember the escape that they had from the thug loitering in the underground car park.   This episode is Samantha's story of what happened next....

CHAPTER 1 - We get Up! I awoke to find my husband, Peter, fondling the breasts of another woman, lying behind her and reaching round her voluptuous body. Her husband, Daniel, lay behind me, spooning me in our large bed. I could feel his semi-erect penis pushing between my ass cheeks and the thought of him exploring further made me tingle and instantly wet. I looked over at Peter and smiled....

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old flame rekindled part 1

A chance meeting with an old girl friend has made a new out look on things

I was walking out of my wife's hospital room after visiting with her when down the hall was a nurse walking towards me. I smiled and said hello, she smiled and said hello back. I stopped dead in my tracks, some how she looked very familiar ,I turned back around Sandy ? I yelled back. The nurse turned back around and looked at me with a puzzled look then replied Bob? Oh my god I said walking...

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old flame heating up part2

after 40 years of thinking about sandy it happens but we were both married to some one

I walked out of my wife's room and walked slowly down the hall thinking I did not see Sandy today, I wondered if I should call her or not. Being that she was married I was concerned that her husband would catch on to us . I stopped in the cafeteria and got a cup of coffee looking at my phone but no message , was she waiting for me to text her I wondered. We had a great time the other night and...

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Night Shifts

That was the moment she realized something was wrong; dreadfully wrong. The cock now thrusting aggressively into her was much longer and thicker than Alan’s. It was stretching her wider than ever before and slamming into her cervix every time it penetrated her. This man was not Alan. She was really being raped!

Night-Shifts As Carrie snuggled into Alan’s chest in the dark, enjoying their post-sex cuddle, she took a deep breath and declared that she was finally ready to confess – she did have a secret fantasy that she would love him to role-play for her. He waited for her to continue. “When you’re on your week of night-shifts every month, I would love it if you could sometimes sneak home in your...

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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts pervert part 9

This is a netorare and seduction kind of story, where a perverted asshole gets the girl. For this story everyones of legal age (even though they’re still at Hogwarts. Just dont think about it). Its not for everybody, so just a warning.

The next week flew by in the wake of Harry and Hermione’s failed attempt to find Michaels memories. After a short conversation they had both agreed that they’d set aside their vendetta. Just for the time being. They both still wanted to see Michael expelled, and wanted to be the ones responsible, but they had nothing to go on. They had quickly met, leaving multiple details out of their reports to...

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Carole's Story 07 – The New Boss

This is a compilation of trips Carole took with her Boss. Highlights all combined into one story. All are true. If you like this story, please comment.

This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!! For those of you who have not read any of what I have already chronicled about my wife I will give you some background and a deion. I found my wife when she was only eighteen, working as a secretary. She was, and still is, beautiful. She has...

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quickies begin now with Sandy part 4

a continuing story about finding my old flame and the new memories we are making even as old as we are the desire is there

My wife is coming home Sandy said when she met me in the hall,great I said all thought it might hinder our meetings too. Well she is on the road to recovery and it wont take long for her to be back to normal. In the past week Sandy and my wife have gotten acquainted and become friends which is a good thing for me , it will be easier to keep fucking Sandy and maybe fucking my wife more. Sandy...

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old flame rekindled and getting hotter part3

I am not a professional writer so if you going to pick the story apart dont read it

So how did it go for you with your ad? Sandy asked, not good I said most of my reply's were from women that weren't real. It changed when I received a message from a woman who was married and she and her husband were interested in having a three some .I showed my wife the message and their picture and she said go for it ,it might be fun. Sandy sat there listening ,so did you ,she asked. Yes I...

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Trapping Rats

Suzy "discovers" a secret room with a kinky surprise.

Chapter 1 The apartment was perfect! It was a nice upgraded one bedroom place in an older neighborhood near the Concord BART (Bay Area Transit System) stop. It made for an easy commute into the city. She could enjoy the fun and excitement of San Francisco without the super high cost housing. In fact this place was a great deal, under $1,000, which was next to impossible to find in the local...

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Spring Cleaning

Alice trains her foot slave into perfect obedience.

When Alice told me she had a surprise for me, I got worried. I knew she'd been working on something she kept from me for the last couple of months, and that much time meant something really elaborate could be in the offering. Now, Alice isn't all bad, and she can be kind when I need her, but she is endlessly inventive (she studies engineering) and has quite a mean streak, too. We've been...

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Wife's Hobby: Unexpected Turn

Expected Turn of Events by Wife.

Many weeks passed since Jen had let that guy finger her in San Antonio. I still got hard thinking about it and jacked off several times imagining the possibility of someone eating her pussy. I can't explain the feelings I was experiencing. Part of me was jealous, which made my stomach knot up at the thought of another guy touching her. But another part of me was proud at seeing how other guys...

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My Metaphor

A digital affair between a sissy and her mistress.

The audience drops into a continuing story written in first person POV (mostly). The following based on a true story. Given enough time, any question that occurs to the reader shall be answered, eventually. * I woke the next day, showered, put on a comfortable chemise, a microfiber and nylon blend thong and open toed sandals, made some coffee and sat down to edit the footage from the...

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Life with a Lump Between My Legs Pt. 06

Part 6 of Life With a Lump Between My Legs.

- 24 - “Sweetie, you need to wake up.” My wife was gently shaking me. “It’s time to go to bed. Trish, can you help me here?” My sister-in-law pulled on my arms trying to get me to stand up. I opened my eyes trying to make sense of what was going on. “What happened to the bathrobes? Why are we all still on the couch?” I muttered. “What are you talking about, Sweetie?” my wife...

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Lost Luggage

Lost luggage ends up in first time cross dressing.

Just my luck. We'd been looking forward to our vacation for half a year and we finally found ourselves arriving in the Caribbean only to find that my luggage had not arrived. My wife Julia looked at me in disgust. She cut quite a figure standing there in her white hot pants, her top button unbuttoned, and her auburn hair accentuating her false breasts, held up even higher by a tight pink cut-off...

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His Wife's First Spanking

Husband finally spanks his demure wife.

Now in her late 40's, my wife still turns me on physically more than any woman I know. She's my ideal for a beautiful woman: an incredibly elegant, thin brunette with large dark eyes who drives a Mercedes and dresses in expensive clothes. I buy her nice jewelry just to see it on her. It's ultimately the way she carries herself that makes her so attractive. She looks really sexy, but remains...

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The Bench

Outdoor Masturbation and Sex.

Nude walking is something that I do quite often and sometimes, just sometimes it ends with masturbation as I enjoy it in the open air and sunshine. Its normally just me with my thoughts but this time I had taken my phone with me. Setting off from my usual spot I decided to do my walk in reverse. I set off and part the way across a field, away from the road and any prying eyes I stripped off...

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Broken Breast Pump

A single mother gets help from a coworker.

*All characters in this story are over 18* Gina started her day as normal, or at least the new normal now that her husband was out of the picture. She put her Mary in the backseat still listening to her cry as she made her way to the babysitter. She squeezed in her seat pushing slightly against the steering wheel with her five month pregnant belly. Once she dropped off her child at day...

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Paige Ch. 16: HICKorY DICKory DOC

"Dear Diary...IHOP! IHOP! IHOP! IHOP! IHOP! Me tired."

"I'm really going to wear my Hello Kitty jammies to meet Frank?" "What part of $5000 dollars says no?" "But I only have two buttons left on my shirt." "Whose fault is that?" "Mine. I'll have to hold my shirt together the whole time I'm in IHOP." "Quit complaining." "I can't help it Daddy. I'm going to be around lots of people. Kids maybe. That's not cool." "Then...

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Shy Lady Poses for Nude Photos Pt. 03

Young lover asks her to fuck his virgin high school friend.

How did I get myself into this situation? My goodness Debbie, this is so dangerous for your marriage. I'm going to motel on the other side of town to be with a new, high school virgin boy to have sex with. How crazy is that? Well, I do know how I got this far. First, I had a sexual awakening with a young, handsome photographer at his studio while shooting some boudoir photos for my husband....

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Modified Ch. 20 - Lunch & Dessert

Christine & Sinead meet Angela & come home for "coffee".

Wednesday A big thank you to @brokenbrumbygirl for taking a look and improving this latest chapter. I hope you enjoy. * Jack's eyes cracked open a fraction as he awoke. He was snuggled in behind Angela, which he knew from the familiar shape and aroma of her body. Lifting his head, a tiny fraction he could just about make out the long black hair of Georgia, who was playing...

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Fond memories of watching friends play.

The night was the perfect end to the week. Midterms were officially finished and it was a night to blow off some steam and up to that point we were doing just that. The three of us had been on the dance floor for hours, admittedly drinking a bit more than we should have, but really didn't care. The end of the night saw the usual gauntlet of hanger-ons and can I have the last dance requests,...

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Her Boyfriend really is Bisexual

He claimed he was bisexual... now he had to prove it.

This is something that happened back in February when I was staying at Kip's place in Breckenridge. I didn't write about it at the time because I didn't have the consent of the people involved and I didn't think it was appropriate to ask at the time either. After posting some bisexual threesome photos last week, I thought maybe I should seek permission to write about it and permission has...

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Anna's Nasty Prayers

Sometimes even naughty prayers come true...

Girls at the Blessed Virgin College were told to 'Always be Good.' But it's ever so hard to always be good... all the damn time. That day Anna walked toward her dorm when Nate, a blue eyed hunk drove up in his truck. "Hey Anna wanna go to a party at the river?" The little brunette bit her lip as her pussy tingled. She knew the river was a naughty place. And yes, Anna had nasty thoughts...

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Another CFNM Experience!

A girl watches me jerk off in her car.

My name's Nick (big surprise) and I LOVE CFNM! I used to think it was something that would either never happen to me, or if I were lucky, I'd have a g/f that was into it. At any rate, I'm finally ready to talk about another CFNM experience I had...I've just been lazy about writing it. CFNM stands for 'clothed female, naked male', btw, and it's one of my many fetishes I enjoy and seek to try. So,...

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Having sex in the alley turned out better than we thought!

We were grinding on the dance floor of the club, moving our hips into each other to the hip hop music blasting, trying to focus on each other through the blinking lights in the dark. His familiar hands ran up and down my body as I swayed against him, cupping my ass and fingers digging into my hips and waist, pulling me close to him. God, I loved this man so much. Every once in awhile he...

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Zophie Goes to Summer School

Zophie has to stay over to help her teachers.

Summer School sucks! It's only three weeks, and I'm nearly at the end of the first one, but it feels like I've been going forever! There's only twelve people in History and ten in Biology, and counting me, two humans in each class. History starts at eight, runs until ten, then we get a thirty-minute break and Biology goes until twelve-thirty. In case you're wondering, I'm not very popular with my...

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The Witch's Apprentice Ch. 03

Brian meets one girl and fucks another.

On Monday, Brian walked onto campus a different person. Apparently his life was a really lude version of Harry Potter now. He was a Warlock. He still didn't know everything that entailed. He didn't understand his relationship with Betsy. Was the transcendental vision-blowjob just an initiation rite? There were so many questions, so many things to learn about this new powers. What he did know was...

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