Erotic Stories Published On Sun, Feb 3, 2019

A Decade Between Blowjobs

Last time Jeff sucked cock was his first year in college. After his gf went to bed he tried it again

I arrived in Colorado last week and it has been great. The weather has been awesome and I've reacquainted myself with Kip's hot tub (and his cock). Last night (Friday) I thought I'd have the house to myself as Kip was going to spend the weekend down in Denver. On Friday morning Kip asked me if it was okay if some friends of his crashed here. Of course, it was okay with me; it is his house and I'm...

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Love is worth waiting for ...

I first met Jeff on an online dating site. He messaged me and we immediately found common ground in our love of nature. We both felt the most peace when outdoors, listening to the birds, admiring the trees, feeling the gentle breezes on our skin. We decided to meet at a local park for a nice hike. His height was the first thing I noticed. Standing over 6'2, he loomed over my small 5'4 frame. And...

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The Massage Away Ch. 06 Pt. 11-12

The pleasure of my Queen continues with her suitors.

**Apologies for the long delay in submitting this next chapter. All of the following chapters have been edited at once so no more delays. You may have gathered that the first five chapters lead into this one. Fair warning, it contains a variety of fetishes including Femdom, Cross-dressing, Interracial sex with two men and a wife, gay sex... If you don't like this, please find something you prefer!...

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The Physical Therapy Student Ch. 03

Simon asks for another favor.

Several weeks had passed since Anna loaned herself out to another. For a while Simon felt emotionally unstable, but right now he felt like he managed to cope with it well by playing his online game and reading a book. Late one night they found themselves in bed. Anna was making eye contact with her boyfriend as she enjoyed herself letting him take total control. The sounds of sex filled the room,...

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The Bet Ch. 06

Taylor completely surrenders and Ash agrees to help free Tay.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * This is a continuing story about a young college coed who makes a bet with her longtime rival. She soon learns that her bitchy attitude and a stupid bet is costing more than a bit of humiliation, threatening to take over her entire life. Synopsis:** Chapter 1, Mean girl Taylor makes a bet with her...

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My Sister My Mistress Ch. 04

Her new desire.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * Please comment whether you like it or not as that is the only way I can know. * I understood what she wanted me to do, but I really didn't know what I would offer her as a tribute. It did seem a little silly, but I knew that she was serious about the whole thing so I figured I may as well be too. I...

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Kristy Ch. 02: Kristy Kissed a Girl

Kristy is introduced to the joy of girl-girl love.

Kristy Kissed a Girl - And She Liked It By Bobbie Kaye (Cutie) This is my second story inspired by my lovely sister Kristy. The story is fiction, but knowing Kristy, her introduction to girl-girl sex might have happened just like this! *** It didn't take Kristy Spencer long to settle into the routine of sorority life. She adored her fellow Sisters of Epsilon Nu Gamma Sorority,...

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A Shared Wet Fetish Ch. 03

I teach Dot.

Another true story of my fetish adventures... I was just coming up to my 59th. birthday, when it all started between me and Dot. She was a widow, 84 years of age and was my next door neighbour. She often needed a job doing, not usually anything hard, just little things she couldn't manage herself. She never made any moves toward me or hinted that she wanted me to. Whenever...

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His Best Friend Pt. 01

Jess catches Seb masturbating, with interesting results.

Over the last couple of months I have become accustomed to the sight of Jamie wandering through the house half naked, but for some reason, on this particular day I paid more attention than usual. Maybe it was the too-small towel barely preserving his modesty, or because I was feeling particularly bored and horny, but something made me take a closer look. I mentally compared his physique to that of...

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Hell Bent for Leather Ch. 01

A new beginning for Donkey Productions is about to dawn.

Authors note: This is a continuation of my story, "Connie Takes Charge". Most of the characters contained herein have appeared in my previous works as well. * Connie came down the stairs, hoping to avoid Brad. She didn't want him to see her in her new mini, a sleek black number with a plunging neckline that showed off her cleavage. Brad liked cleavage, but the show wasn't for...

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A Plan for Summer Holidays

I would have never imagined that I would lose it with her.

I came home in the afternoon. Well, home. I was a student in a university who didn't have a place at a dormitory for that school year. Travelling from the village where I come from would be time consuming, so I had to found another place where I could sleep. I was 22 back then. Luckily, I saw an advertisement from Ms. Frankova, who was a living alone in her house and was looking for...

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College Boy in Thong

College boy experience in girl's thongs.

Just to refresh from last time. I have bought two thongs and found that I would cum almost as fast I could put them on. It had been a week since I had bought my first two thongs and wow the fun I had with them. I'd go to class see sexy thongs on girls, run home putting one of mine on and instantly cum. Then the feelings of dirtiness and humiliation would set in quickly and I'd take them back off...

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Old Friends

Running into an old friend, then assfucking them.

_Note: Set in a Free Use world and lots of anal as usual. Quite a quick story this time since it was inspired by a one paragraph long thing I saw ages ago about how free use sluts would act to their friends. I liked it and wrote this but couldn't think of how to make it more substantial. I get inspired pretty easily by little things even as short as a sentence, so if you have any ideas, feel free...

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Three Square Meals Ch. 114

Ghost town...

Kelli walked along the darkened tunnels with Tony and Perl, following after the intimidating white-armoured woman leading them back to her ship. The group were travelling in subdued silence, and she glanced to her left at Tony, worried about the big ganger. He hadn't said a word since the terrifying confrontation with Alyssa, his attention drawn to the ominous red glow that made his hands look...

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Torgan Wine Ch. 55

A day of travel.

My thanks to Nthusiastic for her help with editing, beta reading, and making good suggestions! * "How can she sleep in the carriage?" Isonei was roused from her sleep by Oberath's grousing, but only barely cracked her eyes open. "Let my sister sleep. She'll entertain you again when she wakes, she's had a hard journey." Ivorith murmured and adjusted the way she leaned...

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Son of Mars and Venus Ch. 01

Young wizard goes on his first demon hunt.

Edited by _____ (blank) and CapDragon121. Disclaimer: While some characters are diminutive or non-human, all characters involved in sexual acts are over the age of 18. This story is a dark, magical fantasy, with classic fantasy races appearing. There can be a strong influence of emotion, sins, and demons in rituals and magic. Because of that, there are many sexual acts that take...

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Lilith's Fall

Mute slave working for a dominant woman is transformed.

Spoiler Tags: Male to Futa, Futa on Female, Femdom, Transgender, Transformation, Fantasy, Domination, Submission, Mind Control, MtH * We stood in rows, like soldiers at attention facing their general, although we were naked instead of in uniform. Six menacing guards surrounded us and prevented any potential shenanigans or escape attempts. _I wonder what they're going to...

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Halfbreed Ch. 04

A Smuggler finds himself imprisoned with an Elf.

"Ow! Watch the jacket!" Mike protested as Lashvara shoved him into the prison cell with way more force than was necessary. The Orc manhandled the puny earthling, keeping his head pointed at the ground, with her hand firm against the back of his neck as she waddle-walked him into the room. Someone gasped. Mike tried to lift his head up to see who was there, but the Orc held him by the scruff...

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A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 66: Overkill

The party confronts the Generals.

Author's Note: A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to...

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Secondary Education

Sequel to Misadventures in Babysitting.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a sequel to "Misadventures of Babysitting." It starts right where the first story ended, and this story is told by Val's point-of-view, as she joins the fun. All of the individuals in this story are 18 years old or older. ooOoo I don't mind my job at the reception desk of the resort hotel, but when my supervisor floated the idea that I might be able to...

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Claire's Closet Climax!

Sexy inanimate object with sass gets floor-fucked.

_Howdy, Peeps! I am in a totally head-spinny condition right now as a result of just having had my brains fucked out, but for whatever reason I thought, hey this would be a great time to sit down and write my very first actual story to go on Literotica. Bear with me because it's probably going to suck but I'm doing it anyway because my New Year's Resolution is to get out there more and do more and...

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A Pleasurable Experiment

Dr. McMillan becomes the subject of her own sex study...

Chapter 1 "So," Dr. McMillan said, "if you'll just take off your clothes, I'll explain what we're going to do." Dr. Siobhan McMillan watched as her newest test subject smiled nervously and looked around the laboratory. Like everything else in the clinic, it was very white and clean. However, the lights had been dimmed, making it feel a little less clinical. Dr. McMillan - in her white coat...

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School of Futas Ch. 03

Welcome to the school with plenty of secrets.

Author's Note: Hi everyone. I'm really sorry for the extended delay between the second and third chapters. I want to thank everyone for their patience and for the messages I've received encouraging me to continue the story. The extra motivation was a real help. _I hope you find this chapter a good read and I'm sure there won't be anything near to the same delay before Chapter Four is with...

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Magic Dress Pt. 03

Another woman enters our lives.

I had been wearing dresses at home for quite a while now, with my wife's encouragement. The first one I tried was very special and we called it The Dress. It just made me happy. On Wednesdays I was sucked off while wearing it. On Fridays I dress up as Sexy Sally and fuck her. On Saturdays, for her entertainment not mine, she would dress me in various outfits and put on different makeup as if...

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Madam Molly Pt. 02

Jesse meets Molly and her cuck Tracy.

Molly & Jessie's conversation lasted about twenty minutes, and by the time it was over she'd made it quite clear that when it came to obedience her expectation were very high. She then informed him he was going to be her little slave-boy and amuse her for a while. When she was ready to get laid she'd summon her cuck Tracy back and Jesse would resume his boyfriend role. She told him to finish his...

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This Is Our Story Ch. 05

Hailey distracts Conner from his wish to set things right.

Conner seldom remembered his dreams. At most, the fuzzy portions that remained with him were from the dream events immediately preceding waking up. On this particular night, however, he remembered not just one, but two dreams nearly in their entirety. In the morning, when his alarm clock went off, he opened his eyes to the fleeting memory of a scenario in which Miss C told the whole class she'd...

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The Hedge Pt. 06

Final part. Alice writes their story - Holiday for nine.

Categories: Consensual, Group, Anal, Toys, Love. 62. He came back from the kitchen and told them that he had learned how to make pastry and he had made the apple pie that was going to be for dessert and would be making the custard too. "He is a very quick learner and I think he would make someone a very good wife" Alice stated, looking at Ashley who blushed. Aaron put some...

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Bred by the Bullman

In a world of horny beastmen, Robin explores her wild side.

Hey everyone, long-time reader, first-time contributor. I noticed there weren't many stories in the beastman subgenre of the nonhuman category, so I decided to write a little something. And as a side note, this is just the first part of an ongoing series I've planned. Please enjoy. ;) * Robin dragged the ruby red lipstick across her plump lips, puckering, pouting in the...

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Dreamboat Ch. 07

Reid & Wren find a stowaway, try a chase and find a castaway.

_Hi again. Glad to welcome you back into my world. If you haven't read chapters 1-6, then this is going to be like walking into Infinity War just as (Spoiler alert) everyone turns to dust. So go and give them a try. You might like them. Another long chapter for you as we meet new characters who threaten to make the tale even more convoluted - although it did seem to write remarkably...

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Cassandra's Plan Ch. 07

There's no satisfaction for Lauren, David, or Cassandra.

David Phillips / November 24, 1994, 3:22 p.m. Dad is sitting in the easy chair looking intently at the TV screen. There's a football game going on—Detroit Loins against somebody or other. The Lions always play on Thanksgiving. It's about the only exposure they get, I suppose. The game is almost over; Dad seems very keen on the outcome. There'll be another game after this one—always two on...

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