Erotic Stories Published On Fri, Feb 15, 2019

Early Morning Surprise (SG Erotica)

Based on an experience in SG.

It was just another dreary morning, getting out of bed, taking a shower, getting dressed and getting out of the house. I anticipated yet another boring day as I got onto the train. As usual, it was crowded... Using my phone as all commuters do, I scrolled through the various social media platforms to check out what everyone else was up to when the train stopped to pick up more people. I...

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Seducing My Professor

Don lusts after her sexy professor, taking it up a notch.

_Warning: Graphic descriptions of sex, physical roughness, verbal degradation, elements of BDSM This is the first erotic story I have ever written, after reading many. Your comments and feedback would be much desired. This is a real fantasy that I have about a teacher of mine at University. Some of the events described transpired, and some did not. All characters are over 18 years old....

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Home Coming

I arrive home after a long and frustrating business trip.

I turn my key in the front door and let myself in. I've been working away for three weeks and after a delayed and crowded train journey, I was finally home. I hurry through the door with a sense of urgency and pull it shut behind me. I should explain that we've spent the afternoon playing our favourite game and things have reached a fever pitch. The game consists of one of us mercilessly...

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Zach Helps Aunt Olivia Ch. 01

Zach helps Aunt Olivia on the farm and between her legs.

WARNING: This story involves incestuous sexual relationships with family members. It includes described scenes of graphic sex including anal and incest. If that is not what you are looking for don't read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years. * Zach: From previous stories you might know that a bicycle accident left me in a coma from a...

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The Bet Ch. 08

Ash and Nicole fail to free Taylor, now they are trapped too.

This is a continuing story about a young college coed who makes a bet with her longtime rival. She soon learns that her bitchy attitude and a stupid bet is costing more than a bit of humiliation, threatening to take over her entire life. Synopsis: Chapter 1, Mean girl Taylor makes a bet with her lifelong rival. It involved compromising pics to ensure the loser pays up. Unfortunately,...

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Once Upon a Time: Snow and Red

Who needs a prince when you have your brother?

Once upon a time there were two brothers who lived alone with their father deep in the forest. They had a small house with a large garden, and in that garden grew two rose bushes; one with flowers white as snow, the other with petals red as blood. The brothers' father explained that when they'd been born, their dearly departed mother had looked out the window, and thus named them from the bushes....

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Faculty Meeting

My sister-in-law shares my hunger for anal sex.

The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home. * I couldn't believe I had let Donna talk me into taking this job. You married guys probably know what I mean when I say...

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Lesbian Sex with My Daughter Ch. 01

A mother seduces her daughter.

I sit on the sofa as my daughter, Amanda, comes home from college. "Hey mom!" She says, as she walks through the door. To describe Amanda, she's 5'10, long, dirty blonde hair, green eyes, d cup chest, she's curvy, not fat, just filled in all the right places. And today she's wearing a grey t-shirt, tight blue jeans and ankle boots. To describe myself, my name is Cassandra,...

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Mom's Deep Love Ch. 03

More fun with the Dugan's family sex.

Stacey woke naked lying between her mother and her son. They too were still naked from the previous night's happenings. Sean, her son, lay cradled on her shoulder against her breast. She had her arm around his shoulders. Her mom, Tabitha, lay with her leg over Stacey's and her head on her other shoulder. No one moved. She thought of how wonderful this all was. She felt ecstatic about how her life...

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Changing Spaces Ch. 01

Pixie-ish decorating diva remodels and charms her master.

Highly readable account of a pixie-ish home decorating diva who, along with a woman carpenter friend, works to satisfy her master, the narrator. M/f+, BDSM, lingerie, toys, consensual, reluctant. Also, spoof of a certain home improvement TV show 2001-2008. *** Chapter I - Up to and including Wednesday I was thrilled to be coming home from a week-long computer...

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The List Ch. 02

Lyn tries to open Diane's heart.

"You really disappoints me, Lyn. I had some hopes you would at least began to see the light but how I was wrong." The blond being with silvery white eyes surged at my front. "It's been one full day and hadn't sex with your brother anymore, and also didn't come to truly love your mother or brother." I couldn't understand why was I being reprimanded by the reason of only one day without having...

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Play Around

Giving dad a hand.

This story, as is all stories, isn't written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you're welcome. If not, thank you for visiting. * My dad lives alone. The house, the one we all grew up in, is very nice and very low maintenance so it's easy to take care of. He has someone come in for cleaning. He cooks himself and goes out to eat a lot. He has a number of...

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The Library

A wild romantic Valentine romp in a renowned library.

_Hi! So I have to write a letter for my school and having something fun to write helps stimulate my imagination and makes unrelated projects easier. This is a fantasy turned into an actual story and yes, this isn't a series this time. I also was having some relationship troubles at the time I started, so I hope there won't be any accidental sour notes. In other words, possible mess. It's also...

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The Dominatrix Order Pt. 03 Ch. 01 - Femdom Erotica

Submitted For Her Approval.

The first time Daniel laid eyes upon Isabella, it was not in the flesh, but rather it was in a painting done of her, and she appeared just like heaven and hell all wrapped up in a beautiful smile. The painting showed Isabella adorned in a black leather corset with a matching black leather skirt and thigh-high boots. She held a long leather bullwhip, resting the handle of it upon her shoulder....

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The Cleaner Pt. 02

Learning the ropes, as it were.

"We need all this rope?" Olga asked, her voice dripping with incredulity. Blinking, she hastily added, "Miss Rita," but it was too late. The tone of voice and omission had been noted. Miss Rita had been working with her concerning her use of politeness and proper address when speaking. Olga didn't have to say 'Miss Rita' or even 'Miss' with every sentence, but neglecting it while speaking with...

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No Escape for Hubby

Forced to satisfy his insatiable wife.

Diana was 49 and her husband Chris was 53. They had been married for more than 27 years. Their two offspring had both left the nest. Recently Diana had begun to complain of lethargy and muscle soreness, so her doctor had put her on a course of testosterone tablets. It worked. She soon felt invigorated and full of renewed lust for life. Especially a sex life. Which was a problem, because...

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Diamond in the Rough Pt. 03

The smugglers use April to get the photos.

Chapter 5 Steve was in the conference room of SAPS poaching unit and had gone through his photographs of the elephant capture. They grumbled that Steve had only taken still photos, but after he finally got them back on track, they agreed with him that the capture was fairly straight forward until the medicine packets were placed under the elephant's skin. This was a new wrinkle in...

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Sausages for the Slave Ch. 09

A runaway slave - only gets so far.

I'm on a Greyhound Bus heading south, sitting right down at the back at the outside window. It's the appropriate place for a runaway slave; soon to be an ex-slave if everything goes to plan. Every few minutes I can't help craning my neck around to squint back along the road as best I can. I'm half expecting to see the blue and red flashing lights of the local sheriff's patrol car closing up...

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Miss Chianti's Troy-Boy

What hurdles one jumps to get to orgasm?

Chianti finished brushing her hair and gave it a cursory look, and the doorbell rang. Chianti put her brush down, and pulled the scoop neck of her pretty pink sundress down a little, just so the jugs poked out a bit more. The bell rang again. "I'm coming!" What a beautiful dress, sleeveless and so short. Purchased by Ingersoll, a sad little man who needed his anus "fisted" by...

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Sexting with a Slutty Sophomore

D gets seduced by a slutty college sophomore through text.

Bzz I unlocked my phone and read the new text message. Kiara: [Work ends at 4 today. Wear something hot for me.] D: [Are you wearing one of those thongs that I like? See you at 4.] bzz Kiara: [Don't spoil your own surprises now D, see you later xoxo] Cheeky as always. ————— I could tell you lots about Kiara. For starters, we met in college. I was a...

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Lisa Gets Plowed

Snow can be a blessing.

Although not necessary, you should read "Lisa, Back in the Business" to get a better understanding of the main character. * There are bi scenes. All characters are over 18 and healthy. * It was the end of January and I was working up in the Albany area. I had been up there for a couple of weeks while Lisa was at home. She called me to tell me she was...

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Friday Night

A Friday night that will be remembered for a long time. (F/m)

On top of the bed, there are clothes laid out for me. A black t-shirt and black boxers. The boxers are like the ones I used to wear with one huge difference: the size. They are two sizes down and it gets really squeezy pulling them up. A note is waiting for me on the nightstand, "There is a cushion near the door; it's not left there by accident." A chuckle comes out of my mouth reading...

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Eyes - Too Many Choices... Pt. 01

She has options and needs to sample before choosing.

This story involves all willing participants over the age of 18. Everyone in this story is fictional and is intended to have no connection to any live person. * She had this thing about her. She didn't understand why or how it worked but if she zeroed in on someone, well... things happened. Even if they really shouldn't. There were numerous teachers, work colleagues, and...

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40 Yrs, In an Open Marriage, Pt. 11

Annette and I take a bike ride Rex and Donna.

Rex and Donna While at work one day, Rex asked if me. "Dan, would you and Jean like to join Donna and me for a bike ride up to the mountains this weekend?" "Sure, sounds great." We made plans to meet at a local diner early Saturday morning and I told Jean about it when I got home. "Dan, I don't think I feel up to a long ride this weekend." "Ok, I'll call and cancel."...

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An Old Man, My Girlfriend and Me

I watched as an older man touched my girlfriend's naked body.

It was Valentine's Day and my girlfriend, Pamela, and I had arranged to go out for a nice romantic meal that evening. We had, luckily enough, managed to get a reservation at a local restaurant and so I arranged for a taxi to collect us from her house. Pamela was three years younger than me, and last month we had celebrated her eighteenth birthday. I had bought her a diamond necklace and...

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Big Brother's Best Friend

I never thought he'd be my first...

The participants in this story are all of legal age and consent. *** I was surprised, but I wasn't. I mean, yeah why would he be at my door when my brother left an hour ago? But something was different tonight. There was an energy between us, that hadn't been there before. He said "Hey" and smiled at me, but differently than usual. I'd known him for years, but for the first time he...

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Bi Swinger Initiation Party

A swinger's initiation party with a slight hint of BSDM.

On Thursday afternoon, Jennifer sent me an e-mail telling me simply that the boots were thigh high leather and Holly and Jennifer had quite an evening together. Holly sent an e-mail at the end of the day telling me that she and Nick looked forward to Saturday night. I smiled, as I looked forward to Saturday myself. Saturday afternoon, Jennifer dropped the kids off at her parent's house at...

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Alice sees her cousin meet someone who deserves him.

Jim did not enjoy his duty, caring for his aunt in the end stages of cancer but Mary was his favourite aunt and his lover for her meant he would never shirk that duty. He wasn't the only one involved, his cousin Alice, her daughter who was born within five minutes of him in the same hospital and his best friend for ever did her share as did his mother and a more than a few other extended...

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A Glorious Surprise

Straight guy doesn't know who blows him.

Pussy. That's what he needed. Pussy or a good blowjob, and he would be getting one of the two, or maybe both, within the hour. Jason was six foot two with more muscles than most of the guys in his frat house. Meaning pussy was not a problem. What was a problem though, was clingy bitches the day after. He was pretty good at spotting those girls from far away, and lately there had been nothing...

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Love in the Midst of War

A young couple falls in love in the midst of a savage war.

Anne listened to the muffled drums as she watched the dusty British soldiers parade down the street and stop next to their redoubt down the way. The earthen redoubt mounted three cannon and was the main defensive fortification for the British occupying troops. Commands snapped out sharply as the tired men were brought to an orderly halt and dismissed. Officers and NCOs took charge of posting...

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