Erotic Stories Published On Sun, Feb 17, 2019

Guilt Trip

She took an off ramp.

Stephanie was on a 'guilt trip.' That's what she called her drives back from a conference, meeting or training where she had been intimate with a man other than her husband. The long drive back was used to deal with the guilt she felt after each instance. She was not unfaithful on all her trips. She was careful. Stephanie flirted with men at wherever the others from her office wanted to go for...

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The Foreign Exchange Student Pt. 02

He does more things he never thought he'd do with Jurgen.

The next morning I woke up and remembered what transpired with Jürgen the night before. How he seduced me with kisses and knew exactly what he was doing to me. I remembered how beautiful he was and how I couldn't control myself. Within a minute of thinking about this stuff I was hard again but not like my usual hard on, it was rock hard and leaking pre cum from being so aroused. Within...

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The Dead World Ch. 07

Things go awry when Dog and Charlie slip off on their own.

The scent of smoke was the first thing Lorenzo noticed when walking out of the greenhouse. It was late, but they hadn't needed a fire since they'd come upon the resort... it wasn't a familiar scent on the wind, not like this. Campfires were one thing. Dark, stinging smoke like this was something else entirely. In haste Enzo moved into the lobby of the Northern tower, and was assaulted by thick...

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Stacy Brown Got Two Ch. 03

Stacy helps many ladies and attends an Abductee Convention.

_First of all, thanks to all of you who sent me feedback or posted comments on this tale. They are most appreciated. I apologize for the delay in getting this one posted as life has a tendency to jump up and take the main stage. During my hiatus, it did that with a five gold star effort. (Heart problems, PC crashes, forgotten passwords to this site, etc.) That did help me to continue mentally...

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Descent Ch. 08: Graduating

She graduates to a new life.

She'd made it. Despite all the hardships and distractions, she had aced her final tests. Emma had the diploma in her hands, received in the ceremony that ended just moments ago. Her classmates were cheering, people were hugging, everyone relieved that these years of hard work had finally paid off. The future was open to them. Emma had been fielding job offers all year, her frenzied studying...

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A Good Working Relationship Ch. 18

Comeuppance and retribution.

This is the final part. Thanks to all of you who have made it so far and the comments and feedback you have given. * Chapter 74 'He smiled! He likes the idea. He's happy that I'm pregnant. Maybe we can start again.' 'Don't get your hopes up. He has not grasped your hand. His face is changing. He's frowning and looking away.' 'Ohh ... shit!' 'Talk to him! Say...

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A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 68: Morning Fun

The party gets a chance to unwind.

Author's Note: A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to...

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My Little Ventrue Pt. 03 Ch. 10

Things from the other side.

~~Natasha~~ Art got up and started to look around her apartment, fingers dragging along her counter tops, her couches, her tables, her laptop. They stopped on the laptop in particular when his eyes found the screen. "Researching ancient Egypt mm?" "I... I uh..." She reached over and closed it. Didn't want them gleaming any more than they needed. Or at least that was the plan, but...

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Far From Me Pt. 02

A visitor's revelation throws a relationship into chaos.

This is Part Two of a three-part story. The defense couldn't stop Colby Jacobs. That was obvious to everyone in the gym, except Colby Jacobs. All they needed to do was swing the ball to the weak side, make the entry pass into him in the low post, and have Colby square up. The rest was low-hanging fruit. But Cody wouldn't square up -- wouldn't turn around. Instead, he passed the ball...

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A Virtual Temptress Ch. 04

The real world offers no escape from the succubus.

Dan felt spent and empty, but was oddly comfortable and unworried. Gentle warmth flowed through him as a pink fog settled in at the edges of his vision. Passive Ability: Mark of the Succubus -Energy + -Semen production ++ -Orgasm addiction -Orgasm lock -Succubi magic vulnerability +++ Dan read the message twice, but his mind couldn't focus long enough to...

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Scabbard & Blade Ch. 03

Will Lori finally get the dance she was promised?

Author's note: This story was written for 'Brent'. May it always be Springtime. * I'd told myself not to get too worked up about the party. It was supposed to be a normal evening of having fun with my mates, cracking jokes and acting silly together. But because of my own fault my expectations had become much higher and now my hopes on an intimate encounter with Brent were crashed....

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Dreamboat Ch. 08

Reid, Wren and Sasha are becalmed as three become four.

Usual standard declarations about age, ownership etc. apply here. Welcome back to a rather strange life on the ocean wave. _If you haven't read chapters 1-7, then this is going to be like trying to climb that new climbing wall at the gym by starting halfway up it – either way is hard. So go back and give them a try. Just click on my name and choose. You'll enjoy it a whole lot...

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Cruelly Married

Eliza remembers her first time, not with fondness.

Eliza sat on the chair under the window, a book on her lap as she waited, watching the street below, the night sky was turning slowly lighter with each passing minute. A carriage appeared outside the door, she sat up looking down at the man as he staggered out. Jordan Autenbury was a man almost twice the age of his wife, but he seemed to have the stamina of a much younger man, staying out to crack...

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A New Office Jade Ch. 05

Completing the Office Harem and the Story.

This is the fifth and closing chapter of this series. It may be a good idea to refresh on the first four chapters since this has taken a while to get out. All characters are of legal age and clean. Constructive criticism is always welcome. * Bern let his thoughts overtake him for only another minute before he stood and crossed the room to the large cloches of food. When...

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Lucifer Ch. 04: The Floating City

Lucifer goes to Venice to find a reliquary.

Chapter 1 The sun sets on the flat, peaceful wadi of the Azawagh plain. There are no trees or mountains, hills or sand dunes in this part of the world, and navigation by day is ill-advised. The hot dry winds rolling over the beautiful flesh-colored sand flats cause my dark blue tent to billow lazily, carrying away the slender coils of smoke from my cooking fire just beyond the entry flap....

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A Ditzy Pair

Mother and daughter sunbathe nude.

When I was in my twenties I was spending a week with my parents. My father had made a mint on the stock market and retired, moving to a small town a couple of hours out from the city. I told him at the time that he was making a mistake but no, he knew better. He and my mother thoroughly enjoyed his retirement for a good three months. Then Dad found that he was bored, bored, bored. He needed...

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There's an App for That Ch. 02

Gareth has to solve a new problem with his app.

Author's note: All Character's in this story are over the age of eighteen. Any names or places that bare similarities to reality are purely coincidental and not intended by the author. Warning: This story contains elements of non-consent. * Gareth would have loved to have visited Rachel every night for a repeat encounter but he knew it was too risky to be...

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The Bear and the Jock

A straight guy is forced by an ex-con biker.

All characters in this story are 19 years or older. Warning: Please read tags before reading the story: Forced anal sex and derogatory gay terms used within. If that doesn't sound like your thing, then please find something that suits you better. Tags: non-con, noncon, bondage, roleplay, daddy, older man, straight, domination, gay male, humiliation. Hope you enjoy!! ;)...

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Nighttime Dirty Secret

His girlfriend's roommate becomes his dirty secret.

Amy was hunting. She was using her bait, a tight compact 5'2" body with small perky tits encased in lycra yoga pants and a scanty sports bra. Her long blond hair was pulled up into a fluffy ponytail and because she was heading into yoga she wore flip flops that showcased her pedicure. Treycee watched Amy thrust her ass as they stood waiting for the yoga class to begin. She had been roommates...

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Haitian Bisexuality is Awesome

Bisexual Haitian men appreciate their women.

"This party was off the chain," Marc Lucien said to his good buddy Shelton Aurelius, as the two of them sat on the couch. It was four o'clock in the morning and the two young Haitian men had come home from Bourbon Room Night Club, one of the hottest spots in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. They were a bit drunk, which is in and of itself perfectly okay. Marc's Afro-Dominican girlfriend Ramona Sanchez...

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Endangered Ch. 11

Chasing domestic bliss.

_Thanks to Lunarlilith, GCMIVB4, BD88, JB, and Trimtab for editing assistance, as well all the other helpful souls. I couldn't do it without you. Fair warning, this story contains themes of pseudo-incest. Enjoy. *** Previously on Endangered Chris and the team return from Brazil, and Radek's demonic origins are finally exposed. The brood resolves some internal tensions...

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Evan's Artifact

Evan investigates an alien artifact with his friends.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex. * Purely a work of fiction. This ISN'T meant to be a long, thorough, fleshed out story. It is meant to be a story revolving around a theme I only wanted to try to write about. Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome. Thank you! ***** Lee sat cross...

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John Smith Inc. Ch. 02

John and April return from their honeymoon!

Loyal readers, thanks for your patience. I love writing these stories, but it doesn't pay the bills. I will continue this new series to its conclusion, trying not to have you wait too long for the next installment. Enjoy! * It was thrilling being a newlywed. Like most girls of her generation, it was the endgame, what every girl fantasized, marrying the man of their dreams and...

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Harry Styles - Instant Attraction Ch. 03

Harry and Charley go on their highly anticipated second date.

3. In The Desert --- Charley fussed with her appearance a moment longer in the mirror. She'd chickened out of wearing the tight, baby pink two-piece skirt and crop top ensemble Caroline had once given her, and had put on her favourite pair of high waisted denim jeans. They clung to her like a second skin, and she'd chosen not to wear underwear, making her feel a little naughty. Harry...

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Celebrity Juice

TV Show Celebrity Juice Special gets a bit carried away!

My first attempt at multiple people in a story and a Celebrity version. Comments welcome (good or bad but be gentle please!) * Celebrity Juice, Boys v Girls Special. Boys' team is Philip Schofield ©, Johnny Vegas, Gino Di Campo. Girls team is Holly Willoughby ©, Michelle Keegan, Kelly Brook. Keith is wearing his crazy attire as usual. Philip is wearing, nice...

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Catwoman by Gaslight

Catwoman gets upstaged, amongst other things, by Raffles.

Note- Catwoman and Gotham are DC Comics copyrighted. A.J. Raffles stories written by W.E. Hornung. This tale is a spoof on the same for fun only. Set on Earth-19 where the world is still in the age of the Industrial Revolution. xxx Gotham City, 1889. Catwoman, the costumed alias persona of Selina Kyle, was a cat burglar extraordinaire. Beautiful, strong willed, and with a life...

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Liliah Willowmist Ch. 07

Lili breaks from traveling, Corellion has a narrow miss.

PLEASE NOTE: This story contains settings, races and other scenery elements created by BETHESDA and the brilliant artist and writers in their employ. They retain all rights to the ELDER SCROLLS universe they created, I am but a humble story weaver. * Chapter 7** Liliah woke the next morning to sun streaming in through the windows, stretching groggily with a beaming grin,...

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Next Door Aunt Shows Heaven

This story happened few months ago and is exciting to share.

Hello all, this is Mr. K from Bangalore, India and currently working in a MNC. Going to my story it all happened during 2018, so let's get ready folks for the excitement. I with my family have recently moved into a new building in a gated community no strangers are allowed into it, after a few days around 3 pm I went on to terrace of my building. I don't know that's a good luck or blind luck,...

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A Trip to Australia Ch. 04

A husband and wife team up to abuse a female fucktoy.

WARNING: This is a FANTASY story. It may contain themes of consensual non-consent, slavery, dominance/submission, and/or extreme pain. Please do not try any of this at home. Do not try ANY fantasy with ANYONE unless you've discussed it in detail with them beforehand. Informed consent is fucking mandatory. * You were trying not to panic. it was coming to an end. They were leaving in...

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Controlling My Boyfriend Ch. 05

Samantha sucks dick to get out of lease.

We are at her apartment and she is not happy with the idea of moving all of her things to my house, but it isn't as if she has any real choice in the matter. Trash bags are used for her clothing and she has plenty of boxes for everything else. Once you subtract the clothing, she doesn't have many items and it's nice to know she travels light. We both got a few looks as we pulled in, but more...

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