Erotic Stories Published On Wed, Feb 20, 2019

Love Hurts

I wasn't only talking about sex with Carolina, I was talking about submission, sadomasochism, about limits... With Carol! She came out of nowhere and asked if I was familiar with it, then asked how a person knows she is into it... It just became the more unexpected and pleasurable conversation I had in a long, long time.

Hi, guys. This can either go as a stand-alone story or become a series, is completely up to you. Please give me your thoughts about it on the comments section. I’m not a native English speaker, so there may be mistakes within the text. If anyone is kind enough to point them out to me so I can correct them, I’ll be very grateful. *All the characters in this story are over 18 years...

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Chilly Willy

Hanna finds out she cant give Willy a speeding ticket

Willy was a cop, daughter of a cop, a sister to cops and cousin to many cops. A few months before her thirty-sixth birthday, she was slim, standing five foot nine with the wide shoulders, flattish chest, and slim hips with the incredibly powerful thighs of a swimmer. She loved water, and still swam when she got the chance. She had short unruly dark hair that was normally brushed carelessly back....

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I use my mind to make others truly naked.

Comments and advice welcome.

After I gained my abilities to control others from amazing distances I decided that there might be a fun way to use them. The first one I targeted was that diva bitch Kim Kardashian , I reached out and did surveillance on her for a bit. Then when I learned what I needed to I took control of her , she was getting ready to attend a charity event to raise money for homeless teenagers. I took her body...

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A Sorcerer in Downtown Atlanta Ch. 11

The Trial of Mark Iger

For two weeks, Dave and Maddie had worked extensively with Sato’s dojo, learning everything they could from him. Maddie had shown the greatest growth of all; not only was she learning some of Sato’s most advanced healing techniques, but she was fast becoming a powerful and dangerous duelist. At least once a day, she insisted on a duel with either her husband or Riku, and each day featured a...

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Vicki - Wildest Slut There Is Pt. 02

Slut wife starts to become accomplished.

Over the last few days, I'd enjoyed a few naughty conversations on line with Bob, Calvin the black studs friend and Phil who was the other conversationalist. Both guys were very imaginative online and excited me immensely. I could hardly wait for Saturday evening when I would become a hot wife slut and the guys sexual plaything. I arrived at the hotel a good hour before my husband, to allow me to...

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Lamentations of Psyche Ch. 04

Psyche's trials take her beyond Aphrodite's temple.

This is a retelling of multiple variations of the myths of Cupid & Psyche for Valentine's Day. All characters are over 18. All rights are reserved. Please be advised: This chapter contains humiliation, watersport and futa sex scenes. As always, I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading! There was no way I could have known where Aphrodite had gone that night or when she planned to...

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Oh Doctor (SG erotic stories)

Singapore Erotica.

Everyone has their so called "home" doctor, the one that they always go to when they need an MC or when they are legitimately sick. I have mine too. But recently, they expanded, and now I have a new doctor - Dr Jillian (not her real name). The first time I saw Dr Jillian was when my "home" doctor was unavailable and I was automatically queued to see the new doctor instead. I was down with a...

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MILFs - Ms. Jones Ch. 06

Ms. Evans has a new gym routine.

"Huh? It's closing?" a confused Ms. Evans asked the gym receptionist. "Yeah. We were shocked too," the receptionist solemnly said. "We're moving locations and the new gym is unfortunately located on the other side of the city." "So, today's the last day y'all are open?" "Yes. We'll be open until around 5 a.m. tomorrow when the movers start coming in for the equipment." Ms....

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Making Him Put on a Show

Making my sub husband show the world what a slut he is.

I really get off on humiliating my husband, and I'm always thinking of new ways to show the world what a tart he is. I've now got him to the point where he'll do literally anything I say, and the more people who know it, the better. Last night, I sent him to the shops and made him repeat out loud the orders I gave him over the phone, in front of everyone. "My wife says I have to buy the...

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Life of Shay Pt. 02

Shay is humiliated at work.

Rachel watches shay as she enters the Corner. She picks up her cell phone and takes a pic. She then goes into her contacts and Selects a number with the name GM. She sends the pic with a text. The text reads: Just got me a new Bitch. How you doing on yours? Rachel smiles with pleasure. GM then sends back a picture. The picture was a nude girl with dyed red hair worshipping a pair...

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Jenny Meets the Neighbors Ch. 02

Joe comes home from a late night at work.

Joe was halfway down the last page of his inventory list. Now that it had been a few weeks, he was getting used to his new kitchen, pantry and walk-in freezer. When he'd first purchased the restaurant, the place had been in disarray. The previous establishment had been a shitty diner that served reheated frozen food and where the level of culinary knowledge across the entire staff was...

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Getting Her Nails Done Ch. 01

Small town wife has strange experience at local salon.

Mike Fitzgerald surveyed the traffic and tried to estimate what time he would arrive at work. It was a game he played to fill time on his morning commute that could vary from fifty minutes to an hour and a half. The reason for the long drive was the decision he and his wife, Lynsay, had made to live in a small town well past the suburbs of the city where he worked. In the beginning, it had been...

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Continental Sauna

Experiences of an Italian sauna and the unusual dress code.

I'd like to tell you about a time when my then partner and I took a trip to Lake Garda. It was around 10 years ago and was my first trip to Italy. We stayed in the town of Riva del Garda; a beautiful part of the world on the bank of Lake Garda that I could not recommend more highly. The hotel that we stayed in was a short walk out of town and had a spa attached. I enjoy a nice swim and sauna...

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The Commodity Pt. 03

Abducted on an Alien Spaceship, captives are transformed.

Warning, includes strong sexual themes. Intended for Adults only. All Characters are fictional. All Characters are 18 or older. PART 3 *** FROM MINDY'S POINT OF VIEW Mindy had woken earlier to the throbbing of her heartbeat between her legs. It was intense! Her normally stagnant clittoris was pulsing like a drum, sending small tingles of pleasure running through her...

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Password Protected Pt. 01

My orgasms are password protected.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex. * _Author's note: Like all of my other stories, this one is set in a female dominated universe where women control men sexually, especially their ability to orgasm. Here, women's main focus is using men for their own pleasure. Various technologies exist in this universe to allow women to do just that....

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Getting Lost Ch. 06

An end and a new beginning.

Getting Lost is a science-fantasy serial presented in 6 parts. I recommend reading Getting Lost 1-5, _or the tale might not make sense. I want to thank Krellyn, Leah Harvey, and RNebular for editing. I hope you've enjoyed this story. I have more works in progress and will probably have another submission soon. Thank you all for reading. As always, I really appreciate your responses in...

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Future Sex Ch. 01

The Shape of Things to Come.

AT GRANDMA'S I had never thought about my grandparents having sex, though obviously they do. I was visiting with my twin brother Jack, and Grandma asked if we wanted to use their sex room, so we said OK. What a surprise! It was so retro! Almost everything was manual! And so limited! Even the ejaculator only had basic spunk - they didn't even have chocolate flavour! Grandma said she...

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Danielle Ch. 03

An Adventure at Home.

Why did so many people know about sex, yet she was blind to it? Danielle wondered the same thing again and again, more so now as she sat in the shadowed corner of a restaurant, a random woman atop her just as Holly and Bethany had been. A week had passed since her friend did this for the first time, but only a couple of days since she last did it. Yet, despite the frequency, she was no closer to...

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Amulet of Self

The amulet I found and the amazing woman that came with it.

I'm not sure where I found it. I was on my way home from work. It was a nice sunny afternoon and I had decided to take the longer route home, wending my way through the woods to take the path along the river. It's only an extra 20 minutes or so, and it beats by far walking along the noisy city streets. I wasn't in a hurry. I didn't have any plans for the evening. And so I just strolled along...

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Anorexic Domination

An anorexic girl makes Hammond orgasm on his marriage bed.

Hammond watched as she injected herself with the yellowish liquid. He was sitting upright, handcuffed on his bed as the nearly anorexic girl drugged herself on his lap. The mere sight of this stiffened him further than anything else in the world. Zoe was a 20 something emo girl who looked younger due to her extremely lackey features. She was half the size of her middle aged lover. After having...

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Working Out Issues Ch. 02

Mel and Adam start bonding.

"It's so hard," I sighed. Adam nodded earnestly. It was early Friday evening, and we were hanging out on the balcony of our shared apartment waiting for the sun to go down. I was drinking beer, and Adam was taking shots of vodka to pre-game before he hit the club. He was wearing a collared shirt with the top three buttons undone, just enough to give you a glimpse of his ripped chest muscles....

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The Heart Wants

A box of leftover chocolates makes Dan a femboy housewife!

The bus was late, again. Dan fiddled with a discarded newspaper, trying to ignore the night's cold air on his skin. It was strange to not have any company on this run. Usually, there's another guy out here, waiting for the same 119 out of town and to his sprawl of an apartment complex. But he was nowhere to be seen. Dan didn't know him, but he was kinda cute in a way. Shorter by a few inches and...

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Joe's Unforgettable Birthday

Joe's Mistress gives a transsexual surprise for his birthday.

It was Joe's birthday, but he couldn't believe the situation he found himself in. He was stripped down, naked, his hands cuffed behind his back at the wrists, kneeling on the floor. He was completely out of his element, uncomfortable. At least there was a thick pad between his knees and the hard mahogany floor. And, trying to make the best of it, at least the pad was big enough with plenty of room...

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Fetish Factory

CD gets turned into a fetish doll.

_I feel this story needs a quick intro. This was inspired by one of the first pieces of erotic fiction I ever read, The Factory by Tr_Veller. It's a similar story, but it's with a genetic girl and not as much sex, still it was an amazing piece. I tried reaching out for permission to basically borrow the idea and take a trans spin on it, but haven't heard back. So, if anyone knows Tr_Veller, I'd...

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A Big Change Pt. 02

A young man's transformation continues.

The morning after my "Fitting" found me back in work and my focus was on the tasks of the day, yet in the back of my mind I kept on hearing Mary, "If you can suck cock as well as you lick pussy, you'll be very popular." It was those words, "Suck cock," I have never sucked, or wanted to suck a cock, if she thinks that, then is very much mistaken. I had to remain focused, I had a couple of days...

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Sydeen and Karye

Sydeen and Karye become more than just friends.

"Right the way, Miss." The desk guard said as he buzzed Sydeen Bahjiri through the glass door that separated them from the elevator. She gave him a little nod of acknowledgement and stepped through. To say she was elated by the thoughts of the pending meeting would be an understatement. Excitement bubbled up from her toes and spread throughout her body as she entered the elevator and pressed the...

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Lost in a Cave

Mark went out looking for adventure, he definitely got it.

Mark walked through the cave, his feet felt like they would fall off from all the walking he had done. Sighing, Mark sat down on a rock, pulling out a waterbottle and some food he had packed for this adventure. His mind wandered as he ate the sandwich, he thought about home, how there was not much that really awaited him when he got back, he had the occasional jogger or camping family, but often...

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Arcanum - Of Steamwork and Magic Ch. 12

In Which Our Hero reveals his Origins.

Author's Note: So, I wrote this while sick. Coughing, sore throat, runny nose, the WORKS! So, it's a bit shorter than previous chapters and future chapters. For this, I am sorry. But if you feel any up-swelling of ire for this, know, I am being punished even as you think it with my sickness. Bleh. The Tale of Resh Craig June 4 th , 1876 _Somewhere on the Morbihan...

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Alliance Pt. 01

Get out the stakes lass, there's a vampire coming for dinner.

_**A note to readers: Alliance starts off right from the end of Devil Mine. If you haven't had a chance to read the first two stories Within and Devil Mine you may want to go back and check them out. To all of you wondering what's so damn special about Em your patience will be rewarded in Alliance. A huge thank you to everyone who read, voted, and commented on Within and Devil Mine....

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The Glass Rose Ch. 05

Chance takes a chance with Garie.

Note to Reader: Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. *** Garie Hillman called her friend Angie to invite her to lunch on Wednesday. They made arrangements to meet at a Mexican restaurant near work. Garie was waiting for Angie at a table eating chips and salsa. When Angie arrived, Garie got up to hug her friend. "It's so nice to see you, Angie." "Same...

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