Erotic Stories Published On Fri, Feb 22, 2019

Tender Trap

A father and step-daughter navigate a tumultuous divorce.

This story is a collaboration between myself and my former editor and friend Pete. I hope you enjoy it. - - - - - Having just completed his regular, early morning swim in the bay, Don walked up from the water and up onto his own small, private beach. The cool, crisp Southern California water left him invigorated and he felt ready to begin his day. After walking the short distance up through...

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"Did you like it?"

21 year old girl falls for her best friend's father.

"Did you like it?" A long silence stretched between us. I felt my temperature spike as he stood in front of me. The moonlight crept through the blinds in the living room, gently reflecting off his olive skin. I could just make out his intimidating silhouette and the glimmer in his dark eyes. His breath was shallow, and his brow furrowed in contemplation. He seemed as though he was...

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Two Hundred Dollars Ch. 17

About that transparent bra he bought me...

132 Dollars Laura slipped into her bedroom just after ten o'clock, her teeth brushed and her flannel pyjamas on. "Good night, mom," she called out. "Good night, dad." "'night sweetie," her mom called back. "We're at the soup kitchen tomorrow, remember." "Of course," she replied softly, closing the door and turning off the lights. I paid my debt, she comforted...

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Victoria+Harold's Super Bowl Party

Young hipsters throw last minute super bowl party.

Victoria and Harold, a young, nerdy, trendy, skinny, white couple were sitting around their newish exposed brick loft. The tv was showing the pregame show for the Super Bowl but neither seemed to care. "Let's call Jane and John and see if they want to come over and "watch the big game," Harold said, using air quotes. It wasn't clear what the meaning was behind his air quotes. "Yeah,...

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Humiliation Punishment

Enslaved for a day after being caught sniffing panties.

I am a 35-year-old happily married man and I have always been faithful. I do however, have a crush on my wife's best friend Claire. When we all spend time together with her and her long-term partner, I have to ensure I am not staring at her face, figure or as someone with a foot fetish her feet. Her partner occasionally teases her about her feet because her big toes are slightly wider than most...

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Best Gig Ever

A struggling actor gets a role that changes his life.

Hi! I'm Paul Grantz, one of the thousands of actors around Hollywood waiting for our big break. I'd gotten a scattering of small gigs from "Angry Customer" to "Thug #2". When my agent got me a part as "Dungeon Slave", of course I replied "Yes". It was my first role in an erotic movie, but I have bills to pay! The first day, I was told to come in sandals. I reported to the costuming room, and...

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A Shared Wet Fetish Ch. 04 - Grandma

Me and my Grandma.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * This is a true story in a series of true stories as told to me by my friend Jeff. *** I was born in 1946, just after WW2. Everybody in England had a country to rebuild, especially in London, where I lived. My parents, as did everyone else, went to work, my mother starting just after I...

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Riding First Class

Amy bumps into an old lover on the overnight train.

I was flying up to Scotland for Easter to fuck Bella, my old travelling companion and lover, but I had not bargained for the unseasonal weather putting a dampener on my plans. At Victoria, I fought my way through the Good Friday crowds smelling of stale sweat, smoke and wet dog. The platform for the Gatwick Express was curiously quiet, as was the train itself. At first, I took no notice. I...

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Out of work teen finds a new job serving.

I had been out of high school now for a year. That was the good news. The bad news was, I had just lost my job that paid all my bills. I knew I needed to come up with something quick in order to cover my car payment, rent, electric bill, etc. So I did what most guys do when they lose a job: I headed to a bar. I saw this place not far from where my job location was but had never been in it....

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Office Ski Trip Ch. 02

Office stud continues to show off on company trip.

Tom awoke cold and still drunk. Some coals were sill glowing in the ski cabin fireplace but the fire was mostly out. He remembered playing some drinking games with the his girlfriend Lauren and her co-workers, earlier that night, but it was dark now and no one was around. Lauren's boss Dave, who had played football in college, had rented the cabin for the weekend and Tom had spent most of the day...

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The Awaking of a Sub... Pt. 04

A young man's submission is made whole.

The three of them slept soundly in Karen's bed. David was the first to wake up. He got out of the bed quietly, moving slowly so that he did not disturb either Mistress. He went to the bathroom, cleaned up by washing the sleep from his face, brushing his teeth and hair and went downstairs. He made coffee and sat outside enjoying the quiet of the early morning, waiting for the coffee to brew....

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Parts of Desire Ch. 04

A teenage fantasy comes true in the Arabian desert.

Ravenna933 edited this story and made some helpful suggestions. * Day four in Oman, a Wednesday, dawned with a soft knocking at my door. I rolled over in bed, still half-asleep, checking the clock. It was about an hour prior to my alarm, and wearily, I got out of bed, walked to the door, and opened it. The hallway was deserted, apart from the back of a hijabi woman, making her way...

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LMC Ch. 01: The Lingerie Show

Little Miss Cutie's lingerie show gets out of hand.

_Some years ago, an excellent writer of adult fiction, writing under the pseudonym "Little Joe," created several characters inspired by myself and several lovely ladies we both knew. One character was based on me, Bobbie Kaye, and was nicknamed Cutie, or Little Miss Cutie. Little Joe posted a number of these wonderful stories, in which Bobbie Kaye and her friend Gretchen worked at a hotel in Great...

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Fat Bottomed . . . Girls?

How a callow youth is deflowered by a larger lady.

Note. 1970's Britain was a strange place in many ways, punctuated as it was by martial strife in Ireland, industrial strife in mainland UK .. .. and far less sexual activity by teenagers than the 'swinging sixties' would have led us to believe should have been the case! Of course, it was also the decade of proper 'Swingers', but that too only happened in certain areas of the country. Also -...

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Earth to Anna

A shy virgin learns to let go of the past.

_Copyright Neonurotic The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. All characters are 18+ years old. _ # A sweet green and fresh breeze wafted through open windows,...

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Divorced Pt. 01

I'm divorced, but my ex-wife wants me to see one more thing.

A bit of a change here. Straight up tease with voyeurism. This is tamer than some of my other stuff, but almost no filler. The smut starts almost right away. This is part one. There's another part written which gets much darker, and along the lines of my other stories so far. Fair warning. Hope you like it. * The pit in my stomach felt like it would swallow me up. I was mentally...

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A Tropical Display

Things get hot and heavy on a not-so-private beach.

I sit on the rear of the sailboat, watching Justin as he maneuvers the various ropes. I have no idea how any of this works, and I don't try to figure it out. Instead, I watch Justin's hands. Strong, deft, they embody the confidence he pretends not to have. Justin gestures to me, and I pull the rudder gently to the left. He grins boyishly and sits down beside me. "Told ya. A natural." He grabs two...

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Dark Pluto

A fashion god obsesses over his muse.

Chapter One A mirrored reflection of the bright neon lights that adorned the towering cement landscape twinkled in intermittent fashion across the black sheen of the limousine. He was happy to be back in New York, gazing at the splendor of Time Square. After all, where else should Justin Parker, world-renowned fashion designer, spend his twenty-seventh birthday? His finger grazed the screen...

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A Special Day for Patricia

With a little help, Patricia overcomes her fears.

"Tonight is a special night," Roger whispered in her ear. "Oh?" Patricia purred pressing her back against his chest. "How's that?" He slid his hands down her sides. The only barrier between his fingers and her skin was the silk of her dress. The tips of his fingers floated past her breasts. The lack of a bra sent electric bolts straight between her legs. His hands found her tight, round...

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Mines of Sonhadra - Stage 04

Level 2 of a gender swapped action/adventure sci-fi LitRPG.

_(Fair Warning ~ This gender swapped, action/adventure, sci-fi hentai litRPG features elements of non-consensual sex, sex with aliens, monsters and other non-humans, tentacle stuff, seduction, coercion, dominance and submission, male/female sex -well kinda, maybe however you want to classify the gender-swapped sex...on top of the violence, fantasy elements, and plot stuff... Or it may not...every...

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Hell + Harem, what could go wrong?

All characters are above the age of 18. * He woke up and found himself in a red room, with black, granite pillars. He blinked again then rubbed his eyes, trying to sit up. Someone pushed him back down to the bed like thing under him, "Wait a little bit, you still have to recover and get used to this new body," He turned his head and his eyes met a very large chested girl wearing a...

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Harrow's Wife Ch. 03

Gwen and Harrow on the run. Harrow meets an old friend.

Note: I'm happy to present the third of seven chapters of this fantasy story. Many thanks to those who have read, voted, left comments or sent emails - your support, encouragement and feedback are appreciated. The fourth chapter should be out in a couple of weeks... The story contains fantasy violence. * "Ana is to the north," Gwen said, trying to filter the irritation...

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Growing Needs Ch. 11

Experiencing Another Threesome.

So many people dream of fucking their doctors. They're the perfect fantasy, most were rich and, to some extent, compassionate, they knew how to care for someone and they could get drugs. But it was for none of those reasons that Mia rocked her hind legs, gently urging her specialised physician to suck more of her cock. She had a simpler reason, but one that dominated all others; lust. Roshni...

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Emilia's Exorcism Pt. 05

She learns just how much fun life as a total slut can be.

This text was inspired (with her permission) by the work of u/soft-n-slow of Reddit's r/gonewild. ————— Part 5 hi! so... um... I know you said our bargain was done and all... but I kinda have a question about the spell? is that still cool? evening.witch: I can't promise I'll have answers...

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Beyond Sight Ch. 04

With knowledge comes enilightenment, but for whom?

Author's Note: This one took me a fair bit longer than usual to crank on out, as I was dealing with some RL issues that had drained my normal drive to write. After taking some much needed down time, I picked it back up and got this one done as fast as I could. Now, shall we begin? * Tomas woke to sunlight streaming in through the window and he blinked his eyes open. If he was being...

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Blue Fire Ch. 01

A blue-skinned Daemon is sold into slavery.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I swear to God I'm not into the 1800's! This one was inspired by a story I read years ago that used the word 'Daemon' and had a blue skinned girl sold to a vampire, I think. I also remember it being alternative 1800's, but could be wrong. Beautiful Curse was inspired by a game called 80 Days, which is based off '80 Days Around the World,' so that's it...

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Blasphemia II: Deus Vult Pt. 03

Corruption spreads, and the horror grows...

"Attention Air Succubus passengers, this is your captain speaking," Filia said in a faux-garbled voice. "We're entering Rome airspace and may experience some slight turbulence. We apologize for any discomfort." Judith rolled her eyes as the crackling arcane barrier around Rome loomed large in front of them. The arcs of power snapping and sparking back and forth were as wide as she was. There...

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The Pervert engages in some wet and messy self-love.

A small shift in his facial expression might be noticeable if you were just watching him and paying attention. A shift of his eyes down and away at the very thought of it shows his underlying fear. The fear he feels is not of the actions themselves, fuck, people have been fucking and jerking off since there have been people and some of those people are pretty strange. No, the fear comes from...

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Solo Stud

A hot stud explores his body in an intense solo session.

His semi hard cock strains against the fabric of his tight gym shorts. He strokes his cock through the thin fabric and whimpers as his sensitive rod grows to full length. Standing up, he removes all his clothes. He brings the sweaty crotch of his shorts to his nose and inhales the masculine juices that has soaked the fabric. His cock is rock hard now. Glancing at the large wall mirror, he runs his...

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Sissy Panty

A Married Man Participates in a 'Slave' Auction.

Rich had never been so embarrassed in his life. He felt like Ralphie in A Christmas Story when on Christmas morning his mother makes him put on the full-length bunny costume his aunt sent him. Except it was not his mother standing next to him in the wings of the small auditorium; it was his sometimes mothering wife, Billie. Rich wore a white terrycloth robe. But it was not the robe that was...

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