Erotic Stories Published On Sat, Feb 23, 2019

Winter Break - Freshman Year in College Pt. 01

Exploring the campus alone and naked during winter break.

I was accepted to a liberal arts college in Michigan. The campus was located in a rural area surrounded by acres and acres of thick wooded forest. I was excited to attend this particular college due to its rural setting and the fact that it was very different from the southwest desert where I was raised. I lived in a dorm my Freshman year. I shared a room with a guy from Michigan. His family...

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Husband is a Good Sport Ch. 02

Hot wife wants to see Camille again.

I met this young guy, Cameron, by accident and somehow developed a budding relationship with him. Read chapter 1 for details. Cameron's sister, Collette, was presenting a plan for him to apply at an upscale restaurant to be a waitress since waiters did not do as well in tips. Cam resisted the idea at first, but Collette told stories about how they used to play dress up in their mother's clothes....

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Futanari Note Ch. 03

Jess tries the Note one someone else and has a fun bus ride.

Chapter 3 of Futanari Note This is a fanfic. I have the original author's permission to do this, so please enjoy! (Check out sexgundam666, but if this is the stuff you like you probably have done so already) ~ The Futa Note was in front of me, I had a pen in my hand. I was eager to write a name, but who? Should I give a dick to a bully or someone I like? Or...

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Camp of Blessing Ch. 11

Kristanna is in trouble, while her friends are busy.

Kristanna opened her eyes, half-awake she could barely feel her body. She looked around and recognized the room, she was definitely in the dungeon at the mines. As her vision slowly cleared she also recognized the tall security guard standing a couple yards away. Kristanna realized she had no clothes on, and her arms were stretched above her head. She tried to twist her wrists against the tight...

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Hurricane Linzi Ch. 04

Linzi unleashes her inner exhibitionist.

Over the next few months Linzi came over to my place most weekends. Sometimes we would go out with Angela and her boyfriend, but we usually had plenty of time for some energetic shagging and Linzi got to indulge her exhibitionist streak. A complete blow by blow account would get pretty tedious, but there were a couple of memorable incidents as spring slowly emerged from a particularly dismal...

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Claire and the Boys Next Door Ch. 04

Claire gets to know her other neighbour better.

I was distracted through dinner with my parents and spent most of the evening staring at a succession of pointless TV shows, my brain engaged with re-living past adventures and fantasising about new ones. This time the enjoyment high from what had happened lasted pretty much the rest of the day, and the feelings of embarrassed regret that had hit me the previous times didn't really appear. In fact...

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Dreamtime Rendezvous

A starving succubus tries to resist her former lover.

It was cold in my room when he walked in. I didn't even lift my eyes from where they rested, staring out my window, nor turn to face him. "You shouldn't be here." It went without saying, so why did I even bother? Because someone should say it. When we looked back on this, it might make us both feel better that someone had the courage to say it. I know it is a dream. On some level, I...

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Knight Squadron - The Saboteur

Someone is sabotaging the Valkyrie fighters of the Luftwaffe.

Note: Originally written in 2000... A one off short story in my Knight Squadron series. Someone is sabotaging the Valkyrie fighters of the Luftwaffe. Or that's what Johann Strauss thinks, and he thinks he knows who it is too. Of course, it's a little more complicated than that. Part 1... The Valkyrie streaked back toward the base on the moon of Syria. There were no...

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Male Jumper Ch. 06 - Final

Tina sacrifices her dignity for the good of the republic.

This is the final installment of the Male Jumper series. What was originally planned as a single story of a princess being ravaged by a bunch of space pirates that morphed in this 6 part extravaganza. The original was published a year ago and after much gnashing of teeth, this revised edition has been finished. * On a cold blustery night in the capital city, an auto car made...

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Disposable Hero Ch. 06 - Drow on the Move

Chapter One of Book Two.

This is the first chapter of book two for each new book I will go back to how I began the first off so you can see how things have changed for the characters. With everything going on in this book I will be doing full chapters so expect longer story segments. Let me know your thoughts on the intro? and getting full chapters? * Henri caught movement out of the corner of...

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Arena Ch. 03

Sierra experiences The Proposal and agrees to participate.

Positioning herself, she lowers her body gently to check the alignment, then slams herself down on him as hard as she can. Sensation explodes in her as his cock slams into her depths. Rick, still holding her arms, pulls, trying to dislodge her, but she plants her hands on his chest and stiff arms him. Up she slides, and then down, ramming him home once more. He is frantic. "No! Stop! Stop!"...

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A New Beginning Ch. 08

Jessica and the desperate flee.

Jessica stroked Hank's muscular thigh with one hand in a distracted manner as she thought about what they had been discussing. He lay on the small bed with his arms behind his head as he watched her think. Again he was struck by how deeply she would consider information before reacting. Also her constant need to touch him made him feel good, it was just a shame they had to keep it private and...

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The Trade Show Pt. 06

Georgia's life changes dramatically.

Part 6 - A change of circumstances Catch up: I'm so sorry for the delay in adding to my story. If you recall, I had my first sleepover with Cindy and twice she had asked me to work for her as our relationship developed. Georgia xx I rushed home and changed, arriving just a few minutes late for my first appointment. I hate rushing for things like this and am sure that it is just a matter...

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The Daddy-Son Dance Pt. 02

Todd wakes up next to his cross-dressing Dad.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * I woke up earlier than I normally did on a Saturday morning to find my Dad had woken earlier still. He was lying beside me, his head rested on handed and propped up by an elbow looking at me lovingly, "Morning Todd, you looked so handsome." "You look beautiful," I replied. His lipstick was smudged and his...

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The Lost Boy Ch. 19

Helle continues her fun, while Ian gets an unexpected sign.

A.N. What's this? What's this? A new chapter in the air? What's this? White stuff in Cassie's hair? What's this? I can't believe my eyes I must be dreaming wake up guys this isn't fair! What's this?? :DDDD ...My niece's like the nightmare before Christmas. Lol **I hope you guys enjoy this! This is one of my favorite chapters so far, I saw somebody ask if this was the final...

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Sissy Walk of Shame

A little sissy exhibition goes wrong.

First off: This is a story about my alter ego a not so bright crossdresser who likes a bit of exposure. It also contains an element of self-bondage but not in the traditional manner. All characters are over 18 years of age and are purely a figment of my imagination. * I am a part time mostly closet crossdresser. I don't consider myself gay or bi and have a gf. I particularly like...

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Chasing Waves Ch. 04

The end is just the beginning.

Ten years later; Msgt Diego Quinto's life was a barrage of bullets, deployments, violent arguments with his wife, and chemo- a seemingly endless round of chemo for his, now thirteen-year-old, son Cam. His only light was his little daughter, five-year-old Jenessa. (His wife called her Jenny, but to him, she was Jen.) Little Jen lived as an organ and tissue donor to her sick brother. And when that...

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An Unlikely Valentine

A loner finds out his secret admirer is his bully.

I'm very happy to find out that people really liked my stories so I won't give up now! Also, part 2 of 'My Loving and Caring Girlfriend' will be out sometime this weekend (that is if it gets published on time). But anyway, here's a story I had on my mind for a few days. It's a lot longer than I would have liked it, for many story lovers, you may like this one! All characters are 18+....

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The Devil's Cuckoos Ch. 03

Erica and Mike sink slowly into depravity.

The Lair of the Incubus: Erica's Perspective: She was slowly trying to get Mike used to the idea that she was going to be a bit of a slut. The flirting he would see particularly as it would be tame for the most part. She would tease him about the photography and about doing porn. Mike hadn't said anything about how she had been behaving either well not really. She thought he would...

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Crimson Reborn Ch. 05

A nearby family gets strange milk in their groceries.

A strange tingling sensation ran down Helen's back. She blinked and her head lilted in confusion. Like someone walked over my grave, she thought. How long have I been standing here? Helen had a clear memory of getting home and starting to unload the groceries. She'd called up to her stepson for help, but as usual Nick either didn't hear her or chose to ignore her. She'd made two trips with bags...

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The Latter Years

Life the second time around.

You will find no explicit sex in this story. This is about sex and romance, but I don't spell it out. Now, if you are one of those squeamish types who doesn't want to think that people of a certain age are still having sex, then I suggest that you stop right here, turn around, and walk away. Ok, you've been warned. *** My name is Parker Davis and this is the story of my latter...

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The Girl in the Brothel Ch. 06

A pig in a dress and hot chocolate.

Thara could feel his eyes boring twin holes into her forehead as she sat by the empty hearth. It was unnerving. The last time someone had stared at her with such intensity was when she was thirteen and unknowingly ripped the seat of her pants while playing boats with her brothers at the lake. Her brothers hadn't let on (at her expense), and she couldn't figure out why some of the lads kept staring...

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Jack & Ronnie's Conference Trip Pt. 04

Jack & Ronnie attend a Couple's Only Dinner & Game Night.

Ronnie hadn't used an alarm clock in years, having developed an internal one so finely tuned that it never seemed to fail her. So, it surprised her when she woke up over an hour later than she'd planned. It surprised her even more that she'd slept on top of her blanket and in the same clothes she'd fallen asleep in. The last thing she remembered was Jack telling her she's beautiful, her...

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A Night at Sophia's

Aleph visits Sophia's house, and the real fun begins.

Sophia walked back home in a trance, with a small smile on her lips. Aleph was still on her mind, she couldn't stop thinking about him. His strong arms wrapped under her breasts, her back braced against his toned body, his breath hot on her neck as he nibbled on her ear... She opened the door to her apartment while her mind spun fancies of her desire. She recalled her recent conversation...

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Hierarchy of Needs Ch. 01

Jacob finds a strange room with four filing cabinets in it.

I don't know how, but I'd never noticed the small doorway before. It was opposite the bathroom, and so you'd expect to notice it every time you exit the smallest room in the house, but I'd never consciously spotted it there before. At the time I was in a rush, so I just mentally noted it, thought "How strange," and ran to meet my friends. It was later that night, when I couldn't...

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Cloudy Waters Mansion Pt. 02

Roya looks for his roommate, but gets into trouble himself.

The rest of the day went pretty fast for the fox, who kept thinking back to the blissful feeling of laying on that mattress. Eventually, he met up with Roc again at dinner, as the chameleon'd been missing from the lunch break. Roc spotted the fox and waved at him. "Hey bud, where were you at lunch?" The fox asked. Immediately the chameleon raised an eyebrow. "I was.. at the main hall,...

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Crossings Ch. 01

Departures (part 2) | Jess and Mariano in a car.

"Real Amazons, Real Magic, Book 3: Crossings" begins here, immediately after the events of Cascade Fire. 1. Departures (part 2) Jess drove Mariano in Callie's crossover SUV. "I've got you now," she said, grinning. "Thank you, Jess, for doing ... what you did back there," he said. "You saved my life." "It wasn't just me," she said. "You being open is what made it...

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Troubled Waters

New girl gets taken by the Captain.

I've always valued my self-control and being calm when others lose their shit. I value it because I had to work for it; my father kicked me out when I was young, and he was right. I was worthless. I never did hardcore drugs but I drank, and fought, and stole enough that he could see where I was headed. I was 19 when my best friend got shot and I swore off petty theft and found a job. Had I...

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Sybil of the Sands Ch. 03-04

She meets the king; a price is paid.

Chapter 3 The desert may not have been as hot as I was expecting, but the brightness far exceeded anything I could have dreamt of. Sunrise dawned cold and clear, and a million tiny grains of sand blazed to life, dancing with luminescence. It was impossible to sleep any longer. The men too were awake and preparing the horses for our trip across the desert to Niacinth. I thought wistfully...

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Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy Pt. 01

A story about a neighbour who wants some payback.

_Hello everyone, I know Savannah and Roxy's story is still ramping up, but in order to keep writing fresh and fun for me I have decided to start another story following another idea I really like. It is a story dealing with forced feminisation and male on male domination. If that isn't a thing then I advise you to stop right here. If it is then I hope you enjoy the story. Just like Savannah's...

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