Erotic Stories Published On Sun, Feb 24, 2019

Voyage to Paradise Pt. 01

Tara's sexual transformation from a girl to a woman.

This is the story of Tara and her transformation, with the help of her parents and others, from a naïve, 18 year old girl into a sensual, experienced, sexually liberated woman. Part 1: Tara Embarks On Her Voyage It was just three weeks after her Eighteenth Birthday when Tara discovered that coming-of-age did not necessarily free her from the control of her parents. She still lived at...

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Uncle Dick Ch. 03

Uncle Dick services his Sister and Niece a second time.

The next day at school Megan's mind wasn't on her work. She was reprimanded more than once for not paying attention. Not that she was bothered in the least really as she was thinking about the pleasures of the night before which was a lot more fun than her school work. Although she had seen her uncle before she left home that morning there was not a word spoken. Richard had put his arm round...

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Quick Brown Fox: Aunt Sue

His first time was a quickie upstairs with visiting aunt.

Over the years I have become a master in the art of pickups and quickies and I secretly nicknamed myself the quick brown fox. After the first time it didn't take me long to learn to recognize when pussy was there for the immediate taking and how to make it happen, either on the spot or soon after, someplace else. It all started when I was eighteen and got a tight hug in greeting from my lovely...

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Carly (Part 3)

My wife's friend...

My stepdaughter, wife and I had gone to the mall that afternoon. My wife had to work that night and about 6pm had left the house. My stepdaughter, Miranda and I were in the house with my wife's friend Carly. I hadn't expected to have the afternoon that I did. The afternoon concluded with an early evening of my stepdaughter flirting with me, Carly flirting with me, us having dirty sexual...

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Pam Explains The Last Two Months Part 5

Pam Finally Goes All The Way!

When Rob asked me to share my side of our story, I never in my wildest dreams thought we’d be at Part Five. The way things are developing in my parts of the story makes me think I might need at least one or two more chapters to take readers up to the point Rob left off. Rob often teases me by saying I can talk the pants off a horse. Apparently, there’s more truth in his teasing than I thought....

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Days of Passion

Erotic encounter with a senior in college.

I am Chetan 25 years old practicing lawyer from Bangalore. The incident that I am describing here took place 4 years back in the second year of my college. Our college was located on the outskirts of the city in the lap of the forests and surrounded by an artificial lake giving it the most scenic setting for college. Being a partially- residential university 70% of its students stayed on the...

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First Trip of the Year

First time getting caught.

We traveled up north again with our camper late on Friday afternoon. We arrived to the camp site right at dark in the rain. I set up the camper and got all the leveling/ stabilizer jacks down and in place. Soon after I went inside the rain stopped and the night seemed to clear. We went outside but without fire wood we just set up a few tiki torches and sat listening to the night. As we sat in our...

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How Far will a Slut Go?

I turned the tables on a cock tease with big tits.

I met her at a party she was dancing with her friends. I had recently broke things off with my girlfriend so what better to do than head to a lifestyle club looking for a rebound. It wasn't her face it was her two huge tits bouncing as she danced. She was young maybe 25, had brown hair, a pretty face, a decent figure, too much make up and tits that appeared impossible for her small frame....

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Coupons Ch. 01

Coupons are given and Simon gives one to his mother.

The Coupons are Given I knew from a young age that my family was different, but it wasn't until my eighteenth birthday that I learned why and didn't experience the difference until the Christmas following that birthday. It's not that I grew up with people staring at us or feeling awkward about my place in the family. No, none of that. I recognized the difference by studying how my friends...

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My Darkest Desire Ch. 01

A new chapter in a single woman's life.

The cold bites my cheeks as I watch the winter rains clean So Cal of its funk. People driving through pools like it's any other day, and nothing more. "Ahhh!...Fuck You Too!" I turn left to find a girl who had just been drenched head to toe in street grime by a white truck speeding away. Poor thing, all drenched and shivering in her leggings and hoodie, only warm enough for...

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Enjoying Myself - Taking Kaylah Ch. 02

I send my assistant into to continue breaking my captives.

Author's Note: It makes sense to read the first installment of this series. The themes in these fantasy pieces can be harsh so if these are not themes that you welcome, find another story. I am always appreciative of comments, good or bad. I hope you enjoy this installment and come back for more. **** I am watching from my control room. Each of my facilities has rooms for...

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Mom on Top Ch. 06

Uncle Jackie lands on his feet-- at our house.

It didn't take long for things to "work out". The next week Mother got a call from her younger brother Jackie in St. Louis, asking if he could move in with us for awhile-- he'd lost his job, couldn't find anything else, and was being forced out of the place where he lived. He arrived the following Saturday, his loaded car pulling a small U-Haul trailer. Jackie had visited us occasionally in...

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My Sister Annie and Me Pt. 03

A blowjob and anal - is she perfect or what?

All characters engaged in sexual acts are over 18 years of age. * We were worried about mum in hospital, but at least she was in good hands and already looked a bit better. My foxy sister, despite her concerns, came up with an idea. "We'll have the house to ourselves. I have this fantasy, where we do everything naked. If we wanna touch each other, fuck, or whatever, we just do...

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An Unexpected Education Pt. 01

A young college art student gets an education in submission.

Liz lounged around her room, which was pretty spacious for a college dorm. She was happy to be done with her classes for the day, although she still had her assignment for life drawing to finish. She had asked her friend Theo to help and was surprised when he agreed. She never thought that one of her friends would agree to pose nude. The assignment called for a nude drawing. They decided that they...

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The Passenger

When a sexy air hostess wins a Godlike passenger.

The forty year old diplomat realised that he was the only passenger travelling in his company's private jet that night. It was winter time and very few people wanted to work during the holidays. But George Hale was not someone who loved festivals. He was divorced twice. He had piercing green eyes, a stubble, a Scottish accent and soft blonde hair. Many women fantasised about him and he got many...

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The Good Counselor Ch. 02

Hera welcomes Persephone to her home then confronts Zeus.

"Ready?" Persephone clicked her teeth together. "I suppose so." "She did this on purpose," Athena said. "On the very day that beast will be there..." "You could avoid Poseidon, you know." Her gateway through the ether twisted in a winding gyre of Phlegethon flame, and on the other side stood Olympus. "You don't have to accompany me." "I know," said Athena. "And I hope...

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Savannah's Hypnotic Socks Pt. 08

Roxanne has a date with Chad but...

Chapter 10 Roxanne woke up with a big sigh as usual. Her face still stunk of Savannah's feet and the taste of her roommate's pussy was still present in her mouth. Two things she had become way too familiar with over the past weeks much to her embarrassment. She still had some trouble with the new rule about walking around naked. Afterall getting dressed in the morning had been a routine of...

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The Doctor's Widow Gets Blacked Ch. 03

Juliana goes all in and ends up part of a BBC syndicate.

A little over six months ago, Juliana Westcott was living in the suburbs of Pepper Pike, Ohio married to a promising bright young doctor. She was 31 and already well to do, and her life seemed well planned. Then her husband died suddenly in a freak car accident leaving the poor young girl with wealth and responsibilities. Never in her wildest imaginations did Juliana ever dream what her life would...

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Destinee and Destiny Ch. 01.2

Emotions running high, shit hits the fan.

Hello again readers! Hopefully you're enjoying the story so far! I promise this will be the last chapter that does not have sex of some sort in it. This is however, probably the most important chapter, so make sure you're reading everything in order! Enjoy. Chapter Six -- Shifting Tides For the first time in a long time as I wake up, I feel at complete peace. The dawn also brings a...

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Jon, Kate and Best Friend Shelly

Sister and her best friend seduce her twin brother.

Jon my twin brother and I are fraternal twins and we are 19 years old. We have graduated from high school and are in our first year at a local college living at home with our parents. Both of us have always been good students in high school and have consistently made good grades. We both have frequently been listed on the honor roll in high school. As twins we have always been close to one another...

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Procrustean Landlord Ch. 03

The sitter does anything possible to avoid trouble!

2004 Nebraska I was exhausted from a long day of work at the call site; we had another outbreak of the notorious so called 'duck club'. This time the call site owner was not happy to just fire the ring leaders, now he wanted anyone who quaked let go, no if ands or butts. "These lay-offs are very draining." I thought to myself as I turned the key to my door. My wife was away in...

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Dragon's Roar

Weekend of sex.

This story is written for a friend who put the seeds of it in my mind. Parts of this story are true but I did take a lot of liberties with it because it is really his memories and not mine. *** It was the fall of 1993. Back when malls were booming. Shannon was in Salem Massachusetts, setting up a new lingerie shop at the Liberty Tree Mall. It had been a rough day for her. Corporate had...

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Kathryn Goes Shopping

Taken to buy toys to keep at her place, with distractions.

This is an adventure for earlier in the relationship featured in the First Punishment story, the story content is mild, but hopefully interesting and it provides some background detail which I hope to make use of in future pieces about the two protagonists. * It was Sunday at her place, and, unusually, she was awake before him, she lay in the toasty warmth of her bed, her mind...

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Cheat-ify The Bastard!

Was I going to allow HIM to get away with it? Roflmao!

_Author's Notes: This is a sequel toCheat-ify The Bitch. CTB was a 750 word offering and only takes a couple of minutes to read. (yes and vote) This story won't make any sense if you haven't read CTB. One of the anon's comment on the original CTB story suggested the male cheater shouldn't get away with it. My little reptilian brain thought for at least 2 seconds before saying Hell yes, let's...

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Pulp Fiction: A Prince Story

A love story, a princess, a stranger, and flowers.

It was early spring, and there was not a season more pleasant than this one in the kingdom of Freesia. You can't get enough of the scent of white, yellow and violet freesia on a Friday morning. The kingdom was filled with these flowers, as to the pleasure of the first lady. Ever since her father died, she was left with the great responsibility of taking care of the kingdom. She was not happy...

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Neighbourly Surprise Ch. 05

More neighbours, curious about each other, discover pleasure.

In the apartments where I live, the turnover of residents is quite high. Just when I think I've got to recognise everyone and can chat with them all, someone leaves. Consequently, a new face is no cause for surprise, nor an unknown removals delivery van, nor a new set of boxes and packaging in the recycle area. I've been here over 5 years and am the old-timer. Things changed when I saw a new...

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Pairing Up with the AuPair

There is another date.

This story is a work of fiction, based upon my experiences. It picks up a week or so after "Recruiting with Benefits." If you felt as though you were left hanging, I don't blame you because I felt the same way after that first story. This story will wrap up some of those loose ends. Even so, the entire summer seemed to be a series of hookups. _Thanks for the editorial eagle eye of...

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You discover your crush more than a bit...strung out...

"Hey, Keah you there?" you called. "I heard a crash, is everything alright?" This Heatwave was unbearable. The building's A/C was out, so pressed against her apartment door, trying to hear of any indication that she wasn't suffering and didn't need help. You knew that her tap water filter would mean she should have plenty of clean water to drink, but their floor was having work done on the...

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The Hoodlums

The Hoodlums are a rag tag squadron of Valkyrie pilots.

Note: Originally written in 2011. A spinoff short story within the Knight Squadron series that just never fully developed. The Hoodlums, a rag tag squadron of Valkyrie pilots are tasked with the most dangerous missions. Chapter 1: Death Among The Stars... Like a flock of predatory birds the twelve Valkyrie starfighters of the Luftwaffe quickly descended on the...

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Vera's Sweet Obsession

Vera envies her sister's sex life.

Vera opened the door wearing nothing but a wet towel. "Oh it's you Jake, good thing you didn't just walk in or you'd see me NAKED." "Great. I'll close the door and try again." "Ha! You'd like that Jake wouldn't you? Seeing me naked?" A naughty glint flashed in her green eyes. "So Jake how's come you dumped my sister?" "I didn't dump her. She went back to Dick... Hey Natalie's not...

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