Erotic Stories Published On Tue, Feb 26, 2019

The Cure

Demon is summoned to break young woman's masturbation habit.

Oh my. What a nice change for me. It's been a while since I was summoned for such an ... attractive task. But you, pretty human, you've been bad, they tell me. Yeah! So bad they called the bad guy on you! I'm a little impressed, I must say, altough of course your behavior is completely unacceptable. It can't be that such a fine young woman as yourself gives herself up to such base...

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A Less than Random Encounter

Erotic short story.

My company called to say that I needed to stay an extra day to sign some important documents that afternoon. {I don't know what came over me the night before but she was so alluring. And, I've been away from home for too long. I needed release. When I called home, my wife assured me that it was understandable. She had known of the young woman through a long-time online acquaintance in London. In...

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Careful What You Wish For Pt. 02

A visit from my friends of the other night.

The following evening I drove straight home from work. I live alone so if I'm not working late I often socialise but today had been hard and I just had to get home. I got out of the car and was straight up the path and through the front door in a moment. I took off the jacket to my suit but scarcely had I sat down than there was a knock on the door. Reluctantly I forced myself to open it to be...

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To Save Mankind Ch. 07

The girls prepare Cathy for battle and fuck her thoroughly.

Both worked on the recordings for a while and Phil could barely believe what he had done with this sweet young soldier. Once both Vicky and Phil were satisfied, they went back to the others to prepare for the next phase. Vicky ordered everyone into the main hall to update them on the progress while Cathy was still asleep. "Girls, please! Can you just all shut up for a moment? Thanks. Now,...

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A Weekend Away

Madi makes her bf watch a better, bigger man take her.

John's younger sister was Madi. She was 19 and blonde. The kind of girl who would wear a thong to an EDM concert and post it on Instagram. She was here with a guy, Jackson, who was a nice enough guy. He was short and stocky. We had all smoked a joint, and still had one in rotation. In the smoky half light, Madi and Jackson were tangled up with each other. I sat across the room, watching...

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2 White Wives & 2 Black Men Ch. 01

Monica & Jacquie's weekend of interracial love & procreation.

THE TEXT Hon, as promised I will write down everything I can remember right from the very beginning. It all started with a coincidence. I was curious if there was anything kinky you wanted to try. After 5 years of marriage, I was looking for ideas to spice things up in the bedroom. During some innocent pillow talk, I asked what you fantasize about while we're getting it on. I...

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JC and the Three Clowns

The circus has come to town!

Everybody know that 'cc' stands for cubic centimeters. They don't know that they can also stand for 'careless' and 'considerate'. Those are the character traits that torpedoed my marriage. The 'careless' contribution to the disaster was my neighbor's dog. He decided to take a shit on my doormat, which also happened to be approximately the same shade of brown. I might have noticed it if I had...

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Pam's Jamaican Adventure Pt. 02

The morning after our blissful night.

Early the next morning, I woke up first. We had fallen asleep in each other's arms and during the night, Pam had rolled over on her back. I had literally slept like a log and was in the same position I was when I fell asleep. I had slept on my left side with my left arm was under Pam's back and my neck resting on her right arm which was extended fully across my pillow. I lifted my head slightly...

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She Wolf Ch. 03

The wolves face an evil foe.

Evil forces are spreading across the land. Fang and Blue Eyes have marshaled every resource at their disposal to face the marauding threat - a far greater threat then they realize. But first there is the matter of the ambush laid for them. Janet outlined her plan and Charles nodded understanding. "It's dangerous, but may be our only chance. If we don't come out they'll come looking for us...

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The Delights of Receiving Anal

Mature man gets anal for the first time.

I'll never forget that feeling, the first time I had a cock up my arse. That thrilling dull ache that says "You're being fucked, mate." That incredible feeling of a rigid presence inside me, performing a taboo act that is almost breathtaking in its perceived sinfulness. His name was Wardell and he was a private security guard on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. I met him through a gay hookup...

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The Making of a Slut Wife Pt. 02

The journey towards being a slut wife continues.

"Up here," Sam heard Olivia shout down the stairs, as Sam entered the house, after a crap day at work. Their home, a three-bed semi on the outskirts of a small town in Kent, England. Not that far from London, the property prices were extremely high. As their mortgage paid off; they were reluctant to move elsewhere, not wanting to have the noose of another mortgage around their necks. Besides,...

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Conference Sex - The Second Day

Jenn's adventure at the conference continue.

"Why am I doing this?" Jenn muttered to herself, squeezing her thighs together tightly as she sat down in the lecture hall. "I don't know, it could be fun." Jenn jumped slightly at the unexpected response from the man she hadn't realized was taking the seat next to her. Her heart, racing, was suddenly in her throat and her chest heaved, which wasn't helping matters. "The lecture?"...

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Fun Fund Raising

When an actress backs out of a show, Cindy has to step up.

Every year this fraternity would hold this series of shows to raise money for Make a Wish. It was like a variety show with skits and songs and whatnot. And as the president of the Student Council, I'd work with them to get them anything they needed. It usually only amounted to a few props or someone to work the ticket booth. One of the guys, Scott, was in a few theater productions with me. He...

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LMC Ch. 02: The Camping Trip

Little Miss Cutie's friends go camping.

_Some years ago, an excellent writer of adult fiction, writing under the pseudonym "Little Joe," created several characters inspired by myself and several lovely ladies we both knew. One character was based on me, Bobbie Kaye, and was nicknamed Cutie, or Little Miss Cutie. Little Joe posted a number of these wonderful stories, in which Bobbie Kaye and her friend Gretchen worked at a hotel in Great...

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Divorced from the Wedding

Old heartbreak and new hope on Cape Cod.

June 23, 2018 Hyannis, Massachusetts Brandon Goodwin could feel it coming. In less than thirty minutes, the ceremony would begin, and his fantasy would come to an end. He couldn't bear it. This whole thing was just too damn much. He quietly excused himself and went to the downstairs bathroom of St. Francis Xavier Parish. He rested his head on the side of the stall and waited...

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Hotwife Seduction

A husband approaches me about seducing his wife.

A few weeks ago I got an email. I didn't recognize the sender's name. It was from someone named Kirk. The email said, "Hi, I've read some of your stories on "Literotica" and I really have enjoyed them. I saw the link to your email and decided to contact you. I see that you live in Arkansas. My wife and I live in Florida but I travel to your area for business a few times a year. I've attached...

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Andrew's New Life Ch. 02

Lupita learns Andrew has a little secret.

Slick from all the heat and sweat, Lupita finally prepares for the unconscious realm of dreams. Her marathon had ended many hours ago; yet, she continued plowing her boytoy employer. It was a miracle she hadn't lost her mind with this constant fornication, though this might be the result of her determination to stay in control of this new relationship. The same could not be said for Andrew, for...

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Mia and Jeff

Would this solve anything?

"I'm sorry, but the news I have for you isn't good," the doctor said. Mia's heart lurched in her chest. Jeff's face took on a stricken expression. They held hands tightly, steeling themselves for his next sentence. "We've checked sample after sample, and I'm afraid that the reason you haven't gotten pregnant, Mrs. Mayer, is that your husband's sperm count is so low as to be nonexistent."...

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Future Sex Ch. 02

Office party of the future.

The Office Christmas Party is supposed to be a relaxed time to have fun in casual clothes. In reality it is like the court of Louis XIV of France, with behaviour and clothes adjusted according to fashion, status and a keen appreciation of current politics. Dress "casual" was anything but easy. Obviously my wife Kay was in charge of getting us ready. "Which codpiece shall I wear,...

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Redemption of an Idiot

Sometimes it takes a while to grow up.

You may recognize some of the characters in this story from my previously published 'Hearth and Home', as this could loosely be called a sequel. All characters engaging in sexual activity are over the age of 18. * I couldn't breathe. It felt like this great weight was sitting on my chest, and I didn't know how to get it off. I felt helpless...suffocating... "You okay?"...

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Lauren's Lesson Ch. 17

Lauren Gets Into a Nude Bar Fight.

"You mean it Sir?" Lauren inquired. "You really like seeing me fully nude in public?" "Oh yes." I replied. "You are so fucking hot. I'd do you right here if I could." "Oh Sir." Lauren responded, "That makes me so hot. It was all I could do - being nude in front of all of those people - to keep from squirting, but Sir, it's starting! I can't stop it! Oh shit, I'm gonna cum right here in...

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Memories or Fantasy

Was a night of sexual activity real or fantasy.

It had been over 20 years but a memory or was it a fantasy from my past keeps haunting me. It was "buried" for most of that time but over the past few months it became an obsession. The thoughts and images the fill my mind is fuzzy but are they real or a result of a vivid imagination? It has become too much of a burden that I am seeking professional help to sort it out. Dr. Alexa Winchester...

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A Sinful Season Ch. 01

An innocent debutante learns the value of a chaperone.

The Honorable Miss Olivia Henstridge, beloved only child of the inestimable Edward Henstridge, 8th Baron Henstridge, stalked imperiously through the echoing halls of Roseton Manor, her ancestral family home, pondering her hatred of weddings. Despite her relative youth (19 years old this past month), she considered her opinion on this matter quite authoritative, informed as it was by a...

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An Ex Marks Her Spot Ch. 05

Emma and Pip open up at the wedding.

The sex starts about halfway in at the "i'm scared" portion. Before then, there is some description of vomit in a non-sexual context. * It was the day before the happiest day of her life. Pip was dressed in white and surrounded by friends and family at a fancy hotel right before the wedding. She'd never felt so important before. They had just finished the rehearsal. She had a hop...

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Cafe Surprise Delight Ch. 02

The intensity grows and pure passion takes over.

I had enjoyed taking the lead the night of the party. I knew that this might not be how things would turn out going forward, if there was a forward, but it had been fun. I had to. These days, men were terrified of what might fail and, because he worked nearby and I was likely to see him again whatever happened, I knew I had to pretend to be in control. I found him attractive. I knew I did. I...

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Casino Weekend Ch. 03

Lindsey and Jeff again.

Lindsey walked out of Jeff's room wearing a pair of his shorts and one of his T-shirts, the post "I just had a great orgasm" glow was still inside her, but the only evidence was a little more bounce in her step. She held the robe she had worn up in one hand and felt the lingerie she had never taken off stick to her stomach, a lovely reminder of the fun she had. She had taken the walk of shame once...

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Catherine's Big Day

Husband forced to watch his wife defiled by her boss.

John checked his phone. Again. For at least the fiftieth time in the last ten minutes. Nothing. He went into whatsapp, but Catherine hadn't been online since their last exchange, just before she went into her promotion meeting. That was four hours ago, and still no word on how it went. John had booked a restaurant, Catherine's favourite, as a surprise to celebrate. Now he was just annoyed at the...

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Porn Whore Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair getting freaky.

Freaky Ass Fuck Parody Cast : Charlotte Flair (WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair) The Demon (Me) The Monster Among Men (WWE Superstar Braun Strowman) The Freak (Spence From The King Of Queens) The Evil Leprachaun (Former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle) Porn scene filming... Charlotte Flair shakes her head... is this a dream... or a nightmare? It's a dark hallway......

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Voice of the Mind Ch. 15

Explanations and coming to terms with everything going on.

Chapter 15 - Kevin * * * * * Chapter 15.1 - Explanations * * * * * When Kevin arrived, Vincent took his coat and guided him towards the living room. Talitha and Nicole were already there, awaiting the other visitors, of which Kevin was the first. "I don't think you've met Talitha yet, have you?" "Not in person," Kevin remarked and kissed...

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Helpful Hannah Ch. 03

Hannah begs her brother to come on her tits. To help him.

I could hardly wait until the next time I got to help my brother. He has this weird psychological hang-up: basically, he can't cum while there's anyone else in the room. It's really started to cause issues in his relationships, so I've been helping him out - not anything gross, just being in the room while he jerks off. And, of course, to make sure he feels comfortable, I've been...

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