Erotic Stories Published On Wed, Feb 27, 2019


Short fantasy.

I step up behind you as you leave the bathroom, my hands upon your shoulders as I bend to kiss your neck. The scent of your skin fills my nostrils and I slip my hands over the silk of your robe and encircle you as you lean back against me. My hand toys with the knot of the robes belt. "Hey!" You gasp, "You mustn't, I've just had a bath..." I turn you round quickly, stopping...

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The Trade

Two Doms trade submissives for the weekend.

I had sent Chelsea out to serve another Dom for the weekend, I had negotiated a trade for his favourite sub. As much as I would have loved to have kept Chelsea here and had both of them serve me, it served my interests better that she go to him. There was a knock on the door, I knew she would be exactly on time, he had assured me she was obedient and took direction well. I let her stand...

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I Swallowed an Older Man's Cum

Young bottom serves older man.

I live in a pretty small rural town in the mid west, and not much goes on. I am 23 years old and a gay bottom who had not had any action in quite some time. I had downloaded a few gay dating apps, but hadn't really had a luck. I was on there almost everyday looking to get some action, swiping to match with everyone when I finally got a match. I had matched with an older gentlemen who was in...

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Ann's Two for One Deal

Asian coworker gives into her deepest darkest desires.

I still remember the day with extreme clarity. It was a day of many surprises and an exciting discovery, one which would live with me forever. It all started out with my group of colleagues on a simple chillout session after a hard week of work one Friday evening. There were five of us from the same company - James, Elaine, Henry, Ann and I. James and Elaine were a workplace couple while...

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Hierarchy of Needs Ch. 02

Jacob changes his priorities.

The next morning, I woke up feeling more refreshed than I had in years. I practically sprang out of bed - it was Sunday, and that meant that Mom and Dad were off to church. (As kids, my sister and I had been forced to accompany them, but now they gave us the choice...with Ashley and I unanimously deciding that staying at home was a greatly preferable option.) I brushed my teeth, combed my...

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My Only Daughter Ch. 05

Sally comes home.

The windows were open when I woke up late, the smell of bacon wafting up from the kitchen, a song I didn't know blasting through speakers. My shorts were folded neatly at the foot of the bed, but the shirt I'd worn all weekend was gone. I started the shower and thought back to the night before, to all the nights before. Charlotte would be leaving for Chapel Hill in a day or two, and I would...

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More than a Butt Massage Ch. 02

Mary gets more of Abe's tongue on her asshole.

_Hello you naughty girls and boys. Well I confess it isn't a very original title. Maybe when it comes to the end I'll come up with a name for all of it and go back and create chapter titles. But seeing as people were interested in what happens next, here is the next installment of Mary and Abe. Having her ass licked is still quite new, but Mary knows she wants more and has devised another...

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How to Eat an Elephant Ch. 09

Karen is invited, and Sarah tells her story.

I called Karen the next day. "Karen, it's Victoria, how have you been?" "Oh, you know, Vic. Same old, same old. How are you doing? What's going on?" Karen lost her husband, Andrew, to cancer about five years ago. Since then, she had continued a gradual downslide, if that's a word. She never dated and, since the kids moved on with their own lives, she was alone a lot. We tried to keep her...

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Keeping it in the Family Ch. 01

Gran and Grandson get together.

The original Title was Granny's Story and the way the story is developing I have decided to change the Title to Keeping it in the Family Chapter One. For anyone picking up on this please read Granny's Story to get into the groove of the story first. * I woke the next morning and gran was lying beside me with a contented smile on her face, she was still in a deep sleep. There was a...

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Helping the Mother-in-Law

The mother-in-law.

My mother-in-law, with delicious attributes. She was always very affectionate. On a Saturday my wife told me that my mother-in-law wanted to go to her house to see how things were there, as I was on vacation my wife asked me to accompany her, since she does not like to take the road. I called my mother and I was right to go out the other morning. My wife, who is very naughty, said that she was to...

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Sexually Owned by Sister's Husband

A wife's letter to her husband about her new sexual ownership.

This story is intended to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek. It is a letter, written by a wife, to her pitifully-endowed husband describing how her sister's dominant and very well-endowed husband now owns her sexually. Warning: Contains descriptions of MDom/fsub, MDom/msub, incest, bisexuality, homosexuality. _In reality, I have lusted for my own wife's sister for decades. Her thin,...

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Alex's Gifts Ch. 18

Little sister and friend try on lingerie.

Just a fun little chapter before we dive back into the craziness. I felt the need to bring it down a notch after the last two. Thanks & Enjoy ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fashion Show Alex kept an eye out for Ben on the ride home but didn't see any sign of his enraged friend. He felt terrible about their argument, but couldn't figure what he should have said to make it end any better....

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Stepmom Sent Back to School Ch. 02

Step daughter Takes Over.

Chapter Two: "Jessie Takes Over" Another change to the household happened over that Saturday. Another shift in power from Jenny to Jessie. There had been no discussion, no choice, Jenny and Jessie switched bedrooms. Jenny moved into the small bedroom. At the same time, Jessie moved into her mother's bedroom. This was so they could keep their roles and not make mistakes. That is how Jessie...

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My Taboo Family Ch. 06

Mom brings a neighbor into the mix.

After Maggie and I had Mom in a threesome, things became a lot more open around our place. We all knew what was going on, and it wasn't unusual to have all of my sister's and Mom running around the house naked. That was the beauty of living out in the country. We only had other people around if we wanted them there. That was the case when I came home from work one day. My sister's had gone...

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The Bookshop Pt. 06

Things finally go crazy with Aunt Sue.

Thank you to readers who are putting up with the slow pace of the story so far... This chapter (and the next few) will be a little more intense! ____ I had half-forgotten Sue's intention to come back to the flat until I received a text one afternoon suggesting I 'cook something tasty for the landlady.' I nipped out and grabbed some pasta to make her favourite Spaghetti Bolognese,...

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Sleeping with My Enemy Pt. 02

The cousins consummate their feelings.

Steven rose from their booth to pay for the tab. The smile on his friend's face was wider than a 4 lane California highway. "You two really look beautiful together Steven. I hope you treat this one right." Dawn said. "I really hope so too. I like her a lot. What's the charge?" "Now you know, normally I would say your money's no good around here. But I'm not trying to make you look...

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What Mom Knows is a Family Orgy

A wild, kinky seven person orgy on Christmas Eve.

What Mom Knows is a Family Orgy * *Summary: A wild, kinky seven person orgy on Christmas Eve. Note 1: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert and Wayne for editing. Note 2 : _This is part ten of a continuing incest series (although it is far more complex than a simple incest story). I highly recommend you read the first nine parts, as the various layered subplots may...

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He's My Brother-in-Law Ch. 02

Thad and I meet up at a park.

This story has gay incest themes. * After I hung up with dad and called Sue to tell her the plan, I looked down to where my brother in law now had my stiff dick in his mouth and was bobbing his head up and down. "We need to find you something to wear." I told him. "Dinner with Sue and the folks." "I'm already working on the first course." he replied, looking up at me....

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A devious father gets duped by his sexy daughter.

"Two thousand dollars," Robert repeated. "That'll buy you some nice meals on your honeymoon." "It's all expenses paid." Robert rolled his eyes. "Fine. Some nice souvenirs. Whatever." "And all I have to do is...?" Robert's smile returned. His voice lowered to a whisper. "Go out there on the lanai, lower your shorts and masturbate all over Meagan's back." Aaron blanched. A...

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The Cabin Ch. 01

Father offers to take willing daughter to a cabin.

My name is Sam Worthington and I'm not your typical black guy. Most black people tend to avoid cabins out in the middle of nowhere, but I love getting away from everything and spending time with my wife. I have always believed distant neighbors make for good neighbors and the more distant the better. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to live out in the middle of nowhere with my family on a...

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Neighbourly Ties

Emma is introduced to breast bondage by her new neighbours.

Emma watched the large blue estate car pull away out of the driveway and pull slowly into the rush hour traffic. She had been observing the morning rituals of her new neighbours for a couple of weeks since they had moved in to the leafy suburb and she knew that the man's wife would be leaving for work about three hours later. Thom, her husband, had also left for the office. Emma's own work...

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Jenna Goes Home with the Goddess

The goddess takes Jenna home.

She's still tightly holding onto J's hand as she waves to upcoming taxi. J wasn't surprised how quickly they got one who wouldn't stop for this goddess? The goddess pushes J in the back seat and joins her there. J fastens her seat belt while the goddess gives the driver directions. Only then does it hit J that she's going home with a woman who she just fucked in a toilet of a bar. A woman who...

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Savana, Robert and Trevor Pt. 01

Sexy wife teases and reaps the benefit.

Where do I begin. The most simplistic way would be a little background detail then dive right in to my current situation. I was gifted with a very exotic name, which I have tried to live up to. I'm average height, curvy in all of the right places with an endless pair of legs, of which I take great delight in displaying at every given opportunity. I've always known I had exhibitionist...

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Mother and son get drenched in monsoon rains.

Sitting on an elevated place and looking down at the small stream gushing down with force due to copious Monsoon rains Seema was recapturing the 40 odd years of her life. What was there for her in those 40 years she thought? Other than Brute her son there was nothing to fall back and ponder upon. (She used to address her son Vicky as Brute for his prank's.) As she recalled those 40 years...

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Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 08

Fred models for Carol and agrees to a cook out.

The giggling and outright laughing of feminine voices in the hallway outside my apartment was mostly unintelligible. They were clearly amused by what Ann had said to me as she left but their exact thoughts about my being forbidden to masturbate would remain a mystery to me. That didn't make it any better! How could I face them knowing that they knew that Ann wielded such a power over me? Not...

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Pet Me?

A woman goes a long way to help a client.

All characters in this story are eighteen or over and do not involve Bestiality. * My name is Linda, I am 36 and work as a nurse for the local council, I drive round to the elderly or disabled and help them with some of their daily chores, it can be a very rewarding job, but many times you also just meet old people that don't say anything or some that are just annoying. This...

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Webcam Mistakes

Chris makes a serious, life-altering mistake while online.

I guess I should've been more careful. But what can I say? I was a young man and I was stupid. I had just passed my 18th birthday a month earlier and I had treated myself to my very first, brand new dildo. Nothing crazy, only 5 or 6 inches long and just 1.5 inches girth with a suction cup base, but it was perfect for a beginner. Luckily, I had plenty of time to use it at home too. My...

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Woodsman Ch. 06

Vivian starts college.

New York was as Rob had remembered, loud busy and sometimes rude. It took him a while to acclimate to the busy traffic and wall to wall people again but the limo service that he had hired for their stay made their trip from the airport bearable. Rob had reserved a two bedroom suite at the Hilton in downtown Manhattan so they could be close to restaurants, shopping and maybe take in a show before...

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Did She Know - an Ireland Story

A trip to Ireland for a family event delivered a surprise.

My girlfriend Zoe knew it turned me on to know she made others horny and I had mentioned this, more so in drunken texts, than anything else. Of course, I didn't want her cheating. But whatever did happen it would be an experience as a couple and both hopefully getting pleasure out of it. It was more the thought of her pleasuring another cock that got me going, a strange cock, so not someone we...

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The Seductive Stanholmes - The Beginning

Erotic short story.

A new employee of mine, and I hope a new friend, by the name of Rick Maxwell suggested that I might enjoy sharing my erotic exploits online as a form of entertainment and relaxation. I've decided to give it a go so; here I am. I am a Sensualistic Dom in my mid 50s and married to a lovely Pet by the name of Barbara who is 13 years younger than I am. {For the record; I'm Barbara's Dom in...

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