Erotic Stories Published On Thu, Feb 28, 2019

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Lover decides he doesn't want to wait on threesome, starts early with 3rd lover.

Twenty-eight-year-old Josh was a Sergeant with the Cincinnati police force, who worked overnight. He’d just left work early on a rainy Friday morning, and from that point, all he could think about was Chris, his partner of ten years. “Hey, babe,” he texted Chris. “I’m on my way home, but I’m stopping at the Wal Mart for a jug of milk and a few things. Need anything else?” Chris, a supervisor at...

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Winter is Cumming part 2

I take my new gf on a day of shopping, burgers and aging hair bands

As the bright, invasive afternoon sunlight came streaming through my stained (with dust and dirt) glass window, I found myself spooning (and possibly forking) with my new dream girl, Winter Summer, whom I had met earlier at the Public Market. Rubbing my aching jaw from our earlier sexcapades, fearing I might have lockjaw then grinning like an escaped lunatic as I recalled her hairy pussy, suddenly...

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Time Out, Time In

Young man on writing course is troubled by the image of an unknown woman

Perhaps the spectre of her had always been lodged deep in my brain, waiting, knowing. Maybe that image, misread by me, had lured me into triple pointless love affairs, and two failed marriages. Failed, because of my uncertainty, my inability to give everything. When Carol left six months earlier, her words had hurt but I could not fathom the truth in them, “Even when you're inside me, I feel...

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Izzy's 18th Present: Prequel To The Engagement series

Before Greg gives his engagement presents to Danny and Jolene, he cements his relationship.

I stood in the middle of the hotel room, waiting for the golden-haired beauty to leave the bathroom and join me. I had taken her out to the Westend as an early eighteenth birthday present. We had been to see Oliver tonight and tomorrow we were going to see Billy Elliot. Izzy loved the surprise but I could tell she was getting fed up with my slow approach to our relationship, she couldn’t believe...

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Filipina girlfriend gets stuck in a snow storm.

Girlfriend takes on 5 different drivers to get home to me when she gets caught in a snow storm. It’s her first time acting like a total slut but she knows it will not be her last.

My girlfriend is a petite Filipino and was brought up conservative. She was a virgin till 26 and when I started seeing her had only slept with 5 or 6 guys. She would get undressed under the covers and didn't want to have sex with the light on. Over several months she relaxed enough that those things went away and she free’d up some. I introduced her to Penthouse Letters and soon found she got...

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Becoming Daddy's Girl part 2

Unbeknownst to Maria her training to become daddy's perfect toy begins.

A warm sensation on my clit pulls me from the brink of exhaustion, dragging me through a haze back to reality. I look down to see him between my thighs, staring up at me, a ravenous hunger in his eyes. I claw at my sheets as his mouth devours me, exploring every inch of my defiled sex. His tongue, tentatively, probing my insides before making it’s way back to my pleasure button. He slips a...

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"RUNAWAY" Chapter 14 "Separate Ways"

Holly, continues her journey by the name Sammi Shepherd, might she chose to stay with the kind truck driver Joseph or continue by going a different direction. Read on to find out. The other chapters to this story and my other stories are here:

Joseph was so energized and excited. He could hardly believe this was happening. He couldn't even have every imagined being in a nice hotel room like this in bed with a young woman who could have been a model. Just the smoothness of her skin and the shape of her body was feminine perfection. By some standards her breasts could have been a little bigger but what they lacked in size was made up...

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Every Mother's Son Mom's Perspective

A mom's perspective of Every Mother's Son.

THIS STORY IS THE SAME STORY AS EVERY MOTHER'S SON, BUT TOLD FROM THE MOTHER'S PERSPECTIVE. HAVE A GOOD READ! * Ours was a normal home. Sure, my husband and I used to fight and argue in the evenings, then we'd go into the bedroom to "make up". I'm 5'3" and around a 125 pounds. Eddie was 6'3 and 200 pounds and hung like a horse. The sex was great, even if we didn't get along almost...

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Step Dad Teaches Me a Lesson Ch. 01

Step daughter gets caught being a slut by her step dad!

*This is a work of fiction, and this is my first attempt at writing. I'd love any and all feedback. * My name is Alexa, but everyone calls me Lexy. I'm 19 years old fun in the sun Cali girl. My parents split up when I was 12 and my mom remarried a guy named Larry when I was 14. As most Cali girls I obsess about my body, I workout by rollerskating basically everywhere. I'm 5"4...

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College Boy Cum Eater

I continue to tell of my college thong and sissy experiences.

So, I knew I was out of control after my last episode of flashing my thong proudly in class like some kind of college slut girl. I couldn't help myself self though it was so sexy and so fun. Flashing my thong to the girl behind me and knowing that she could see I was wearing a girls thong really got me excited, but on the other hand as soon as I would cum I would be so full of regret and shame. I...

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How to Eat an Elephant Ch. 10

Karen tells her story.

We didn't hear from Karen for a month. Well, that's not exactly right. I got an excited text from her a couple of weeks after our luncheon: "Andy's coming home this weekend!" Needless to say, we were all on tenterhooks, waiting to get some news from her. Frankly, we weren't sure this would work. We had not tried to hook up a Mother and married son before, and that introduced a whole new...

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Pent Up at the Party

Mom finds me passed out at the party and satisfies her needs.

When I was a younger man, mid 20's or so, a cousin of mine had just gotten married and had his reception shortly after at a luxurious hotel. All of the groomsman, like myself, were given their own rather posh suites for a few days before and after the big event. The room was impressive to say the least. It had everything one could possibly need right down to a hot tub and mini-bar. I wasn't much...

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Lay On Hands Ch. 03

Pyrista gets to work on satisfying her wife's horse-cock.

[Pre-story]Content Warnings: unrealistic anatomy, futa, horse cock, huge cock, excessive cum. Disclaimer: All characters are 18+[/pre-story] Lay On Hands, Chapter 3 Pyrista held her wife's gaze as her lips lingered on the flared tip of Rylinne's cock, the lewd kiss intensifying. As her hands continued to stroke up and down Rylinne's length, her head began to twist side to...

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All About You Ch. 02

Beck finds inspiration and Peach spoils her.

When you break away from the kiss Peach murmurs your name quietly. She strokes your soft blonde hair. You're still tingling from your orgasms and the warmth of the room caresses your body. Peach moves in and her eager lips find yours again. You run your hands down her arms, to her thighs. "Lie down." You tell her, and she reluctantly agrees. She rests on the enormous pillows, sweeping her...

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Keeping it in the Family Ch. 02

Mother and Son.

The original Title was Granny's Story and the way the story is developing. I have decided to change the Title to Keeping it in the Family Chapter One. For anyone picking up on this, please read Granny's Story to get into the groove of the story first. * We were told to put on our seat belts as we were coming into land. I was so excited, this was like a teenager going on their first...

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A Workplace Dilemma

Felicity has a workplace dilemma, her colleagues help her.

Felicity had never really thought about masturbating at work before. Then again, she'd never had her clit swell drastically and erotically at work before either. So she supposes, special circumstances and all that. She sneaks a look around her small office, never more glad for a desk tucked away in a corner, before pulling up her skirt and moving aside her panties to look at her throbbing...

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Magic Dress - Michelle Pt. 01

Michael becomes Michelle.

I didn't do well enough at school to go to university, so found myself eighteen years old and unemployed. I wasn't physically strong enough to do some jobs and was too shy for others, so after God knows how many failed job applications it was suggested that I could do voluntary work in a charity shop to get some experience. This proved to be a happy time for me. Most of the volunteers were...

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Indian Femdom Marriage Ch. 05

Slave is tortured and punished by his temporary mistress.

Ms. Preethi has challenged my mistress. Actually, I was tossed up among the tussle between my temporary mistress and my goddess for life. I didn't want my goddess to be disappointed and humiliated in front of her friends. She had such a confidence in my abilities that she lent me to her friend. I didn't want to shatter her confidence and bring her shame. As a well seasoned slave, my...

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My Divorced Sister Ch. 01

Single brother and divorced sister.

LONG ESTRANGED SISTER GETS DIVORCED. Seeks a return to simpler times and moves in with her single brother. The first chapter will set the stage so there won't be any sex. Even if there was sex everyone would be over 18. Enjoy. * I waited impatiently as time passed so slowly. Why is it that when a person wanted time to hurry it seemed like the opposite happened. I walked again...

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My English Class

An oral lesson with Ms. Tiff. My first work! ;)

All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older. * 11:30, half an hour longer then out of this class and into a lunch break. Junior college could be a real drag. The droning sound coming out of Ms. Tiff's mouth formed into rules for the proper usage of commas. My fist was resting against my cheek as I tried to keep myself awake. I hadn't gotten much sleep recently as I kept...

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The King's and I Ch. 04

Daddy has his way with his princess on the balcony.

Daddy's balcony looked over the courtyard where many of the guests were milling, and it was there that he carried me over to. He'd wiped me down after by rough fucking outside his room and I was now a lot less sticky, but still wet between my legs. Cum still dripped from my asshole. I moaned quietly as Daddy set me down on the balcony in front of him, facing me to watch as some guests below were...

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Stepmom Sent Back to School Ch. 03

Life goes on.

Chapter Three: "The next few weeks" The next morning, Monday, all was well. Jessie drove Jenny to school. Before she left her, Jessie said to Jenny, "Remember, you are to delay as long as you can until Silva shows up." "Yes mom." Jessie drove to work and had a great day. First, her immediate boss thanked her for her hard work. Then the CEO sent her a personal email telling her "to...

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Lunch with My Sister-in-Law

Things heat up unexpectedly when Brittany stops over.

_Fair warning: this episode in my wife and my unique sex life does not necessarily have the satisfying climax that the others do. Attempting to have an extraordinary experience in the middle of the day, even on the weekend, isn't always going to lead itself to that perfect ending you see in porn. Respectfully move on to a different story and spare me your complaints if that's what you're looking...

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My Perverted Family Ch. 05: Dad's Story

She dreamed her brother could give her such Orgasms.

NO ONE UNDER 18 YEARS OLD ENGAGES IN SEX IN THIS STORY. * My named is Todd. I am a forty-five years old divorcee, and I love sex. I have known since puberty that I was addicted to sex. As I have mentioned in my other stories, I come from a very long line of sexually perverted individuals. My family is riddled with tales of incest and debauchery. My parents, my Aunts & Uncles, my...

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Oil's Well That Ends Well

Bickering in-laws find a way to bond.

I trailed behind my wife with the trolley becoming increasingly loaded with food and household goods. We'd only really come to the Bulk Supply store for the inflatable kiddies pool advertised in a flyer (the perfect gift for our five year olds birthday) but had been sidetracked by all the discounts and I admit I was sharing my wife's enthusiasm. "Check it out!" I called back to her as I...

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Investing Time Ch. 01

Twenty four hours of Brian's Tuesday.

This story is a continuation of "Counting Pennies" by Vix Giovanni. This is fiction. All characters are over 18. All rights are reserved. If it's not obvious yet how much this shit irritates me, lemme explain. Cause from the day they graduated their "top-tier" law schools — No; actually, real talk? From the day they got their Reedland offers in hand — these associates completely stopped...

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Jerry Ch. 05: Give Me a Hug

His sister asks for a hug.

_Disclaimer: Readers of the previous Jerry stories know what to expect here. Any new readers be warned, gay and bisexual themes feature in all of them. This one even includes some cross-dressing, all in good fun of course. This story can be read and enjoyed (hopefully!) as a stand alone tale, but is the first of the series which would really be understood better if the previous one was read...

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Adam's Girls Pt. 01

Adam's adult ex-step nieces help end years of celibacy.

Part 1. Shelly's Proposition Chapter 1. The Proposition I stopped at the front desk after my monthly Chiropractic appointment to schedule next month's session. "I'm Adam Davidson," I said in my best Elmer Fudd voice, "and I need to schedule my appointment for next month." "Uncle Adam," the pretty chiropractic assistant laughed without looking up, "You're an idiot!" She...

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Elicitation of his Intimate Seed Ch. 07

The bird broken, can he save his friends from Poison Ivy?

Greetings everyone. I can only apologise for the slow development of this chapter. I only hope that you all enjoy this, and feel it was worth the wait. Thank you for being patience and here is the final chapter. This story is based on the Batman animated series universes. This is a fun little fan fiction that is not to be taken seriously. Hope you all enjoy it. * Deep within...

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The Normal Life, or Not? Ch. 03

Alfred has second thoughts to his new life.

They were finally home again. She had taken the harness off from him, leaving only the collar on his naked body. His fairly defined muscles, toned so perfectly, and his face, all too worthy. She knew he had finally submitted, and there was no going back. Though every time she ran her hand through his hair, she felt his muscles tense. She left him alone in the living room while she went out to...

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