Erotic Stories Published On Fri, Mar 1, 2019

Michael's Erotic Trifecta- Acts III-V

We continue what we started in Act 1 and 2, but the action becomes much more erotic for all of the participants . . . but especially Michael, who is one lucky guy!

When Kenny got home that afternoon, he had no pressing desire to bring himself off, after all in the history storage room he had gotten his needs fulfilled beyond his wildest expectations. Arriving in his room he simply sprawled out on his bed still dressed and let his mind relive all that had gone on earlier that day. After about twenty minutes of quiet reflection the stillness was shattered as...

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How My Neighbor Became my Submissive Sex Slave

How I turn my Neighbor Kathy into my Submissive Sex Slave

Note 1: I’m not a professional writer. All comment are welcome the bad, good and the ugly Note 2: If you don’t like humiliation, pain and the Dom/sub master/slave role then exit now and don’t read this story Note 3: My first story I wrote was how my daughter became my slave. Note 4: I welcome questions just message me the question and I will answer all the message by posting them or pm you How...

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Editing Reailty Book 1, Chapter 13: Naughty Welcome Home

Steve and Diane's daughters welcome them home with a wild time.

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created Chapter Fourteen: Naughty Welcome Home By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this. Linda Davies I had so many questions. It was so strange to realize that I had lived another life. That Steve knew it and I didn't. I glanced at him as we left behind the naked woman. We had sex in public, and no one cared...

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Trevor's Dad

Broken in by a man's man.

I was always secretly fascinated with men. I am a man, so you could say there should be no surprises to be had, but of course everyone is different. We all have a penis and testicles. We all masturbate, and when we do, we produce something that goes by the glorious colloquial name of spunk. Technically semen. But spunk is dirtier. Naughtier. Semen is for impregnating women. Spunk is for fun....

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Woodsman Ch. 07

Vivian has trouble with a boy then begins her new life.

The cold wind whipped the snow flakes against the window pane like sand. As she woke Vivian could hear the wind and blown icy snow particles as she lay in her bed, snuggled in warmth alongside her latest lover. He was tall, about 6' 6" and built solidly but not bulky. He had a broad swimmers chest, narrow hips and a big thick dick that he didn't know how to use very well. His black curly hair and...

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The Auction

Working for people with money has plenty of benefits!

*Note to readers This is purely fiction and would never happen in real life and I would never condone any of this so please do not leave negative comments like that! It is just a story! ** I work for a security company that contracts out to the rich in lifestyle. This basically means a 'no questions ask' type of company. I have seen a lot of things happen before with...

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Stepmom Sent Back to School Ch. 04

The rest of the story.

Chapter Four: "The Rest of the Story" It was the morning of graduation, a Saturday. Silva was upstairs getting ready for the day. Jessie and Jenny were seated at the dining table. Jessie says, "I'm so proud of you Mom. You did it! And you're at the up of your class." Jenny smiled. Jessie goes on, "I've been thinking about the future." "Oh, this should be good."...

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My Anniversary Gift

My wife Liz surprises me with some crazy sex.

I sat silently, in the corner of our bedroom, as I watched my wife snuggle up against her lover. He laid flat on his back, totally naked. She curled up against his muscled body and began to rub her long, slender fingers across his chest. His head turned towards her face. In response, his mouth was met by her awaiting lips. She moved her hand and placed it on his face and drew it closer so that...

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She's not as smart as she thinks.

She's an idiot. Let me take that back, she's a fucking idiot! What's worse, is she's a very smart woman, so she had to work very, very hard to become an idiot. The woman in question is my wife, very soon to become my ex-wife. Almost the standard story, cheated on me and got caught. Well, she doesn't know she got caught, but she'll find that out in the next few days. If you read stories on...

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Tell Me Your Fantasy

He coaxes her into sharing her bicurious fantasies.

Devin has one arm draped lazily around my shoulder. I'm curled up against him, left leg draped over his and my head on his chest. It's a lazy Saturday. I'm in panties and an old band t-shirt, and Devin is wearing loose sweatpants. An episode of Parks and Rec plays on the laptop toward the foot of the bed. "I still say we should put a TV in here," Devin says. I frown. "Absolutely not."...

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Sex Mercenary Ch. 01

A Femboy Sex Worker is about to take a job in the Underworld.

I gripped the bedsheet when he pushed in deep to finish inside me with a loud grunt. He then smacked my ass and placed a 20 next to me head. I turned around to get dressed again as he gushed about how amazing my ass was and asked how a prostitute could stay so tight. He was Underworld but at least he paid, must be my reputation I assumed. So many Underworld scum refused to pay their sex workers. I...

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Voyeur Lap Tease

Two girls, one guy, and he can't touch.

Lou and I stepped out of the SUV and stretched against its jet black frame for a moment, loosening the knots that had accumulated from riding in it for the past 4 hours non-stop. We'd driven to our mutual friend's home, and were eager to not let a single second be wasted of the evening. His roommate was out of town visiting family, and he had no work the next two days. Exactly the kind of evening...

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The Highland Festival Ch. 03: The Rules

Tom loses the bet and faces punishment.

***Hello Readers Quick note, my stories tend to progress a bit slower, if you're looking for quick paced sex scenes try another story. _Also, some past people have nitpicked about small consistency details in my stories. I'm not writing a professional novel, I'm not going to take time to explain every little change in a scene. If you're looking for 100% accuracy in stories, buy a...

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The Party Guest

Lara sneaks away from her husband to have sex with a guest.

Lara stood in the living room, wearing a spaghetti-strapped yellow sundress that accentuated her feminine curves, also bring a radiant glow to her blonde beauty when she held on to a glass of red wine in her hand. She was hosting a party full of well-dressed guests, where her husband stole the show getting everyone's attention. The people were laughing along with him. He had such a way to make...

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The Neighbor Pt. 02

A gunshy incoming freshman catches the eye of an older woman.

If you have not read pt. 1, I'd recommend it. It is much shorter, and the first couple chapters will not be as interchangeable as the rest. If not, here's a recap: Max moved into is new place with his cousin. Feel free to reach out with comments or messages: like Max, I'm very responsive to feedback. **** Max Wright came from a well-to-do family. Father's name...

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The Devil's Starfruit Labyrinth

A story about strong change by near tragedy.

The Devil's Starfruit Labyrinth by Sage Stinson I hung up our canary yellow rotary phone. Its chord shriveled up like Mom's Christmas ribbons. I love this silence with distant lawns being sliced afar. That new smell of its composition. Mom and dad left me alone in this big house for the summer. I close my eyes and meditate to our water fountain under the starfruit trees. She is a...

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A Gift to Remember

Wife is gifted a blindfolded MMF to prove her beauty.

Charlotte walked through Las Vegas' airport with a sense of anticipation. She was finally free of all the duties and obligations of Nebraska for a few days! The pressure and annoyance of having to deal with all the stresses of normal life plus a bunch of obnoxious idiots at her day job had led to a very frustrating week. The fact that Alan was gone to his conference in Nevada had made it worse....

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Password Protected Pt. 03

I want a threesome in return.

_Author's note: Like all of my other stories, this one is set in a female dominated universe where women control men sexually, especially their ability to orgasm. Here, women's main focus is using men for their own pleasure. Various technologies exist in this universe to allow women to do just that. Additionally, you may want to read part 1 and part 2 first, the predicament of the...

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One Neighbor Ch. 05

Pamela likes to tease. I find a way to get even.

As it has turned out, our unattractive teenaged nerd next door has undergone a dramatic transformation, in more ways than the obvious. First of all, when my wife changed her ever present basic ponytail hairstyle, her nose is no longer the first thing you notice. Well of course her clothing has done a lot in that area as well. I don't think she ever wears a bra. Clearly at her age, and...

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The Dead of Night

Wandering a cemetery at night can have dire consequences...

Cimetière Notre-Dame-des-Neiges was pretty much the first thing Mireille De la Grange heard about after moving to Montreal. I should know, it's the first place I took her to see. The cemetery is the largest in Canada, with 55 kilometers of graveyard and 65,000 monuments commemorating the dead. Perhaps it's not the first thing most people would show the girl they've known since childhood,...

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Using a Matchmaker Pt. 03

Jason's last date gets thrown a curveball.

"Patti is sending the limo to pick us up at your place at around 3:30. We should get to Citifield by 4:30 so plenty of time to mingle with the players before the game. How about we meet for brunch before that?" I asked Jaime. "Better idea! I'll make you breakfast. Come by at 11," she responded quite confidently. Nothing witty came to mind quickly to respond to her assertive suggestion,...

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Slavery Games Ch. 05: Sold

Brigett discovers what slave life is.

Here is the following of Bridgett's article about the bet that saw her become a slave. * The newspaper editor was there next to me. I was babbling a little bit. "Yes, the newspaper bought you. I wanted you to write the end of your series of articles," he said. I was speechless at first, then I reacted. "Can you take me to the newspaper?" "In this outfit, you would make a...

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Beyond Sissy's Spa Day Ch. 05

Multiple women use, and abuse, Sissy.

This is the fifth installment in the "Beyond Sissy's Spa Day" series. The stories make much more sense when read in order. There is at least one more coming. * Awakening to my alarm at 5:45 p.m. after a quick power nap, I needed just a moment to get my bearings. Naked, save for the omnipresent cock cage imprisoning my little penis, I reached from my bed to the nightstand to...

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Bloody Trick Pt. 01

Willa and her lover needed to pay.

Mark Wallace sat at his desk in the warehouse and contemplated what he was needing to do about his wife, Willa. He had the evidence in front of him concerning her affair with her boss, Dale Timmons, owner of Timmons Electronics. Timmons Electronics produced small electronic controllers that allowed computers to control mechanical devices. Some were tiny and some were quite large depending on the...

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Deja Vu Ch. 02

Suzanne's tries to recover from Darrius but submits again.

_This story is about an elementary school teacher who sees a young man who reminds her of her college days and the black man that owned her. Her mind is infatuated with this young man who is a senior within her school district. The more she sees him the more her mind fantasizes about him. The previous chapter ended up with the young man, naked and taking control over the infatuated teacher....

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Settling a Score

Maintaining balance in the universe.

A work of fiction. All characters are over 18. I wrote and edited this in one afternoon; a flash story, if you will. It's short. Not a stroker. * I was eating lunch at the same table, like I always do, when two characters walked in. I knew them both: The Mole and a new kid I called Rooster. His nickname hadn't caught on yet with the others, but I knew it would, eventually. It...

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Blackmailed Bride Ch. 13

Brooke loses her anal virginity and not to Tanner.

This chapter contains oral and anal sex in addition to vaginal intercourse, nudity in artistic posing, some lesbian touching between lovers and non consent/reluctance. If you don't like those things, don't read more. You were warned. A reminder that in this fantasy world, STD's don't exist so the only consequence of unprotected sex would be pregnancy if other methods were not used. *...

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Real Estate Whore Ch. 01

Realtor gets set up and fucked in a vacant house.

Dressed in black, red and white, she looked so in control. She was wearing a tailored dress with 4-inch heels, in charge and competent is what it said. She fiddled with her cell, conducting business in every moment and move she made. Doug couldn't stop the hard-on that popped in the 30 seconds it took to pull past her in traffic. Somewhere along the line in Doug's mind these cum rags had...

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Best Birthday Ever!

Bff surprises me with her boy-toy in our dorms.

_Hi everyone, thanks for reading! I really enjoyed writing this, it was fun to relive one of my hottest nights ever. It's the one I always think back to as some of the best uninhibited sex of my life. College was great for that. The story is kind of long and takes a bit to really heat up, but there was a lot to cover. I did my best create some steamy and vivid imagery for everybody. Thanks to...

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Mixing Business and Pleasure

Two days with my administrative assistant.

I'm writing this down shortly after it happened and storing it in a secure place until someday I find the right venue for publishing it. This is not a "Dream Come True" story; it is a "Beyond my Wildest Imagination" story. A little background: I am the owner of a successful business that deals primarily in commercial real estate. I am married and the father of five children. We have a good...

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