Erotic Stories Published On Sat, Mar 2, 2019

Teaching the Cub Ch. 03 - Oral Comm.

Tim overcomes his fear, and Tina teaches him oral.

Sorry this one has taken so long to come out. I had to step away. I was letting this take over my life too much. And thank you to the people who gave me constructive criticism. I still like the idea of the changing perspectives. But I'll make sure not to change from first to third person from now on. Also, thank you for the encouragement. **** The night after my encounter with...

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Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 09

A cook out at Carol's.

Thursday evening I had to attend the monthly realtors meeting and Friday Ann always had dinner with her parents so we didn't have any time together until Saturday. After Ann's husband picked the girls up she came to my office to respond to a counter offer. When that was ready I took it to the listing brokers office while she went home to make the baked beans. As I approached Ann's front door...

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The Last House on Fraternity Row

Luke finds himself drawn to an unusual house...

The house, standing at the end of Fraternity Row, had been decrepit for years before the new owners moved in. Graduations had come and gone for decades, windows had been smashed, the yard overrun with weeds. Late-night parties stretched past it as it stood, austerely, forgotten, alone. The advertisements described it as a fixer upper at best, so when the For Sale sign disappeared in the yard...

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Exxecutive Privilege

Tired and overworked, 40-something Sharon is pumping out...

The Penske files Sharon heard an unexpected noise in the cubicle areas outside her office. Who could be around here at this hour on a Friday before a three-day weekend? Through her office window she saw a tall figure walking through the rows of cubicles. The person stopped, and then made their way toward her office. In a moment Daniel, a marketing assistant, appeared at her office door....

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Co-Worker Fantasy Pt. 03

His shower is way better than hers...

Jacob got off the couch and headed back for the door between the rooms. "I'm going to grab a shower before we go" he said over his shoulder as he crossed the threshold between the rooms. She felt the space behind her on the couch getting cold and decided to get up and figure out what clothes she was putting back on. While walking to the bathroom to gauge her own current appearance she...

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Chance Encounter

A chance meeting takes Tom Rider down a whole new path.

I had checked in and dropped my things off in my room at the hotel hosting the computer security conference I was attending; a full week of the latest and greatest in protecting my online customers from things like hacking and phishing. Something my small company desperately needed and did not have. It had been a very long day of travel and I was entering the bar to destress when I paused to...

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Another Girls Night In

Sandra joins Sally and friend Kelly for a girls' night in.

As I was sitting in front of my computer, an email popped up in my mail box. The email was from a guy (we'll call him "Dave") who wrote that he and his wife (we'll call her "Sally") had read my "Girls Night In" and liked it so much that she had him to read it out loud to her. Apparently, his reading got her so turned on that she played with herself while he was reading it! Needless to say, I was...

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The Delights of Becoming a Cuckold

Cuckold story.

My descent into the delights of becoming a cuckold started a couple of years after marrying Ruby. She was a Registered Nurse on the IC Ward at our local hospital, often on night duty, seven days on (twelve-hour shifts) then seven days off, but it worked for us. One of the doctor's she worked with seemed to like the look of her, openly flirting with her, just playful stuff at first to see how...

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Jackie and Holly

Jackie lusts after her brother.

Jackie and Holly were first introduced in the story "Uh Oh, Mom? Dad" Ch. 03". While I hope you read that series, it isn't necessary to enjoy this one. * "Have you heard from Jimmy?" Jackie asked her friend Holly as they were ready to board their flight to Newark after a two hour layover in Miami. "No. How about you? Anything back from Bill?" Holly responded. "Shit no,"...

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Here "Comes" The Bride Pt. 02

A new twist to her marriage...

A knock is heard and all three look towards the door when a voice calls out, "10 Minutes Kenzi" Watching his daughter jump... she runs across the room to get her veil but then turns to look at her future husband, "It's bad luck for you to see me... you need to leave." stating in a hushed voice. "Aye, Get downstairs Shaun... We will share the news when it is time." telling his future...

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Michelle's Awakening Pt. 01

Michelle notices some changes on a family vacation.

This is my first story. I started writing it a few years ago and come back to it now and then. This first chapter just sets things up. Chapters coming up will have more action and things will go in several different directions. Any suggestions/comments let me know! * My name is Michelle and I'm 18 years old. I just turned 18 actually. It's a little weird being 18 knowing I can now...

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Pounding Miss Lonely Mom Ch. 02

Teen son bones inebriated, lonely mother at father's grave.

In the pre-dawn hours, Eric Meyer slept to recoup his energy after fucking his passed-out mother Katie. Breathing faintly, Katie laid in her teenage son's bed almost motionless, beautiful mouth gaping wide, the powerful cocktail of Xanax and alcohol still coursing through her veins. Meanwhile, her eighteen-year-old's fertile seminal fluid now deep inside began to flood her...

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Deflowering a Virgin Sister

Elder sis deflowered by degenerate younger bro.

Abdou and Seemi were expats in Malaysia, but the warmth and love showered by the Malaysian people made them feel as if it was their home. The brother and sister moved in here with their parents after their father was promoted to a new office in Malaysia's capital. Their house was in a busy street of Kuala Lumpur. It was a large house, given to them by their father's company where he worked as the...

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Burned Ch. 15

Leah's introspection and self-assessment.

_It has been quite some time since I posted the previous chapter. I hope the story hangs together okay. I find it is somewhat more difficult to keep the threads of the story straight the longer I delay between chapters. Many things conspire to delay writing. Oh well. It's enjoyable for me. I hope it remains enjoyable to my readers. Enjoy. Leah's introspection, self-assessment and...

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Dragonborn Rising Ch. 08

The tale of the Dragonborn continues.

Skyrim -- Cyrodiil Border After limping out of the stadium, Gozarth and Androna washed in a watering trough. The murky standing water smelled stagnant, but it rinsed off the mixture of dirt, grit, blood and gore from them. Guards stood-by keeping an eye on them tossed them a pile of old clothes to sift through. Androna's tunic had been too large, the breeches too tight and the moccasin-style...

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A Night with Rachel Riley

Being security for Rachel Riley has its benefits.

TV personality Rachel Riley has been receiving lots of abuse online lately from some trolls. Her agent is worried about her safety so hired security to escort her around wherever she goes. Luckily for me I work for said security firm. We deal with a lot of high profile people all the time so it didn't faze me when I was asked to be that person. I have always had a thing for her, ever since...

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Step Mommy Slut Ch. 05

Final chapter for David and Stephanie.

Dinner was a pleasant buzz of conversation and stories about their youth, but David was hesitating to broach the subject of her marriage. He was not sure everything he wanted, but he knew for sure he wanted Stephanie. He had never had a long-term sub, he mostly played with available girls at the college clubs. He was contemplating what long-term would mean in the current landscape of their...

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My Foot Fetish

I finally indulge my foot fetish.

FYI: This is a true story about me indulging my foot fetish in the way I wanted for the first time. I love feet, especially the teachers at my colleges my favourite teacher was Miss Clarke, biology teacher. Every day she wore black flats with no socks; they looked pretty rundown so I can imagine they smelled divine. She would always slip her feet out of her flats, exposing her glorious toes...

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Life of Indian Housewife at In-Laws Ch. 07

Tale of Indian Housewife -- The Honorarium (Gurudakshina).

_[The taboo love between the Indian housewife and her father-in-law has ended in their secret marriage and both are overwhelmed in the intensity of their love and physical attraction for one another. The maid turned priestess had aided and conducted the marriage to the satisfaction of the couple. And, in return, she had been assured a payment of her 'honorarium' by the master of the house...

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I Wrestle Bill Again

A sex wrestling rematch. A one sided match.

Bill had beaten me in our first match and now we were meeting again. The rules were the same. The first to cum loses and holds use to immobilize not to hurt. Bill had beaten me and forced me to swallow his load. To remind you I am 6'1" 270 and a 6" cut thick cock. Bill is a very handsome 6'4" around 240 with short blonde hair and a sort of 70's porn mustache. He has a bigger cut cock than I do by...

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Marianne and Christopher

What Happens Right After Sense and Sensibility...

This is my imaginings of what happened right after Sense and Sensibility. My apologies to Miss Jane Austen. (I used the Emma Thompson movie version as my inspiration.) Please enjoy! * Marianne looked up at her new husband and felt the rise of pride in her bosom as he tossed another handful of golden coins into the sky. They rained down on the village children eliciting giggles...

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One Time with My Mother-in-Law Ch. 02

My Mother-in-law explores with me in towel.

Having re-read my story, your comments were right. I did leave everyone hanging. Although this story was intended to be a stand alone story, it does deserve more. So here you are. * My Mother-in-law and I were recovering from our adventures that day, when we started talking. She seemed bothered by something, and I had to find out what it was. We were sitting at the kitchen table...

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Threedom Pt. 07

The final sequel.

All three of us lay in bed, after another satisfying session of sex together. I had the two most amazing women in the world on either arm. Anvi cooed to me softly, "Wouldn't it be nice if we could do this all the time...not only on weekends and lay-overs...but just as a part of our regular lives...together." I sniggered, "Hun...if we were together all the time, the domination and...

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My Girlfriend & My Best Friend

His girlfriend discovers that his best friend is better.

Andrew and I had been best friends since grade school. We shared the same sense of humour and listened to the same bands, and we were both known pranksters at school. While not exactly popular, we were adept at making our schoolmates laugh and this gave us a certain credibility. At 18 years-old we were pretty inseparable. While I was definitely the better looking out of the two of us (Andrew...

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Meat Urinal

Casey is captured by some very abnormal kidnappers.

"Hey Vickie!" I call out to the brunette girl next to the treadmill. My friend Vickie turns around, and greets me with a smile and a wave. We've been going to the gym together for about a year, and her support is what got me to exercise on a regular basis. "Hey Casey!" she chirps when I reached her, and we start on our workout. We get caught up chatting, and between that and the new routine...

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Home from College Ch. 01

I came home for my 18th birthday. Mom was waiting.

It all started so innocently, but looking back on it, the fact that it happened at all is still the most incredible thing to me. My mom was always the neighborhood mom, the young mother who knew the answers to all the questions, the den mom, the high school teacher and the mom all my friends looked up to. Going away to college was the hardest thing I ever did, in part because I knew it...

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Dating Dennis Ch. 02

Tammy is determined to be a good date for her brother.

I was distracted all dinner. Dennis was, once more, a perfect gentleman. He didn't comment on my squirming, or the way that I blushed every time he offered me food that even remotely looked like a cock. He didn't question where I'd disappeared to for ten minutes, or even seem to notice the way that I kept getting lost in his eyes. Before then, I'd never noticed my brother was. I...

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Brother and Sister

A Love Story.

My twin sister and I were about 5 years old when our parents were killed in an auto accident. And, since there were no close relatives that we could live with, we wound up in a foster home, waiting to be adopted. Finally, after almost a year later, my sister was adopted by a family and we were separated. I got adopted a few months later but I never knew where my sister was. (Fast forward...

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Enlightening M Ch. 01: Birthday Guest

Submissive M is presented with a series of challenges.

M and I were separated for a long hot summer while she took care of some family business across the country. She passed the time with provocative selfies for me and her followers on social media, while I prepared a series of challenges for my beautiful, salacious and submissive partner to complete upon her return. This story is about the first of those challenges. My birthday was about a...

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Brother and Sister with Benefits

Siblings move in together and sexual tensions explode.

After she split with her boyfriend, and her brother Paul divorced his wife the two of them moved in together purely for financial reasons. Samantha is 23 years old and is regularly told she's very pretty, she has a good athletic body from regular workouts at the gym and swimming and she has nice 34C tits that she is very proud of. Paul is 28 and very fit and works out regularly too. They...

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