Erotic Stories Published On Tue, Mar 5, 2019

Working Out Issues Ch. 05

Mel gets some more new clothes.

"Adam! I'm coming!" I cried out. Adam kept pounding away at the door to our apartment. Ugh! I didn't want to keep him waiting but I was just starting to feel the burn. That was getting rarer now. I had gone through all the At Home Aerobics DVDs, and had spent the last week or so just replaying the last few sessions. But even those were getting to be too easy. Adam banged on the door...

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Wild Child Ch. 07 - Epilogue Pt. 01

An old lover, a new passion.

It had been ten years. Surely, it would be nothing. But Faye hesitated, anyway. Why, oh why, did Steph had to invite him? After the makeup sex all those years ago, Faye and Tristan had dated for three years. They were good years. For the first time in a long time, she had had a healthy relationship. They'd spent nights by the river, watching the lights. Settled into cosy dinner...

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The MILF that Took My Cherry

Nerdy young guy has his first sexual experience with a MILF.

Growing up, I was a typical skinny, nerdy and insecure teen. I had access to porn magazines through friends, but my romantic experiences never got further than slow dancing at the senior prom. Now, I was a 19 year old who had just signed up for the Air Force, and taking advantage of a few weeks of freedom. As a high school graduation present, my parents had helped me buy an electric guitar, and I...

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"Amateur Night"

A young woman is surprised by a 'pole'-arizing event.

"Here. You're wearing these tonight." I jump, not expecting to hear your voice, push the shower curtain aside slightly, and see the outfit you're holding up, stockings & panties included. "But Daddy...I already had an outfit..." "Shhh. Daddy has a special night planned and he wants his beautiful princess to dress the part. Let Daddy know when you're ready, Princess." I let out...

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Steam Room Mishap

Embarrassing ordeal at the gym.

I had recently joined a fancy new gym near the office and I was excited to test out all of the facilities. Everything seemed to be state of the art and very modern. After a tough workout I decided I would treat myself to some relaxation in the steam room that was attached to the men's locker room. A quick stop at my locker, where I stripped off my clothes and secured my phone and wallet, and...

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Well Deserved Couples Night Out

Wife and I desire an adult night out!!

My wife and I have been married for 20 plus years. Kids are not home for the weekend. We have not had a weekend to ourselves for a very long time. We both have had very busy week at work. We decided to meet up for dinner. Heading to our favorite restaurant I walk up and open her car door then reached out to grab her hand. She is getting out of her car as I kiss her hand. She slides up...

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The Noble Hearts

Director takes a risk with an unlikely Western.

For Russell Keane, it would all come down to this moment. Today was the last scene to be filmed for his revisionist Western, "The Noble Hearts," a film that would either elevate his career or destroy it. For the past decade, the Melbourne native had made a name for himself directing high-grossing, if lowbrow, horror films, but after hit after hit, he grew tired of being considered this...

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European woman gets needed release in tribal ceremony.

The steamer cruised on down the muddy river, a chaotic green canopy dominating the banks on either side. The day was bright and humid, distinctly tropical. But on the top deck, a woman was seeking a light breeze to dull a different kind of heat that had seized her. Having failed to catch George's eye for any longer than a few minutes -- he always had some ship's matter to attend to, or...

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Our First MFF Threesome

Wife invites friend over for fun.

This is the story of the first time my wife, Bianca, brought another woman, Melissa, to our bedroom. My name is Frank. I am 35 and decent looking if you ask me. I have an average size tool, about 6 1/2" slightly curved, which seems to help since I have never had any complaints and have been told I'm really good in bed. I'm about 5'8 170lbs brown hair blue eyes. My wife is always teasing me...

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The Online Files Ch. 01

My adventures on online begin again.

Back in the day, it was fairly easy to find what you were looking for. First of all, there were adult book stores. Every one I ever saw was basically the same. There was a video section, and there were booths there. Usually, you'd go in, drop in your money or tokens, and the monitor came on giving you access to anything and everything. And if you were lucky, the booth would have a gloryhole....

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Crossing the Line to Suck Cock

A smaller, older man gives in to an alpha male.

I was nervous. Frankly, I was even a little afraid. Here I was, 60 and divorced, and I was about to meet a man for sex. After all those years of not even allowing myself to think of it, I had finally taken the step that had been in the back of my mind for years. I was going after cock. I told myself I was up for anything -- fucking, sucking, etc. -- except kissing. Somehow that didn't appeal to me...

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One Night in Seattle - Closure

Hadn't seen her in 18 years but there she was.

I wrote this as an entry for the 'One night in XXX' event, but I realized it doesn't fit the guidelines, so I'm posting it separately. ====================== There wasn't anything unusual about that evening. I'd stayed late at work, struggling with a coding problem. Truthfully, I'm a better designer than coder, but that doesn't mean I didn't have to solve problems like this one. The fact...

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An Erotic Adventure Ch. 01

A young couple gets bored on a long carriage ride.

"Don't forget to have fun," those were Aiden's father's parting words to him. Aiden shuffled nervously in the back of the wagon, today was his first day as a warlord, it felt so unreal. Gold had been found in the floating islands off the west coast of Perthaven, and hundreds of immortals of all types rushed over, they were dubbed "warlords" almost jokingly after the sheer amount of fighting that...

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If You Go Down to the Woods Today

A man roams the woods naked unknown he is being watched.

The summer was unusually hot with the weather man declaring that we would never see another summer like it in our lifetime. Despite the heat Peter took up cycling as his car and driving licence had been taken away. He cycled out passed the ornate gateway to his house and went up to the common on the off chance of bumping into his old girlfriend Elizabeth. He hadn't seen her since he had come out...

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Sam's Cousin Ch. 01

Sam submits to his cousin in the middle of the forest.

My name is Sam. This is a story about my cousin Jay and I from the not-so-distant past. Hope you enjoy! *** Taking advantage of the end of senior year and the new warmth of early summer, Jay and I made our way through our neighborhood's forest. He and I had grown up close, and we spent a lot of free time together, especially in the warmer months. We both had the most fun during the...

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Vivian Laaning Ch. 39

Vivian joins the honeymoon of Ralph and Angela.

During the afterglow while reminiscing the totally all consuming passionate sex, not to mention the intriguing conversation wherein Vivian revealed her propensity for unbridled profligate sex, Jed Baxter developed an impression that Vivian Laaning exuded a siren allure on him. Just like the mythological Greek sirens he knew he would be in danger should he pursue her. Thus for practical purposes...

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Future Sex Ch. 03

Synthcock for women.

SYNTHCOCK X DOES EVERYTHING A MAN CAN! Yes, girls. Now you can PISS like a man, FUCK like a man and COME like a man! With all the sensations of a cock coming through your own nervous system as you explore a cunt or ass, or get sucked off. And you can still be fucked in your own cunt while wearing it! [footnote: Not advised from the front as the clitoris is obstructed: see manual for details...

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Bus Girl - Late for Work

Bus Girl succumbs to newly discovered impulses.

Author's note: Late For Work, is the prelude to Bus Girl. An anonymous commenter requested Bus Girl's point of view. I'm not a grandpa but I have one who would have scolded me. * I'm twenty-four years old and had never dared to leave the house without wearing panties. This morning when I opened my underwear drawer, I found only clean socks and bras. Barefoot and bottomless, I...

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Karma is a Bitch Ch. 02

Lolita has really overstayed her welcome.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex. * A warm tongue swirled around the tip of the erect cock, coaxing out a bead of precum. The wizard groaned as Lolita's mouth engulfed the rest of his hard gripped the sides of her head and her nose buried itself into his public hair, urging him to cum already. He really loved her blowjobs more than fucking...

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28 Days to a New You

A trans woman meets the domme who will change her life.

You'd kept your relationship with Mistress secret. After all, you'd never done anything like that before, and you had a job to protect. As much as you loved the idea of playing in those waters, you'd built yourself a good life on dry land. The first time you met Mistress in person, she looked you over silently for several minutes as you fidgeted under her gaze. She asked you a few innocuous...

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A Beast in the Bedroom

An arranged marriage is not what she thought it would be.

"It is so good to have you up and about today," Kitty said. Her Great Aunt Margaret smiled warmly at her, knowing full well what she meant, but refusing to acknowledge the matter. "Yes. It is a fine day, Kitty." she said, taking a moment to observe her dog, Muzzie. The ladies sat quietly, sewing in the parlor. A servant fed wood into the fire, while another took away the discarded tea...

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Ex-Mother in Law

Mother-in-law surprise.

Several years ago, as I was working as a Police Officer in a small town, I met and married a beautiful young woman who was an aspiring Anthropologist. After we had been married a couple of years, my job and her "digs" created a void in our relationship. She would be gone for weeks on end with her class doing research and such and I rose through the ranks rapidly and my job became so demanding that...

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Natasha and Dylan

Finally giving into temptation on a quiet Friday night in.

Natasha There was always something about a good night out that really made my adrenaline rush. The whole process from having a long bubble bath to blasting music whilst getting ready with your best friends and then finally piling into a taxi to the club at 11pm after finishing copious amounts of home made cocktails and bottles of wine. There was just something you couldn't beat about a decent...

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Will You Submit To Us?

Woman volunteers to submit to anything and is used.

"Are you truly willing to submit to anything? If so, keep reading." Molly stopped reading at that point as she felt a gush of liquid warmth between her legs. Her cunt was gushing as she re-read the header of the internet ad. She fantasized endlessly about submitting, about giving up control of her body to another, but had never dared to try it. Maybe it was time. It was at least time to...

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Brandon and Allison comfort one another in their loss.

————————Prologue———————— The funeral was on a Saturday, which she would have hated, but Brandon and Allison had no say in the matter. She had raised them, she had cared for them until the end of her life. Even after the Alzheimer's had stolen her mind and robbed her of all of her other memories, she had not forgotten that, had not forgotten the two grandchildren she had raised in the last two...

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The Eros Project Ch. 04

Mark and his mom deal with their urges.

_This is a lighthearted and not very serious attempt to explain why all the characters in my stories have big tits and big dicks. As with all my stuff, this will feature large breasted women having sex with big dicked men with plenty of anal and cumshots. Consider this your warning about the content so don't bother complaining about yet another story on Literotica featuring huge tits and...

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Jenn: Mutual feelings

Sparks continue as Jenn and I play.

It was Sunday afternoon, the sun streaming through the bedroom window keeping the room bright and warm. We had finished another session of slow sensuous love making, napped for a bit, and then I had gotten up to use the bathroom. Returning, as I approached the bedroom door which had been left slightly ajar, I looked in at Jenn lying on the bed. The warmth of the sun and our vigorous activity...

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He's My Brother-in-Law Ch. 03

Dad catches me with my dick up Thad's butt.

This story contains gay incest. * When I got back from my adventure at the park with Thad, dad was still on the sofa where I'd left him. I went into the living room and saw that he'd fallen asleep in front of the TV. I switched off the set and shook him awake. "Time for bed, dad." I told him. It took a minute for him to wake all of the way up, and then he stood and...

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Mistress Doreen Ch. 06


_Chapter Six - Consummation Author's Note: This is a story of a female dominant/male submissive relationship between mature people. This is fiction. If you enjoy such stories read on and please comment and vote. If not choose another story more to your tastes. This Chapter is the sixth in this series. Please read the preceding chapters for context. To the gentle readers of the previous...

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Sally pays the price for teasing.

Author's note... Everyone is of legal age, Everything is fictional, Pregnancy can't happen, Enjoy. *** John had struggled for years being a single parent. When little Sally had been younger, she had been his little princess. He would have killed any man or beast that dared harm his precious little girl. After turning 18, Sally became rebellious. She would tease her father...

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