Erotic Stories Published On Fri, Mar 8, 2019

Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 10

Sue comforts a returning friend

JFK, New York: Sunday 11th February 2018 The cup of coffee was a life-saver. Strong, black, Grande. Full of the flavors of Africa. There are very few friends I like enough to get me out of a warm bed at six a.m. on a New York winter’s morning. But Francis, especially in his current state of mourning was one of those few friends. But without that steaming cup of Ethiopian black, I’d have been...

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Male Stripper and the Yuppie Couple

Yuppie couple picks up male stripper.

School wasn't for me, but I was blessed with a hard, lean body and cock that any porn star would be proud of. Being a male stripper isn't as glamorous as it sounds. For every bachelorette party with beautiful young woman, there are ten gigs with fat old ladies and another ten with creepy old men. My cock gets a lot of attention, but not a night goes by that someone doesn't try to stick a finger in...

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Detained and Defeated

He gets into deeper trouble with Katherine.

This is a sequel to Steam Room Mishap. Enjoy. *** Officer Kristen looked at me expectantly as I started to remove my clothing and place the articles in the bag she held out to me. The intake area was not at all private and most of the police station could see the entire area. Desperate to maintain some modesty, I paused sheepishly when I got to my underwear, but she nodded sternly. There...

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A Big Change Pt. 04

Continuing Harriet's journey of change.

Dante's was not what I expected, not really sure what I did expect, but this wasn't it, this place looked like a private doctor's surgery, A red door and a small brass plaque with Dante's engraved on it. We parked up and the four of us approached the door, it opened in to a nice red carpeted foyer, the women at reception bid us good evening and asked about membership. Paula, Mary and...

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Sister's Revenge Ch. 02

Amanda reminds Jenny of her place, and learns something new.

Here's chapter two. I've got a few chapters planned out for this story. Again, this story contains incest, futanari (dick girls), and forced sex. If you are uncomfortable reading these types of stories, you can exit the story now. Enjoy! (Note! I've taken a lot of liberty with biology here, for the purpose of storytelling and smut. Please don't get upset by my lack of actual science.)...

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Snow Bunny Pt. 02

Inside the men's cabin, Sarah realizes they're not done yet.

Curiously Sarah looked from one man to the other. The change from the cold outside to the heat radiating from the fireplace made her cheeks blush. Her fingers played with the edge of the woolen blanket covering her naked body. "By the way," the dark man said. "I'm Adam." "Olaf," the pale one replied. Sarah nodded at each of them. "My name's Sarah," she said. Then the room...

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A Model Cousin Pt. 06

The cousins have their final photoshoot.

We were running late. I needed to run to Best Buy before they closed for some new lens wipes and my cousin Elena needed to make some phone calls. Nevertheless, we convened in the house at about 8:45. We were both tired, I could tell, but if it was time for a shoot, nothing else matters. "So how are we startin' this one?" I asked my cousin as we both walked down the hallway to her room....

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A Loving Arrangement Ch. 02

No turning back now.

_Author's note: As with most of my stories, this story is about a couple in a loving, long-term marriage adding something extra. For those of you who only like to read about monogamous marriages, this story isn't for you. There are so many of those types of stories on this site, written by authors much better than I, so no sense in reading something you won't like. For those who like wife-sharing...

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Something Borrowed

A honeymoon gets disgustingly disrupted by room service.

Trigger Warning The following piece of art may be offensive to some people because it contains rape fantasy, and is not real. Real rape is wrong. This story is intended for those who enjoy rape as a fantasy or role-play and it not intended to be real or to be reproduced in any way. * "Maybe we should take a break," Troy suggested. I paused. "Yeah. Lets order room service. I'm...

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The Comfort Girl Ch. 03

Evelyn Gets Between the Brothers.

If you make it to the end, please vote and/or comment. I love hearing from you. * Evelyn awoke writhing. Her limbs tangled in bed sheets. Another wet drag of a tongue on her pussy made her eyes spring open wide. She saw Wesley's head between her supple, sensitive skin, suckling at her core. God, this must be some kind of hell. His hair tickled her inner thighs as he continued his...

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There's an App for That Ch. 03

Gareth takes control of his work place issues.

Author's note: All Character's in this story are over the age of eighteen. Any names or places that bare similarities to reality are purely coincidental and not intended by the author. Warning: This story contains elements of non-consent. * Gareth knew he only had a few days left before he had to officially resign so he needed to work fast. Now that he...

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Ghanaian Bisexuality is Cool

Bisexual Ghanaian Muslim meets interracial couple.

Hassan Amponsah, hailing from the City of Accra, Ghana, is a longtime resident of Ontario, Canada. The six-foot-three, burly and dark-skinned, ruggedly handsome West African brother is a University of Ottawa alumnus and works for the KPMG corporation as a tech. The brother loves his job and makes good money. WHast could be more chill than that? Lots of ladies and others are after Hassan, but...

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All you have to do is read.

1 Hi. Thank you so much for agreeing to help me out in this experiment. Your support is invaluable and I'm grateful beyond words. I promise this won't take long and I'll try to make it as enjoyable as possible, okay? So... how is this going to play out? It's simple. All I need you to do is read some things for me. If you can do so out loud that would be great, but if that's too embarrassing...

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Lana and the Dark Brothers Pt. 05

Lana is captured.

Chapter 9 Kane ...continued... He went back out to the fire. Both Sorin and Viktor eyed him with ill-concealed anger as he approached them. Sorin stood up. 'Well?' Kane shrugged. 'Well, nothing. She's gone.' Without a word, they both raced into the tent. Viktor immerged a moment later just as the dark sky lit up with lightning and a clap of thunder followed in the...

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Good Neighbor Ch. 04

Another addition to the harem and other ups and downs.

Synopsis: A neighbor left a fledging harem unattended, and hilarity ensues. Tags: MC, MF, MD, GR, HU Note: "My Erotic Fiction", which means it cannot be reposted, etc. without my permission; it may be illegal or immoral for you to read; and it is all made up. Note 2: Read Good Neighbor 1 to 3 first, OK? When you get to the note at the end of #3, just understand that I changed my...

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The Janitor who was King Ch. 04

The further continuation of a teacher's descent.

Please read prior chapters to learn more about Cheryl Thomson, an innocent wife and mother who became a teacher in the deep south. Her life is expanding into new ways thanks to The Janitor Who Was King. * It has been several weeks since the events of Chapter 3 [ read chapter 1 through 3 of The Janitor Who Was King for background] and Claude Thomson was in the process of...

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Oh, Captain!

Brie Larson needs to relax on the set of Captain Marvel.

Disclaimer: This a work of fiction. It is not real. It did not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such. Oh, Captain! Starring Brie Larson Codes: MF, Cons, Oral * Brie slammed the door to her trailer, storming inside angrily. She was frustrated. With herself mostly. Twelve times they had gone through that scene and she had botched every one. During each...

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His dad turned him into a bastard, almost.

_Hi guys and gals. This one is MUCH different from my normal stuff. It includes anal, and slightly forced sex, so if you don't like that you might want to take a pass. While my doctor was working on getting my heart problem under control and my PC woes went on, I received a fan request for something way out of my comfort zone. I let that sit in my brain while everything else got sorted out, then...

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Valerie in New York Ch. 04

The final chapter.

[Valerie Solanas did have dinner with publisher Maurice Girodias in 1967 and that is depicted in the movie. I re-imagined that scene here. The scene with the customer in the courtyard (it's described, not depicted, in this story) is also in the movie. I changed that too to make it fit my vision of her personality. The scene here involving the pimp is entirely from my imagination.] *...

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Dragonborn Rising Ch. 17

Ragnar settles down into a life of domestic bliss.

Chapter 17 - Domestic Bliss * Moving Muiri into Riftweald took barely a couple of hours as she didn't need to move any furniture, only her clothes and personal mementoes. I'd bought her a wardrobe and a chest of drawers to hang her clothes in and the drawers for her more personal garments, and made sure she had plenty of space for any other personal effects. Aranea moved out and...

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Laura's Choice Ch. 07

A trip to Europe and a change in Laura's life.

Dear readers, This is the final chapter in this story. I hope you enjoy it. *** "Merci beaucoup," I thanked the cute server in the small cafe off the Champs Elysee. He placed my latte down beside a fresh croissant and stepped aside with a smile. I sipped the fragrant coffee and sighed as I stretched my weary legs under the table. It was a beautiful September day in Paris and I was...

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The Golden Icons Ep. 01

Peyton looks for a travel buddy and finds a fuck buddy.

Hey everyone, thank you for the feedback on every story so far, please keep that coming, let me know anyone else you want to make appearances in any story or any pairings you would like to read. As always, enjoy and please leave a review and a comment if you can! * Series - The Golden Icons Episode - Unfamiliar Travel Buddies Peyton Royce had spent the entire day asking...

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Louise Pt. 01

An adventure including a man and his huge-titted girlfriend.

My girlfriend truly is a most remarkable woman. As we hiked through the forest together enjoying the crisp, fresh air and the serene sounds of nature I looked back over my shoulder to the sound of Louise's heavy breathing only to be greeted by her delightful smile and enchanting green eyes. For a woman with such unusual and spectacular physical characteristics I was amazed by the way her...

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White Trash and Lovin' It Ch. 01

Lovin' my white trash life.

White Trash Livin' And Fuckin' Parody My Family in This Episode : My Mama Patty (Patricia Heaton) My Step Granny Paula Deen (Herself) My Sister Gianna Michaels (Herself) My Sister Kat (Kat Dennings) My Cousin Alia Janine (Herself) My Aunt Peggy Bundy (Married With Children) My Aunt Suga (Kym Whitley) My Uncle Phil (Dr Phil) My Cousin Spence...

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Welcome to the Freak Show

In a small Wisconsin town there lives a tribe of freaks.

Come one, come all, to the greatest freakshow on earth. See the nymphos, the crackheads, the ravers, the sluts and me, Alicia- their queen. Every night in the city by the river, Beloit Wisconsin- AKA little Chicago, we motherfuckers come out to play. I sit atop of my trailer like a throne, sweeping my fire red hair over my shoulder. Looking down at my grey Hooters t-shirt that had seen better...

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Who's the Boss?

Wife treats husband to a show while restrained.

Have you been thinking about me during your day? Thinking about wanting me... being teased by me? Are you horny? More importantly, are you horny for me? When you knock on my door, will your cock already be hard in anticipation? I hope so, because I am horny for you, baby... I'm waiting for you when you knock. I open the door to you. I'm wearing only black lace thong panties and black...

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A Rainy Day

A mature woman rescues a young man from a very bad day.

After the absolute worst day, I found myself waiting for a bus under a shelter in the pouring rain. Out of nowhere, a truck zoomed-by and a wall of water rose up from the street and soaked me from head to toe. I stood there on the verge of tears. It was a perfectly miserable ending to a perfectly miserable day. Above the noise of the traffic and the falling rain, I heard a voice call to me from...

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The Dominatrix Order Pt. 03 Ch. 04 - CBT

Sexy conclusion of Femdom story book 3.

The Femininus Circus was packed with spectators for the Annual Femininus Chariot Race. The Femininus Circus was a colossal open-air venue with a circular race track and grandstand. The Annual Femininus Chariot Race consisted of six competitors each being pulled in their chariot by a slave, racing seven laps around the track. Isabella held the title for five years running, with Servant Stud...

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Return to "Weekend School" Ch. 12

Students are made to do their business in front of class.

[This story involves bodily functions, so if that offends you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or over.] * Laura Franklin was highly pleased by the success of her weekend school, now conducted twice monthly, for adults who wished to return to an old-time school reminiscent of their own school days and complete with corporal punishment from female teachers. Melody...

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Small Woods

Michael visits Helen and they have a little trip out.

I hid behind a tree, hoping the lady walking her dog didn't see me. I was naked as the day I was born, and alone in a forest. I crouched as low as I could and closed my eyes, hoping that I hadn't been seen. I heard the dog coming closer, and then start barking. Please go away I thought but the barking just continued. I opened my eyes and saw the spaniel a few feet away from me, barking at me...

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