Erotic Stories Published On Sat, Mar 9, 2019

A Game of Basketball Pt. 8

If you couldn’t tell, this is part 8 of an ongoing series. The story contains a male 18 year old topping a transgender 18 year old girl. You did read that correctly. This story contains anal. If you don’t like that, don’t read it. It is a really emotion heavy chapter. And really long. Hope you enjoy.

After The Santa Barbara Tournament After we got home I went straight to bed. The next few days were a complete blur. I was suspended for the next 4 games and from going to school for 5 days, and no practice. Well, for just the 5 days. Once I can go back to school, I can practice, but I won’t be able to play for the next 4 games. I didn’t argue. It gave me time to think and I didn’t want to speak...

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Shopping with Daddy: Repercussions

This is a continuation of "Shopping with Daddy." It picks up after the conclusion of that story.

It's awkward as Mark and Katie, and Kevin and Laura, come down off the sexual high they all just experienced. Mark’s daughter Katie gathers her clothes and slips away to her room. Mark stays with Kevin and Kevin's 14 year old daughter Laura as they get dressed in the living room where it all happened. Mark’s back in control of his thoughts and manners. He doesn’t peek over at Laura as she gets...

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CAHILL--Part 1 of 6

It was a dark and stormy night and I could barely see the road when I drove into the diner's parking lot.

CAHILL—Part 1 of 6 by Senorlongo The characters in all of my stories are fictitious, but most—if not all—of the places are usually real. Included are towns, cities, roads, restaurants, and even menus. In this story, however, virtually all of the places are figments of my imagination. There is no Bascomb County, no Bascomb’s Landing, and no Lulubelle’s Diner. They are merely tools I have...

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Catharsis and Grace

This is a true story, well more of a recounting, pieced together through memories re-found. Leave comments, or don’t, I doubt I’ll read them, this is just a way for me to get it out and let it be. If it sounds familiar that’s because I uploaded an earlier version first, this is the edit.

This is a true story, well more of a recounting, pieced together through memories re-found. Leave comments, or don’t, I doubt I’ll read them, this is just a way for me to get it out and let it be. If it sounds familiar that’s because I uploaded an earlier version first, this is the edit. ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1974 was a strange place in time to be...

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Laura. Part 5

The continuing story of Laura and I. The names have not been changed.

Laura called me the next day and asked me how the meeting went. I figured since we were not a couple, just friends with benefits, I had nothing to hide. I told her what went down. I could tell by the tone of her voice and the way she asked questions that she was a little pissed. I had to figure out how to put out this fire. I attempted to change the subject a couple of times, but she kept drifting...

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Physical Confessions Chapter 1

There was a pause for a moment before she felt a huge, thick load cover her face without her permission. Tears were running down her face, but while she felt violated, for the first time in months, she actually felt wanted by someone. And that person wasn't even her fiance. It was by her new friend.

Hannah was sighing in bed again. It felt alone as it missed another person's body, her husband, Jack. They have been together for two years, but just three months after his proposal, he's been working late a lot more. Even though she didn't want to believe it, he was cheating on her. She even met the woman he was cheating on her with: a damn seventeen year old. The door creaked open and Jack came...

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Stephanie's Back Door

I wrote up a little story. It’s about how my neighbor Jack was so generous in helping me with a home repair project, and how my funny little kitty kept getting in the way of things. I shared my story with a couple of friends, and they said it sounds completely obscene. Can you imagine? I checked it over, and there’s not a single dirty word in the whole story. The nerve of some people, huh? Anyway, I thought I would post my story here and you all could tell me what you think. - Steph.

With a huff of frustration I gave the door one last half-hearted push, but it was stuck tight. Weighing in at a petite one hundred and five pounds, I didn’t stand a chance of muscling it open. I put my hands on my hips and gave it a pouty look of annoyance. “Hi Neighbor!” came a voice from behind me. “Looks like you’re having problems.” I gestured helplessly at the stubborn portal as I...

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Editing Reailty Book 1, Chapter 15: Ripples of Change

Becky and her mother wake up her father using their busty tits!

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created Chapter Fifteen: Ripples of Change By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this. James Davis Mom was home from her trip to Vegas. I could hear my sisters squealing in delight. They were going to have an orgy I bet. Dad was a lucky guy. I glanced back at my own two girls sitting on my bed, Ruri flipping...

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The slapping of flesh roused me from my blank dreams,I could hear the moans and the shaking of the bed as an orgy started where I lay..........

OSAKA AWAKENING 2-THE VILLAIN HOTARU The slapping of flesh roused me from my blank dreams,I could hear the moans and the shaking of the bed as an orgy started where I lay.Doused with the potent geiko(named so after the disappearance of the Geisha;women of art )their mind were focused on one thing and one thing alone;pleasure and more specifically my pleasure after spending most of their lives in...

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Babysitting Blues

This story contains the rape of a young girl. This is also an erotic story site so no whining. If you do not like rape then do not read this.

I sent the last email on my list and leaned back in my wonderful soft chair. I felt an itch and scratched my right leg. My fingers ran over the tops of my stockings. I looked down at my leg and ran my hand over my soft but firm thigh. I was in good shape even though I would be turning the ripe old age of 22 in a week. I liked the way stockings felt and that my thighs were bare. The fact that...

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The First Time I Had Sex for Money

story about first time having sex for money, sex with grandpa and daddy, sex with the dog

The first time I had sex for money was the first time I had sex with a midget and his dog. I was only eighteen years old. I didn’t have a lot of sexual experience but I wanted to make some quick and easy cash. I met Richard at a bar at a hotel I was staying at for a business conference. He offered me a thousand dollars if I would spend the night with him. I agreed thinking that was a lot to...

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Jessica Alba does more than nudity.

Comments and advice welcome.

His name he kept to himself , he instead went by his nickname – Bear. He had acquired strong mental powers and loved to use them to make people do things they normally wouldn't do. One day he was watching an interview of the actress Jessica Alba and she stated she wouldn't do nudity. He decided to take her over and to do a nude photoshoot for playboy magazine. He reached out with his mind and...

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Being naughty

I had married young and we had a little girl.

Being naughty I had married young and we had a little girl. My wife and I loved to party and had loads of friends that loved the same thing. We would get drunk and smoke weed at parties when we could get Mom to look after our kid. Well after returning from my work one day I found the note. Dear John. I need to explore my inner self. By. Love Shelly. Months went by without any contact. I had...

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Carole's Story 06a - Short Story - Adding to the Group

If you like the story please comment.

This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!! For those of you who have not read any of what I have already chronicled about my wife I will give you some background and a deion. I found my wife when she was only eighteen, working as a secretary. She was, and still is, beautiful. She has...

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Poor Little Cassie - Chap 1 - The Plumbers

Cassie is home for Christmas and two large men are in the right place at the right time.

My name is Cassie. It was Christmas break and I was very happy. Happy that I was home from school, I missed my family and friends. I attend an out-of-town college-prep high school. Happy that I had a whole month without classes or homework. Happy that I had met a very cool guy the last couple of weeks of the semester and I was looking forward to next semester to see where that led. I was...

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Poor Little Cassie - Chap 3 - The Christmas Party

This story is part of a series. It will make much more sense if you read them in order.

The week flew by. I did not see the two guys who had fucked me so well on Monday and Tuesday and I started feeling pretty normal by Thursday. My pussy was not sore anymore but I had gotten on a fairly aggressive masturbation schedule. It seems that almost everything made me think of sex, primarily sex from two older plumbers. I was a little worried that I was becoming some kind of sex pervert,...

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Potential Part 28

A teenage boy's normal struggles with growing up are complicated by his porn brain and pantie fetish, or at least that's what he thinks. There might be more to the story.

Other than the one he didn't have and wanted to give Deana right away, the rest made him uneasy. He had been glad Deana talked him into getting Candy one, but now he realized it would serve as a constant reminder that he fucked his father's wife. To Gloria, the ring meant they were going to do it. Once that happened, everything would change, again. He couldn't have a girlfriend who was his sister...

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Well, I don"t know when she started, but I know that she likes girls too and well she taught me all I know about sucking cock and about sex.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tyler and I am 18. I live with my mother (Nancy) and my sister (Stephanie) and we live in Washington. My sister and I have both gone to public school our entire lives. All through high school my sister and I have been a grade apart and that has made a few things a little hard on me when it comes to her. You see, she is very popular and every guy in school wants...

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it finally happend

I find out that booze is the key to unlocking her inhibitions.

Jackie and I have been married for 37 years, and our sex lives have become a little stale, in fact my wife has gone off the idea completely, I keep trying to come up with new ideas some turn her on some don’t, what I will say about her she does go through the motions for my sake, she still has orgasms but on very rare occasions. What is strange to me is she like to pose for erotic pictures for me...

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Acting Out Porn After School

Michael had always been curious about the younger girl who lived across the street. Surprisingly, she invites him over after school. He accepts the invitation and shows up, but Katie has also invited two of her friends. Imagine the impact reading porn might have on their activities.

The school year was well on its way, and Katie was determined to get Mike's attention. She was finishing up middle school and was very excited about starting high school in the fall, where she could meet "older" boys. Mike, already a freshman in high school, had a small problem. He began to jack off just about . . . whenever he got a chance, inside or outside of school. He especially liked to...

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Piercing My Hairdresser Part 2

This is just a dirty story for those who like the idea of fucking your alternative girl hairdresser and giving her a few more piercings along with a nice hard shag. Reading part one isn't necesary but it will explain why Jen is so excited in this story.

"Lauren's not here." It was the first thing Jen said to me when I came in the door. It had been almost a month since I was here last. "That's okay. Maybe I'm here just to see you." It really didn't matter to me either way. Both girls were attractive and while I knew I could fuck Lauren again, Jen was displaying the right nervous energy. "Oh!" She said. Jen was pale skinned with pretty enough...

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Danni -- Part One

Danni was standing in front of the floor length mirror holding a skirt to her waist, she was wearing only brief pastel panties and a matching bra. When she heard me she turned, looked at me with surprised eyes then spat “Go away, I don't have any clothes on!” She was a vision. My eyes locked onto the smooth round form of her ass as they absorbed the image of her in just delicate lingerie.

Dear Reader, I’ve been going back through my earlier stores and making corrections or adding verbiage. This story was originally a single tale, I have made it a two-part narrative. Danni - Part One “Are you flirting with me?” I was trying to watch TV but my sister was acting coy and playful, trying to get my attention. “No, why would I flirt with my brother?” “Maybe cause I’m hot and sexy...

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Ian's New Girlfriend

Lacey is home alone while her Mom is out with her boyfriend. It is date night and they should not be home for several hours.

On a late Saturday night, Lacey was lying on her bed reading a magazine when she heard the front door slam. Checking her clock she was slightly confused as her mom and her boyfriend Ian were not supposed to be back from their date for at least another hour. She did not really care and dutifully got up and descended the stairs to the living room to greet them. Seeing her mom taking off her coat she...

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Editing Reailty Book 1, Chapter 14: Naughty Welcome Home

Steve and Diane's daughters welcome them home with a wild time.

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created Chapter Fourteen: Naughty Welcome Home By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this. Linda Davies I had so many questions. It was so strange to realize that I had lived another life. That Steve knew it and I didn't. I glanced at him as we left behind the naked woman. We had sex in public, and no one cared...

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Library Passion

Justin and the head librarian, Ginger get off to a slow, not so friendly start. After a confrontation, the two realize they have more in common than they thought. Misunderstanding turns to passion, and eventually pure lust as Justin and Ginger discover hot, passionate sex. They even enjoy a threesome when Ginger's old college roommate comes by for a visit.

After spending four years in the military and another eight years working at a dead end job, I decided to go and get my college degree in hopes that would lead me to a better job after I graduated. It was a risk at 35 years of age but I didn't feel I had much to lose. To help make ends meet I got a parttime job working at the library. The head librarian is an attractive woman in her early 30's....

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Becoming Daddy's Girl part 2 (Edited with a slight re-write)

Unbeknownst to Maria her training to become daddy's perfect toy begins.

A warm sensation on my clit pulls me from the brink of exhaustion, dragging me through a haze back to reality. Every nerve in my body seems to react to his mouth as he tastes me. I glance down and see him between my thighs, staring up at me with a ravenous hunger in his eyes. I claw at my sheets as his mouth devours me, exploring every inch of my defiled sex. His tongue, ferociously probing my...

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Lost Empire 66

What of the survivors?

0001 - Tempro 0003 - Conner- Thomas 0097 - Ace - Zimmel 0098 - Lucy 0101 - Shelby (mother ship) 0125 - Lars 0200 - Ellen 0301 - Rodrick 0403 - Johnathon 0667 - Marco - Brown 0778 - Jan 0798 - Celeste - Shelby (human) 0805 - Toran 0808 - Radella 0908 - Tara - Mara ------------------------- Ungrown - unnumbered ------------------------ 2 - onboard Shelby, in Re-gen 0250...

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Futa Naked In School 05 - Futa's Naked Passion Chapter 1: Stacie Breaks the Rules

Stacie breaks the rules of the Program during her week going to school naked.

Futa Naked In School – Futa's Naked Passion Chapter One: Stacie Breaks the Rules By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Stacie Ward's Week, Monday Winter break was over and it was back to Rogers College for the start of the next semester. The fall one had been wild. The Program had come to my school. Every week, four new students—two females and two futas—were chosen to participate. They had to...

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Adventures of Sarah - Chapter 3

This story is part of a series. It will make much more sense if you read them in order.

Sarah was sitting in the cafeteria with the other teachers. They were so nice and welcoming. She had already gotten three more sub jobs and her excitement level was off the charts. She felt like she had finally cracked through the invisible barrier and was now just sailing through. She felt totally confident she was well on her way to being first in line for the next permanent position that...

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Thomas and Niko Ch. 16

"You want me to be your boyfriend."

Thomas and Niko in the City of Trees - Chapter 16 — My legs are pretty tired by the time I get close to home. I've just done so much goddamn walking. Maybe it was the three-hour nap I took in the middle of the day, but I'm having some trouble shaking this surreal feeling. I can hardly remember the end of my conversation with Owen, nor making up my mind to leave the park. I do remember...

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