Erotic Stories Published On Sat, Mar 9, 2019

You Never Forget Your First...

Tracy gets a taste of her first gang bang!

Tracy could taste the difference between the man in her mouth and James, her husband. It was strange to know the cock she was pleasing with her mouth, was not familiar at all. She was timid and reserved in her actions, sure they talked about this situation before. They even role played it with the dildo they bought together, pretending it was the real thing. Pretending was one thing, it was hot...

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Organism X Ch. 01

Something strange is invading the students of a college.

More than 50,000 meteorites have been found on planet Earth, scattered around the world. While seen as a distant cosmic phenomenon by most people, the planet is being bombarded all the time. Most objects burn up in the upper atmosphere, but every so often, something makes it through. Upon impact, there is no telling what might linger within the craggy rock and ice. From high above...

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Knight Squadron - Out in the Cold

One Event, three points of view...

Summary: One event, three points of view. Story takes place prior to the Battle of Siria. *** Chapter 1... Shine on Me... If he was going to die, this was a stupid way to go. Of all the ways Jac Jordan had pictured himself blasting out of life—flying the Ghost into a supernova, being blown out of space by an Jaheem cruiser, being disintegrated by a bounty hunter, even...

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Summer Desire Ch. 01

Liam and Tom discover their mutual feelings in a summer day.

_Author's comment: Hey! I'm the writer of this story, and I'd really appreciate your help in order to improve at this: if there's some language mistakes (I'm not a native English speaker), some parts of the text that don't really flow well, anything at all, I'd really like to know it in the comments; thanks for taking you time to read this story, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...

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The Training

Pornographer turns girl next door into his slut.

I answered the door to find my young neighbor standing there with a measuring cup. "Um, hi, Mr. Jackson, my mom wanted me to ask you if you had a cup of sugar she could borrow?" "Borrow? Does that mean you're going to give it back when you're done?" She giggled and tossed her shoulder length red hair. "Um, I don't know, I mean, she's making cookies. I could..." "You...

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Frank and Cheryl Ch. 04: His Test

Cheryl tests Frank's openness.

_Author's note: If you haven't read the previous chapters of "Frank & Cheryl" you might want to, just to know the background on this couple and how they arrived at this point in their building relationship. Physical descriptions: Frank is a divorced 35 year old, 5'-11" tall, 185 pounds and fit; brown crew cut hair, clean shaven, brown eyes. Cheryl is a never married 32 year old, 5'-01" tall,...

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My New Maid Robot

A guy wins lottery and decides to buy a maid robot.

"Welcome to tonight's lottery draw! You can win 3 million pounds sterling if you simply match 6 numbers! Good luck to anyone who has a ticket tonight!" Like each Tuesday, Thierry bought a ticket. He never expects to win, he just wants to feel this thrilling sensation. The one after you get your first number correct. He'd had no idea what he'll do with this money. He never won in the past 4...

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Icky Vicky Roberts

Headmaster makes young man his toy.

Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age. Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, utilizing Microsoft Spell-check. You have been forewarned; expect to find mistakes. .* Stephen Hebert looked out the window at the courtyard of the Academy. From his third story window, he had an unobstructed view of the entire...

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What was She Thinking?

Wife asks for a threesome with his best friend.

This is a story about a marriage at a crossroads and has no sex in it so be forewarned. * My name is Thomas Gallagher I am a 34 about 6'1" 215 with sandy hair and blue eyes and I keep myself in good shape by playing tennis in the summer and racquetball during winter. I have been married to my wife Jolene for 12 years. She is 5'7" 130 lbs with straw blonde hair and blue eyes....

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On the Loveseat Ch. 21

Interlude with Jenny: Escapades & Revelations.

Greetings Readers! There's a switch up in the story this chapter. Events happen in which Jeremy isn't a participant that are important enough to not gloss over, so I needed a way to convey that part of the story. I settled on telling this chapter differently and not from our protagonist's point of view. I hope it works. Please let me know one way or the other. Comments are still always welcome!...

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Strangers on the Plain Pt. 01

A schoolteacher bound cross country is saved by a marauder.

Dear Diary, As this is the first day of the start of my new life, I thought it appropriate to start a new diary. This first entry will have to include a bit of the past, and I have a lot of time to get these thoughts in order, though the rumbling of the train is not doing any favors to my penmanship. Today was the hottest day I'd ever felt in Washington DC as I boarded the train bound to...

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Church Outreach Program

Teaching Chinese leads to a torrid affair with the Pastor.

It wasn't the most exciting way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but it was something to do with her time. Laura was a widowed housewife with two children (boys twelve and ten years old). Her husband passed away a couple of years ago due to a tragic accident and she's been alone ever since taking care of the boys. The ensuing lawsuit and insurance settlement ensured that she and her kids would be...

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Dweeb Ch. 03

More Vocabulary.

"Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking" (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) He didn't see Ms. Largeness the next day. He didn't have her class that day. Rumor had it that she had called out sick. And nothing else happened either. Well, except that Barb Fulman snuggled up to him during a class change and while pressing her munificent figure against...

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Homeless Pretty Woman

Desperation could be the best thing to ever happen to her.

Just another Wednesday night, going home after work as the sun is setting. Life has become boring. I go to work selling insurance, get in my Honda, go home and masturbate. My name is Jarrod and I'm a 24 year old man. I'm very tall but average looking. I'm able to pick up girls at the bar but lately that's gotten boring. I've been looking for a little excitement... I came to a stop at a red...

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Lusting Over My Boyfriends Father

I never thought I would get this moment with him.

You always manage to make me smile. When we are all sitting at the table eating dinner and you lean over to tell me a silly joke or smart remark to the conversation going on. To you, I'm sure it is innocent fun, but I wish you knew that for is much, much more. When I hear the rasp in your mature voice, I imagine that voice telling me to get down on my knees and suck you off. When we make...

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Vanessa and I - Ch 19: Perfect

Seth finally fucks Vanessa, and takes some barbs from Diana.

Di has been spending a lot of time at our house, and a lot of time in our bed for the last couple months. She only stays the night if Seth is out of town which is rare, but it's a strange day if my cock isn't between her lips or buried in her pussy. When she is home, Vanessa & I can't help but hear the arguing - it sounds like neither of them are happy with things at home right now. Saturday...

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Arena Ch. 05

Charlie finds her gladiator; Hittle makes a grave mistake.

"Todd... no, stop. Please. I want you." Her orgasm continues to swell under his attention. She's lost, she'd waited too long to break away from his wickedly skillful lips and tongue. With him giving her no respite, she's going to fall into her orgasm before he enters her. Her muscles tighten as her orgasm takes her when he abruptly stops, leaving her teetering on the edge of her release....

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Deep Cover

How far would he go to not be found?

"Dad! I'm going home whether you go with me or not!" "First of all, you are to call me 'Mom' at all times. Second, you ARE home. Three, HELL NO." "I'm sixteen now. I can ride unaccompanied on the airplane. I have saved up enough money for a ticket. I am not asking for permission. I just wanted to know if you wanted to go, too." Sophie was struck dumb. Her daughter was adamant. After...

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Wife and Ex-Wife Ch. 04

Patrick moves into Nina's house and learns about her past.

Monday morning, Nina arrived at her bank a few minutes late. At the desk next to hers, Teresa was sitting there glaring at every move Nina made until she too sat down at her own desk. "Wh-what's the matter?" Nina stammered. "I think I'm going to kill you," Teresa said with quiet menace. "Why?" Nina exclaimed. "What did I do?" It almost seemed as if steam was coming out of...

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Tablet Master Ch. 06

A Game of Cat and Mouse.

A Game of Cat and Mouse It was daytime when Mia ran across the busy street. She jumped on the roof of a small house and then on another taller one to look around. Salk's manor wasn't that far, and she recognized it right away. She rushed towards it, Valsheen barely able to follow her until she stopped near the park adjacent to the manor. Valsheen caught up to her, out of breath....

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Model Neighbors Ch. 07

Jason and Julie flaunt their affair at the gala.

Author's note: This story features a wife having brazen sex outside of her marriage with her husband's encouragement and enjoyment. If you're looking for revenge or remorse, look elsewhere. This is also the last planned chapter of Model Neighbors. ** "Come on, I know Mike agrees with me," Erin said after taking a sip of wine. She was hanging out with Julie and Mike, again...

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Emily Waits for the Mail

Widow savors the arrival of the delivery man.

It was like clockwork that come 11 a.m. unless the weather was really bad, the little elderly lady at the far end of the cul-de-sac would be outside puttering around by the mailbox waiting for the mailman or woman. It had been that way for four years since her husband had passed that Emily Foster would go out and greet the mail person, often armed with a homemade cookie or a bottle of water if it...

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Total Woman Legacy 01

Lycka - Swedish Exchange Student.

Ned gazed upon the Swedish beauty convened with her parents in the family manor's living room. Lycka's admission application portfolio didn't do justice to her sky-blue eyes, high cheek bones and fair complexion. Seated prim and proper in a cushioned chair, she exuded youthful joie de vivre even as she attentively followed the adult conversations. The fashionable daywear skirt and blazer did...

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Sydnee and Dean

They meet at the beach, date and good things happen.

As soon as he realized they were unaccompanied by males, Dean Hubbell moved in on the two oriental girls strolling in the sand just off the boardwalk at Credence Key. They became friendly from the moment he opened his cooler and offered them each a Budweiser. He seemed to make better progress with the one named Sydnee, which was fine with him. Her girlfriend, whose name he'd already forgotten...

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Perspectives Ch. 15-16

Close to a breakthrough but then things get explosive!

Part 15. So...uh, yeah. That just happened...: Jason's Perspective "So, what's the deal, John?" I said to him, as he looked at me without yet saying whatever it was that he felt like he needed to reveal to me. "What do you have to be honest with me about?" After sitting in silence for another few moments, John finally spoke. "It has to do with the real reason that there's been tension...

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The Physical Therapy Student Ch. 04

Simon gets to meet the guy who Anna has been with.

Simon sat at his cubicle. He agreed to pick up an extra shift hoping it would calm him down for tonight. Still, he felt nervous. Meeting the man who was having sex with his girlfriend. Meeting him as soon as today. Simon was mentally preparing himself but this unexpected development of meeting face to face like this blindsided him. _"Well, we'd have to meet eventually, so this might be for...

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MILF Support Ch. 02

The CEO needs it now! Kieran is back for another adventure!

Kieran is back with another adventure! This time the CEO of a company is desperate for his expertise. Be sure to check out MILF Support 1 for more of Kieran's adventures! * 'No way, Amy. No way!' Kieran turned off his car. 'Do you hear that? That's my car shutting off. Which means I'm home and not going on another call.' 'Come on,' Amy wheedled. Kieran could hear crowd noise...

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A New Life Pt. 03

Lauren interacts with all of the siblings.

"Well, after your late night with Marv last night—" Fear suddenly gripped Lauren in her bowels. With a grin, George said, "He said you and he had a nice long talk last night. But no, you didn't oversleep. The others have all left for school, and I'm about to, also. Just wanted to let you know." "Oh, okay." Lauren was suddenly relieved. But George still seemed uneasy. "Uh,...

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Bad M.I.L.F Vol. 03 - The New Batch Ch. 03

Meeting a slim thick girl before the trouble begins!!

"Oh, so we're doing this, huh?" Jong smiled as I stepped inside the shower, handing me the soap. I lathered up looking over her impressive nudity. "Back door's open aint it?" She giggled as my cock found a home between her thick cheeks. Jong was already leaning back into me pulling my hand up to her right breast. The bar of soap dropped to the tub bottom diminishing over the drain as my other...

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Unexpected Threesome Ch. 30

At sea the sexual patterns change.

_[I'm sorry about the long gap between the story updates. You might call it writer's block. But it's really more the case that as relationships mature, sexual interactions become more set in their ways. Ned still might have been getting a lot of sex from some stunningly attractive and far too young women, but you already know their ways and means. And it's not really in the nature of Ned or...

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