Erotic Stories Published On Mon, Mar 11, 2019

Shall We Play Pt. 03

The couples get back together.

After Russell left, I fell asleep naked in my bed. I don't know how long I slept but awoke to find myself in the arms of my husband. He was sound asleep, so I curled up in his arms drifting back to sleep. I woke up this time having to pee. I had no choice but to get up. As quietly as I could, I slipped out of Logan's arms to go to the bathroom. Getting back in the bed I pulled up the sheet to...

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Cream Puff Ch. 02

When a straight man wants a cock in every hole.

When I woke Sunday morning, I was completely nude. I'd showered and removed my makeup before bed. The image in the mirror as I pissed standing up was totally male. I was clearly a man, in appearance at least. Sure, I was totally hairless, but that didn't make me less male. Inside I didn't feel manly. I didn't feel independent, willful, or strong. I felt vulnerable and it was erotic and...

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Total Control Pt. 01: Hooked

Not quite your garden variety hand job.

This is my first try at writing. Ever! So any constructive criticism is welcomed. More parts to the story will be hopefully finished soon - two more chapters are almost ready and I have ideas for a couple more. _________ Total control. Part 1 - Hooked It was late, I was horny and my husband was asleep. I knew he had an early morning meeting next...

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Tom Gets Lucky

Virgin gets seduced by older woman.

I hope you enjoy this story of a young man getting fucked for the first time. As always vote and comments are always welcome. * I was considered a nerd going through school and was never popular with girls. Actually I was nervous and awkward anytime I was around them. I helped my neighbor with yard work as her husband was older and in a wheel chair. He had a stroke and heart attack....

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The Rooftop Garden

A couple shares an erotic evening on a off-limits rooftop.

I absently swirl the ice cube along the bottom of my scotch glass. It glides smoothly along the surface, a mesmerizing, repetitive dance. "Are you game?" Aaron's voice breaks through my trance. My wrist stops, but the ice keeps moving. I stare at the table, attempting to jumpstart my brain into remembering what was just said to me. I glance up and smile sheepishly at Aaron. "Ummm, I...

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Fighting for Love Pt. 04

A Gay MPREG story.

Hello everyone! Here is Part 4, the ending of Fighting for Love! But, the beginning of something else! This ends with an HFN ending. HFN stands for Happy for Now. Logan and Liam and a few other familiar faces will be back! (More at the end of the story) I hope you enjoy! L. Darling ** "Lucas?" Mr. Piers whispered. The shock was clear in his eyes he did not expect for...

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Family Business & Sexual Adventures

Brother's girlfriend takes his virginity.

"Baby, we getting together Saturday?" Jim asked his girlfriend Jan. "Sure. You got something in mind?" "Well, my brother has his eighteenth birthday. You know, he's kind of shy, not like me." "That's for sure. And ...?" "You like him don't you?" "Yeah, he's even better looking than you," she said with a smirk. "Of course, you're both studs. But he is rather shy."...

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Playing Goddess Ch. 02

Learning about my new life.

Staring into the mirror with a shocked expression on my face (MY face? I don't see myself I see woman.) What the fuck happened? How did this happen? As I stand there questioning my grip on reality, there is a knock on the door. Jennifer (don't call her Jen or Jenny, for the love of god don't do it), asks how long will I be? I flinch, my head whipping back and forth from the door to the mirror with...

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Cheaters' Revenge

Revenge with an evil touch.

Thank you, Candace. For all those who have commented on 'Jessica', yes! There will be a second part. * Ewan McLaughlin pulled his car into the driveway. He inhaled deeply, left the vehicle and walked to his cousin's house. He didn't have to ring the bell, because James already had the door opened and welcomed him inside. Beth was waiting for him in the living room, she kissed...

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The Deviants Club Pt. 01

Young friends spend a weekend together in the summer of '92.

Seven young friends spend a weekend together in the summer of '92. This is a story of sex-positive, bisexual male and female eighteen year olds set in the early 90's. So if male on male scenes and girls licking hairy pussies aren't your thing, you might want to bow out now. As always, I appreciate and look forward to your comments. Chapter 1 There may be no better time and place...

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Patty Burns' Surprise

Patty surprises Blake with an evening delight and more.

I'd been seeing Patty Burns off and on for a couple of months. My aging parents lived a few blocks away and I'd been lending them a hand with projects around the house whenever I could. I maintained an apartment in the city and continued to work there though my trips to the suburb I'd grown up in, were becoming far more frequent. Patty proved to be a unique partner in many respects, our...

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Blood Bound Ch. 01

Alistair finds his mate.

Honey suckle. The sweet pure scent filled Alistair's lungs as he made his way through the forest. He was frantic and exhausted from searching for the source. When he first began tracking it, he was unsure why it had elicited such a reaction from him. He salivated as his eyes burned from lack of sleep, his entire body tense from being unable to rest or relax. Alastair had not fed in days, his...

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Two's Company, Three's Fun

Married couple take in other lovers.

"Jake! He just pulled up in front of the house," cried Kim Eliot to her husband, Jacob Peters. "Get down here! Quick!" Kim and Jake had been living together for three years, married for one and a half years and had been in their house for about 7 months. They had met at a party through mutual friends and had hit it off instantly. She was 26, fairly tall and slender with an athletic build due...

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A Miserable Pile of Secrets Ch. 02

Coincidences can be deadly.

Being Vince's friend had unexpected benefits. Sometimes they ate out at some casual restaurant, but one day Vince texted Arthur's phone with the weirdest message. "Hey, Dude! Want some steak?" Arthur texted back, "Did you buy some steak?" "Nope. Let's go out! My treat!!" The restaurant was so nice. Vince said he had a reservation, but the person he was supposed to eat with...

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Hanky Pranky

April and Hank play sex pranks on each other.

Hank was pleasantly surprised at how much better April had gotten with the strap on. She always seemed to go too far too fast, making the first couple minutes of the experience painful and awkward. They discussed it together and Hank understood because she couldn't feel anything from the inanimate object protruding from her mound, she could not accurately determine how to initially set the pace....

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"Me-Too-- Fuck You!"

A real bad cop is finally caught by me-too females.

title- "ME--TOO, FUCK YOU" content- ANGRY LAPD COP CONFESSES ABUSIVE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR NOTE- This story contains abusive sexual practices that have been revealed and identified by the Me-Too Movement. If such details tough for you to handle, I sugest you skip this story? The truth may set you free but there is always a price to pay after learning the truth. ALSO, this story was...

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April Lover

Undercover prankster meets her match.

Ever since I wrote "Undercover" I've always wanted to create another female lead that dared to go against the ordinary conventions of society. This was the inspiration behind this story, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it. Ada --------------------------------- He had turned away from her and he seemed to be very occupied with moving something on his desk. Kathryn turned her own...

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You see the strangest things through a bedroom window.

Tommy Lawrie leaned back against the tree and took a long drag on his cigarette. The ember glowed brightly in the darkness, illuminating his jowled face and lopsided spectacles. She's late getting home tonight, he thought. He'd gotten used to her normal hours. Usually he could predict her movements pretty well. Where would she have gone tonight? he wondered. There were, to be sure,...

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Darkside Stories - The Fool

A woman goes for a walk and finds herself in the Underworld.

The men in the board room stood in unison, pushing their chairs softly behind them, satellite faces devoid of expression though their eyes growled like dark ghosts. "They will want to see you walk with," Li Jun gently lowered me to my feet, "these things. Just to the boss's door." I stood still for a moment, looking at my pale feet against the marble, and I was angry, maybe tired of...

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The Roommate from Hell

What a tangled web he weaves...

"That's why she asked me about you. 'What kind of guy gives a girl a gift when he barely knows her?' And I said, well, Rob is awfully shy. He doesn't know how to just tell a girl how he feels. No doubt he meant well, no matter how awkward it was, is what I told her." "Right." "You're welcome, Rob." Rob chuckled but didn't say anything more. "Now how long have you had a crush...

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Left of Grey - The End of Men

Vlad's journey of survival in an apocalyptic world of women.

The sound of crickets chirping happily in the late afternoon sunlight combined with the sight of his faithful three year old white and tan little Basenji hound lounging contentedly on the end of the worn black leather couch he had been sleeping on for the past year allowed Vlad a small measure of comfort against the stress of staying alive as he awoke from his regular daytime slumber. He...

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The Mournful Child

Peter breaks his cold aunt to only want one thing. His cock!

"Will you send Peter Gibbs to my office Ms. Codwell?" Peter heard his principal's voice came over the class room intercom. Feeling his cheeks burning as his entire class turned to look at him. "Come along Peter, you shouldn't keep the principal waiting," his teacher said writing out a hall pass for him. The tearing of the paper resounded throughout the room as Peter gathered his things. He...

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Mistress Pam

Mistress Pam her Mistress Deb and I.

This story is about Mistress Pam, her Mistress Deb, and me. Today has been such a total waste of time. I have not been able to do any work, because I keep thinking about the amazing weekend I just had. I keep wanting to raise my skirt and finger myself, I was able to give myself one small orgasm at lunch, but I want so much more. It is almost time to go home, where I can get off the way I...

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Fortune Favours the Brave

A prophecy and a chance discovery lead to love. mother/son.

Mary Harper stood in the lamplight on the pier, looking out into the black ocean. An overwhelming sense of loneliness swept over her like the waves on the shore below. Her fiftieth birthday. Her husband of thirty two years leaving her a week before. A son she loved but rarely saw and a part time job that no longer held any satisfaction. The laughter of drunken couples surrounded her and never had...

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Captain Marvelous Ch 01

Our female heroine meets her match.

Missy Mounds was a mild mannered veterinarian in the growing metropolis of St. Charles. Missy Mounds hadn't always been Missy Mounds. Captain Marvelous hadn't always been Captain Marvelous. Captain Marvelous has always been Missy Mounds. Missy's parents, Captain Lucious Testes and his lovely wife Hymen, sent their only child Calescent away from their home planet of Climax in an escape pod...

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48 Hours on Blue Bayou Pt. 48

Does a slave go naked to a new owner?

Part 48: Does a slave go naked to a new owner? Authors' Note: Niamh and Julie are now at extremes of The Enterprises. What will, or even, can be done with Niamh, the slave who attacked her Owner? What is to be Julie's role as she waits for her new Owner to call for her? Some answers in this Part. — Taliesin1 and J. Spe Chapter 156: Interlude As soon as Martin...

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Father's Shelter

Emily finds her long-lost father, ends up drunk and naked.

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. It involves elements of incest, alcohol, and questionable consent. All characters are at the legal age of 18 or older. * "I'm telling you. Please just stay at home with me, Emily." I can still remember how it all began with my mother's words. It feels like it happened so long ago. As it so often happened in my life, I had to endure...

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Bully Gets to Spend the Night?!

Mom is really going out of her way to accommodate your bully

My mom, Cindy, insisted that I invite Roger, the guy that has been bullying me both at school and in the neighborhood ceaselessly for the last 6 months, over for dinner. She believed that he was a nice guy at heart and that we would hit it off if I had just extended an invitation. I tried to tell her about all the things he does to me, but she shrugged it off with her usual gentle expression...

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A Young King's Lust

A young king's pent up lust is first directed towards a maid.

First story i've done in a long time, wrote this up in only a few minutes. Re Edit: This was meant to be a very quick story to test the waters. Kindly edited to provide peace of mind to the editors. * Quinn [18 YEARS OLD!] always had a lust for women deep down inside him, almost every man in the world would receive the burden of such from puberty, and then it's up to them...

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Kink with Coffee

The night nurse likes her coffee served with a little kink.

_Copyright Neonurotic The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. _ # Kink with Coffee: 1st Cup Java Vamp The sexy, voluptuous head night nurse in I.C.U...

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