Erotic Stories Published On Fri, Mar 15, 2019

The Guy that Came to Give the Quote

James the Carpenter gets what he asked for.

His name was James... He had a rugged half beard. It wasn't groomed and had sawdust speckled throughout. An older beer belly dad. He came to give a quote on hardwood installation. He beckoned me over to a spot in the empty subfloored bedroom he was quoting. He kneeled down to check it out, and his ass crack stuck out. But I wasn't staring at that, I was staring at the elastic band of his...

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Growing Up Male & Becoming a Girl

Dressing as a girl.

My sister is four years older than me, and since our father left the family when I was very young, I have really never known of a household that wasn't dominated by women. Growing up in the late 50's and early 60's, female lingerie was extremely feminine. Most every female wore a bra and full cut panties under a half or full slip every day. Garter belts and nylon stockings were also normal...

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Good Neighbor Ch. 06

Story wraps with with pretty much more of the same stuff.

Synopsis: A neighbor left a fledging harem unattended, and hilarity ensues. Tags: MC, MF, MD, GR, HU Note: "My Erotic Fiction", which means it cannot be reposted, etc. without my permission; it may be illegal or immoral for you to read; and it is all made up. [email protected] or PaladinInBlack on Tumblr. Note 2: Read Good Neighbor 1 to 5 first, OK? CHARACTERS RECAP:...

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Take On Me: Let's Do It Again

Britney Spears returns for Josh and receives a surprise.

Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up. I do not make money from these stories. Please do not copy and plagiarize my work. _For the readers who have been requesting a sequel to Take On Me, here it is! At long last, I am happy to present this to you. Thank you for all the kind words for the original story,...

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Three Square Meals Ch. 117

Progenitor ascendant...

Alyssa let Helene cry against her shoulder, rubbing the aquatic girl's back as she wept. Whispering soothing words in her ear, she waited until Helene had cried herself out, then said quietly, "Let's go have a lie down." Helene nodded and let the blonde lead her out of the Officers' Lounge into the corridor beyond. The door to Faye's room slid aside after Alyssa opened it with a telekinetic...

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Date Night With Wife Ends At A Gloryhole

This is more in the vein of fantasy wife does slutty things but it goes too far and when do I regret it. It's just fantasy. It's not real. It's only a story. It's only a story.

My wife and I have been married about seven years but have known each other since highschool. Paula was always cute with cute girl next door looks and a sexy little body that had curves in all the right places. Her breasts weren't overly big, a generous b'cup but they were always perky and had perfect nipples. She tried to work out when she could so she had some nice muscle tone in her thighs and...

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