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Mrs. Swanson's Boarding House Ch. 09

Housekeeper candidates supervise bedtime.

_The Mrs. Swanson series started in 2010. I have re-read some of it and apoligize for the lame editing. Hopefully this continuation of a chapter started in 2011 is a little better. If this is your first exposure to Mrs. Swanson's ideas please consider reading at least chapter 8 before proceeding. Mrs. Swanson is a strong willed woman. Some men appreciate that, if you don't please move on and don't...

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Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 11

Ann needs an assistant coach.

Try as I might, Ann ignored my attempts to let her know how uncomfortable she was making me. Caitlyn called to her roommate, "Branna, come to the door, Ann wants to talk to us!" "The lady who's dating our neighbor?" "That's the one." "What does she want to talk about?" "Just come to the door." She came to the door barefoot, wearing a t-shirt & daisy dukes. "Branna,...

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Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 10

Ann describes the contest.

When we entered Ann's apartment she turned and hugged me. She looked up briefly, "Kiss me, Fred." She took my hand and led me back towards her kitchen. "Don't you want me..." "Sush! Not right now, we need to talk." It was about ten o'clock in the morning. She got a bottle of wine and two glasses. "I'm going to have some wine, Fred, care to join me?" "Isn't it a little early?"...

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Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 09

A cook out at Carol's.

Thursday evening I had to attend the monthly realtors meeting and Friday Ann always had dinner with her parents so we didn't have any time together until Saturday. After Ann's husband picked the girls up she came to my office to respond to a counter offer. When that was ready I took it to the listing brokers office while she went home to make the baked beans. As I approached Ann's front door...

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Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 08

Fred models for Carol and agrees to a cook out.

The giggling and outright laughing of feminine voices in the hallway outside my apartment was mostly unintelligible. They were clearly amused by what Ann had said to me as she left but their exact thoughts about my being forbidden to masturbate would remain a mystery to me. That didn't make it any better! How could I face them knowing that they knew that Ann wielded such a power over me? Not...

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Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 07

Freddy is teased and embarrassed.

After our brunch with Carol and Andy, Ann and I drove back to her place. Carol and Andy went their separate way. "That was nice wasn't it Fred?" Ann asked as she snuggled close. "It was." "What did you think of Andy?" "I really wasn't thinking about him." "What were you thinking about?" "Posing for Carol. What are you two up to?" "What makes you think we're up to...

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Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 06

Ann introduces Carol.

Ann carefully stretched the skin of my scrotum and shaved off every last hair. She rinsed and dried and applied a cool skin cream all the while teasing first my cock and then my balls and every so often massaging a very tight anus. When she was satisfied with her efforts she playfully slapped my butt again. "Let's get another picture now!" She took a closeup of my now smooth hairless balls. "Wait...

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Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 05

Phone sex and shaved balls.

The phone rang five, six, seven times before Carol answered. "Hello." She was groggy. "Uh..., is this Carol?" "This is she." She answered sleepily. "Who is this?" "Uh..., Carol. Uh..., my name is Fred, Ann wants me to talk to you." "Are you the Freddy she's been telling me about?" She asked sweetly, suddenly wide awake. "I hope so." I didn't think there were any others....

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Unusual diagnosis and treatment for CTS.

Getting on in years is no fun! Fact is when things start to deteriorate it seems to happen all at once. That's how I found myself at the orthopaedic surgeons office. "Right this way, Mr. Collier. I'm Dr. Colby's assistant. Please step on the scale." "Shoes or no shoes? "You may leave them on." I stepped on the scale and she dutifully recorded my weight. "One moment while I...

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Bobby's Babysitter Ch. 02

Bobby's story.

"Did you hear me, Bobby?" "What?" My mom said, 'Lauren called last night; her six year hitch is up and she's coming home." "Really? Ok, that's good." "That's all you can say? I thought you'd be a little more excited." My mother had just broken the news that Lauren, the girl who had been my babysitter while she worked was coming home after six years serving in the army as a...

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Bobby's Babysitter

The boy she cared for has grown up.

The first time I saw Bobby he was about eighteen months old and I was eleven. Bobby and his mom lived a crossed the hall from mom and me. Bobby's mom was single but not by choice; she was a war widow; a victim of Viet Nam like my mom. Our mothers were students at WMU in Kalamazoo. Mom and I watched Bobby during the evening if Sarah, Bobby's mom, had to work. By the time our mothers graduated...

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The Society

CFNM homebodies learn they are not unique.

The following story was inspired by a young lady named Jessica. She is young enough to be my granddaughter but she is wise beyond her years. The story distills concepts and ideas first introduced in the "Mrs. Swanson" stories and Boot Camp for Husbands. While neither of these stories are necessary to enjoy this offering they do provide "back story." * Chapter One: How it all began....

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House Mother's Toy

A young man becomes an older woman's toy.

I was reading a story about cross dressing and was commenting on it when the comment started being longer than the story... so...I decided to post it as a story. * I was a freshman at OSU fifty years ago. Freshmen were required to live in dorms back then and my building was four to a suite. My roomies and I started a game: how many panties or bras could we collect from the coeds we...

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Hair Today

Young man gets an unusual job offer.

"You want me to provide what!" I was sitting in a tastefully appointed office in the back of a trendy salon in Upper Arlington called "Hair Today." The owner, a smartly dressed woman in her late fifties, Mrs. Remington, had just offered me fifty dollars to come to her shop once a week and provide her with a semen sample. "I know you understood me Lawrence," she said calmly, "but let me be...

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Carrie's Pussy Ch. 03

The girls confront Louis.

When I left Carrie's apartment Saturday night it was a little messy! I was just too tired to clean to after myself. Not to worry she had called and told me her return flight was Tuesday. I'd have loads of time to get things back in order. I was sore. Really sore! So sore and spent that I didn't wake up with an erection. Apparently keeping yourself hard for a total of about eight hours over a...

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Carrie's Pussy Ch. 02

More exploring Carrie's apartment.

Saturday morning for those of you who haven't read "Carrie's Pussy" was spent in my neighbor's apartment going through her things and edging myself to a very leisurely orgasm. Back in my own apartment a little after noon I collapsed. Exhausted from spending so much time focusing on my crotch I drifted off dreaming of things I could or might do while Carrie was away. I awoke about three pm and...

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Carrie's Pussy

Single man cares for neighbor's cat in an emergency.

Like so many stories this one has elements of many categories. If you take the time to read the whole thing please vote. A comment relating similar experiences would be appreciated with a reply when appropriate! * I graduated after Spring semester in 2013. The job market was not good, especially for a history major. What was I thinking? If I had any sense at all I'd have studied...

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Michelle Gets More Help Ch. 02

The teasing continues as Allen performs for his wife's guests.

This story is a continuation of a story line that begins with "Michelle Finds Out". A wife is fulfilling her husbands fantasy of living in a relationship where his wife and her female family and friends control him sexually. There is no real reason to start at the beginning...unless you enjoy longer stories with more happy endings! Allen looked at his wife Michelle. It was a plaintiff look,...

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A Sissy is Born Ch. 03

You take me deeper into the sissy life.

As the title indicates there are two previous chapters. They are quick reads and even if you've already read them a quick review will enhance the enjoyment of this installment! * When the reality of my situation became clear I began to panic. I was seated in a woman's car dressed as a whore and I had no idea where my regular clothes or car keys were! I began sobbing again. "What am I...

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A Sissy is Born Ch. 02

You push my buttons and test my limits!

Authors Note: This is, after all, Chapter Two. Reading the first chapter might enhance your enjoyment of this offering. As is often the case when I try to write a story the characters seem to move in a direction entirely different from my original outline. I hope you like where they want to go! * You turned and started back to your car so abruptly that I was left kneeling and...

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A Sissy is Born

You make me your sissy!

I've been waiting for this day for a couple of weeks now. We've been exchanging e-mails, trying to come up with a plan that works for both of us. You placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a cock sucker. I answered it. One problem though, neither of us can host. Now I'm waiting for you at Viaduct Park in Bedford, OH. I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up a little. You didn't want just...

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Mrs. Swanson's Boarding House Ch. 02

Mrs. Swanson initiates a "devotee".

Miss Bridgeway led Carl out of the parlor and down the hall to the kitchen using his penis as a joy stick of sorts. "Did you enjoy your first session with Mrs. Swanson?" Carl had just been masturbated by one of the founding Sisters of The Sisterhood a group of progressive women who advocated CFNM as a way of controlling the sexual urges of men, young men in particular. The year was 1971; Carl...

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Mrs. Swanson's Boarding House

CfNM in a seventies boarding house

'Mr. Morton, what is the meaning of this?" Mrs. Swanson had summoned Carl Morton her newest boarder to her parlor. Displayed on the coffee table were two white sheets; white. that is. except for the yellowish stains that Carl could plainly see. "I..I..I d.d.don't know!" Carl stammered embarrassed to be questioned about the obvious semen stains on the otherwise immaculate sheets. "Come...

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A Visit to Dr. Philensky

You visit an unorthodox "Doctor".

This story is dedicated to a lady I know only as Passion. She entered my life just a few short weeks ago and has revived my spirits in ways I never believed possible. It is based on two of the erotic fantasies she shared with me. I hope that she and you will enjoy reading as much as I have creating this piece for her! You arrive at my house promptly at 10:00 am. You're wearing a very...

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How I Met Your Mother

How his wife captured his heart.

Vera was part of my American History 101 study group. A very sturdy girl, she grew up on a farm in Iowa where her family raised beef. She wasn't the least bit bashful and seemed to love to talk about life on the farm. Eventually she'd go into great detail about how rabbits or chickens or cattle mate. She was so candid it made most of the guys uncomfortable but the girls loved to get her started...

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Leo and Nature

Lonely man ritually sows his seed on mother earth.

It was the first really nice day of spring and Leo was hiking in the Metroparks. This was his annual salute to spring. He liked to hike to a secluded spot on a ridge above the river. He would sunbathe for a while and just before he left his favorite perch he would jack off. Leo liked being naked. He liked being naked in the woods. And he liked to stroke his cock, especially in the great outdoors....

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Theo Meets Ruthie

She wants him to get into her pants.

Theo could scarcely believe his ears. "Do you or don't you?" She demanded. "I'm sorry," he replied, "I'm afraid I couldn't hear you." He knew full well what she had said. She asked him if he wanted to get into her pants. They had been trading glances for over an hour across a crowded barroom and now she was at his side asking him if he wanted to get into her pants! "I think...

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