Stories Published by '123z'

Retribution of the Chambermaids

Two maids exact vengeance on their sadistic master.

Another tall tale suggested by Mrs. 123z. xxx England, 1780. x "So you wish for me to take on another chambermaid to ease your overburden, is that right?" "Yes, your Lordship. Since Fanny left I have been most overwhelmed by my workload. It is a large house and the hours are long." Katherine stood stock still, nervous and afraid at her own boldness. Cruel fate had...

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Kaley Cuoco Gets a Divorce

The real reason Kaley left Ryan for Karl.

Note- I have no idea why Kaley and Ryan split, nor is it my business. I just wrote this tall tale a bit of fun. xxx Tarzana, California 2016. xxx Ryan Sweeting sat alone in the airy living room and checked the time once more. He was in a casual suit in an armchair in the expensive home in California he and Kaley had purchased in 2016. They had only been dating for three months...

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Lady Burglar and Her Painful Error

Jessica finds the tables have turned and gets a caning.

Jessica Robinson blamed it all on Brexit of course. The twenty two year old had never known hardship in her young life until this wretched saga of the UK leaving the European Union changed everything. Brought up the daughter of an electric car dealer, the slim blonde had been spoiled rotten by her loving parents. Schooled at the exclusive Burgess Hill Boarding College in West Sussex, given her own...

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Gillian's Spanking Addiction Ch. 04

Gillian has a caning along with her girlfriend.

"I saw your striptease on the web last week and I thought I'd give you a call and say how erotic I thought it was." "Thank you, Mister Williams. Yeah, that one was hot. One of my cosplay shows with my friend Samantha." "Quite, I downloaded it and have wanked off to it every day for the last week. If you are up for it I would take great pleasure in hooking up with you once more." The...

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Elizabeth's Descent into Hell

Elizabeth's descent into unrelenting perversion.

I'd like to spank, er, thank! My wife Mrs. 123z for the inspiration and ideas for this gothic type tall tale. x Isle of Wight, 1891. As the horse drawn carriage drew up to the foreboding mansion I felt a distinct feeling of dread leap up in my bosom. It seemed like a cliché from an old ghost story as the storm grew ever more ferocious and Peter and myself were soaked by the heavy...

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Gillian's Spanking Addiction Ch. 03

Gillian introduces spanking into her sex life.

Successful cam model and online stripper Gillian Atkins had experienced a life changing moment when her mentor, retired school master Mister Williams, had introduced her to the pleasures of spanking. Now, three months on since she had been spanked, caned and tutored, the twenty six year old brunette felt the time was right to introduce her current notions into her sex life. Despite the fact she...

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Emma Watson, Horny Insomniac Ch. 02

Emma gets to have revenge sex.

Note- Another fictitious tale of celebrity that is far from true. xxx Emma Watson, along with most of the country, was happy and relieved when the hot and humid Summer of 2018 finally broke. The enchanting young actress had been restless and unable to sleep at night, and as a consequence had taken to walking outside in the street after midnight in a attempt to get sleepy. In an...

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Gillian's Spanking Addiction Ch. 02

Gillian discovers the joy of the cane.

Gillian Watkins arrived promptly at eight in the evening at the Pimlico apartment building of retired school master Mister Williams. The twenty six year old online stripper and cosplay model had resisted many generous offers of sex from her most ardent fans and had not taken to even having girl on girl scenes on webcam either. The vivacious brunette just enjoyed showing of her stunning figure and...

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Torrid Lady Victoria Ch. 06

Her Ladyship punishes her niece and groom for disobedience.

Kent, England 1921 xxx "Jones! You rotten bastard! You have betrayed me! I strictly forbade you to have intimate relations with my niece!" Cynthia Trescott was on her back and the stable hand was between her open legs and fucking the shit out of the nineteen year old virgin. His butt rose up and down on as his cock drove balls deep in the moaning strawberry blonde. Lady Victoria...

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Gillian's Spanking Addiction Ch. 01

Gillian discovers a latent passion for being spanked.

Gillian Watkins was proud of her curvaceous body and at the ripe age of twenty six she was, in her humble opinion, at the pinnacle of her good looks. The long haired brunette had posted hundreds of racy pictures of herself on X rated websites, and had posted videos of herself on strip sites. Naturally flirtatious she owned dozens of sexy outfits and lingerie and loved to dress up, and then undress...

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Catwoman by Gaslight

Catwoman gets upstaged, amongst other things, by Raffles.

Note- Catwoman and Gotham are DC Comics copyrighted. A.J. Raffles stories written by W.E. Hornung. This tale is a spoof on the same for fun only. Set on Earth-19 where the world is still in the age of the Industrial Revolution. xxx Gotham City, 1889. Catwoman, the costumed alias persona of Selina Kyle, was a cat burglar extraordinaire. Beautiful, strong willed, and with a life...

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Torrid Lady Victoria Ch. 05

Her Ladyship wields the heel.

Kent, September 1921. xxx When her Ladyship, Victoria Ponsonby Smythe, looked back on the last five years she had to chuckle. What had been a spur of the moment event, her bare handed spanking of a clumsy maid in her service, had actually been a life changing moment. In a loveless and sexless marriage to sixty year old Lord Henry, the now forty year old wealthy blonde had honed her...

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Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 09

Sarah Young arrives in London during WW2.

Sarah Young woke from a daze after another leap through time. She found herself sat at a desk with an ancient type writer and large black telephone. Alone in the tiny room with one window and door she went to look outside for any clue as to where, and when she was. White masking tape covered the glass and outside was severe devastation. Bricks and other debris littered the...

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Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 07

Sarah meets Barbarella in the year 40,000.

"RUN!" Sarah Young looked up from her position on the ground at a face framed by a golden mane of hair. The sparkling blue eyes were wide as the slim woman loomed over Sarah who rose to her feet unsteadily. She seemed different this time and her body tingled oddly. It felt like she was in a state of limbo, although she had reappeared from the time vortex, her disorientation...

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Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 06

Sarah gets her treasure plundered.

Doctor Ann McGregor and Doctor Doug Phillips laid in each others arms and she hugged him close, his skin on her felt divine. They had just enjoyed a lusty urgent fuck as they spent their first time together in a month. He was a considerate lover and usually brought her to an orgasm but he needed his release and they had engaged in a quickie for his relief. "We are out of options...

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Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 05

Sarah meets the Sundance Kid.

Based on the iconic 60's tv show. Intended for fun only. * Sarah Young was once again unceremoniously dumped from the time continuum and emerged dizzy and faint from the transfer. She faced a blank wall in a low lit room and turned about to see a long bar around nine feet long. A man in a white shirt and waistcoat eyed her as she walked over and stood opposite him. "You...

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Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 04

Sarah joins Casanova in an orgy.

Sarah Young tumbled over and over and yet felt no resistance in the endless abyss of the time vortex. All her senses were assaulted by the flash of coloured light until she reappeared and found herself in a low lit room on an ornate armchair. She blinked several times then saw that she was completely naked on the seat. This was different to the previous times when she had visited other...

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Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 03

Sarah and Robin Hood's not so little John.

Sarah Young rolled over on the soft green grass and ended up on her butt with her legs spread out. She had just reappeared from the time vortex and had been unceremoniously dumped back on solid earth once more. It looked like she was in a forest of oak trees with a tiny meadow of lush grass by a slow moving stream. In her ears was the sound of bird call and the rustling of the trees....

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Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 02

Sarah takes a ride on the Orient Express.

Second chapter of former porn star Sarah as a time traveler. Sarah Young tumbled over and over in a slow motion free fall in some sort of half dream state. Although she was aware of a stream of lurid colours and streaks of light that flashed in her eyes. She had entered the time tunnel at great personal risk in an attempt to prove to the authorities that Project Tic Toc was a valid and...

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Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 01

Part one Sarah lands in Ancient Egypt.

First in a proposed serial featuring adult actress Sarah Young as a time traveler. The science in this tale is nonsense, only a tool for Sarah to dress up and get laid. Date is 1993. * It had been two years since Sarah Young had retired from the XXX movie business and although proud of an excellent career, and some incredible sex, had decided to return to her teenage...

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