Stories Published by 'Ada Stuart'

Seduction Ch. 04

Taming the beast.

Yes, that felt good, Emmie thought as she remembered the shocked expression on his face. He deserved it after all the sexual references that he'd included in their conversations just to watch her reaction. Maybe he wasn't such a nice guy after all. Or maybe he just so desperate after some real sexual experience that he came on too quickly? Either way, she had never been so confused as to...

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April Lover

Undercover prankster meets her match.

Ever since I wrote "Undercover" I've always wanted to create another female lead that dared to go against the ordinary conventions of society. This was the inspiration behind this story, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it. Ada --------------------------------- He had turned away from her and he seemed to be very occupied with moving something on his desk. Kathryn turned her own...

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Christmas Lover

Sex, seduction, and snow bathing.

"Certainly. Your room or mine?" Jenny asked ironically. "Just be aware that I normally scream the house down when I come." "You do?" Eric asked heatedly. "Damn, I knew you would be worth the wait." "What wait? What are you talking about?" "I'm not into adultery, and you've practically been engaged with that other guy. Until now. I heard you broke off." "We did. This summer."...

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Computer Geek Ch. 11

Making out and making pizza.

Returning home, Kate discovered that she had the entire house to herself for a change. She went into their bedroom and unpacked the rest of her clothes. She thought about her strategy from this point on. Should she hide herself away in wide clothes and keep her distance to Scott, hoping the distance would be enough to shield her heart from getting hurt? She already loved him. How much more...

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Computer Geek Ch. 10

Marital pleasures.

Arriving at the house, Scott carried her inside before kissing her. She stopped the kiss by pushing him away. They were alone in the house so there was no need to pretend, Kate thought. Scott had let his staff have the week off so they could enjoy their honeymoon in peace as he had told everyone that bothered hearing. "So, where's my room?" Kate asked while trying to control her feelings....

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Computer Geek Ch. 08

Are you spying on me?

Later that same morning, Scott drove Kate to work before he headed home to catch a shower and change his clothes. He laughed heartily at the fact. "I'm lucky I didn't have a meeting this morning." "You could always have attended wearing that nice suit." "No, they will see right through me, so unless you want to go public with our relationship...," he paused a little. "No, not...

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Computer Geek Ch. 07

Licking the soles of her feet.

Later that same day, Scott looked up as Carl entered his office and closed the door firmly behind him. Without any preliminaries he got straight to the point as he always did. "Someone has been checking up on you. Wanting information about you," Carl said as he sat calmly in the nearest chair. "Oh? What kind of information?" Scott wondered. "Both financial and personal." "Do...

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Computer Geek Ch. 06

Do your worst.

"Look at me," Scott groaned. Wanting to see her eyes as the orgasm took control of her. He plunged deeper, feeling the friction as he withdrew and drove into her again. She moved her hand on to her clit again and rubbed the swollen nub so fast he could swear she would come any time. He laid her body down on the desk and grabbed her thighs before he gave her a few hard fucks, feeling...

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Computer Geek Ch. 05

Who needs a bed?

Gradually her breathing slowed down again but she could still recall the screams that she'd heard as she climaxed, and with a sudden recollection she realised it was she that had screamed. She blushed at the thought of someone hearing her. "Oh my god," she blurted out. "At your service, ma'am," Scott smiled at her. "Do you think anyone heard?" "Don't worry about it."...

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Computer Geek Ch. 04

Mutual pleasure.

"I brought my laptop as well," Kate said as they sat in Scott's car and drove off. Scott manoeuvred easily out of the parking lot and through the city. It seemed he knew the way quite intimately and Kate relaxed as they discussed the on-going project and what they needed to do. "Already, the project plan seems to be almost complete. So what do you need me for?" "Oh well, the...

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Computer Geek Ch. 01

The strip club.

_I would like to thank my wonderful editor, TekNight, for all the help in finding logical mistakes and correcting my grammar. To all my readers: I hope that you'll enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Ada _ "You must be insane. We have barely spoken before now, and here you go inviting me on a weekend of sexual frenzy? Have you ever heard of starting slow and easy? To do a...

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Unexpected Guest Ch. 11

A second chance.

"Jared, I got a job for you," Cade said as soon as Jared answered his mobile. "Oh? What kind of job?" "Redecorating a small apartment." "Doing what exactly?" "Changing a few plastic boards, putting up some new wallpaper and paint a couple of rooms." "Sounds easy enough. I'll send someone over to give you a price." "No need. I'll pay whatever it costs." "You...

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Unexpected Guest Ch. 10


Jared watched as Ann did her best to ignore him after their dinner conversation. She was being so causal about the whole thing that it was clear that she hadn't any deeper feelings for him. He felt as if the walls of the cabin were closing in on him, smothering him. He needed some fresh air, he thought and he jumped up so quickly that his chair scraped along the floor. He didn't bother to...

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Unexpected Guest Ch. 09

A slave to my needs.

The next morning Ann awoke feeling more relaxed and refreshed than she had in a long time. The massage from the day before had helped a lot and she barely felt any soreness in her legs or between her thighs. Jared's decision to give her a small reprieve had done wonders to her body and now she felt a strong need to put it to the test once again. If only her victim was cooperating, she...

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Unexpected Guest Ch. 07

The pleasures of outdoor life.

When Ann awoke later in the day, she was alone in the tent. The sun had come up and the inside of the tent was so warm that she felt sweat pouring from her. Another bath would do quite nicely right now, she thought as she stretched her aching muscles. She felt sore all over as if she had participated in the Olympics or something of the kind. Sex was definitely good exercise, she chuckled to...

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Unexpected Guest Ch. 06

Pleasure me.

A few hours later, Ann stretched herself awake while she felt a strange ache between her legs. Suddenly it dawned on her how she had spent the night before and the shameless way she had flung herself at Jared and demanded that he fucked her. She almost laughed at her own braveness. Talk about living out her fantasies, she blushed as she recalled every vivid detail of their lovemaking. If she had...

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Unexpected Guest Ch. 05

Make me come.

As they arrived at the camp, Jared was still feeling tempted to strangle the annoying woman, or better yet, throw her down on top of his sleeping bag and lose himself on her tempting body. Didn't she know what she was doing to him? Scaring him out of his mind when she risked her life like that, and then to be standing naked and proud right in front of his eyes as if she dared him to do his worst....

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Unexpected Guest Ch. 03

Losing control.

Later that same evening, Ann was still shaking her head at Jared's strange behaviour. He had left her gaping at his final statement and gone about as if nothing had happened. They hadn't talked at all, but all she had been able to do was rummaging around while carefully watching Jared's every step as he sat down to clean his shotguns and laying out his fishing rods. The man was a complete...

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Unexpected Guest Ch. 02

Pure lust.

"What do you think?" Ann suddenly heard Jared's voice ask from right above her where she was spread out on her stomach on the sun lounger. A couple of dead birds were hanging right in front of her nose as she tore herself away from her reverie and the spellbinding book she was reading. She screamed in surprise -- she hadn't even heard him approach. "Get those away from me," she snarled as she...

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Unexpected Guest Ch. 01

Fight or flight.

The sudden slam of a car door awoke her in an instant. Several more sounds attested to other doors being opened and then slammed shut. Immediately her mind cleared and she stared into the dark cottage to see what was happening. There wasn't supposed to be anyone else here this weekend, her brother had stated. She was to have the entire place to herself and her stack of books. Only listening to the...

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Weekend Lover Ch. 04

Take what you want.

"You crazy bitch," Sheila swore at her. "You're damn right and I'm breaking your arm unless you promise to stay the hell away from him." "Never," Sheila swore, before wailing loudly as Abby pressed her arm up her back. "Maybe you should reconsider that answer?" Abby said cheekily, feeling the adrenalin push through her body as she'd never felt this elated before. "You psycho...

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Weekend Lover Ch. 02

Living the fantasy.

"Why don't you give me a hand?" she invited him like a seasoned temptress. He inhaled sharply, before he leaned over her and helped her wriggle her way out of her top. Pushing away her pants and socks he motioned her to lay on her stomach -- only wearing her bra and panties. "Where do you want a massage then?" "All over." "All right," he murmured softly as he straddled her lower...

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Surrender Ch. 12

The final surrender.

A few days later the world seemed to have tipped upside down, Morgan thought. Jack Kelley and some of his most trusted men had been released and had now long meetings with Connor, Master Kane and some of the council members. Rumours had it that the rebels dictated several reforms that would be put into action soon, and more rebels were released on a daily basis. The streets were full of happy...

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Surrender Ch. 11

Captured by the rebels.

Arriving at the camp, Jack handed Morgan over to some of his men and they tied him up. He was still unconscious but seemed otherwise to be in good shape. Jack's men congratulated him on capturing such an important enemy and Eva spent countless hours talking about her mission and the information she had uncovered. She was happy to observe that the men treated her with a lot more respect now...

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Surrender Ch. 10

Exploring the 69.

Morgan was surprised to see Eva coming in from the garden so late in the evening. Where had she been? And with whom? The anger that poured through him surprised him and made him want immediate answers. He went to her and grabbed her arm, yanking her to him. She gave a yelp as he held her tightly and whispered angrily in her ear. "Where have you been?" "Preparing a surprise for you," she...

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Surrender Ch. 09

Wet fantasies.

A few days later, Eva started her period. For once she was happy for it. Finally Morgan would leave her alone for a few days and that would give her the opportunity she had been waiting for: to make her escape. Her heart clenched at the thought of leaving, but she had made up her mind. This was something that she had to do. Escape and join the rebels in their cause. Later, she hoped for a...

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Surrender Ch. 08

Caught red-handed.

Finally on the fourth day since their arrival, Eva managed to slip away from her prison guard -- or so she had started to think about him. It was in the middle of the day and Eva carefully peered into the kitchen area. It was empty. Just as she had expected. The entire staff had an hour off before they would start dinner, and that hour was more than enough time for her to steal some food for...

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Surrender Ch. 07

To pleasure or to be pleasured.

Soon after the ceremony was finished and everyone had said their congratulations, Morgan grabbed Eva's hand and dragged her with him toward his cabin. "But, but...," she protested as she noticed the knowing glances the crewmembers sent them. "Just let them stare," Morgan chuckled. "They aren't mated so they must still be on duty," he sent his soldiers a knowing glance and saw them return...

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Surrender Ch. 06

Sexually exposed.

Master Kane received an instant message from the Intelligence Service. Oliver looked at him as a deep frown formed on his forehead. "Interesting news, Master Kane?" Oliver asked the older man. "Very," Master Kane answered in a distant tone as if his mind was focused on something else entirely. "Get Captain Taylor up here immediately," he suddenly ordered. "He needs to hear this."...

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Surrender Ch. 05

Sexual torture.

15 minutes later, Morgan was standing outside Eva's cell, wondering how he could have let himself be talked over that easily. Maybe it was Master Kane talks about doing his duty, or perhaps Oliver's prodding on about saving Ziota. He was sure he had turned a deaf ear to Austin's suggestions of getting the blowjob of his lifetime, or getting his head blown off, he thought Austin had said....

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