Stories Published by 'backdoorboogie'

The Tree of Love

Taken in the love tree.

Often when I walk through my local park I notice a tree with branches that are bent and twisted which when looked at from some angles look like a love heart. I call it the love tree. I can share a story about the love tree from when I was younger... I used to go out every Friday with the girls to our local pub. We were all fresh out of school or college or in entry level jobs. We were...

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A Night Out for Office Girls

A girls' night out leads to unexpected fun and impregnation.

This is a true story that unfolded a couple of years ago. I work in the office of a furniture showroom in a city centre. I'm 28 years old, been married for 5 years to my husband, I'm tall at 5 feet 10, have long legs, a cute ass, and pert but smallish B cup tits with big nipples. I'm thin, a size 8 dress size. Since being married I don't go out partying very much and I rarely drink alcohol and am...

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AA Care in the Cum'munity

Taken by surprise in the caring profession.

I'd done lots of different types of jobs, working in offices, factories etc but I was just too dizzy and forgetful to last long in any job I tried. I was married 8 years ago to Ted and I thought that kids would be the best thing for me as I could look after our family and be a home maker. But despite having lots of sex without contraception me and Ted had no luck. He began to make comments...

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AAA Advertising

First job - first sighting of fun.

When I started work, my first job was with AAA advertising agency. Being 18, blond and buxom if a little chubby I was put to work on reception, however I was soon asked to assist Mrs Pumford, a secretary to an account exec called Bing Beon. Mr Beon or Bing as he was called was a big stocky man who told everyone he was in his forties, always in a suit and always looked serious. I'd finish on...

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