Stories Published by 'baristagirl910'

Meeting Rosario Dawson at Comic-Con

A couple has an elevator encounter with Rosario Dawson.

The summer Comic Convention was packed with people. Beth and Stan had an annual tradition of having lots of sexy times in their hotel room at night after Stan had gotten in his fill of shopping, panel discussions and photography. Beth entertained herself with massages, arial fitness classes, shopping, and getting horny while thinking of her sexy husband so focused on his hobbies. By the time...

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Break Time at the Movie Theater

A girl, her boyfriend and a coworker have fun at work.

The decision to go upstairs was spontaneous. I locked the cash drawer as I always did before going on a break, clocked out, and told my coworker in the box office that I wasn't feeling well and might be a couple of minutes. Looking back, there were so many things that could have gone wrong. Slipping past the manager on duty, who was busy yelling at some poor new concessionist, I trotted up...

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