Stories Published by 'bdavidson'

College Days Ch. 03

Our guy has an interracial experience.

The fall air was crisp when I moved back into the dorm, and greeted old friends. As I had thought, no one had an inkling of my afternoon and evening at Ted's house in the spring, and they welcomed me with the usual crap that college guys give each other. In the days that followed, I threw myself back into sports and classes. Ted and Rich of course had transferred, and it appeared no one noticed,...

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College Days Ch. 02

Fictional, our guy comes home for the summer.

After learning from Ted that I would not see him again, I assumed I was out of luck until I returned to college in the fall. At night, I'd lie in bed, cock in hand, and jack off while thinking of the incredible thrill Ted's cock had given when he fucked me. I did reconnect with my high school buddies, and spent a lot of time partying with them. I even hooked up with a high school slut, and fucked...

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College Days Ch. 01

A fictional story.

After high school, most of my friends went off the major universities. In spite of excelling in several sports in high school, I was an introvert, and was intimidated by the thought of a big city and several thousand students. I enrolled at a small private school, and settled into dorm life. My floor housed several other athletes, and I made many new friends. We were the 'jocks,' and we partied...

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Young Wife and the Rough Neighbor

Husband catches wife with the neighbor, and watches.

After we married, my wife and I moved into our first house together. It was a small farmhouse that we were able to rent for cheap, with a nice yard, and the farmer's buildings and barn lots on 3 sides. Behind the house the barn lot gave way to a large pasture. We lived on a gravel road, and had few neighbors. An older couple lived in a nice home on the other side of the road from us, and their son...

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My Wife and My College Buddy

Husband spies on wife with his old friend.

The light on my office phone began to blink, indicating an incoming call, and when I picked up the receiver, my former college roommate Ron was on the other end. We had not talked in years, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear from him again. He was in town for a few days on business, did I want to meet someplace for a drink, and to catch up? I was happy to do so, we picked a place near his...

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Journey of a Middle-Aged Man Ch. 02

Part 2, which describes the events preceding the first story.

Before my two awesome bottom encounters with Don and Pete, I had met and had sex with other men, which were fun, but didn't meet my expectations in one way or another. Early on, I was just groping around, not sure of what I wanted or how I wanted it. But, looking back, each one set the stage in some way for what was to come later in my life, when I lay on my back, with my arms and legs wrapped...

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