Stories Published by 'Bokkey'

Cutty Ch. 06

Saturday morning.

Saturday morning The next morning Donna woke up groggy, not knowing all too well where she was, until it hit her. She sat up straight at once and looked around the room, and at herself. She was covered in dried female cum, her dress laid torn on the ground. She still wore her stockings and heels, but her stocking were completely ruined. "Ah, you're awake!" A naked Ms. Brendan walked out...

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Cutty Ch. 05

The first weekend - Friday.

Friday During the whole drive, she and Ms. Brendan were kissing and fondling each other. Ms. Brendan lectured her all the time on how she should make-out with her. She was also urging Donna to do the same and tell her what she liked her to do with her. As the trip continued, Donna revealed more and more of her sexual desires. In the beginning, it were just small things, like where she loved...

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Cutty Ch. 04

The Routine.

The Routine "We're here, ma'am," the taxi driver said, as he stopped in front of Ms. Brendan's house. Donna peeked out of the window to the large mansion. She was nervous for what was about to happen; her first whole weekend out with Ms. Brendan. "Hi dear, you're right on time!" Ms. Brendan smiled at her as she was carrying a small suitcase to the big limousine parked in front of her...

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Cutty Ch. 03

The Name.

The Name After a long, silent time hanging naked in the machine, Donna finally heard Ms. Brendan coming. "Ok, now where were we." Ms. Brendan looked at the naked hanging Donna, "Ah yeah, my disobedient girlfriend." She walked up to Donna, and roughly inspected the wound. "Yes, that hurts does it?" she remarked as Donna twitched. "Never disobey me, Donna." "This cut will be...

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Cutty Ch. 02

Ms. Brendan's house.

Ms. Brendan's house When arriving at the mansion of Ms. Brendan after lunch, Donna was not too surprised to see it was a very luxurious one. It had started already with the limousine with personal driver. And during the ride Ms. Brendan had received at least five phone calls from various business associates, as she called them. The flares Donna caught of their conversations hinted they all...

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The Blackmail.

A fresh spring breeze was blowing through the city. Thanks to the sun it was not too cold and the breeze was just a minor cold chill for the people wandering on the streets. After the long winter life was picking up again, and with the temperature finally rising again peoples mood was lifted too. Donna found herself walking through the crowd a little bit late for her appointment. She hurried...

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