Stories Published by 'brooke'

The Odd Family

There is something really odd about them...

Ceri set her mouth into a firm line that showed her determination. She wanted to get a nice present for her father's wedding and she would do anything to make sure it happened. The problem was that the eighteen year old did not really get enough pocket money, and didn't have any saved. With her dad and Jilly setting the date for just four weeks away she needed a speedy resolution to match their...

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Bred for Sex Ch. 04

A slice of family life... Jonty makes a resolution...

The next morning found Jonty eating breakfast with his wife, Sharan. He was exhausted after the previous night's effort filled exertions and could hardly keep his eyes open. His dubious dirty sex session with his nubile nymph of a daughter made the randy father feel guilty. Why was he willing to risk his life here for such a simple thing? He had a great looking wife, a fantastic daughter, and a...

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The Slut Daughter Ch. 01

Some days I love my job.

This is an introduction to the story. I hope you love it and stay with it! Let me know what you think. Kisses, Brooke. Part One - The Pizza Delivery Before I begin my story, let me begin by saying I'm a PIZZA delivery driver. I'm a delivery driver for a local small town pizza place. Think of a Domino's but a family run business. My job is really no different than any other...

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UFO Pt. 01

Meet Jack

Part One - Jack. The house was quiet. It stood in the middle of a remote cornfield in Iowa. It's occupants had all turned in several hours ago. The Woods were a good wholesome family. Father Jack worked on a local cattle farm. The mother, Cherry, was a secretary in the local town at a small legal firm. Their children were Paul, 21, back and visiting from Purdue University; Richard, 19, who...

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The Birthday

Son's birthday gets sticky.

Amanda Redpath knocked on her son's bedroom door. She had made him a special birthday breakfast just the way he liked it. Bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes, the boy certainly did eat a lot. Bu she had wanted to make his eighteenth birthday special. With everything she had planned he would need to keep his strength up. There was a long day ahead. Except there was no answer. She knocked again...

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Not So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 06

Joy makes a bargain and gets a surprise.

Joy was surprised as she was swept from the ground. Barely a perfumed breath had passed between the queen pronouncing her statement and the lift; her subjects were instantly and devoutly aware of each of her commands. Everything in this beautiful kingdom seemed to run with a tight ritual. Joy felt that since she had entered the border each moment had been strictly proscribed. She had been...

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Not So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 05

A brother goes missing; a visit to the Elves.

"Taken, you say?" Asked the King. "Yes your highness." The Royal warden bowed low. His face was flushed with blood and he gasped for breath. "Stolen away in the night?" Asked the King. "They must have been your highness. We found this, " he held up an arrow fletched with a single black raven feather. "It was in Prince Michael's bedroom. We searched the castle high and low for the...

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Not So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 04

The Queen shows her magic skills

The Queen sat back from her easel. She put a finger to her lips and considered the angle of the final line she was about to ink into being. Her subject lay nervously on the fainting couch. He was staring away into the distance. The view of the castle grounds was spread out below him but he desperately hoped that he could not be seen through the window. His young cheeks were flushed with...

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Not So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 03

We learn of the wicked witch.

The witch stood next to the scrying bowl. Her body was tall and far more long limbed than was natural. She had long strong legs encased in thigh high leather boots that were decorated with chains. Her upper thighs were bare and her hips and crotch encased in a soft wisp of silk. Her midriff was likewise naked to the level of her ribs, and then the rest of her body was encased in a tight black and...

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Not So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 02

Princess Joy proves she will be a good member of the family.

The Princess' cheeks burned with humiliation and excitement. She knew that she was excited by danger, but had so far never been caught. That was what had brought her here to the bedchamber of her future brother-in-law tonight. Now she was caught like a rat in a trap - or a whore in a Prince's bed. She felt the slickness of Malcom's deposit mixed with her own running from her gooey cunt slit and...

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Not So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 01

Her future husband comes acourting.

"What do you mean it's too small?" The Queen asked. "Thou must be telling untruths." "Uh uh, mother." Replied the Princess Joy. "And why are you talking in such old language?" "The Westernmarches are coming. You know how much of a stickler they are for the old ways. Me and your father the king decided to learn to talk like them." Her mother put her hand to her face. "You mean to say that...

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