Stories Published by 'cactusaur'

Model Neighbors Ch. 07

Jason and Julie flaunt their affair at the gala.

Author's note: This story features a wife having brazen sex outside of her marriage with her husband's encouragement and enjoyment. If you're looking for revenge or remorse, look elsewhere. This is also the last planned chapter of Model Neighbors. ** "Come on, I know Mike agrees with me," Erin said after taking a sip of wine. She was hanging out with Julie and Mike, again...

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Model Neighbors Ch. 06

Shopping and learning what Julie's husband wants.

"This is the one!" Erin exclaimed as Julie strutted about the fitting area at Andrea's. Julie was wearing a red backless gown that showed off her tanned skin. The thin material clung to her firm breasts and ass, her nipples standing proud and the cheeks of her tight ass defined. As she moved the high slits on the legs flashed bare flesh up past her hip to her waist. "I don't know..." Julie...

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Model Neighbors Ch. 05

Julie and Erin visit Jason at his office.

"What, I can't ask him that!" Julie hissed into the phone, shocked at Erin's request. "Don't act all proper now you little tramp!" Erin replied. "Not even a month ago Jason had each of your holes right in front of Mike! And you just told me yesterday the two of you have never fucked so much!" "Yeah, but that was in private!" Julie whined. "This is a private party! Come on, I really...

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Model Neighbors Ch. 04

Julie puts on a show in front of her husband.

"He fucked her ass again the shower," Erin said with a grin, feeling Mike's cock twitch beneath her. On the screen Erin was masturbating on the empty set, needing her own release after watching her husband ass fuck their married friend. "It's a shame we didn't have cameras in there, but I'm sure I can set up a shower shoot with the two soon!" "Wow," Mike finally let out. He was painfully...

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Model Neighbors Ch. 03

Erin shows Mike the full footage from his wife's modeling.

"Can you grab the salad?" Julie asked, arms already full of drinks. Mike grabbed the salad container and the couple headed down the block to Erin's and Jason's. Mike felt his dick twitch in anticipation. The three photos were all Julie had shared with Mike, and after the night of anal she had been tight lipped about the photo session, telling Mike he should wait for the final images. He hoped they...

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Model Neighbors Ch. 02

Mike agrees to let Julie model for Erin.

"Nervous?" Erin asked, although she could see from the pale look of her friend's face she was scared. The two were sitting in the waiting room of the waxing parlour a few days after the night in the hot tub. Mike had left on a trip and wasn't back until Sunday, so Julie had decided to go through with the waxing as a surprise. "Yes!" Julie whispered back, not wanting to draw attention to...

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Model Neighbors Ch. 01

Julie and Mike meet the neighbors and relive the past.

"Sorry for having to cut this short," Jason apologized as he returned to the room buttoning his shirt. "Unfortunately just the nature of the job and being at the bottom of the totem pole." "It's no problem," Julie responded, eyes watching as her neighbor's muscular chest disappeared from view as he finished putting his shirt on. She glanced to the side and caught Erin, Jason's wife, giving...

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Emmy's New Kinks Ch. 10

On vacation Nick loses Emmy to his brother in a bet.

Chapter 10 Flight Down and Day 1 I tried calling and sending messages to Lydia, but got no response. At first I was sad and worried, but after a few days of being ignored I only felt angry. She was the one who came on to me! I thought about going to her house and finding her, but decided I should do my best to give her some space. I was a little worried since we were signed up to be...

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Emmy's New Kinks Ch. 09

Emmy and Nick go shopping with the girls.

My parents didn't say anything overt to me, but they certainly teased the crap out of me. That night and the next day was full of comments and innuendos. "Hey, honey, would you like to help me make some whipped cream?" my mom asked. "Hrm, looks like someone spilled something on the ottoman," Dad pointed out while we were watching TV. "Beth, have you seen my black leather belt? I...

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Emmy's New Kinks Ch. 08

Emmy makes up with Nick.

Chapter 8 As I went to answer the door I knew I was going to forgive Nick. I was so angry yesterday that my feelings this morning surprised me. Just before Jill's call the anger was gone, but I was still ready to break up with Nick. Huh. Jill hadn't really said much relating to Nick, it had mostly been about me. I stopped in my tracks when the realization hit me like a bolt of lightning....

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Emmy's New Kinks Ch. 07

Emmy finds herself starring online.

Nick and I were apart the next couple of days. He went off hiking with some friends and I mostly hung out at home. I read some on the internet about sex and different things, and soon was more at ease about my own activities. Some of the stuff people talked about doing or wanting to do was pretty messed up. I did talk with Jill the night before Nick got back. She seemed to really be enjoying...

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Emmy's New Kinks Ch. 06

Emmy and Nick shop for clothing and both get strangers.

Chapter 6 I woke up the next morning in a daze. I was incredibly hungover, which isn't surprising considering the amount I had to drink the night before. I snuck out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. It wasn't until I caught myself in the mirror that I remembered the night before. Dried cum adorned my face and breasts. I started to panic, then forced myself to take some deep breaths....

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Emmy's New Kinks Ch. 05

Nick gets Emmy to tip the pizza guy.

During the next five hours I drank six more drinks, including a couple of glasses of wine, as we cleaned. Nick also kept taking the occasional picture of me, pinching my nipples (a sensation I found increasingly delightful), and slapping my ass when I was bent over. I was horny and both of us knew it. I had a visible wet spot on the panties where I'd soaked through them. I hadn't eaten since lunch...

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Emmy's New Kinks Ch. 04

Emmy and Nick copy pictures of her sister from the internet.

The weekend after we helped Jill move, my parents left for a cruise. My parents weren't rich by any means, but I had received a lot of scholarship money, Brian had his own job now, and Jill... Well Jill made a lot of friends and seemed to be pretty much independent. My parents never mentioned it, and neither did she, but I was pretty sure she was an escort or something. The new boob job combined...

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Emmy's New Kinks Ch. 03

Emmy's sister hands down some panties and a toy.

I woke up only an hour later. I didn't feel any better rested, as I had yet another sex dream, this time involving my sister pleasuring me like the girls in the photo series. I had no idea what was coming over me, but I couldn't stop thinking or dreaming about sex. I felt like I was going to cry again, but I took a few deep breaths. Nothing had happened and I hadn't done anything wrong. I probably...

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Emmy's New Kinks Ch. 02

Emmy opens up to her sister and get some help in the shower.

I don't know how Nick had convinced me to do this. CLICK. I moaned as Nick slid into me. He pulled my legs open again so the camera had a clear view. CLICK. Lydia, my best friend, came into my view as she moved around to take pictures from a different angle. I was mounted on top of Nick and Lydia motioned for me to sit up so she could get some good pictures from that angle. "Agh! Yes Yes...

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Emmy's New Kinks Ch. 01

A couple argues then ends up watching porn together.

I couldn't believe how furious I was. Nick, my boyfriend these final two years of high school, followed along after me as best he could. I knew at the pace I was walking my hips and ass would be swaying and giving him quite the view, but I hoped my obvious anger would stop him from making his usual comments. "Come on Emmy, wait up! I don't know why you're so upset. Everybody knows you are...

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