Stories Published by 'Celticredneck'

Toy Continues His Journey Ch. 01

Toy learns more about BDSM as he plays with Master.

So Jeff and I had been trading blowjobs for awhile when one day we were hanging out and he asks if I want a blowjob. "Sure" I replied. I mean, who wouldn't jump at the chance for a blow job? Jeff paused before he says to me "Here's the thing though, I told Sally about what we've been up to lately and she's cool with it but she wants you to follow the same rules she has to." I knew Jeff and...

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Pegged by My Wife

A married couple discovers the joy of pegging.

I don't know when I first got interested in pegging specifically but I've enjoyed various toys in my ass for as long as I've been sexually active. The first time I tried a toy in my ass while I was jerking off I was maybe 21. I came so hard I couldn't believe it and from that moment on I was hooked. When my wife and I first started dating I kept quiet about my little fetish but eventually it came...

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Toy Tries Cock

Toy finds out that playing with cocks can be fun too.

So I have this friend that I've known since junior high and a few years ago he came out to me as bi. I didn't really think too much about it at the time, I just said the usual supportive stuff and life went on as normal. We both got married, had kids, etc. but still spent a lot of time together hanging out. One night I was hanging out at his place and we were shooting the shit and the topic of...

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Two guys swap blowjobs.

I met Jon online. Just two random bisexual guys looking for a blowjob buddy. I was nervous as hell going to meet him for the first time. I'd met very few people via the net and never a guy so I really had no idea what to expect. Anyways, I got to the door and knocked. I was pleasantly surprised by the man who answered the door. He was average height, a few years older than me, tightly cropped hair...

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A Wonderful Evening

I enjoy a submissive couple for the evening.

I'd been talking to Brad for a couple of weeks when we decided it was time to meet. I arrived at his house at 7 o'clock and he answered the door I was pleasantly surprised to find a guy around forty 5'-10" or so with a slim athletic build and piercing blue eyes. He greeted me and led me into the house where he introduced his wife Sandra. She was a good looking blonde around 5'-6" a nice round ass...

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The Threesome Becomes Four

Toy and his Wife both join Master and pet.

Our little trysts with Master continued for quite awhile and we all grew quite comfortable with each other. Enough so that Master gave Carrie a new name, calling her simply girl. She has come a long way in the past few months, from a prudish housewife to a horny subservient slut ready to do almost anything to please her Master or fellow slaves. Unfortunately, life had conspired against us on...

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My Gangbang

Group sex with just the guys.

Back in the day I used to be on I used it to meet people for random hookups and it led to the one and only gang bang I've been in (assuming 3 somes don't constitute a gang bang). I've always been bi and with men generally submissive so alt was a good place to meet guys on the down low looking for some action. Anyways I got a message from a guy named Dave who said he was married to a...

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Master Enjoys Toy and Toy's Wife

Threesome with a couple and their Master.

I was so excited I was almost giddy. Mt darling wife, Carrie is vanilla in the extreme, but she had finally decided to take a walk on the wild side. She had decided she would try a threesome with Master and I and now that the big night was here I was over the moon. We had spent a good portion of the afternoon getting ready. We had both showered and carefully shaved. I dressed in nothing but the...

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Master and Lilly Share a Friend

Master gets another sub to play with.

I'd been thinking about exploring some new kinks with my wonderful little sub Lilly for awhile before I decided to broach the subject with her. After some discussion she agreed that she was ready to begin exploring some more and I began the hunt for a second submissive. Anyone who has ever searched for an additional partner knows it's not an easy quest. After several months of searching I...

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A Summer Night's Fun

Bisexual threesome with a married couple.

I met Andy and Julia at a party and we hit it off right away. After an evening of chatting over drinks they invited me over to their place for a night cap and I gladly accepted. We got to their place and while Andy was getting us drinks Julia sat on the sofa and patted the spot next to her indicating I should join her. We chatted a bit then Andy returned with our drinks and sat down next to...

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