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Return to Paradise Ch. 07

Carol finds Love.

Keep up the comments. I know this is not for everyone. If its not for you please move along. *** Chapter 7 James, Sylvia and Carol and Marshia Told by Carol - Sam Sr, ad Susie Met Carol and James on a Cruise, James is the father of Carol. Sylvia was hired on as A nanny for young Sam and Sara and just happened to be James's Sister. Marsha was picked up by Terri and Michael on...

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Return to Paradise Ch. 06

A mother and Son come closer.

There is so much happening on the island now. It's hard to keep track of who is who even for me. I'm going to be switching viewpoints as I did above and try to keep things on track for you my loyal reader. I hope I don't confuse you too much with the story line. What I like it that we now have different family dynamics, and kind of a group goal of thriving and not judging. *...

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Return to Paradise Ch. 02-05

New people/ New Leadership.

I take it back... I like the theme and this if for me... so enjoy. The world is a changing place. I just uploaded the next story, Terri and Michael will be back as will Jim and Chrissy. A lot of characters have been added. I could have just continued the line and have everyone paired up, but where is the challenge there, Stick with me on this one. The Zombies are a means to the end. I had...

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Return to Paradise Ch. 01

Returning to Paradise - The kids come home.

Children coming home, the Island population is growing while the population of the world thins out very fast. Told from Little Sam's View Point. We might trade off viewpoints in the story line, Loyal readers let me know what you think. I thought it was time to Add more. Again forgive the errors if you can. This is just coming out now, Yesterday I was ready for a continued love story, Maybe Sara...

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Paradise Island Ch. 06

Time Goes by quickly.

Preface - Just to let you know, there are some playful scenes where Susie and Sam enjoy a little company from another. But there is no real intercourse with another. I'm letting the Love of Susie and Sam win. It's not going where you think it is. I want to thank the readers of the raw work and your comments. This is not a closure to the story but the beginning of another. I hope you all...

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Paradise Island Ch. 05

Back Home - Someone has to pay the bills.

Back Home And Off Again - Someone has to pay the bills. We finally made it back home, and back to life. Being on the island you might thank is easy, and it was before we became parents ourselves. I finally got my office done, big monitors and printers set up for proofing, and I got the second book done, this one was more involved and took longer, and made less money. The publisher said they...

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Paradise Island Ch. 04

Cruise and More.

This one takes us on a little detour, a little adventure, and building on some things that might happen. I have no plans on where this will go, and I don't know where our couples will wind up, I'm eager to see myself. ------------------ Susie told me, "You know this is an adult only cruise." I asked, "What does that mean, some swinger cruise." She replied, "No Silly, I'm not...

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Paradise Island Ch. 03

Four Become More.

Four become More Susie came to me, actually we were snuggled in bed one night, about like normal. Sex wasn't off the table but we just felt good together. Susie told me, "You know I love you more than anything right Sam?" "Yes, whats up?" Fearing she was breaking up with me or something worse. "We've been having a lot of sex the last month or so", she stated. "Okay." I said...

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Paradise Island Ch. 02

Photography on the Island.

Island Photography The morning had really gotten away from us, after we ate we got dresses, at least somewhat dressed. Nudity is nice but sometimes it's nice to not be so exposed, and on and island it can be rough sometimes. We took the photo stuff over to the office, laid it out on a big table to see what all we had, and what we could do with it. Me being an idiot actually forgot my camera...

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Paradise Island Ch. 01

The Fruit of Terri and Michael's Love find Love.

Preface: You might recall Sam and Susie's Parents from my previous story. Some Say their love is just a lack of options, but Love is Love! *** My name is Sam my sister is Susie, We live on an island outside of the Florida Keys, It's pretty private, read Really PRIVATE. Susie had just turned 18, and I was 19 and ½, the ½ was not important do anyone but Susie and I. Anyway, I got a new...

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No Paradise by the Dashboard Light Ch. 06

The final part - Hope you Enjoyed it.

Departure for Paradise To be honest most of our stuff was packed. We somehow managed to get our bags packed for the trip. We didn't need a lot of clothes, a couple changes of clothes for going out, a couple swimsuits that will hopefully never hit the water. We stopped by Chrissy's apartment, seems jims good fortune didn't transfer over to her very well. The plane was a puddle jumper and we...

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No Paradise by the Dashboard Light Ch. 05

The Wedding We've all been Waiting on.

The Wedding We got ready, got into out tuxes, called the Limo and made it to Wedding hall (I want to say church but no, it's a non-denominational reception hall with a chapel) about 2 hours early. We hung around the chapel for a little bit and went exploring. Well we went down a long hallway and heard some noises, figuring it would be part of our group we followed. We came to the stairs where...

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No Paradise by the Dashboard Light Ch. 04

Part 4 - The Bachelor Party.

Paradise and a White Party Being the Time of the year it is, of course there is snow planned for the day of Jim and Ellen's Wedding. Terri got a little involved in the planning of the ceremony. It's really just going to be a small affair. I think I put more planning into the Bachelor Party, I'm sure no one wants to hear about that. And to protect the guilty I got to stay quiet on this one...

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No Paradise by the Dashboard Light Ch. 03

Our Foursome goes on a date.

Paradise and a pre-Wedding date When we opened the wedding invitation we were dumbstruck. We were happy for them and a little hoping they are not rushing it. We offered to take them out to dinner and drinks. At dinner when the girls went to the bathroom I ask Jim and to my amazement, Jim was planning on asking Ellen to marry him that weekend and the time came around and she said yes. I kept...

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No Paradise by the Dashboard Light Ch. 02

Paradise Found and Shared - We hook up Jim and Ellen.

If you read my previous story you know that on a frustrated night my sister and I found something special after a night of frustrating dates. That night was so special to us both, we were both virgins, although I did ask her later because I heard it was sometimes painful for women. She told me that the Doctor broke her hymen during an exam she needed. But no one has done more than touch her there...

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No Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Paradise was not found by the Dashboard Light but Later.

Everyone in the story is at least 18 year of age! Enjoy it for what it is. It is totally FICTION. *** I remember every little thing, Parked by the lake, It was a deep dark night and I swear I could see paradise by the dashboard light. She had my cock out, I had already hit first base, Second base, Third base as my hand found her pussy, warm and wet. I could see by the faint glow of the...

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