Stories Published by 'corduroysissy'

Carol, Candy & the Ex Pt. 01

Can her sissy Ex save her marriage?

It was Monday night and Davie was bored. He'd grown tired of all the online political bullshit, there were no movies worth watching on Amazon, he didn't feel like playing a mindless video game and he was a little too drunk for reading. He decided he'd jerk off with one of his corduroy skirts and call it an early night, but before getting to the bedroom his phone distracted him. The caller ID said...

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Madam Molly Pt. 02

Jesse meets Molly and her cuck Tracy.

Molly & Jessie's conversation lasted about twenty minutes, and by the time it was over she'd made it quite clear that when it came to obedience her expectation were very high. She then informed him he was going to be her little slave-boy and amuse her for a while. When she was ready to get laid she'd summon her cuck Tracy back and Jesse would resume his boyfriend role. She told him to finish his...

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Mistress Sylvia Pt. 03

A Fag-slave Fantasy.

As Debbie walked back through the hallway of whoring bedrooms he heard several fags letting out sissy squeals from behind closed doors. Being completely naked made him feel very vulnerable and he was happy he didn't run into anyone. Reaching his room he found his two suitcases waiting for him just like Joan said. After first taking a piss he decided to unpack and get settled in. He put away his...

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Mistress Sylvia Pt. 02

A Fag-slave Fantasy.

Having gotten a good look at what would be his future living quarters, Debbie followed Mistress Sylvia through a doorway and down a second corridor of bedrooms. She explained that the rooms were where the fags did their whoring, and the door at the far end of the hallway was the client's entrance. Just before the end of the hall was a set of double doors on the left that opened into the playroom....

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Mistress Sylvia Pt. 01

A Fag-slave Fantasy.

Debbie arrived for his counseling session with his therapist Anne O'Malley at 8 pm. As he sat in the waiting room dressed in his maroon, Laura Ashley, wide-wale corduroy dress he wondered why Anne suddenly wanted him to dress in drag for a session. He was puzzled too by the fact they were meeting at night. That had happened only once before due to an emergency on his part, but as far as he knew...

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Mistress Sharon Pt. 01

Dana Meets Perry.

Dana had just finished moving his corduroy girly clothes from the washing machine to the dryer when the phone rang. Being a closet fag and having a corduroy fetish, he not only dressed often but jerked off with his wardrobe on a daily basis, sometimes two or three times a day. As you can imagine that created a lot of sperm stains, and his skirts and dresses needed to be washed frequently. The...

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Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 15

Mistress Maxi - Part 4.

When he walked into the playroom he saw Robin sitting in one of the chairs drinking a beer. Sonya turned around and pointed to the other chair. "Sit puto." Debbie did as told and his boner made a very obvious tent out of his skirt, it didn't bother him though because it matched Robin's pants. Sonya left without a word and Debbie picked up the drink on the table next to him, taking a big sip....

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Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 14

Mistress Maxi - Part 3.

"Come over here princess, it's time for you to be my husband's little fuck-bunny." The time had come. He obediently walked over and she instructed him to drape himself over the stacked pillows, then bury his face in the corduroy pants on the other pillow. He did, and between the pillows, the bedspread and Susan's pants his whole body was now rubbing against corduroy. He liked that a...

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Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 13

Mistress Maxi - Part 2.

Since Susan had been treating him so nicely, Debbie suddenly felt a little strange when she abruptly walked out. Seeing the confusion on his face, Maxi said. "Don't worry Debbie she has things to do, she'll be back when she's ready to cum again." She slowly smiled. "Oh my, how amusing. Did you think you two were girlfriends now?" She chuckled. "Sorry sissyboy, you're just a...

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Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 12

Mistress Maxi - Part 1.

Mistress Maxi -- Part 1 Maxine Montgomery was sixty-four years old, five-foot seven-inches tall, and one hundred and forty pounds. She was an attractively handsome woman whose looks and demeanor were very similar to the character Katherine Chancellor on the soap opera The Young and the Restless. "Distinguished" was a very good adjective for Maxine, "arrogant" would be too if her...

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Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 11

A Day with Dorothy - Part 3.

As Casey sat blindfolded and sipping his drink he thought about asking Mistress Dorothy just how many mystery dates there would be, but he decided against it. She was treating him pretty nice and he didn't want her to think he was complaining. After sitting quietly for several minutes he heard her make a phone call, then listened to one side of a conversation with his wife. "Hi Karen, it's...

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Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 10

A Day With Dorothy - Part 2.

Mistress Dorothy was rubbing her husband's bulge affectionately. "Julian honey, Casey was sniffing your pissy pants while you were doing your chores, and quite frankly hubby, I think he liked it. Maybe in the future I'll borrow him from his wife and make him be your bathroom bitch, would you like that dear?" "Yes Mistress very much. Can I be the boss of him? Can I pee in his mouth?"...

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Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 09

A Day with Dorothy - Part 1.

A day With Dorothy -- Part One - The Players Casey -- Submissive closet sissyfag with a corduroy fetish, owned by Karen. Karen -- Wife/Mistress to Casey and member of the Lady's Club. Julian - Submissive closet sissyfag owned by Dorothy (Dottie) Dottie -- Wife/Mistress to Julian and member of the Lady's Club. Maxie -- President and founder of the Lady's...

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Mistress Kate Pt. 03

Leslie becomes the house whore.

Jordan was in a daze. He was dressed in full drag with his face made up pretty and the feeling of sissy submission was wonderful, he hadn't felt it in a long time. Everything he'd experienced since ringing Kate's doorbell excited him tremendously, and even though her demand that he be a cock whore for all her slaves was disconcerting, he felt thrilled to be under the command of a dominant...

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Mistress Kate Pt. 02

Jordan becomes Leslie as debt payments begin.

When he arrived home from Regan O'Reilly's office Jordan was still in a daze. He needed a drink, no scratch that, he needed a bottle. In a matter of a couple hours he'd gone from having his life threatened, to getting a blowjob from the Leprechaun, to being ordered into sissy sexual servitude by Mistress Kate. She was actually expecting him to be her fucking fag-slave until he paid off his debt to...

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Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 08

Mistress Betty - Part 2.

Mistress Betty - Part Two When Karen returned from the kitchen she was holding a drink in each hand and the sight awaiting her not only shocked her, but stopped her dead in her tracks. Betty had her skirt pulled up on her belly and Debbie was between her legs licking her pussy. Betty's face was upturned, her eyes were closed and she had a very contented smile. It was obvious she'd not...

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Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 07

Mistress Betty - Part 1.

Note: This part of the story, and those to follow, occur after Karen had been accepted into the Lady's Club. * Karen spotted Betty Jean from across the room and she looked interesting. The ladies were all watching their husbands sucking and fucking each other in full drag, it was Fag Night at the Lady's Club and the sissies were giving them a really good show. They'd been at it for...

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Mistress Kate Pt. 01

Jordan loses a lot more than money at the poker table.

L. Jordan Bains wasn't sure of what to expect when he stepped into the large wood paneled office, but he knew whatever it was it wouldn't be good. He was in a lot of trouble, the Leprechaun wasn't known for having a forgiving nature. Jordan had never seen him, he only knew him by reputation, when you hung around the poker tables of Waller City you heard all the stories. Regan O'Reilly, AKA: The...

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Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 06

Homo Hubby Night - Part 2.

Homo Hubby Night – Part Two Note: In this continuing saga, Casey (Debbie) & Jamie (Angie) are closet crossdressers who are submissive to their wives Karen & Audrey (respectively), however in this section of the story there is no cross-dressing. Their wives are humiliating them by making the boys put on a homosexual sex show for their amusement. * When the girls had...

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Madam Molly Pt. 01

Jesse meets Molly and her cuck Tracy.

It all started in a chat-room, "Closet Sissyboys." Jesse had been spending a lot of time in chat-rooms in the six months following his divorce. He wasn't looking for love, he just liked to drink and have cybersex while jerking off with corduroy. Yes corduroy. Jesse had a corduroy fetish his whole life and now at the age of 36 it was stronger than ever. He loved the look and feel of it, he...

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Jennifer Monroe & the Ladies Ch. 03

Debbie's night of submission continues (Marsha & Patty).

Debbie gave Miss Jennifer's boot one last kiss, took a few seconds to straighten out his dress, then walked over and knelt submissively next to Patty in front of Miss Marsha. She let Patricia continue to suck her dick and lit a cigarette, she didn't even look at him, in fact she totally ignored him for several minutes. She did however blow smoke in his face a few times as he waited for Patty to...

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Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 05

Homo Hubby Night - Part 1.

Homo Hubby Night – Part One Note: In this continuing saga, Casey (Debbie) & Jamie (Angie) are closet crossdressers who are submissive to their wives Karen & Audrey (respectively), however in this section of the story there is no cross-dressing. Their wives are humiliating them by making the boys put on a homosexual sex show for their amusement. * When they Arrived...

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Jennifer Monroe & the Ladies Ch. 02

Debbie's night of submission continues (Janice & Lesley).

Everyone stopped. The ladies all looked at Jennifer with their mouths hanging open, and Debbie just stood there mortified, not believing what he just heard. "Do you not speak English bitch, I said get the fuck out of here right now. That's your punishment." He didn't move. "Oh, are you feeling sorry now Tinkerbell, well tough shit, beat it, bye-bye." Debbie's eyes filled with...

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Jennifer Monroe & the Ladies Ch. 01

Sissy Debbie's night of submission begins (Sasha & Jennifer).

Jennifer Monroe & the Ladies -- Chapter one Jennifer held Debbie's hand as she led him down the stairs and into the finished basement. It was a large single room with a sofa, a few comfy chairs and a queen-sized bed at the far end. Seated on the sofa and chairs were five ladies, all of them dressed in corduroy outfits. Jennifer ignored them as she whisked Debbie by and led him to the...

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Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 04

Angie & Debbie - Part 2.

Angie & Debbie (Fag Night) Part Two After putting on the movie Angie walked to the side of the bed and carefully removed her hat, gloves and shoes. As she did she called Debbie over and told him to lie down and get comfy. He took a sip of his drink, put it on the nightstand, then laid down on his side and watched the video. Soon after he felt Angie's weight on the bed behind him,...

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Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 03

Angie & Debbie Part-1.

Angie & Debbie (Fag Night) Part One Audrey was dressed in a pair of tight black mid-wale corduroy jeans and had an 18" dildo sticking out through the fly of her pants. She laughed maniacally and grabbed Casey's balls. "I own you sissyboy. First I'm gonna yank on your sissy balls til you beg for mercy, then I'm gonna fuck your sissy ass with my big cock." "How does that sound...

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Mistress Morgan's Sissy Husband Pt. 03

Part-3...The tables get turned.

Robin arrived home from work about 5:30 on Thursday, he still felt a little apprehensive about what happened Tuesday night with his sissy friend Patty, and he hoped he might get to talk about it with his wife Morgan. He really enjoyed wearing the corduroy skirt outfit she bought for him, and he loved being a sissy whore for his wife and Patrick, her "boyfriend". The sex was fantastic and Morgan...

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Mistress Morgan's Sissy Husband Pt. 01-02

Wife makes sissy husband be bitch for his sissy boyfriend.

Morgan Ashley was a very pretty lady, not movie star glamorous mind you, but far prettier than anything her wimpy husband Robin would normally attract. Having just stepped out of the shower she was wearing a red mid-wale corduroy bathrobe and her long red hair was wrapped in a towel. She was seated in the living room armchair with a cigarette perched between two fingers, and on the table next to...

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