Stories Published by 'dakotadanders'

New Muscle Ch. 02 - Grin and Bear it

Beef cake Myles fucks a Bear.

Myles appears in my Mason series. This is part of a planned series of spin offs featuring characters from the "In'DaMan'd" Universe. The whirr of the treadmill soothed Myles' frayed mind. Work was getting to him, his investigation into Kash was proving annoying and fruitless. He hated seeing the disappointed look on Mason's face when he either told him a lead he had was a dead end or...

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Senior Moments

Mr. Howe, 70 meets with an old flame who reignites his lust.

Mr. Howe appears in my Lyla series. This is part of a planned series of spin offs featuring characters from the "In'DaMan'd" Universe. * "You know where you are going Carlos?" Mr Howe asked from the back seat of the luxurious car. His chauffeur and assistant Carlos looked at him in the mirror and nodded politely before adding "Yes Sir." Mr. Howe looked at Carlos and...

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Lyla Ch. 09: Who's the Boss?

The investors force Lyla and Clarke to fuck.

Lyla couldn't get to sleep, thoughts of her liaison with Seth mingled with the sweltering heat made it impossible for her to nod off. Her only consolation was the throbbing in her pussy was starting to subside, her shit hole on the other hand was still aching a little but it reminded her of her wild night aboard the yacht. She could hear muffled voices coming from the next room, her housemate...

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Lyla Ch. 08: All Hands on Deck

Lyla gets her ass hole wrecked by Seth.

"To be honest Clarke, I thought you would be a lot more happy. Marlon has agreed to help out before the launch, you kept telling me that he is a genius and that you would kill to have his input on the team." Lyla sat in front of Clarke's desk, fanning herself with a folder. The heat was getting to everyone making them tired and cranky. This was her first face to face meeting with her boss...

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Lyla Ch. 04: Meets her Match

Lyla watches Clarke fuck Cassie in his office.

"Sunni, the take away arrived." Lyla called through the bedroom door. "I'll be out in a second!" Snapped Sunni. "What is up with her lately," Lyla thought to herself, "She has been acting so fucking weird." She emptied the food from the containers onto plates and poured two glasses of wine. This girls catch up was long overdue, ever since the fuck up at the convention Lyla had been...

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Lyla Ch. 02: Respecting her Elders

#2 Lyla gets fucked by Clarkes 70 year old mentor.

Her palms were sweaty, it was her first day back at work after the conference fuck up. Clarke was still in a meeting when she arrived. Lyla had yet to see her boss. She had cleaned his desk and already made lunch reservations for him and Cassie, she was over compensating for her mistake which could cost the company millions, she just hoped with all the meetings that something could be done to fix...

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