Stories Published by 'DankBulbasaur'

My Big Futa Sister Ch. 03

Nick and Allison are at the wedding.

Author's Note: Be sure to read the previous chapters. * I once again had trouble sleeping thinking about the day I spent with Allison seeing her suck herself and swallow her cum. To top it off, I bump into Allyson, my ex girlfriend who once meant the world to me. Seeing her for the first time since we broke up six months ago was kinda hard on me since I still kind of hold a flame...

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My Big Futa Sister Ch. 02

Nick and his futa sister Allison prepare for a wedding.

Author's Note: Be sure to read Ch 1. *** That night around 1am after Allison went home I had a little bit of trouble sleeping. Seeing her after a couple years really brought back those fantasies I had when I was a teenager. "She looked better than when I last saw her naked even though she was clothed obviously. Even her boobs got bigger. I wonder if her cock did too?" After awhile I...

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My Big Futa Sister Ch. 01

Nick's Futa Sister comes home from college.

It was summer and about 5pm when I hear a knock at my door in my apartment near the college I'm currently attending now in my soon to be Senior year and I go to answer it. "Hey Little Bro!" Allison, my 24 year old older sister yelled as she reached out to give me a hug pressing me against her DDD sized breasts as I hug her back as we walk from the doorway. "Hey Allison! This is a surprise,...

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