Stories Published by 'dourdan'

Welcome to the Freak Show

In a small Wisconsin town there lives a tribe of freaks.

Come one, come all, to the greatest freakshow on earth. See the nymphos, the crackheads, the ravers, the sluts and me, Alicia- their queen. Every night in the city by the river, Beloit Wisconsin- AKA little Chicago, we motherfuckers come out to play. I sit atop of my trailer like a throne, sweeping my fire red hair over my shoulder. Looking down at my grey Hooters t-shirt that had seen better...

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Chasing Waves Ch. 04

The end is just the beginning.

Ten years later; Msgt Diego Quinto's life was a barrage of bullets, deployments, violent arguments with his wife, and chemo- a seemingly endless round of chemo for his, now thirteen-year-old, son Cam. His only light was his little daughter, five-year-old Jenessa. (His wife called her Jenny, but to him, she was Jen.) Little Jen lived as an organ and tissue donor to her sick brother. And when that...

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Chasing Waves Ch. 03

Somethings change but others stay the same.

The years flew by in a blur of anger, resentment and emotional pain. Diego stayed with his family for as long as he could, but he made more money taking deployment positions- and money was what Suzanna wanted. In public, she would of course claim otherwise. But when their little son, Cam, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three, she took him to a pediatric specialist in California and...

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Chasing Waves Ch. 02

1 year later Diego reunites with an old friend.

SSgt Diego Quinto had primarily been stationed in Japan but after his previous deployment, he had been granted three months of leave to return to Texas and marry his (then) pregnant girlfriend, Suzanna. After what felt like an eternity of 'vacation' Diego was offered a way out; a ticket back to the life he loved. His squadron was being sent to Hawaii, for a pre-deployment training mission....

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Chasing Waves Ch. 01

A soldier on leave in Hawaii meets a trans-girl...

Diego Quinto was an Air Force staff sergeant on vacation leave in Hawaii, his reward for coming back alive from a six-month deployment to the worst place imaginable. There were images in his head that would never go away; not with alcohol, or pills- no, he needed to return to his happy place. Diego had heard of the transgender culture of a particular street, where military men would go for a...

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All I Need (Anna's Story) Ch. 04

The epic conclusion.

I bought a gun small enough to hide under the skirt of my sundress- and a lot of ammo for practice since I'd never actually fired a gun before. I had tried to go back to school after the attempt on my life, only to find that my "uncle" had been looking for me. Somehow Demetri knew I was still alive. So I took what little money I had and made plans to stay in a cheap roadside motel. But...

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All I Need (Anna's Story) Ch. 03

The lovers visit NYC, before everything goes horribly wrong.

For Alexi's choice of activity, he took me to New York, a place I had only ever read about. Even with my brother attending NYU I had never even been through the Lincoln tunnel. But here I was, on the back of Alexi's motorcycle. My middle-aged, mafia connected boyfriend was not much of a sugar daddy, but he the first thing he wanted to do was buy me a new dress. Alexi confessed he wanted me...

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All I Need (Anna's Story) Ch. 02

Date night; it's tough being 18 in Atlantic City.

Alexi called me the next day, to meet at a certain bench on the boardwalk at noon. He said would wait there for fifteen minutes past noon but if I was late he would be gone. He said this in a school principal-like tone, appropriate for his fifty-seven years but I just assumed he was nervous. I was eighteen, I could easily think of an excuse to not show. But I didn't bail on him. He was my...

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Ocean Prince Ch. 04

The final chapter of the modern day fairytale.

In the light of the morning sun, Elena opened her eyes. Isaiah with his sexy tan Hawaiian skin, long hair and child-like innocence was looking at her with eyes filled with wonder. "I want you to come flying with me." His silky surfer voice made Elena's heart flutter. "Yeah, definitely." She cuddled close to his chest as she laid naked in Isaiah's loving embrace. "I would go anywhere with...

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All I Need (Anna's Story) Ch. 01

A story of love between a mafia hitman and a college girl.

The rain hit hard through the grim death of fog. The highways of Pennsylvania were known for their treacherous turns and near blinding fog. And in rain, it was all so much worse. The giant droplets were soothing like a rhythm of refreshing cold. Over and over until the end of time; in that moment that would have been perfectly acceptable. Deeper in the fog lay the scene of a gruesome crash;...

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Ocean Prince Ch. 03

Isaiah is enjoying life as a human and all that entails.

"Do you have something against humans?" Elena asked as she walked with Kaylinani on her shoulder. The little plush-turtle still looked adorable even if it was just a disguise for the immortal turtle goddess. "Only the propaganda that your kind represents," the turtle replied telepathically as to not break character on the crowded beach. "Propaganda?" Elena walked as quickly as possible...

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Ocean Prince Ch. 02

Elena must journey to the ocean to save her love.

Two weeks later Elena laid in bed stroking Isaiah's hand. They were now living out of a hotel. "Tell me about your husband, was he a pilot? I've met a few pilots in my time." His voice still sounded sweet like honey. "No," Elena replied. Isaiah had been getting sick. At first, Elena assumed it was his diet. Whenever he didn't adhere to a strictly vegan diet he became violently ill....

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Ocean Prince Ch. 01

This fairytale was inspired by a workplace crush.

Elena had cried herself to sleep every night for the past month. Her husband and best friend from high school had been in the Air Force. He enlisted to earn money for college. Sadly, that was a dream that would never come to pass. He had been a cook (under the job title: services.) Unfortunately, the services department got deployed almost as much as pilots and security forces. Her husband had...

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