Stories Published by 'Dreamful_Writer'

The Wife Leaves the Panties Ch. 01

A married, shy milf flashes the yoga instructor.

At 40, Anna is a beautiful woman with curves in all the right places and a springy gait. She is professional, kind, and not at all slutty. Not in real life. But when alone she has wild sex fantasies only a fraction of which she has brought herself to tell her husband of 18 years. They range from bdsm, sex with a stranger, and bdsm-sex-with-a-stranger, to being tied and examined vaginally by a...

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The Wife and the Hard Warrior Pt. 01

A sexy female professor and her fantasies.

The class is almost over. The thirty plus students begin to fidget, pick up their bags, put away their screens. God knows what they've been doing on them. Taking notes? Checking email? Facebook? Some continue listening and looking. The color image of a stone statue is projected on a white sheet covering the blackboard. A warrior in a helmet, a round shield covering his chest, belly, and the...

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