Stories Published by 'Exporoni'

Exporoni Makes a Porno Movie

20-ish brunette makes a commercial that turns hard-core.

I was in a porn movie! Actually I was in quite a few. It was totally unplanned and was supposed to be a commercial for a Dallas car dealer, Euro Motorsports. They shot one Sunday, and for privacy they covered the showroom windows with kraft paper. I believe (we got pretty wasted!) they started about 4 P.M. and shot until dawn. It was 1979, Debbie Does Dallas was everywhere in the media and...

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Roni Takes a Road Trip

On her way to a family reunion, Roni puts on a show.

It was getting late, Ray and I were driving to Branson, Mo on I-44 for our first family reunion. My little sister and cousin had spent weeks maybe months planning the event, our first big family get-together away from home, in over thirty years, and we were all excited to see each other. Expecting a big turn-out, there were over sixty people that had been confirmed! We initially had one motel...

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Exporoni Gets Picked Up by the Fuzz

Petite MILF gets caught in the parking lot.

When Ray and I were together, I sold a skin care product called Flawless. It was a multi-level marketing business that I got involved with through my ex-MIL (my sons' grandmother). The MIL, Betty Lou, introduced me to this "really sweet young man", David Morrison, that she was convinced was a real go-getter salesman with a good Christian background. It ended up that because of Betty Lou, the two...

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Exporoni Goes to the Mall

Petite MILF puts on a show for son and stranger.

Yesterday my son, Michael and I were laughing about the time, many years ago; I took him shopping with me to Crossroads Mall, located in south Oklahoma City. I had specifically gone there to buy some crotchless pantyhose at Fredrick's of Hollywood. I know it is not as upscale or as classy as Victoria Secret but I also knew that their dressing rooms were cubicles with curtains and it seemed there...

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Exporoni Meets the Neighbors

Roni pulls in the driveway and puts on a show for the boys.

When I married my second husband, Ray, I could not believe the freedom I had. My first husband and I were married about seventeen years and sexually he was a real stick in the mud, a boring prude. After him I lived with my boyfriend, Steve, for almost five years. He was fifteen years younger, lots of fun, but VERY jealous!!! Ray was incredible, so nasty!! I moved from Austin to Oklahoma City...

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Ray Lets Me Be Me

Newlywed wife finally gets to be herself.

My ex, Ray, was the most romantic man I have ever known. Growing up only a few blocks from each other we have known each other since we were both three or four years old. He was my seventh grade boyfriend. Though we were never lovers at such a tender age we did make out like crazy and spent many Saturday afternoons french kissing and groping each other on the back row of the Melba Theater....

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Exporoni Visits the Tanning Salon

Petite woman shows off and gets more than she expected.

When Ray and I were first married, in June '89, we lived in his home in OKC where he had lived for about ten or so years. In a strip mall on the way home there was a video store where Ray had rented movies for years. It was owned and ran by this really lecherous old man that was just incredibly creepy; but Ray liked the selection of movies and I guess the dude was only annoying to women. The...

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Exporoni Fucks You at the Motel

Petite woman wants to have SEX with you.

I am SUCH an exhibitionist that when we FUCK I want someone to watch us. We would have to be somewhere like a motel that has large picture windows that also has a walk-way along the front; preferably ground floor near the parking lot, maybe close to the vending and ice machines. We would start our show just as the sun sets, so that with the lights on in our room anyone walking past...

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Exporoni Puts on a Show

Hot petite woman fingers her pussy at the restaurant.

Ray was certainly no Svengali but he did have a certain control or power over me that made me trust him no matter what he 'forced' me do. Early in our marriage it was fun to have someone that recognized my exhibitionism and allowed, even encouraged me to show myself. Except those early times we played it pretty safe, not putting me at TOO much risk. We would do the expected, curtains and blinds...

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Exporoni Shows Off

Petite wife CUMS at the truckstop.

I don't know what made me think of this, but of those many nights that Ray and I would go to Nino's for enchiladas and Margarita's, then buzzing off to Union 76 truck stop to sit in the "trucker's side" (those small two person booths) of the restaurant; flashing, showing my titties and pussy to anyone sitting near us as we sobered up, drinking multiple cups of coffee, one night REALLY stands out...

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Exporoni Visits a Sex Offender

Petite woman exposes herself and fucks a pervert.

Ray had read an article about sex offenders and that you could go on-line and see where they live and what they were convicted of, even see a photo of the person. Of course we Googled our own small town and could not believe all the perverts that lived around us, some only a couple of miles away!! Ray got off on showing me off and one of his favorite places for me to flash were the adult...

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Roni and Mark-O Meet the Neighbors

She puts on a show with her unknowing classmate.

Before I met and married Ray, every man I had ever been with, boyfriends or husband, were all very jealous; they would get upset if I talked to a guy much less flirted! So you can imagine what a shock it was when the first time Ray and I were together he was trying to show me off! He had flown down from Oklahoma to Austin to spend the weekend (after many weeks of long distance courting); I...

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Stuck in Traffic (Will Work for...)

Roni Fucks in a Traffic Jam.

Last week I was driving home from work on the Kirkpatrick Turnpike and exited on Penn (by Target and Best Buy), I got in the outside right-hand turn lane and waited, traffic was horribly slow, creeping, there had been a wreck in the intersection and we were all at a stand still. Typically, there was one of the usual scruffy panhandlers approaching each car as we waited out our turn. I watched...

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April Fool's Joke on Leslie

Leslie takes her SEX photos to the local MotoPhoto!

When I first married Ray he told me this really funny story of a friend of his from work that was just about as perverted as he is. This was back in the 'old days' before digital cameras, when you would take your print film to Fotomat or MotoPhoto and some pimply-faced teenager would send your film off to be developed or in the case of 1-Hour MotoPhoto, they would develop the pictures right there...

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Roni's Holiday Visit to San Angelo

Grandma Roni visits her grandson.

_For any new readers, a bit of info about myself; I am petite, about 4'11, weighing close to 90 pounds. I have very dark, almost black hair, and I have dark brown, some say smoldering, eyes. I have a few freckles and very noticeable dimples. I am small bone with measurements of 34-21-34, BUT I also wear a C+ cup size and my aureoles are about three inches across and tend to be a little 'puffy',...

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Frank Works on the Roni's Plumbing

Father-in-law, son and neighbor use and abuse a MILF.

After my 2001 divorce, I moved into a rent house my first husband's parents owned. It was about two blocks from their home, but the rent was cheap plus I had remained close with my ex-mother-in-law. Within a month of moving in I had some plumbing problems, so the 'landlord' (my ex-father-in-law, who was also 76!!) came over to fix it; EXCEPT he showed up on a Saturday morning, about 7 AM!! I was...

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Roni Fucks Her Son

Roni and Ray find out what Michael 's packing.

After my son, Michael, graduated from Del Rio High School he decided he wanted to move to Oklahoma and live with me, his 40-something mother. My husband Ray and I had been married about six or seven years and had quite a good relationship. Sexually we were still acting like honeymooners as we found ourselves doing the horizontal mambo almost every night! But that's not all: Ray loved for me be...

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Roni and the Dick Flasher

Roni cums face to face with a real pervert.

Recently I read in the local paper about a flasher that had exposed himself at a restaurant and it reminded me of my experience many years ago. It was mid-July and I had turned 18 just two months prior; a petite 4 foot 7, I'm sure I probably looked a couple of years younger . My sister, Donna, and I were walking home from Highland Park swimming pool where I had a part-time job as lifeguard....

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Roni takes the Boys to the Beach

MILF sucks off her son and his friend on the beach.

When I was living in Corpus, I was in my early forties, and I would take my sons to the beach at least a couple of times a week. One late summer day James, the older one, didn't want to go; so I took Michael and his friend, Jeremy. Both had just graduated high school and had been bugging me to take them. We chose a week day to go so it was pretty deserted except for an old guy with a metal...

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Roni's Wild Night at the Lido

Small town girl visits adult theater in Dallas.

It was late August, a Saturday night in the summer of '96; Ray and I were sitting in the parking lot of the Lido Adult Theater off I-35 and Mockingbird in Dallas, TX. I was finishing a cigarette while I slowly circled my index finger around my exposed nipple. There was a mixed bag of cars and trucks surrounding us; Lexus, BMW, F-150, Tahoe; new and old, rich and poor, a lot like the clientele...

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Jimmy Finally Gets My Pussy

Steamy hot sex in the while parked on a busy street.

Ray and I had been invited to a co-worker's one year wedding anniversary celebration in Midwest City. Matt is Hawaiian and his wife is Laotian and members of her family operated a Thai restaurant on Air Depot. Guthrie to Midwest City is a bit of a drive, about 30 or 40 miles but Ray really liked Matt plus we both love Pad Thai and sticky rice. Ray's best friend Jim was also going and though I had...

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A Wilder Saturday Night in OKC

Roni looses control at the bookstore.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Ray's words startled me. We had been driving around for the past twenty or thirty minutes and I had slipped off into a bit of a trance. I had reclined my seat and had one foot on the dash as I slowly massaged my pussy. Circling my fingers up my slit to my clit then down to dip into my wetness then back around again, I had slipped off to a dreamy (creamy)...

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Dr. B Shows Me Off

Roni's Dr. B examines her and lets the yard men use her.

I'm a squirter. That's what my ex, Ray told me. When I am excited my genitalia over lubricates, actually squirting my body's natural lubricant out of me as if I am ejaculating. I had not seen very many adult films, especially those that cater to fetish taste, so I was not sure this was even possible. Needless to say it made me feel extremely freakish to be making love and spray what I thought was...

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Seniors Trip to Branson

Roni meets two old guys on a trip to Branson.

To refresh the reader's memory I am a petite, (under five foot), female with a petite body to match, except for my double C cup breast. I am a brunette with dark brown eyes, dimples and a hint of freckles; my bottom is rounded yet firm and tight. Now that you can picture me in your head let's get to my Seniors'Trip to Branson. Last weekend my seventy-four year old mother, Joyce, convinced me...

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The Road Trip

Petite wife does son and husband on the side of the road.

To refresh the reader's memory I am a petite, (under five foot), female with a petite body to match, except for my double C cup breast. I am a brunette with dark brown eyes, dimples and a hint of freckles; my bottom is rounded yet firm and tight. Now that you can picture me in your head let's get to my Road Trip. After my first husband and I divorced, my youngest son, Michael, stayed...

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A Trip to Austin

Roni and Ray shoot a video at Zilker Park.

In April 1989 an old high school sweetheart flew to Austin to see me. We had reconnected (NO SEX!) at a friend's house about 4 months earlier and had only exchanged phone calls and letters since, but when Ray wanted to fly down, I couldn't be more excited. Our conversations had been full of innuendos and double entendres, nothing overt, but WOW talk about sexual tension! He flew in to Austin...

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Fingered at the Game

Anonymous hand fingers a cheerleader in public.

In school I was a cheerleader and what better way for people to look at you than to be cart wheeling, leaping and jumping in front of hundreds of people. Though I hated Home EC I made use of the Susie Homemaker sewing skills. One of the first things I did was make my cheerleading uniforms tighter. Then there were those tights. We had to wear tights under our little short skirts and over our...

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Why I Like Old Guys

It's not cheating if you don't fuck.

Glad you like my stories, I have so many if I could only find the time to write. I have had a very naughty (nasty!) life. I love HOT sex and always have, except my first husband was a real prude. So from about age 18 to 35 a lot of my stories involve flashing (lots of flashing!) and teasing. I wouldn't cheat on my husband BUT I thought that I could do just about anything else, except fucking and...

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Blues in Bedford

Roni entertains unsuspecting men.

In '95 Ron was working in the Dallas area, flying home on weekends. This one particular weekend, instead of returning home, I flew down to be with him. It was the weekend of the Bedford Blues Festival and we planned to go listen to some tunes. The weather was warm and I was wearing a short denim skirt (with panties!), sheer, low-cut blouse, no bra and sandals. I looked very sexy if I say so...

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Another Friday Night

Petite exhibitionist gets more than she planned.

I sensed it. She wants to go out, to Nino's for Mexican food and drinks. We haven't been in months so I was surprised when she told me. She asks me to fix her a drink so I make us both Margaritas. As she dresses she goes out on the deck to smoke a cigarette, but when she comes to finish her beauty ritual I smell a hint of the hemp. By the time she is ready, her drink is gone and she asks if...

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