Stories Published by 'finebubblebunzart'

Super Upset

One guy is Super Upset at Key West Jacuzzi.

"What?" "What?" "Too fancy?" "Not at all. I love it." "How are you doing this evening?" A musk tint sprung from his sleeves. He set two fogged glasses atop the white cloth. His blithe eye contact ephemeral. "Would you like to hear our specials?" Desmond's spine stiffened. His fiancé attuned his gaze by a frown. Into a kiss of her opalescent lipstick. She smoldered the...

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The Devil's Starfruit Labyrinth

A story about strong change by near tragedy.

The Devil's Starfruit Labyrinth by Sage Stinson I hung up our canary yellow rotary phone. Its chord shriveled up like Mom's Christmas ribbons. I love this silence with distant lawns being sliced afar. That new smell of its composition. Mom and dad left me alone in this big house for the summer. I close my eyes and meditate to our water fountain under the starfruit trees. She is a...

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Tango in Bulgaria

Military operatives, a general, and some sex scandals. 187!

Our army boots tight like black oil straps. The chopper dangled in the air. We swam the clouds over a village of gypsies. Casting a fusiform shadow like a shark. One solid marble cock punched a fist through my camouflage yarn. A pack of Bulgarian beauties with long silk black hair belly danced in purple around a bright green pond. Private Hutton announced that we would be riding in some pussy in...

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Warden Strife's Compassion City.

Warden Strife screws the town until compassion city unites!

Braque's eyes were thin lines as he looked down the empty parking lot. Atticus's aimed his Porsche right in front of the ceramic shop. Braque pushed the passenger door into a gust of fresh cut lawn. "It looks like an adult video store," Atticus said. "They could have ceramic dildos now." They walked in. The darkness was a hot quilt against their faces. "This place is like a morgue,"...

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Memoir of a Male Webcam Stripper

Memoir of a Male Webcam Stripper.

The Webcam Model My glowing back concealed the leaping droplets from each stroke. The lens contemplated before the App quit. My index finger pushed hard on the plastic of the mouse. My spine gleamed like a digital painting across the Skype servers. It is too personal to come on cam. But dancing nude is wiggled flesh to a cha-cha centered amongst collegiate artists clawing newsprint with...

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Vicious Young Heartbreak

Two young teenagers fall in love and learn about falling out.

The First Date I wasn't with a girl in a long time. I only had one a year prior. My brother in law handed me a sheet of paper. It read vibe something. It was an email of a girl from his work. I emailed her, and she sent something back about exploring each other's bodies. She was confident sexually but had zero self esteem elsewhere. I was surprised by the email but turned on. I emailed...

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